20 Candid Pics Of Teen Mom Farrah We Can't Stop Looking At

Teen Mom is one of those shows we all know, we all watch, but none of us admit it. That's the secret to these kinds of MTV reality shows: we love to trash them, but at the end of the day the ratings don't lie. It's this secret popularity which has managed to launch Farrah Abraham from average teen with a baby to being one of the most well known faces to come from reality TV. Need we mention her fantastic style and incredible confidence? That's one of those things that's hard to replicate, and might be the reason her career (and her super stardom) has so taken off.

We’re a little in awe of Farrah Abraham, and it’s only gotten better since we started looking up these photos. She’s totally gorgeous, and has gone through so many changes over the years. Here’s a handful of them that we couldn’t stop looking at.

20 Teen Mom And The Mini Model


Obviously if the show is called Teen Mom there’s a baby involved. Surprise, surprise: that baby wasn’t just for the TV ratings and reality TV stardom. She’s actually a living, breathing person who’s growing up faster than we can believe! Just look at that smile. She totally takes after mom, even if she’s not quite at the teen part yet.

19 Farrah And This Dapper Dude (Or Maybe Her Date?)


We’ll admit, we aren’t entirely sure of the story behind this picture. After all, two platonic friends can totally take selfies together, too. We’re willing to bet that it’s at an awards ceremony, probably one that involves this famous man and Farrah Abraham. The fancy dress and background also gives it away.

18 The Quintessential Bathing Suit Pic


With Farrah Abraham’s current career choice, it’s no surprise that there’s a few bikini pictures floating around out there that put all her assets on display. This one could almost be a crop top, and the colour on it really highlights her hair and lovely skin. It’s all in all a pretty conservative bikini pic, but one we still enjoy.

17 She Knows Her Angles, That's For Sure


After living her formative years on reality TV it’s no surprise that this woman knows how to hit her angles. The predominance of social media also helps, as a strong online personality often goes hand in hand with those that rose to fame under the reality TV umbrella. In Abraham’s case, she rose to stardom partially due to social media selfies like this!

16 This Saucy Set Up


Wow, just look at that dress! Okay, okay, you know what we’re really taken with; we’re taken with how happy the two of them look in this photo. Not to mention how Farrah Abraham has totally channelled Ariana Grande vibes for this look, from the high ponytail to the poofy A-line dress.

15 Her #Iwokeuplikethis Style


It’s so rare for those who live in the public eye to go out without at least the basic makeup on. In this case, Abraham has gone a step further and posted a selfie she took which features a lack of hair and makeup. All we have to say is: look at those eyebrows! We definitely need a how to tutorial for those babies.

14 We All Remember Her Less Fashionable Times


Oh, the teenage years. How rough were they on all of us? For those who are on the more public end of the fame spectrum they can be awfully rough. With people constantly trying to style you you end up getting caught in situations like this: pink blazers and ruffled shirts, trying to grow out your scene haircut.

13 She's Still Smiling, Though!


Now that’s a glow up, right? It almost doesn’t look like Farrah Abraham, although we definitely know it’s her. Now, that might be because of her daughter sitting on her knee, but it could also be because of her smile. It’s pretty distinctive, no matter what colour of hair she decides to have.

12 That Time We Thought She Was Kim Kardashian


A continuation of the blonde, we’re getting total Kim Kardashian vibes from this era of Farrah Abraham’s style. It might be the honey toned golden hair, or it might be the fact that she’s walking around in leggings and a cropped sweater (a Kim K staple, of course). Either way, we definitely had to double take.

11 Her Workout Wear Is Wild


Now that’s a good workout! We don’t know if she was at a spin class or a crossfit something or other, but she’s definitely proving that she works for what she has. If only we could be that dedicated; if we were it might motivate us even more. After all, just look at how good she looks in that workout gear. We want that!

10 But Then Again, So Is Her Daily Wear


Maybe she works out in order to look good in all her outfits. While we wouldn’t wear anything quite that revealing in our daily lives, it makes total sense that she would. And hey, maybe one day (when we actually use our gym membership) we’ll have the confidence to rock these kinds of clothes too, just like Farrah Abraham.

9 She's Even Tried A Moustache On For Size


Just kidding! This was a selfie taken at one of her beauty sessions. It’s a little funny, if only because it harkens back to the bubble beards we used to make as kids in the bath. We really like when she posts these kinds of photos because it shows that she’s silly and human, just like we are.

8 Stardom Suits Her Nicely


It’s not just the fact that she was on TV which has made her famous. No, what’s really made her famous is the fact that she’s outspoken and present in a variety of ways. From talk shows to social media posts, Farrah Abraham totally knows how to play the game of fame. And it looks really, really good on her.

7 Or Maybe It's Just The Suits That Suit Her


Then again, maybe it’s not the fame itself that looks good on her. Maybe it’s just those fancy business suits she wears all the time now. While the suits aren’t the first thing we’d associate with a Teen Mom alumnus, they are a sign that she’s ready for action, and looking to feel as good as she looks.

6 She's Certainly Grown Up Since The Original Series


It’s no surprise, but it’s worth mentioning anyway just to ensure we’ve covered all our bases for this one. Farrah Abraham has grown up immensely since the filming of the first Teen Mom. She’s a powerful woman now, and she’s not a bad role model for her little girl, all things considered.

5 She's Not Afraid To Show Off


This is the one part of her personality that we’re a little hesitant about when it comes to the role model aspect. While her daughter is still a little young to have social media, she definitely would be able to stumble across any of Farrah Abraham’s more revealing photos. Especially since her default seems to be to display!

4 And Has Aced The Mirror Selfie Game


Real talk, the mirror selfie game is a hard one to play. Sometimes it looks like you’re frowning at your photo while twisting to a weird angle, while other times it looks way too uncomfortable pose-wise. Farrah Abraham is giving Kylie Jenner a run for her money here, though, as she successfully snaps a subtle selfie.

3 Not To Mention Her Variety Of Hair Colours


We love hair colours. We love the way that they can totally change a person’s personality, look, and style as a whole. Farrah Abraham has dyed her hair many times, and has shown us all of her different looks and sides throughout the changes. While these green highlights were more adventurous, they’re still adorable!

2 Let's Not Forget That She's Still A Mom


It’s been a while since Teen Mom was released for the public viewing, which everyone seems to forget. In the intermittent years Farrah Abraham has grown up quite a bit, which also means that her wardrobe has greatly and drastically changed. She’s non-ironically rocking the “cool mom” funky suit, and we’re totally here for it.

1 Despite Her Questionable Style Past


It’s a fine line being both trendy and fashionable, and most people are great at doing one. Either they’re fashionable, like Farrah Abraham is now, or they’re trendy, like she is in this photo. Let us tell you: it’s way better to be stylish and fashionable than always on trend. At least, that’s what this picture proves.

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