20 Black Widow Redesigns We Can't Stop Looking At

Black Widow is one of Marvel’s most well-known heroes. She is fierce, deadly, and a bit mysterious, making her an interesting addition to the Marvel universe. She made her comic book debut back in 1964 and had her big screen debut in Iron Man 2 in 2010. Now, she’s finally getting her own film in the MCU, which fans have been wanting for years.

While Natasha Romanoff has been wildly popular in the MCU, a lot of fans have their own designs in mind for the character. She’s had many different iterations since her first appearance in the comics, and her characterization changes depending on the medium. Not everyone views her the same way. Whether they are based off of movies, comics, or alternate universes they came up with themselves, here are 20 Black Widow Redesigns We Can’t Stop Looking At.

20 Fierce and Fighting

via Deviant Art

Fans always have their own version of a character in their head. While the Black Widow on the big screen looks one way, this drawing a fan created looks very different.

Unlike Scarlett Johansson, the character in this redesign has long, flowing red hair and angular facial features. She looks like she’s much darker than the version fans have seen on screen.

19 Comic Book Vibes

via Deviant Art

While many fans are familiar with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, there have been many iterations of the character in the comics. The drawing this fan created resembles the comic-book version more than the MCU version.

She has long red hair and bangs like Natasha has sported in some of the comics and her facial features show that she isn’t someone to mess with.

18 MCU Look Alike

via Instagram

More like the Black Widow fans know from the MCU, this fan redesigned Johansson’s version of the character. The facial features resemble the actress, but the costume and weapon of choice are different.

This suit resembles the one in the films with a bit more practicality. It looks to be more armored. The staff is something different and illustrates a different skill set than what fans have seen on screen.

17 Black And White

via FYBW

There has been a debate over the treatment of female heroes in the MCU for years. Many fans have said they believe Black Widow has been under-used and over-sexualized.

In this drawing, Black Widow is represented as a strong, intimidating hero who seems to be more ready for combat than standing around as a prop for men. It’s the vibe many fans want Natasha Romanoff to possess in the MCU.

16 Dark Fantasy

via Deviant Art

A lot of fans like to reimagine their favorite superheroes in an alternate universe. This artist gave all of the Avengers a dark fantasy makeover, including Black Widow.

It’s a genre mashup most people don’t realize they want to see. Natasha in heavy fantasy armor wielding swords needed to exist.

15 Casual Wear

via Deviant Art

Fan typically see Nat dressed in her combat wear ready to fight, but this fan redesigned her in modern casual wear.

She looks more like she is ready to get a drink with her fellow Avengers than fight to save the day with them, but she still has her weapon ready to go just in case.

14 Gender Bent

via Deviant Art

While Black Widow has always been a female in the comics, this fan art plays around with the idea of a male version of the character.

The outfit is really similar and Nat still has striking red hair, the only big difference is the character is a guy. Gender bent Black Widow is a fun concept to think about.

13 Dark And Mysterious

via Deviant Art

This fan modeled their fan art after an action figure, but managed to make Nat look way cooler than the figure did.

The smoke coming off of her weapon makes it look like she’s walking away from combat without a scratch on her. She definitely looks like an assassin in this redesign.

12 Street Style

via Twitter

This artist redesigned Black Widow with more of a young, hipster twist. She sports a leather jacket and necklace so it doesn’t seem like she’s expecting a fight. Either she’s off duty or going undercover.

The spider tattoo on her arm is a nice touch that helps identify the character.

11 Ballerina

via Deviant Art

Fans of Natasha Romanoff are well aware that the character was once an accomplished Russian ballerina. Some claim it was legitimate, others believe she studied it as a cover while she was a spy. There’s also a story that the Black Widow Room implanted false ballet memories in her head.

10 Training Time

via In Print

A lot of fans have complained that Black Widow is treated as eye-candy and more of an afterthought in the MCU. This redesign shows a different Nat than people see on screen.

This image shows her strength and how hard she actually trains. She isn’t always in a jumpsuit playing sidekick to Captain America. She’s strong all on her own.

9 Character Swap

via Deviant Art

While Black Widow and the Winter Soldier are two completely different characters, fans often mashup characters and gender in their art. Some have the two as a romantic pairing, while others swap their places.

This picture depicts “Winter Widow”. Natasha has taken Bucky’s place as the Winter Soldier. It’s an interesting concept to think about.

8 Down To Earth

via Tumblr

Fans are used to seeing Natasha hanging out with her fellow Avengers and saving the world, but it’s not typical to see her doing everyday tasks.

This picture of her straightening her hair is intriguing because it’s rare to see our favorite heroes doing monotonous, regular tasks. The iron even has an Iron Man symbol on it, adding a little flair for fans.

7 Ready To Fight

via Instagram

Black Widow is a trained assassin, but MCU fans haven’t seen her do much with that skill set. While she’s obviously been shown fighting, she’s usually overshadowed by other characters.This picture shows her fully geared up and clearly coming from or heading into a fight. She looks like someone a villain wouldn’t want to mess with.

6 Strong And Steady

via Tumblr

There’s no such thing as too much training for a hero. This is another redesign of Natasha training for combat.

The cropped shirt shows off her muscles and strength. She’s clearly training with injuries because of the bandage on her nose, proving she’s incredibly tough and ready to get back into the action.

5 Fun And Flirty

via Deviant Art

While Black Widow and Captain Marvel are two of the MCU’s most popular female heroes, they haven’t spent much time together on screen.

Fans are known for shipping all kinds of characters together, and this one decided to show Natasha flirting with Captain Marvel. It’s not a pairing we’ve seen much of, but it’s certainly intriguing.

4 End Of The World

via Deviant Art

While it’s unlikely there will be zombies in the MCU any time soon, fans love to depict their favorite characters in an alternate universe with a zombie apocalypse.

3 Just Chilling

via Wattpad

Fans are used to seeing the Avengers in costume, but surely they wear regular clothes on their days off. An artist depicted each of them in graphic tees, including Natasha.

She’s chilling in casual wear with headphones on, something regular people do every day. It’s always fun to imagine what heroes look like when they aren’t saving the day.

2 Punk Rock

via Project: Rooftop

Punk redesigns are always a popular type of fan art people create. This artist imagined what punk version of the Avengers would look like.

Natasha’s jacket has the S.H.E.I.L.D. symbol on it and she still has red hair, but her look is totally different. She’s covered in tattoos and piercings and looks more ready for a mosh pit than a superhero fight.

1 Don't Mess With Me

via Deviant Art

Black Widow is always intimidating, but she looks extra tough in this drawing. Her outfit looks like it has more armor than usual and her expression tells people not to try her.

It’s a more unique style for her and certainly not a look fans have ever seen her have in the MCU.

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