20 Car Features From The 1990s That Made No Sense

The 1990's was a great time for the automobile world. It is quite clear that it was far simpler, but even with this being the case, we had a lot of amazing experiences with the vehicles we were given. This is largely due to the unique features that these cars would give us. Yet, as time has clearly passed by, there is no question that these have managed to disappear. With the rise of technology, all of this is quite understandable, but at the same time, we miss some of these features immensely.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 features from cars from the 90's that just would not make sense to have today. There is no question that the automobile world is forever progressing, so it makes sense that they are now out of usage. However, these features definitely are ones that us car enthusiasts love to mess with when we drive older cars. It is quite apparent that these features will hold a place in our hearts forever, but it was for the best for car manufacturers to stop producing them.

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20 Car Phone

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During the 1990s, it was very common for luxury cars to have phones inside of them. To be honest, this was definitely something that many people would find very cool and rightfully so. With technology being so much lower then, it was amazing to think one could talk to someone on the phone from their car.

However, with the invention of the cell phone being at its highest point today, there is no need for their to be car phones. In fact, law enforcement has been becoming much stricter with the usage of our phones in cars, especially when it comes to texting. At the end of the day, we must always be focusing on the road when we are in our vehicles.

19 Automatic Seat Belts

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Something that was very intriguing about cars from the 1990s was that many had automatic seat belts. Once the door was closed, they would secure the drivers and passengers in their place. When opening the door, they would move to the roof of the car, allowing people to leave.

Although this forced people into wearing their seat belts, it is clear that it came with many flaws. It simply did not protect the passengers of this enough, as they were not very secure. At the end of the day, this was a cool feature, but one that was not perfected, so they no longer are in cars today.

18 Ashtrays

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Ashtrays used to be quite common to find in cars, as people used to smoke far more than they do today. To be quite honest, it is for the best that this feature is hard to come by in today’s cars. There is no question that this habit needs to be eliminated from us, as nothing good comes from it.

When smoking was in, this was a great element to cars. However, due to the increase of knowledge that we have today, there is no question that we should never see ashtrays in cars ever again. It honestly makes no sense to see them today, as we want to cut smoking from our daily habits.

17 Rear Steering

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During the 1990s, the idea of rear steering was introduced. Many believed that it would provide more reliability when it came to the direction we were aiming to go when driving. It also was added in hopes that it would allow cars and trucks to have more overall power.

However, this quickly would end up being discontinued, as it clearly just did not make much sense as time passed by. In some ways, it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to, and this would quickly be realized by other drives. At the end of the day, it was a good try, but just did not reach expectations.

16 Lighters


Lighters were once a very common feature that was seen in most cars. It definitely made sense because, as previously stated, cigarettes were once extremely popular. However, due to the fact that it is definitely declining in number today, it makes sense as to why car manufacturers no longer add these to their vehicles.

To be honest, this is the best decision that they could make, as they are seeing the importance of ending smoking. The 1990’s definitely were a time where these were used quite frequently, but today, we simply know too much about the dangers of smoking, so they no longer are needed.

15 Window Cranks

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Perhaps one of the most memorable features that comes from cars that were released in the 1990’s were window cranks. This was a time before the invention of automatic windows, so people had to manually open their windows as a result of this.

To be quite honest, it is for the best that the automobile world has since moved on from this. The nostalgic effect that comes from this feature is pretty cool, but other than that, it simply is far too obsolete for what we have with today’s cars. Thus, we will never see it in use again and rightfully so.

14 Headlight Wipers


Something that was pretty intriguing about cars from the 1990’s was that many of them possessed headlight wipers. At the time, it was thought that they would help the overall quality of the lights by keeping them very clean. However, this honestly was a bit of an unimportant asset.

At the end of the day, it makes sense that the automobile world has since moved on from this feature. Although in theory it may sound cool, it just does not have seem to have an actual purpose today. That is why we likely will never see them on cars ever again.

13 Power Antennas

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During the 1990’s, cars had a very strange feature to them that were known as power antennas. In short, this feature would allow cars to lower their antennas with the push of a button. This honestly used to impress buyers, but today, it is clear that they have no purpose.

This feature honestly would just take time away from car manufacturers who could be working on more important aspects of their vehicles. This is why they have completely rid of this feature. Although it did not create any harm, it simply was not providing much at the end of the day.

12 Fender Mounted Mirrors

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Something that we used to see on cars from the 90’s were fender mounted mirrors. They honestly did have a pretty cool look them, as they created a new style for these cars. However, even with this being the case, it makes a lot of sense why they no longer are in use today.

They simply did not provide enough vision for drivers, and it can be argued that they even used to distract drivers. It makes sense as to why car manufacturers have decided to not use them on today’s vehicles. There is no question that they are cool, but just a bit unnecessary.

11 Hood Ornaments

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Hood Ornaments were once very popular with cars, especially during the 90’s. Car manufacturers opted to use them because of the fact that they allowed them to proudly show off their brand. They definitely added a bit of style to cars as well, so they were cool.

Yet, it is clear that times have changed and these just do not make sense anymore. They honestly no longer are in use because of the fact that they often took away time from the car manufacturer to actually work on the vehicle itself. Ornaments just are not needed anymore, even if they were good looking.

10 Foot Dimmer Switch

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In an effort to make drivers keep their hands on the wheels, cars used to have a foot dimmer switch. This definitely made sense at the time, as it seemed to provide a much safer alternative for drivers and pedestrians. However, this has since been rid of, as it created confusion for newer drivers.

One has to admire car manufacturers for aiming to do something different with their cars, especially when thinking it was for the best interests of everyone involved. However, this invention simply did not work in the manner it was expected to. Perhaps they can find a new way to make this happen.

9 Rain Gutters

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Rain gutters were once very popular on cars, but alas, time has truly changed this. The main goal of this feature was to lower the amount of water damage that would come from extreme weather. It did fairly well during its time, but at the same time, it had some flaws.

The primary reason as to why we no longer see this feature is the fact that these often led cars to rust far quicker. As a result of this, car manufacturers have since decided to stop including these with today’s car, and it is clear that this was the correct move.

8 CD Changer Magazines

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CD changer 0magazines were once a very important part of cars. This allowed drivers to have access to six different CDs while driving, but not having to go through them. The machine knew how to do that automatically, so it would end up being very safe to use.

However, due to the rise of technology, bluetooth and cell phones now run our music in cars. This definitely is for the best, as it simply outclasses CD changers today. This is something that we are never going to see again with modern cars, but they are fun to use with our classic cars regardless.

7 Wood Side Panels

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It has been a long time since we have seen wood side panels on cars. The style seemed to have disappeared in the 1990s, and in a way, it kind of is a bummer. There is no question that this look always brought on a retro vibe, even during its time on the primary market.

However, there likely is an understandable reason as to why car manufacturers have stopped this. Perhaps it is because the wood on the cars are simply not as strong as the material that are being used today. However, it would be cool to see a manufacturer bring this back to cars, even if it was just for a special edition model.

6 Hood Gauges

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Hood gauges were once seen on all muscle cars, but today, there are very rare. This is likely because of the fact that this style often brought on issues that likely could have been avoided if built differently. Although it is a great look, it just does not have a place in the automobile world anymore.

Style definitely is a major aspect of vehicles, but many of us now care far more about overall performance With that being said, it makes sense that car manufacturers have decided to move on from this feature, as it just did not bring anything but issues as time would pass by.

5 Under License Plate Gas Caps

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Something that is very intriguing is the fact that many cars from the 90’s had gas caps underneath their license plates. This definitely was pretty cool to see at the time, as it created a different style for cars. However, this no longer is in use, and it is quite easy to understand why.

When looking at the way how gas stations are run, this structural decision just does not make any sense. In fact, it honestly would create a bit of an issue when it comes to the organization of how we do this task today. At the end of the day, it was for the best that car manufacturers stopped doing this.

4 Pop-Up Headlights

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A look that we no longer see that we used to all the time is pop-up headlights. Back in times like the 1990’s, vehicles that had this element were likely seen as luxury type of cars. They definitely provided a different look of class, and it is something that used to be beloved.

However, it is clear that this feature would result in the lights of these cars being far weaker compared to the traditional setup. Due to this clear fact, there is no question that it makes sense that car manufacturers have since moved on from incorporating this feature into their vehicles. It is honestly for the best.

3 Wing Windows


In the back seats of cars from the 1990’’s, they often had wing windows. These were windows that one could manually, and it would result in them being open slightly. This was cool for people in the back who could not get air, as automatic windows were not as popular yet.

However, it is clear that wing windows are completely out of the automobile world because they are out of date. It just does not make sense to use them when there is better technology available. When the weather gets hot, the last thing people want are wing windows to cool them off.

2 T-Tops

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The 1990’s saw the end of the t-top era, and that definitely is something we would not mind having back. There is no question that this style gave these cars a wonderful look to them, and this is why they would end up being some of the most popular vehicles out there.

Yet, with the way that car manufacturers are building their cars today, this look honestly may be too out of place now. It is better suited for classic cars because it allows them to look far better. If a car had a t-top today, it may lead to the look being far less groovy than it is now.

1 Front Bench Seats

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Front bench seats were extremely popular during the 1990’s. However, this trend has definitely decreased immensely over the years. This honestly does make sense, as this style does not necessarily provide the same amount of protection that it would for passengers in the back.

Although this was convenient for individuals who had large families, it just has no place in today’s automobile world. The driver needs to have as much room as possible, and it simply gets far too crowded with three people in the front. At the end of the day, it is good that they decided to stop using this feature in cars.

Sources: drivinglane.com, myclassicgarage.com

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