20 Illegal Cars People Actually Bought At Auctions

It's not often that illegal cars get sold by the government, let alone a large number of them. But that's exactly what happened when drug kingpin Kong Meng Vang was caught in the act, and all of his property confiscated. Among the property was a large collection of pretty amazing cars, the likes of which many dream of owning. They were all sold at auction in Kansas, United States.

The reason they can't own them though is because of import laws, which prohibit the importing of many Japanese cars for road use. They can be used on tracks and on display, but not driven on the roads. Let's take a look at a few of these awesome cars that sold at auction.

20 1997 Lexus SC400

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The Lexus SC400 is one of many different kinds of sports coupes sold in the booming JDM market during the height of the tuner era, and it's also one of the many that, at least in Kong Meng Vang's collection, was imported illegally into America. While not road legal, it sold at auction for $3,125, according to appletowing.hibid.com

19 1993 Toyota Supra Turbo Pro Street Strip

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There really isn't a car more iconic in the JDM mod world than the Toyota Supra, a car that from the factory was already incredible, and only got better with more modifications. Decked out, this car looks pretty sick, too. This one, from Japan, sold at auction for $39,175, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

18 2000 Toyota Chaser Tourer V

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The styling of this car may remind you of a Lexus or similar Japanese built car that made it to the American market, but the name may seem very unfamiliar. That's because this model of car never made it across the water. According to appletowing.hibid.com, this JDM beauty sold for only $3,550.

17 2000 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

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The Gallant VR 4 that kingpin Kong Meng Vang had in his impressive JDM collection is another one of those tuner cars that doesn't look familiar to those who aren't well versed in the Japanese car market of the golden era of tuners. It sold at auction, according to appletowing,hibid.com, for only $1,400.

16 2009 Nissan GT-R

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While there really isn't all that much different between the Japanese and American models of the Nissan GT-R, especially when i comes to the way they look on the outside, the fact is that one is illegal and one is not. This illegal version sold at auction for $46,025, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

15 1997 Lexus SC300

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While the name may not seem all that significant, virtually any tuner car to come directly imported from the JDM market in the era of the tuner is going to be a pretty awesome one, especially with the right modifications. This SC300 sold at auction for $18,475, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

14 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo

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While carrying the same iconic name as the JDM emperor, it wasn't until later models that the styling was changed to it's iconic shape as we know it. This 91 Supra turbo was still a great car, though, and it sold at auction for $2,325, according to appletowing.hibid.com, the company responsible for selling all of Kong Meng Vang's cars.

13 1991 Acura NSX

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Arguably one of the best cars ever made, of all time, the Acura NSX, also known as the Honda NSX, is quite the marvel of engineering, and one of the most exciting cars to drive. This model sold at auction, according to appletowing.hibid.com, for $34,675. It's a shame it can't be driven on the roads.

12 1972 Datsun 240Z V8-Swap

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This “pro-street” drag racer 240 Z is truly a unique and special car, one that is illegal to drive in America and one that many people wish they could own and drive. Kong Meng Vang owned one, though it was confiscated and sold at auction, according to appletowing.hibids.com, for $15,775.

11 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR

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The Skyline GTR is a JDM car perhaps more well known amongst the general populous, despite never having been sold in American markets, due mostly to the fact that it's the predecessor to the Nissan GT-R, which did make it to the western world. According to appletowing.hibid.com, it sold for $55,600.

10 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen GSR

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There are a good selection of Japanese made cars that make it over to western shores, but many of the special models and unique types never make it to the market, and this Evo VI is just such an example of that. One of the lesser known models, this one sold, according to appletowing.hibid.com, sold for only $6,575.

9 1996 Mazda RX-7 Twin Turbo

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There's nothing quite like a twin-turbocharged rotary engine, and to pair that with a sporty coupe with great handling the likes of an RX-7, you have a really special car. Unfortunately still illegal in America, this car sold at auction for $6,100, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

8 1990 Nissan Cefiro Turbo

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One of the more strange looking and sounding JDM  tuner cars sold from the collection of kingpin Kong Meng Vang, this one is still a pretty special little tuner, especially if tuned up and modified. It sold at auction for $3,825, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

7 1997 Toyota Soarer GT-T

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Another unfamiliar model name from the glory days of the JDM tuner sports car scene, this is the Toyota Soarer GT-T. It may not seem familiar, but that doesn't mean it's an incredible tuner car, and for the big fans of it, they can't wait till it's legal to import. It sold at auction, according to appletowing.hibid.com, for $3,525.

6 1998 Toyota Celica GT-Four

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For those in western markets, the Toyota Celica familiar to them looks a lot different than this one, and came out a number of years later. Of course, it was actually a JDM car before it came to America, and it was a bloody good one, too. It sold, according to appletowing.hibid.com, at auction for $5,025.

5 1996 Toyota Supra

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The 1996 Toyota Supra is undoubtedly the model that was and remains emperor in the JDM tuner world. It was sold in the American market, which helped it to gain such popularity, but the model that Kong Meng Vang owned was imported illegally, and isn't road legal. It sold for $12,525 at auction, according to appletowing.hibid.com.

4 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III

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The 90's marked the golden age and glory days of tuner cars. They were fast, simple, easy to modify, and incredible fun to drive. What more could any true car lover want from a car? This little JDM Evo III sold at auction for, according to appletowing.hibid.com, $2,025.

3 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Type R

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Rallying is a popular sport that often relies on the prowess and drivability of the Subaru Impreza for its cars. The WRX STi Type R is one of the best Impreza models ever made, with the most power, too. This one was illegally imported, and according to appletowing.hibid.com, sold at auction for $3,825.

2 1996 Honda Integra Type R

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One of the rarer models of Type-R cars from Honda, this JDM coupe owned by kingpin Kong Meng Vang was confiscated when he was caught illegally selling drugs, and sent to auction by the United States government. It sold, according to appletowing.hibid.com, for $5,225.

1 1998 Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo

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The Mitsubishi GTO shares a lot of DNA with the Dodge Stealth. But, this one, owned by the drug kingpin Kong Meng Vang, was imported as part of his incredible JDM collection, and it's still illegal to drive in America. According to appletowing.hibid.com, this one sold at auction for $4,800.

Sources: Jalopnik

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