20 Cars Rumors We Hope Never Turn Out To Be True

With hotly anticipated cars coming from beloved automakers, the rumor mill churns ever on. Drivers have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to automakers and what they’ll do next.

Will Ferrari make an affordable model? What changes is Tesla making next to its Model S? What name has Ford landed on for the upcoming Baby Bronco? There’s a constant cycle of questions and supposed answers before automakers finally confirm what's really going on. Then it repeats all over again.

While the scuttlebutt changes every day in the auto industry, here’s a list of rumors that currently puzzle us that we hope will never come to fruition.

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20 Plans Scrapped For A More Affordable Ferrari

via auto-otaku.com

Ferraris have long been out of the reach for those who can't afford one. There were signs that Ferrari considered reviving the Dino, which was their entry-level model. Yet according to Motor1, that option is no longer up for consideration. “It’s certainly not something that we’re planning shortly,” said a top exec Enrico Galliera in an interview with Autocar.

19 Say Goodbye To These BMW Models

via TheChazz

Say it ain’t so, BMW. The automaker is set to make big changes, if reports are correct, that will result in the end of several models. According to CarBuzz, they’re getting rid of the 3 Series GT, 2 Series convertible, Z4, standard wheelbase 8 series and 8 series coupes and convertibles. This is a huge loss for the U.S. car market.

18 GM Weighing Electric Hummer

via The Drive

Hummer had its time. Today, the big and undependable Hummer doesn’t have a place in the car market, unless you’re Alfonso Soriano, who had some custom work done on his H2. Yet Motor1 reports that an electric one may be on the way. Not only does this not make sense, it’s a possibility the Hummer could stick around for a lot longer (thanks to an EV battery).

17 Tesla Model S Is Not Getting A Revamp

via Teslarati

Everyone was getting itchy for changes on Tesla’s Model 3. There were rumors circulating as per CarBuzz that the interior could get a more minimalist design back in May. Yet Elon Musk took to Twitter in July to let the public know it wouldn’t be coming (TechCrunch). Add us to the list of those who are still holding out hope.

16 Toyota Supra Still Without Manual Transmission Option

via Pinterest

It seems like a no-brainer. The Toyota Supra is a 335 hp car fit for a manual gearbox. Yet according to Road and Track, the chief engineer on the car told Autoblog, “Customers who want a manual should choose the Toyota 86.” While it doesn’t completely rule it out for the future, it does squash hopes for now.

15 The End Is Nigh For Audi R8

via Pinterest.com.au

Call us nostalgic, but the Audi R8’s imminent demise has us all choked up. Not only is there speculation it’s getting replaced, but there’s already ideas about what could be taking its place. CarBuzz reports that the PB18 e-tron Concept and e-tron GTR supercar are both possible replacements.

14 Volkswagen Selling Bentley And Lamborghini

via Automobile Magazine

What is VW thinking? The automaker looks to be making big moves in the years to come, and we don’t have a good sense about what direction they might be going in. Motor1 reports they’re weighing whether to revamp the company in ways that would have them sell off beloved brands by 2030 such as Bentley and Lamborghini.

13 We’re All Going To Have To Wait Longer For The Tesla Model Y

via 66.media.tumblr.com

We can’t exactly say we didn’t see it coming, but we hope it’s not true. With Tesla, everyone is always looking forward to what the automaker makes next. All eyes are on the upcoming Model Y. Yet according to Auto Spies, the public is going to have to wait, as it’s currently behind schedule.

12 The Chevy Cavalier Isn’t Making A Comeback

via CarDomain

When an image showed up on Chevy’s website showing off a supposed Cavalier 2020, the internet was buzzing. Sadly, in a report by CarBuzz, Chevy confirmed that the image was actually of an Equinox. Yet considering the automaker recently revived the Blazer and is set to reintroduce the Trailblazer, there's still hope Cavalier could come back to the fold.

11 They’re Making The Toyota FJ Cruiser

via Automobile Magazine

It’s hard to believe, but they’re going forward with the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It’s big, it’s bulky and it’s got a weird exterior that won’t appeal to everyone. According to Motor1, the concept appeared at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. It may offer plenty of space, but it’s not winning any beauty pageants.

10 R.I.P. Volkswagen Beetle

via Autoweek

The Beetle was a special car. It was iconic, affordable and a bestseller for VW. So while many casuals and enthusiasts alike hope for a resurrection—either in the form of an electric or hybrid model—it looks like the CEO just squashed those dreams. Motor1 reports that Herbert Diess, VW’s CEO, made it pretty clear the Beetle wouldn't return during an interview with MotorTrend at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

9 Chevy Malibu Riding Off Into The Sunset

via GM Authority

Automakers plan far in advance, anticipating changes in the industry. While it seems far from now, 2024 is just around the corner, which is when Chevy expects to phase out their Chevy Malibu for good. CarBuzz reports that sales have seen a significant drop-off, with 227,881 units sold in 2016 and 144,542 in 2018.

8 Pickup Defender From Land Rover No Longer In The Plans

via Motor1

We would have loved to have gotten a Defender Pickup from Land Rover, though it looks like that ship has sailed. In a report by Motor1, although the automaker envisioned using the Defender 130 to make a four-door pickup, they apparently changed their minds. At least there are reports they could release an even bigger 130 model.

7 Mercedes-Benz Slashing Its Lineup In U.S. Car Market

via Motor1

As with all rumors, enthusiasts should take this with a grain of salt. According to Motor1, despite the newly arrived A-Class and GLB on the way, Mercedes is looking to get rid of the SLC and possibly more on the horizon. Another loss includes their Smart car brand, as per The Fast Lane Car.

6 Next Generation VW Golf Isn’t Coming to US

via The Drive

It’s still hearsay at this point, but it doesn’t look good. VW is set to release another generation of its Golf and Golf SportWagen—though not in the states. CarBuzz reports that an employee with the automaker confirmed the news at an event in California, which would strike a blow to VW fans stateside.

5 The U.S. Car Market Won’t Get The Audi Q3 Sportback

via QuattroDaily

There’s good news and bad news—or only good news, depending on where you live. The good news is the Audi Q3 Sportback is coming; the bad news is it’s not coming to the U.S. Despite the sportier SUV appealing to many stateside customers, Motor1 reports that a spokesman at Audi confirmed the news.

4 Nissan Is (Still) Holding Back Nismo

via Motor1

There’s a lot of potential with Nismo, yet it hasn’t become the lineup of vehicles many hope for. While many anticipated a step forward for the brand, Nissan is getting cold feet, leading CarBuzz to speculate they won't go through with expanding the brand at all. As Nissan weighs different plans for Nismo, one can only hope they do something in the near future.

3 Mercedes-Benz Swapping RWD For AWD On AMG C63s

via The Drive

Car enthusiasts may not like it, but Mercedes is making changes to its beloved AMG C63 models. According to Auto Spies, in exchange for the model’s RWD, Mercedes is opting for AWD instead. At least they’re featuring a Drift Mode to help offset the loss of this former staple in AMG C63s.

2 Volkswagen Doubling Down On Crossovers

via Yahoo News UK

VW keeps churning out endless crossovers. A little diversity in the lineup never hurt any automaker—except for maybe Ford deciding to phase out its sedans, although it's still yet TBD whether that was a smart move or not. It’s bad enough VW already got rid of their beloved Beetle (more on that later on), and now they’re prepping another small crossover in the works for 2022 in Europe.

1 Bugatti Teasing Another Atlantic

via Flickr user vegasracer

There are only four of these cars in existence, with the whereabouts of one still unknown. It’s not the only thing that’s a mystery though. There’s also a lot of uncertainty about whether Bugatti has something more in store for fans after they released retrospective videos of the Atlantic online, as per CarBuzz. The real disappointment would be if nothing happened and they were just leading all of us on for nothing.

Sources: Motor1, Autocar, The Fast Lane Car, Auto Spies, Road and Track, CarBuzz, TechCrunch

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