20 Candids Of Kids That Had Us Questioning Their Parents

When one is out and about, there is always the chance of running into parents that make everyone give them MAJOR side eye because they are doing something dumb like holding a baby bottle the wrong way while trying to feed an infant or they are way too lax in watching their child run amok at the local park.

The parents that were snapped on camera, posted on social media and are now featured below have performed shenanigans so dumb and so stupid that people will be wondering if they actually have any kind of brains in their skull or if that space is just like, empty air, cotton candy or something like that. Get ready to laugh and facepalm!

20 Faceplant Ahoy

Via: Imgur

Oh geez, this poor child—bet she’s going to be shaking pebbles and twigs out of her clothes for at least a week after this tumble.

Like, instead of letting the kiddo face plant directly into asphalt, maybe tell her what a shadow is and why it seems to be “following” her?

19 Evel Knievel Thinks These Two Are Dumber Than Doornails

Via: Instagram

Errrr….can anyone explain how the traffic cops didn’t see them and a) give them a ticket and b) report them to CPS for child endangerment?

The stupidity of this stunt is absolutely mind-boggling because kids that young should still be in a damn car seat and not clinging to their foolish parents on a motorcycle.

18 Future Carrie White

Via: Reddit

Out of all the homemade Halloween costumes to make for your child, why the bloody heck would you subject them to wearing something so painfully DUMB?

Her parents better hope that she doesn’t grow up and develop telekinetic powers, lest she wreak havoc on them for subjecting her to such an embarrassing outfit when she was little.

17 Poor Kid's Going To Get A Bad Cough From This

Via: Imgur

Pretty sure this mother didn’t even bother to READ all the baby books that doctors usually recommend that go into detail about how to properly hold one’s child, proper bottle-feeding techniques, etc.

The kid’s expression says it all: he’s 100 percent done with his mom’s nonsense and desperately wishes she wouldn’t hold him the way a dog holds a chew toy.

16 Accident Waiting To Happen Between Baby And Fido

Via: Imgur

People, for the love of all things holy, read up on canine body language and the proper etiquette for canine-tiny human situations because holy moly, this is seriously an accident waiting to happen.

Pretty sure between the racket the kid is making and the chair bothering him while he’s trying to nap, this dog is going to be cranky AF when he gets up.

15 Talk About Permanent Nightmares

Via: Reddit

Sure, there is little to no chance that this child is even going to remember such a traumatizing moment from their early life, but why risk giving them permanent nightmares?

Poor baby looks like he’s seen one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and now thinks his dad has been absorbed into the body of one.

14 This Goes Against All The Potty Training Books

Via: Reddit

There are plenty of different methods out there for parents to peruse when the time comes to teach a baby how to properly use the toilet, but this certainly isn’t in any potty training book.

That kid’s going to grow up thinking that toilet bowls are like a damn wading pool instead of a place to do one’s business.

13 Poor Kid Looks 100 Percent Done

Via: Imgur

So much nope contained in one photo. Pretty sure it’s not a good idea to use a Sharpie or mascara on an infant this young because it’ll make them hella itchy.

Besides, the baby looks disgruntled enough, why bother adding to it? Bet it was the dad who decided to do this when mom was out and he was bored. It’s something a father would do for a laugh.

12 Every Italian Restaurant Chef Is Cringing So Hard

Via: Reddit

Errrr, maybe instead of taking a picture of your kid lying flat on his back on the floor surrounded by spaghetti (still strapped into the high chair, mind you), you should, y’know, PICK HIM UP before the spaghetti goes up HIS NOSTRILS.

No wonder the little guy looks so angry, he’s probably getting nauseous from inhaling too much pasta sauce.

11 Mom Is Going To Be Pissed

Via: Reddit

This photo is the perfect example of why some new dads shouldn’t be left alone without mom to supervise them with the new addition to the family.

That child is going to wake up so confused and might even try to chomp down on the weird cardboard lips attached to the pacifier; better hope they don’t get a chance to taste markers.

10 Future Pablo Picasso Right Here

Via: Instagram

So many questions about this photo that alas, we will never get concrete answers to.

Like, why was that kid covered in paint? They are too small to walk, so either they crawled all over the art project or one of their parents decided to do some weird modern art thing to memorialize the new addition to the family.

9 Black And Blue Alert

Via: Instagram

Common sense really isn’t that common because anyone with half a brain would’ve realized that this was a good way for baby to get a gnarly bump on their head and kept the crawling area free of things like that.

8 He's Going To Hate Jurassic Park When He Gets Older

Via: Instagram

Most kids go through a dinosaur nerd phase at some point in their lives where they want to watch movies like Jurassic Park and go to museums to see the cool fossils.

Thanks to mom over here being unable to READ THE DAMN ROOM, this poor boy is going to grow up to have a major fear of already extinct animals.

7 Someone Is Going To Regurgitate Their Food

Via: Instagram

Uhhh, instead of taking a photo of your son on your smartphone and posting it to social media, you might want to check out what he’s doing, because that doesn’t look right.

Betcha that the poor kid has a stomach virus and is leaning over to empty the contents of his tummy or will wind up face planting into the floor because he lost his balance.

6 It's A Toilet Bowl, Not A Pool

Via: Instagram

Pretty much every germaphobe is staring at this photo with an expression of pure horror on their faces and really, who can blame them? There’s a way to potty train toddlers and sorry not sorry, this ain’t it.

First off, why aren’t they using a toddler potty to help train that girl? Second, why would they even let the two kiddos do this—it is seriously a good way to spread all sorts of icky bacteria around. Fumigate those kids and the house ASAP!

5 Little Fashionista

Via: Instagram

Please, dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, tell us that the diaper isn’t used because if so….just EWWWWWW.

These parents better hope that their little stunt doesn’t lead to the baby boy thinking “Hmmm, diapers are fun hats!” and starts to constantly rip off his own—even if it has been used.

4 Good Way To Get A Skinned Knee

Via: Instagram

Sure, it is always cool to see little girls being introduced to skateboarding and falling in love with the pastime, but daddy-o, you MIGHT want to wait until she’s old enough to actually have, y’know, BETTER HAND-EYE coordination.

Honestly, one false move and that little girl is going to drop down like a sack of potatoes and wind up getting a scrape.

3 Water Up The Nostrils Is Unpleasant

Via: Instagram

The look on the little boy’s face says it all: he now realizes that his father is dumber than a box of goddamn rocks.

Kudos for introducing the little dude to the pool at a young age, but how the heck did no one inform him (and how did he not see) that his child couldn’t breathe? Flipper is going to have to come and smack some sense into him!

2 CPS Is Screeching In Anger

Via: Instagram

Even though the dad was smart enough to strap his son into a proper bicycle chair for babies, it really is amazing that he thought both he and his little tyke would be perfectly safe without, y’know, a damned HELMET.

Kind of shocked that this dude didn’t get a hefty fine for this act of stupidity because this totally falls under “child endangerment.”

1 Harambe's Ghost Is Currently Facepalming Y'All

Via: Instagram

Do you hear that? That sound is the ghost of Harambe screeching at the top of his lungs and wondering how and why some parents can be so damned reckless.

Like, same, ghost gorilla, same. People, there are fences at a zoo for a REASON, don’t dangle your kids or hold them too close to the edge because that’s just tempting fate and is a bad idea.

Sources: Instagram, Imgur, Reddit

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