20 Candids Taken At Disneyland These Celebs Didn't Want Us To See

Hollywood stars want to go to Disneyland just like the rest of us. At least, some Hollywood stars do. The ones who either have a gaggle of screaming kids demanding to see Mickey Mouse and Captain Marvel just to get a selfie they'll never look at or the celebrities who just have something severely wrong with them. Seriously, what person in their right mind wants to go to Disneyland anymore? Between the overpriced crap food, the endless lines, and all the smelly common folk, it's a living nightmare. Especially for celebrities who'll be hounded as soon as they step foot in the park. Perhaps that's why most of the Hollywood stars on this list attempted to blend in. Only, they couldn't. The paparazzi managed to catch them in all their embarrassing and intimate glory. Without further ado, here are 20 candids taken at Disneyland that these celebs really don't want us to see.

20 Beyonce Hiding From The Paparazzi is Kinda Goofy

Celeb Mafia

No one as hot as Beyonce wears a hat like this. Goofy hats are usually relegated to 300-pound men in push-buggies or toddlers whose parents just bought them the stupid hat to shut them the F up. So, it makes sense that the paparazzi were swiftly able to uncover that it was Beyonce under that hat while she was in Disneyland Paris a decade ago.

19 All The Kids At Disneyland Are Angelina Jolie's

Celeb Mafia

Seriously, when Angelina Jolie goes to Disneyland, half the population of the park are her adopted children. Okay, that's a really easy joke about how many kids she has. We know it's lame. Get over it, okay? We do commend her for trying to give her kids a normal life and an authentic Disneyland experience. It's just too bad that a horde of paparazzi had to ruin that for her.

18 Ryan And Eva Attempt To Have A Romantic Night-Out Just Like Any Other Couple

Daily Mail

Back in 2017, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes attempt to have a romantic night out together. Between their busy careers and kids at home, they surely have a lot on their plate. They both attempted to blend in with the crowd, and for the most part, did a pretty good job. Until someone tipped off the paparazzi and their special night was entirely recorded for our entertainment.

17 We're Pretty Sure Selena Gomez Is Drawing More Attention Than She Bargained For

Celeb Mafia

Selena Gomez going to Disneyland is like walking into the lion's den. So many attendees would be overly thrilled to see her and therefore wouldn't leave her alone. That's precisely why she went overboard with her disguise. But it drew even more attention to herself and guess what... none of it was good. Seriously, Selena, this may not be the best look for you, darling.

16 Adam Sandler Just Looks For A Little Time With His Kids

Daily Mail

Adam Sandler seems like he'd be fantastic with children, which is probably why he was happy to take his kids to Disneyland on his own back in 2012. Although he seemed a little bored in the "happiest place on Earth, he bit the bullet just to make his kids' dream come true. Unfortunately, his time with his kids was overrun by paparazzi who couldn't keep cameras out of his face.

15 Hard To Ignore Ariel Winter and Her Dude Since They Seem So Attention-Starved

Just Jared

We know that Ariel Winter and her showy boyfriend were probably just wanting some romantic time at the park, it feels like they were craving the cameras. After all, Ariel, sans disguise, made sure she wore the lowest-cut dress imaginable while her dude scoped out the cameras... At least, it appeared as if he did. After all, most paparazzi shots of him make it seem like he loves riding his talented girlfriend's coattails.

14 Disneyland Isn't a Great Place For A Date When You're Lily Collins

Celeb Mafia

We all love Lily Collins. She's totally engaging and talented, after all. But she made a pretty big mistake back in 2014 when she took some random guy on a date to Disneyland. As soon as the paparazzi figured out that it was her under those big sunnies, they had to photograph every intimate moment the two shared. No wonder we've never seen this guy with Lily again.

13 Billy Corgan Smashes The Internet With His Utter Indifference

Daily Mail

Smashing Pumpkins frontman, William "Billy" Corgan, became a meme after being photographed at Disneyland back in 2015. The insanely talented rocker appeared to be disinterested in the rides while there. And he got ridiculed for it. Soon after, he took to the internet to call out his critics. And we get it. Just because you're at Disneyland doesn't mean you have to be happy about it!

12 Zendaya Rides The Rapids With Her Pals

Daily Mail

Unless she's dressed to the nines, Zendaya can hide from the paparazzi. But she couldn't back in 2014 when she attended the park. The ex-Disney Channel star was there with her Dancing With The Stars friends to enjoy the Grizzly River Rapids ride -- which is the best ride around. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a moment of peace. perhaps this is why she decided to embrace it and acknowledge the cameras.

11 Ariana Grande Really Didn't Want To Be Recognized... But She's Ariana Freaking Grande

Celeb Mafia

although she's a huge star, Ariana Grande is a family-oriented young woman. It's one of the reasons she decided to tag along with her family's visit to Disneyland in November 2018. Problem is... she's Ariana Freaking Grande. There's no moment peace for her... especially not at Disneyland. She attempted to go undercover, but there's no mistaking her gorgeous features, short stature or those boujee boots.

10 After A few Too Many Eddies, Seth Rogen Is Just WOWED By The Magic Of Disneyland

Daily Mail

We can just imagine what Seth Rogen was feeling while visiting the park in 2014. After all, there's no doubt that he wasn't a tad... ahem... "elevated"... while at Disneyland. It probably made his entire experience so much more enjoyable. Problem is when he's... "elevated"... his unmissable and iconic laugh is even more exaggerated. So, there's no wonder how he was swiftly spotted by paparazzi and guests alike. If there's anyone on this list we'd like to go to Disneyland with, it's Seth Rogen... What a cool dude!

9 Just What The Actual F Is Madelaine Petsch Wearing!?

Celeb Mafia

When you're with someone like Travis Mills, you have to be boujee. And Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch is almost certainly that. Even when she's wearing some sort of messed up road-biking outfit, she's boujee. She probably thought she looked good and didn't care if people saw her playing at the park, but she definitely should... Girl, you're Cheryl Blossom.. you're supposed to have better style than that!

8 ScarJo Secretly Enjoys Disneyland With The Father Of The Kid We Never Knew She Had

Daily Mail

Given the fact that Marvel is the property of Disney, Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson would have been one of the biggest celebrities seen at Disneyland. So, it's understandable that she attempted to go so deep undercover in order to enjoy some time with hder then-husband, Roman Duriac. Although she wasn't successful during this 2012 Disneyland excursion, she has done a good job at hiding the fact that she was married and actually had a baby with this guy.

7 Chloe Grace Moretz And Ella Purnell Attempt To Hide Amongst The Other Gorgeous Women At Disneyland

Celeb Mafia

Believe it or not, Disneyland is a magnet for babes. So, it makes sense that Chloe Grace Moretz and Sweetbitter star Ella Purnell would attempt to hide amongst them in order to enjoy Disney's California Adventure Theme Park. Unfortunately, they didn't hide well enough, and the two gorgeous friends were harassed by a ton of thirsty cameramen.

6 Elle Fanning Has A Cute Little Date... Right In Front Of The Cameras

Celeb Mafia

Back in 2014, Elle Fanning was still linked to Dylan Beck. Nowadays, she's supposedly with Social Network star as well as her Teen Spirit director, the much older Max Minghella. But we're jumping ahead of ourselves. Here, she attempted to have a cute date with Dylan at Disneyland as many California youngsters do. But this didn't work. All of their PDA was captured for the world to see and they didn't have a moment of peace.

5 Nick Jonas Would Rather Us Forget That He Was With Anyone But Priyanka

Daily Mail

Remember when Nick Jonas was dating that absolute babe, Olivia Culpo? Well, he'd prefer that we didn't. After all, he wants all of our attention on his wife, Priyanka Chopra. And we don't blame him. But unfortunately for Nick, evidence exists of him truly enjoying his time with Olivia. And that evidence is in the form of a PDA-filled set of Disneyland pics.

4 Hunter And Joey King Bring Their Sisterhood To The House Of Mouse

Just Jared

Young and the Restless and Life In Pieces star, Hunter King, and her Emmy-Nominated sister, Joey, took to Disneyland like truly excited fans. They totally ignored the cameras while riding rollercoasters, eating cotton candy, and shopping until their wallets were empty... which, given Joey's recent success, took awhile. Although their sisterly love was on-point, we doubt that they actually wanted us to see their every move. But we did... As a result, we're trying to find a way to go to Disneyland with them next time.

3 Peyton List And Cameron Monaghan Shamelessly Flaunt Their Relationship In It's Final Days

Just jared

When Disney Channel Alumna Peyton List and Shameless-star Cameron Monaghan were together, they made sure everyone knew about it. They were inseparable and honestly a very hot couple. But now that they're romance has come to an end, we doubt that they want us looking back at these photos from their trip to Disneyland. After all, their PDA was a bit over-the-top.

2 We're A Little Triggered By Steve Carell's Cargo-Pants

Daily Mail

Maybe Steve Carell wanted to blend in with the rest of the fashion-backward Disneyland attendees when he showed up in cargo-pants? At least, we hope this was his reason for wearing an outfit that should be tossed off the Matterhorn. Regardless, he showed up there with his wife Nacy and their two kids back in 2013 and appeared to have a great time. Whatever, we'll always love this dude!

1 Kaley Cuoco Goes Coo-Coo For Costers

Just Jared

Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco and her man, Karl Cook went absolutely bananas at Disneyland a couple of years ago. Kaley acted like a child at every moment, which is honestly totally refreshing. But what was supposed to be a great time with her boy and some friends quickly became a photo-op. A press event that took away the fun she was having. This is precisely why this celebrity would prefer we not look at these Disneyland pics.

Sources: Celeb Mafia, Just Jared, Daily Mail

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