20 Celeb Kids (You Didn't Realize Are Related)


Family bonds can be an interesting thing; There are some celebrities who are distantly related to other famous people, and then there are A-listers who everyone knows are related because they have chosen to work together professionally, or they simply spend every waking second with each other and have been photographed together on numerous occasions.

But not everyone chooses to make their familial bond so obvious, and there are famous individuals who many don’t realize have a personal relationship, and even fewer are aware that their children are cousins.

Below are 20 of the most adorable celebrity children, who most people didn’t realize were cousins.

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20 Jermajesty Jackson And His Cousins Are Close In Age

Via FanPop

The reason not everyone realizes that these celeb kids are related is that, for the most part, they tend to live their lives out of the public eye, except for Paris (Michael Jackson's daughter), who is an active social media user. Unlike many other celebrities, the children of the Jackson family don’t often speak to the media, and we don’t see them photographed together as much as we would like.

19 Hilary And Haylie Duff’s Children Are The Cutest Cousins (Who Clearly Get Excited About Ice Cream)

Via Haylie Duff Instagram

They often post photos of their families on social media, and here’s everything you need to know about the little ones in their lives: Hilary has two children; Luca, who she shares with ex-husband, Mike Comrie, and a daughter, Banks Violet, with her current partner, Matthew Koma. Her sister, Haylie, also has two children with her husband, Matt Rosberg; daughters Lulu Gray and Ryan.

18 Chris Hemsworth And His Brother Luke Both Have Little Families In Common

Via Elsa Pataky Instagram

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are dedicated to their family, and together the couple has three children who are their number one priorities in life. Hemsworth has spoken about the importance of family, telling GQ he has to really want a role because it means he gets less time to spend with his children.

But Chris Hemsworth comes from a family of actors, and his two brothers, Liam and Luke are also famous. But only Luke is also a father, and he has four children, who are obviously cousins with Chris’ kids.

17 Hailey Baldwin Is Almost The Same Age As Her Cousin, Ireland, And They Are Both Models

Via Daily Mail

Hailey Baldwin is the very famous daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and his wife, Kennya Baldwin. Many people know who Hailey is, not because of her family association but either because of her modeling career or her marriage to Justin Bieber. But fewer will know that her uncle is Alec Baldwin, who is a father to model, Ireland Baldwin (who he had with Kim Basinger), and she is only a year older than Hailey.

16 Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Are Super Close So Their Children Are A Big Part Of Their Lives

Via PopSugar

Most people are aware that Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson are sisters, but fewer realize that they are both moms, and therefore their kids are cousins. Jessica is a mom to two children, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute (with a third on the way), who she shares with husband Eric Johnson, and Ashlee is a mama to two kids; her firstborn, Bronx, who she shares with ex-husband Pete Wentz, and a daughter, Jagger Snow, who she shares with current husband, Evan Ross.

15 Blue Ivy And Her Cousin Daniel Julez Smith Jr. Have A Lot Of Fun Together

Via Pinterest

Blue Ivy Carter is one of the most well-known celebrity children in the world, and she is the eldest daughter of the power couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé. But not everyone will know she has a cousin named Daniel Julez Smith, Jr.

Blue’s cousin is the son of Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s sister), who she shares ex-husband, Daniel Smith.

14 Not Many People Know Pablo And Liev Schreiber Are Half-Brothers, Which Makes Their Kids Cousins

Via Daily Mail

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts may not be a couple anymore, but during their relationship, they had two sons, Sasha and Samuel. But not everyone knows that Liev also has a half-brother, Pablo Schreiber, who is a father to a son named Timoteo Schreiber. So yes, their children are cousins.

13 True Thompson And Stormi Webster Are Going To Be Besties For Life

Via Daily Mail

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are one of the most famous families. They are reality TV stars, social media gurus, and they have a hugely successful businesses, but five out of six of them (minus Kendall Jenner) are also parents.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are parents to a daughter who they named Stormi Webster, and Jenner’s older sister, Khloé Kardashian and her now ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, are parents to a daughter who they named True Thompson.

12 Kate Hudson And Her Brother Oliver Hudson Even Vacation Together With Their Kids

Via Kate Hudson Instagram

Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson are celebrity sibling goals because the two share a close bond and even go on family holidays together now as adults.

Their children are also able to get close and spend a lot of time together, and together there are six cousins; Hudson is a mama to three children from three relationships, and Oliver is a father to three children who he shares with wife, Erinn Bartlett.

11 Brothers Ben And Casey Affleck Are Both Proud Papas

Via Mum's Lounge

Ben Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck have both made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, although they have chosen to take slightly different paths, with Ben choosing blockbusters, and Casey embracing indie films. The two brothers have been photographed together often, but despite both being fathers, their kids haven’t been photographed together, which makes it harder for people to realize that their children are cousins.

10 For Mark And Donnie Wahlberg, Family Is Everything

Via Daily Mail

Mark Wahlberg is a father to four children with wife, Rhea Durham, and he loves being a dad. Mark grew up with eight older siblings, and arguably the most famous of those siblings is his brother Donnie Wahlberg, who is also an actor and a father. Donnie has two sons, Xavier Alexander, and Elijah Hendrix, from his marriage to Kimberly Fey.

9 Tia And Tamera Mowry Look So Happy To Be Spending A Day Out With Their Kids

Via Tia Mowry Instagram

Tia and Tamera Mowry are twins, and as most people are already aware, they share a very close bond. So, perhaps it’s not unexpected that they would do a lot together with their children. Tia and her husband, Cory Hardrict, have two children, Cairo and Cree, while her sister Tamera also has two children, Aden and Ariah, with her husband, Adam Housley (interestingly, both of their children have names starting with the first letter of their husband’s name, although we can’t be sure if that’s planned).

8 Actresses (And Sisters) Zooey And Emily Deschanel Both Love Motherhood

Via Daily Mail

There are some celebrity siblings who are very well-known, but not everyone is aware that Zooey and Emily Deschanel are related, let alone that they have children.

Being actresses are not the only thing that these women have in common, they are also both mothers to two children. Emily has sons Calvin and Henry with husband David Hornsby, and Zoeey has a son, Charlie, and a daughter, Elsie, with Jacob Pechenik. And both Emily and Zoeey love being moms.

7 Nicole Kidman And Her Sister Antonia Aren't Photographed Together Often Enough

Via Daily Telegraph

Nicole Kidman is a big star, and she is also a mama to four children, Connor, and Isabella, who she adopted during her marriage to Tom Cruise, and two biological children, Sunday Rose, and Faith, with Keith Urban.

Nicole also has a sister, Antonia, who, according to Honey, is a mother to six children (family gatherings are clearly large).

6 Dream Kardashian And Chicago West Have Tea Parties Everyone Wants To Be Invited To

Via The Hollywood Gossip

We mentioned the Kardashian-Jenner clan earlier, and yes, everyone knows whose related to who, but some people may have forgotten that Rob Kardashian (the only brother in the famous family) and Blac Chyna were once a couple, and not only were they a couple, they are also parents to an adorable daughter who they named Dream.

On the other hand, everyone knows of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s three children, North, Saint, and their youngest, Chicago, who are all extremely famous already. And these little ones are all cousins with Dream.

5 Sienna Miller Is Not The Only Miller Sibling With A Brood Of Beautiful Children

Via Vogue

Sienna is an actress who has appeared in films like Layer Cake and Factory Girl, PopSugar notes, and Savannah is a fashion designer who created a line with her sister in 2007 called Twenty8Twelve.

Both siblings are also mamas! Sienna and Tom Sturridge have a daughter named Marlowe, who they are dedicated to co-parenting, while Savannah has three children, Moses, Lyra, and Bali, who she shares with husband Nick Skinner.

4 Britney Spears And Jamie Lynn Spears' Family Photo Is Just The Sweetest

Via E! News

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears both have children, and three of them are really close in age. Britney had her two boys, Sean and Jayden James (who were born in 2005 and 2006, respectively) with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and Jamie Lynn had her first child, Maddie, when she was a teen and gave birth in 2008. Then later, in 2018, she had a second child, Ivey, with her now-husband, Jamie Watson.

3 Nick Lachey And His Brother Drew Are Both Dedicated Family Men

Via Daily Mail

Nick Lachey has three brothers, Isaac, Zac, and Drew, but it was Nick and Drew who were both members of the ‘90s boy band, 98 Degrees. Fast forward a few years, and both Nick and Drew are married with children; Nick is married to Vanessa Lachey and together they have three children, Phoenix, Camden, and Brooklyn, and Drew is married to his wife, Lea Dellecave, and together they have two children, Isabella and Hudson.

2 Chad And Rob Lowe Celebrate The Importance Of Family During The Holidays

Via Rob Lowe Instagram

In the Lowe household, family gatherings are pretty big, as this photo would suggest. It’s sweet that both Rob Lowe and his brothers, Chad Lowe and half brother Micah Dyer, choose to spend the holidays together with their families, and speaking of their families, Rob is a dad to two adult sons, Matthew and John, who he shares with wife, Sheryl Berkoff, while Chad is a father to two girls, Fiona and Mabel.

1 Julia Roberts Is Emma Robert's Aunt, And Her Little Ones Are Also Emma's Cousins

Via Us Weekly/Pinterest/ Zimbio

Emma Roberts is often photographed with her actress aunt, Julia Roberts, and she is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts.

Julia and her husband Danny Moder have three children, Henry, Hazel and Phinnaeus, and their cousin, Emma, is not only close to her aunt (they have even been photographed playing board games together) but to the whole family. They have vacationed together, as reported by OK! Magazine.

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