20 Candid Photos Of Tara Reid That Fans Can't Stop Looking At

In recent years, it seems as if we only hear Tara Reid's name in blaring headlines in the tabloids. Sadly Tara Reid's career has taken a backseat to her partying lifestyle, which could be perceived as quite excessive for some.

Years before Tara's hard partying ways dominated headlines, she was an actress who had roles in notable films, often portraying the unique, quirky "cool girl" role. Yes, once upon a time Tara picked up drum sticks in Josie and The Pussycats and had memorable times at band camp in the American Pie films! Not only was Tara dominating the box office, she also found herself on the arm of some famous men of yesteryear!

No matter which "chapter" of Tara's "story" fans find themselves discovering her, fans have to acknowledge the actress knows how to work a camera lens, no matter how candid or posed they are! Here are twenty.

20 Tara Has The Tea

via Galuxsee

We have so many questions when it comes to Tara's mug she's showing off in this photo she posted on social media. What is she drinking? Why is she drinking out of a cup with a bird on it? Are the birds meaningful to her?

We can't take our eyes off of this candid photo, because it shows Tara appears to be down-to-Earth!

19 Tara Is A Force Of Nature

via Galuxsee

Talk about the ultimate form of relaxation! Here, Tara is photographed enjoying nature with a glass of water; this photo could double as the brochure for a nature experience!

Tara's "fun in the forrest" moment is a far cry from her past and poised photos taken on the red carpet. The actress' serene snapshot is starkly different from her private life from yesteryear.

18 She's A Glam Gal

via Instagram

After seeing several paparazzi photos of the American Pie actress dressed down, it's stunning to catch Tara extremely glammed up and put together! She posted this iconic photo to social media, and as fans, it feels so good to see Tara appearing happy and healthy.

Perhaps Tara should contemplate a modeling career? Her make-up look in this photo is definitely runway ready!

17 Tara Reid Slithers With A Snake

via Instagram

One co-star we never thought we would see Tara appear alongside? This slithering snake!

Many celebs wouldn't contemplate hanging out with these sorta scary companions and posting the evidence on their social media accounts, but Tara Reid is one in million as she shows off a snake friend, and still seems extremely cool, calm, collected, and most importantly, stylish.

16 Tara Flaunts Her Sleepwear

via Instagram

Living life as a glamorous celebrity can be tiring for both the celebs themselves, and us as fans; can't we catch an occasional glimpse of celebs looking just like us normal people?

If you've ever wished to see a celeb display themselves completely candid and unfiltered, this photo Tara posted on her personal social media account donning a sleep mask, your wish is granted!

15 Tara Tries Out The Flower Crown

via Instagram

Flower crowns are one of the trendiest accessories of the last decade and have been donned by gaggles of gals at festivals around the world.

Judging from seeing countless flower crown snaps, rocking a flower crown seems like a happy and fun accessory. We can't stop looking at this pic of Tara wearing a flower crown, because it's hard to tell if our gal is happy?

14 She's The Picture Of Health

via Instagram

This photo of Tara and her fruit-y partner seems a bit confusing. The actress posted this picture on her social media without context. Was she hungry? Did she want to sneak in a subtle Twilight reference?

Whatever the reason behind why Tara posted it, we can at least detect our gal enjoys reaching for a healthy snack. Snacking aside, this pic shows Tara's fun side!

13 Tara Gives Us A Scare Bear

via Instagram

Try to take your eyes off of this not-so-sweet snapshot!

We can't take tear our eyes away from this picture of Tara snuggling a teddy bear covered in pink goo. Tara posted this colorful snapshot sans context, which makes it more fun for her fans to figure out the meaning behind Tara's stuffed animal friend's creepy colors! Who knows?

12 Tara Dresses Down

via Sclate

Paparazzi pictures are a "normal" part of the job when you're a popular celeb living life in the public eye. Some photos catch celebs understandably off guard, and others display our favorite stars flashing a quick smile for the watchful lens of the paparazzi's camera.

As we've seen, Tara Reid has been the subject of both types of so-called "secret" snaps, but here she's camera-ready!

11 The King And Queen Of Yesteryear

via Pinterest

Do you remember the hilariously sweet scene in Josie and the Pussycats where Tara's character Melody bonds with Carson Daly, TRL host, and fictional music industry villainous tycoon?

The chemistry between Tara and the iconic MTV veejay host was not faked for the cameras. The pair dated and were due to tie the knot, but sadly split up before they made it down the aisle.

10 Tara's Cool And Casual Look

via Star Magazine

This picture of Tara candidly living life is eye-catching for plenty of reasons!

Even though it was taken more recently than her 2000s heyday, her outfit echos plenty of throwback threads from the era of bangled bracelets and layered shirts. Even when she isn't trying to display fierce looks, Tara knows how to be a style icon for the ages.

9 Tara's Minimalist Airport Look

via Daily Mail

Paparazzi photos can often be invasive to the celeb who happens to be publicly caught with their private lives on display, oftentimes while doing mundane activities, like Tara, pictured here just trying to get from one point to another at the airport!

Even though it may seem probing, we can't look away from Tara's laidback airport appearance. She appears cool, calm, and with cake included!

8 Tara's Wardrobe Is In Season

via Star Magazine

After checking out plenty of photos of celebrities on the red carpet, it's easy to have a mental image of a camera-ready outfit, but Tara Reid definitely flips this notion backwards in this photo!

We can't stop looking at this photo of Tara because she combines several forms of pairing styles. Her pull-over and lipgloss go together well, but her winter coat leaves us confused.

7 Tara Goes Through Her Closet

via Pinterest

We've seen enough evidence to deem Tara Reid a style icon, but just like all of us, there are a few outfits we compile from the depths of our closets and some of our stylish creations can be kind of a dud.

Even though every outfit of ours can't always reach stunner status, we applaud Tara for showing us how important it is to experiment!

6 Tara's Wild Night Out

via New York Daily News

After sneaking a peek at several photos of Tara looking poised and healthy on the red carpet, it can appear extremely jarring to see Tara in a less-than-flattering moment captured for the tabloids to fawn over, and preserved for the public.

Thankfully, the Sharknado actress had some guidance from a male companion to usher her to the comfort and safety of some privacy sans camera!

5 Like Mother, Like Daughter

via Mirror

We can't stop looking at this picture of Tara and her late mother, Donna! Not only do the mother and daughter duo share a stunning familial similarity, they know how to pose!

From Tara's trendy lilac sweater and puffy white vest to her mother's beautiful collection of jewelry, the Reid family knew how to set real style goals.

4 Tara Gets Trendy

via E News

Even though this photo of Tara doesn't have a specific date, popular culture sleuths most likely can tell the picture is a relic from the early 2000s!

Our gal is seen here quenching her thirst with the super-trendy drink of the stars, Red Bull, and she's also accessorizing with an oversized purse, perfect for storing our cell phones, iPods, and perhaps a disposable camera. Vintage!

3 Tara's World Goes To The Dogs

via Pinterest

In a candid moment, Tara is shown here giving some sweet puppy snuggles to a furry friend! Even though Tara was likely photographed here for an event, her love for the doggies gives us fans some insight into Tara's personal life and the things which actually make her genuinely happy.

She looks extremely relaxed, which is quite a different sight from paparazzi photos featuring Tara.

2 Tara's Striking Style

via Pinterest

Talk about an early 2000s fashion icon!

Tara is pictured here with a stylish fur vest with a modest black top, and her beautiful face is accented by her sweet lipgloss look. We can't stop looking at how beautifully happy Tara appears to be on the red carpet. No wonder she was a fixture on magazine covers circa 2001.

1 Somewhere Over Tara's Rainbow

via Instagram

After Tara's public demeanor over the last few years has raised concerned eyebrows, seeing the actress with a smile on her face in a candid moment is a welcoming sight!

Her happy-go-lucky look posing in front of a rainbow gives us serious Melody Valentine vibes. Tara looks extremely well-rested and genuinely happy, which can serve as proof there's much more to a celebrity's actual persona!

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