20 Candid Pics Of Sephora Employees Who Just Don't Care Anymore

For makeup lovers, working at a Sephora store is like a dream come true because it is easy to indulge in a shopping spree or two thanks to the awesome employee discounts that cast members (which is the lingo the franchise uses to refer to its retail workers) get as a perk.

As with all retail jobs, the excitement of getting free or heavily discounted makeup wears off after a while and it becomes a chore to wear the employee uniform as well as having to put on a full face of makeup per the company’s rules.

Whether they’re sick of wearing a ton of makeup or can’t take boring corporate meetings, read on to see why working as a cast member at Sephora isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

20 Batman Needs To See This ASAP

Via: Imgur

Most Sephora cast members like showing off their makeup skills and often walk into work looking like a million bucks.

This lady appears to be mentally cussing out capitalism for forcing her to apply for a retail job and she decided to protest by dying her hair like the Joker.

19 That Awkward Moment When Being Too Cheap For Halloween Comes Back To Haunt You

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On the one day when wild and wacky makeup and costumes is allowed, a Sephora employee of all people decided to be like “Nah, that requires too much effort and I’m feeling cheap today.”

At least the other two women made some effort instead of bailing out like their co-worker.

18 Totally Nonchalant About The Impromptu Dance Party

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Okay, it is pretty cool that someone just started a random dance party at this Sephora store, but the employees don’t even look that excited by what’s happening at their store.

Are impromptu dance parties the norm for Sephora workers or did working in retail steal all of their joy?

17 Don't Let Corporate See This

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Man, these two ladies better hope that the corporate side of Sephora doesn’t stumble across this photo because even if it’s a joke, the higher-ups probably won’t share their humor.

After all, no one wants to be written up because corporate thought you were promoting shoplifting or something like that.

16 Looks Like Someone Needs More Coffee

Via: Twitter

Someone get this poor woman another cup of coffee because it sounds as if she needs a huge jolt of caffeine to get her brain awake and fully functioning.

Given how her job is all about the makeup, her co-workers are going to be side-eyeing her brows so darn hard.

15 Trying To Look Older Backfired

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Old age makeup is tricky to get right unless you are a Hollywood-level makeup artist with access to all sorts of prosthetics and even then, it’s a gamble.

Even this cast member can tell that her attempt at making herself look like the Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood flopped.

14 Oh Girl, Your Skin Is Atrocious

Via: Instagram

This employee has a look on his face that practically screams that he’s disgusted with his client’s skin and is holding in a shout of “Girl, you need to take better care of yourself!”

Wouldn’t be surprised if he chucks some facial cleaners and a few concealers at her too.

13 That Awkward Moment When You Wonder Why You Even Came In To Work Today

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Everyone has days when they come into work and are so out of energy that they start to wonder why they even bothered to clock in to their job.

This guy’s expression is pretty much the definition of “OMG work is the underworld, why did I roll out of bed this morning?”

12 These Employees Don't Have The Time To Listen To Someone Ramble On And On

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As folks who have worked in retail can attest, corporate training meetings—even for makeup stores like Sephora—are boring as all get out.

These women look like they’d rather rip off their ears rather than listen to another minute of someone droning on and on about some kind of nonsense.

11 What Cast Members Look Like At The End Of Their Shift

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Working retail can be absolutely soul-sucking and it is definitely one of the most demanding areas to work in.

This cast member looks like she’s ready to run home and jump into a pool so she can get the itchy makeup off and stop sweating oceans out of her face.

10 Forget Nice Work Clothes, Time For Warm, Fuzzy Onesies

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Working a retail job means standing on your feet for hours a day, often wearing itchy or otherwise uncomfortable clothing that you’d much rather rip off at the end of the shift.

Cheers ladies, taking advantage of the holiday cheer to wear cozy onesies is a good way to rebel!

9 No Time For Makeup When You're Running Very Late

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The pressure that Sephora employees have to feel on a daily basis to one-up each other with their elaborate makeup schemes has to be immense.

Kudos to this lady who is so done with wearing elaborate makeup that she rolled out of bed and went in to work bare-faced.

8 Not Sure If Skincare Product Or Mutant Acne

Via: Instagram

The look on this Sephora’s cast member’s face quite frankly, speaks volumes about what her true feelings are on this skincare product.

She is very worried that she developed an alien version of acne or that the mask won’t peel off and she’ll be stuck looking like that forever.

7 Talk About Major Side-Eye

Via: Instagram

Oh man, if looks could kill, this woman’s Sephora co-worker would more than likely be taking a long dirt nap six feet under the ground.

That level of side-eye regarding her co-workers (lack of) makeup abilities is utterly amazing and throws so much shade without her even saying a word.

6 Someone Was Clearly Forced Into Dressing Up As Persephone For Halloween

Via: Instagram

This woman is clearly sick of wearing a ton of makeup and a floral crown a la the goddess Persephone in the Broadway musical Hadestown.

Perhaps she’s still really salty that her friends talked her into such heavy makeup and wanted to go for something easy, like a black cat.

5 Pouting Because His Brows Make Him Look Like A Cartoon Character

Via: Twitter

Oh girl, that overly exaggerated shocked face is pretty much perfect for this dude’s err….interesting eyebrows.

This guy can’t be thrilled about the fact that she made him look like a badly drawn cartoon from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Time to grab some baby wipes and head to the bathroom!

4 He Isn't Impressed With The Medea Cosplay

Via: Twitter

Can we say “big yikes” at this Sephora cast member’s attempt at doing a Medea cosplay? Oh, I think we can!

Someone should let this makeup artist know that Tyler Perry called and he’s very angry that this dude stole his Medea costume; he wants it back. Holy copyright infringement, Batman!

3 Her Makeup Artist Techniques Are Being Judged

Via: Instagram

Given the critical look on the face on the woman on the left side, it is obvious that she is not thrilled with whatever her co-worker is doing to the client.

10 bucks says that she rips the tools out of her hand and shoves her out of the way.

2 Found The One Person That Hates Cameras

Via: Instagram

You’d think that someone who works at Sephora would be comfortable with cameras being in his face, but apparently not.

That sneer basically says he is 10 seconds away from ripping the camera out of the would-be photographer’s hands and tossing it like a basketball into the nearest trash can.

1 Co-Worker Catfight In Three, Two, One...

Via: Instagram

As with any other industry where there are plenty of differing opinions, the dude in the back looks like he is physically trying to hold his tongue while his co-worker lectures him.

Betcha after this photo was taken the Sephora store turned into an all-out wrestling match with this group.

Sources: Instagram, Twitter, Imgur, Mental Floss

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