20 Car TV Shows That Modified Cars (And It Went Badly)

Ever since "Pimp My Ride" premiered, car enthusiasts have been obsessed with modifying their rides. We watched West Coast Customs do the impossible by turning jalopies into awesome rides.

Since "Pimp My Ride", many other car modification shows have premiered. Most had a twist to the premise of their show, but the foundation remained the same.

Throughout all the seasons of car modifications shows, we also saw some cars go from bad to worse. Not all of the modifications resulted in the cars looking better than before they arrived at the garage.

What we did is collect photos of cars that reality programs modified but turned out to be less than what we expected.

20 "Car Warriors" - Volkswagen Beetle

via Celebrity Car Museum

Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most successful cars in the history of car manufacturing. Since production commenced in 1938, more than 21 million units have been produced. It's difficult to picture a convertible Beetle, but it might fly if the colors of the interior and exterior weren't combined with purple.

19 "Pimp My Ride" - AMC Pacer

via The Drive

It's safe to say that "Pimp My Ride" paved the way for other modification shows. West Coast Customs played a major role in the show's success. As with every project, some don't work out. When the guys at West Coast Customs modified an AMC Pacer, they painted stars on the car and fitted an open roof.

18 "Count's Kustoms" - Smart Car

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One of the eccentric characters on "Count's Kustoms" is Horny Mike. When he was young and drawing, Mike would always add horns to his drawings. The older he got, the more fascinated he became with horns. Eventually, Mike started adding horns to his cars. It's not a bad effort.

17 "Diesel Brothers" - Somersault Truck

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If you wanna see some of biggest trucks on a car show, then you should take a look at "Diesel Brothers." Besides modifying awesome cars, the Heavy D and Diesel Dave also play pranks on each other. They know how to modify cars, but on some occasions, they like to fool around on their mods.

16 "Fast N' Loud" - Ford Mainline

via Fiveprime

Richard Rawlings has done some fantastic work on cars on his show. That's one of the reasons that the show has lasted 15 seasons. Although most of the cars on the show come out much better than when they come in, this monkey business car was exactly what the name suggests. Strange looking car.

15 "Monster Garage" - Ford Mustang

via Imagessure

After "Monster Garage" modified this Ford Mustang Switchblade, it went on a Barrett-Jackson auction. The 1990 model was on auction for $8,030.

Green might not be the best color on a Mustang, especially an old model such as this one. The interesting thing about the car is that Jesse James turned it into a lawnmower.

14 "Inside West Coast Customs" - Lamborghini Gallardo

via Wallarticles

"Pimp My Ride" became one of the biggest car reality TV shows thanks to the help of "West Coast Customs." They produced incredible modifications by turning jalopies into awesome rides. The above Lamborghini belongs to Chris Brown, who requested the car to look like this. It's not West Coast's fault.

13 "Fat N’ Furious" - Mercury

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There was the "Fast and the Furious,” and then there was the "Fat N' Furious." At Christmas Automotive, the men in charge specialize in reviving muscle cars to race them. They like big cars, so it's not a surprise that they modified this 1951 Mercury Rolling Thunder. Although it's more than 60 years old, this Thunder is in excellent condition.

12 "Pimp My Ride" - Chevrolet Blazer

via Galpin Auto Sports

Finding a classic Blazer isn't an easy task these days since they're limited but finding one that looks like this is even rarer. When West Coast Customs got their hands on this Blazer, they tried to make it come alive as much as possible and did that by painting it with flashy colors. Interesting combinations.

11 "Count's Kustoms" - VanDelaris

via Youtube

It seems that some car modifiers prefer as much color and patterns on their as possible. Most of the modifications that "Count's Kustoms" performs are superb, but some of them have too much going on. As long as they're happy with their modification, then who are we to judge?

10 "Monster Garage" - Toyota Celica

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Stretching a car works only in rare circumstances. When the guys at "Monster Garage" decided to make a car more powerful, they decided to stretch it so they could add parts to it that would make it faster. To make the car look more like a speed demon, "Monster Garage” decided to combine flames with purple.

9 "For The Love Of Cars" - VW Mk1

via VW Heritage

During the two seasons that the show was on air, the hosts tracked down wrecked classic cars around Britain with an attempt to restore them and sell them at auctions and donate the money to charity. The above car is a VW Mk1, so they did find a rare vehicle, but they fitted too many lights.

8 "Wrecks To Riches" - Chevrolet Nova

via Ganggreen

The show remained on the air for only two seasons. During that time, Barry White had the challenging task of transforming  vehicles that were past their prime.  One of the cars that White put through that process was a 1964 Chevrolet Nova. He decided to have an engine that pops out of the bonnet.

7 "Inside West Coast Customs" - GMC Denali

via Commons Wikimedia

In some cases, you can't blame the modification company for a mod that is subpar since their client requested the vehicle to look according to their specification. When HP wanted a company car, it seems that they wanted the company's name all of the car. Maybe one big sign could have worked better.

6 "Garage Squad" - Plymouth Barracuda

via Gears

Another program that restored vintage cars that collected dust was "Garage Squad." The hosts did an incredible job on numerous vehicles throughout the six seasons that it has lasted on the air. When they modified this 1967 Barracuda, the lime color and the patterns didn't work out that great.

5 "Unique Whips" - Nissan Pathfinder

via Tires and Rims

Back in 2005, a show called "Unique Whips" premiered. One of the things that made it unique was that the host modified cars of celebrities. Cars owned by 50 Cent, Pamela Anderson, and LeBron James appeared on the show. It seems that he tried to make this Nissan Pathfinder look futuristic.

4 "Vegas Rat Rods" - Joker Mobile

via Welder Up

Not all of the vehicles that TV modifiers perform have to be a serious job. Some of the cars that they modify are for fun and have an eccentric look to them. The Joker Mobile might not be the classiest ride on the road, but it is one of the most interesting looking ones.

3 "Texas Car Wars" - Mercury

via Texas Car Wars

It seems that one of the things that's common in modifying a Mercury is painting it purple. The one thing that does is it draws attention to the car. The other positive about this car is that it's in excellent condition and provides plenty of space inside the cabin. Although the color isn't favorable, it is a mean looking car.

2 "Big Easy Motors" - Bayou Bronco

via IMDb

The color orange looks great on most super cars, but it doesn't suit an off-road vehicle as much. Had the smiley faces on the front of the car not been attached, the driver might've gotten away with an orange off-roader. The great thing about the car is that it is in pristine condition.

1 "Overhaulin’" - Dodger Charger

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Chip Foose is a master customizer. He has done some amazing work on vehicles and has won several awards for it. When he decided to overhaul a Dodge Charger, he decided to paint the top part with yellow and the bottom in black. The patterns also didn't do much justice to the car.

Sources: barrett-jackson.com

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