20 Celeb Selfies That Made Us Want To Hit Unfollow

It’s all about the selfie in this day and age. When celebs want more “likes” or followers on social media, they snap a sweet selfie and post away. They think their presence online will attract more attention, but sometimes their efforts are misguided. In fact, if they post a pic that turns people off, fans may just hit unfollow.

Most of the time people skim past and don’t give a second thought to a pic they may not particularly like. But if the selfie is super odd or annoying, they may want to be sure they never see anything like it ever again. Unfollowing is really the only option.

These 20 celeb selfies are the sorts of pics that people are not excited about. The celebs thought they were sharing something special, but their fans had a different opinion. It’ll make the stars think twice before uploading their next photo.

20 Serious Sunburn

Via: dailyrecord.co.uk

Ouch! Kim spent too much time in the sun and the scorching rays did some damage to her skin. With all the money she makes off her good looks, one would think Kim would slather on sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and peeling. She must have been in pain for a while, but she still managed to take a selfie of her sunburn.

19 Cindy Protecting Her “Mini-Me” From Crow’s Feet

Via: twitter.com

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is showing her daughter how to maintain a youthful look. Both gals are gorgeous, and if Cindy can pass down her know-how to her “mini-me,” Kaia will be good to go for decades to come. Models need to preserve their good looks, and wrinkles are a no-no in terms of booking gigs.

18 What’s Up With The Waist Training?

Via: youtube.com

Fans love the fact that Khloe whipped herself into amazing shape, but those waist trainers seem scary. Eating right and exercising are smart ways to get fit, but squeezing into a contraption seems sinful. Her organs must be squished and her breathing is surely compromised. What would her doctor recommend?

17 Unsafe Selfies For Nicki – Hanging Out The Window Is Worrisome

Via: sohh.com

Nicki isn’t one to play by the rules, but hanging out the window of a moving vehicle just to get a good pic is a silly thing to do. She could take a pic while inside the car and her fans would probably like it better. It’s not like anything exciting is happening on the road. Maybe she thought the natural light made her look better.

16 It’s Bad Enough When Miley Does It, Now Andy's Sticking His Out

Via: bustle.com

Miley Cyrus made sticking out her tongue her “go-to” pose for pics. The idea is rather idiotic, but now she’s basically known for it. Leave it to talk show host Andy Cohen to be a copycat and pose for a pic with the star so he can share it on social media. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

15 Kim Groomed Her Daughters To Do It

Via: people.com

Kim Z. and her two blonde daughters don’t seem to do anything without sharing it on social media. Sure, they need the attention to remain relevant, but too much sharing starts to become annoying. Perhaps if they didn’t post so much, fans would look forward to seeing them.

14 Fake-Looking Friendship

Via: time.com

Does Naomi really adore Kim as much as it seems like she does in this pic? They may be friends, but here, it looks like they can’t live without one another. Maybe they’re pretending to be pals just so they can get more followers to their social media pages. One snap and the numbers usually skyrocket. Otherwise, folks will unfollow if they don’t think the celebs are being real.

13 James Is As Confused About Madonna As We Are

Via: bestlifeonline.com

Madonna is an icon, and she surely doesn’t have to be on social media to remain in the spotlight. She’ll always be known as the “Material Girl,” and her long-time fans won’t give up on her no matter what. Too bad she’s a selfie-taker and shares her snaps with fans. Pics like this seem more appropriate for gals around the age of her daughter, Lourdes.

12 A Little Too Into Herself

Via: seventeen.com

Kylie is a beautiful young woman, but it would be nice if she wasn’t so aware of her attractiveness. She knows she’s hot, so she snaps steamy pics and shares them on social media. Fans adore her good looks, but they might appreciate it if Kylie wouldn’t be so showy. A little humility goes a long way.

11 Nick Cage Could Use Some Coffee

Via: blazepress.com

A fan spotted actor Nick Cage on a flight, and she was more than thrilled to take a pic with the star. He, on the other hand, looks like he just woke up from a winter-long hibernation. He could definitely use a little caffeine to get his eyes to open. This woman must think this is the best pic ever, but Nick’s other fans aren’t so sure.

10 Drew Is Feeling Dreadful

Via: shape.com

Drew likes to keep it real for her fans and followers, but this snap is a tad too much even for her biggest supporters. We all get emotional from time to time, but seeing the actress snap is a bit too hard to handle. Perhaps she should pull herself together before she takes her next selfie.

9 Kanye Has No Love For Fans

Via: liveabout.com

Kanye’s fans feel so excited to see the rapper in person. Their selfie is one they’ll cherish forever, but Kanye couldn’t care less. He looks miserable and mad, as though he doesn’t even want to be associated with these goofy guys. A celeb who is thankful for their supporters is one we’d all appreciate.

8 Hasn’t She Seen Enough Of Herself Already?

Via: tomsguide.com

Paris is one of those stars who has been in the spotlight for a long time. While she’s super pretty and fans love her look, she’s probably the person who’s most impressed with herself. Leave it to the socialite to take selfies to the extreme, posing anytime she gets the opportunity.

7 Katy Perry’s Peculiar Pic

Via: teenvogue.com

Katy looks a bit cuckoo in this shot, and it’s unclear as to what is spread all over her face. Maybe she’s treating her skin to a facial mask, drawing out impurities to leave her with a clear complexion. If that’s the case, why must she share this moment on social media?

6 Makes Us Too Hungry… Gaga Has Her Cake And Eats It Too

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Lady Gaga is always entertaining, from her acting chops to her spectacular singing. But now it seems like she’s a foodie too, posting pics of herself eating cake. The dessert looks delish, but it makes her fans jealous. While they’re at home eating corn chips, Gaga is gorging on gourmet goodies.

5 Real Housewife Robyn Is Feeling A Little Too Fine

Via: allthingsrh.com

Robyn Dixon is an attractive woman; just ask anyone who watches The Real Housewives of Potomac. Her sparkling eyes are outstanding, and her style is super fashionable. That said, she can post pics without showing off her fanciness, as fans would rather see Robyn being more like her down-to-earth self.

4 Kenya, Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Via: nbcubravostage.apps.nbcuni.com

Kenya Moore is making time for a selfie while she’s in the driver’s seat. She may have thought she looked good so it was the perfect moment to snap a pic, but we all know that paying attention on the road should never be compromised. Let’s hope the car was in park when she took this photo, otherwise, she should be fined for acting like a fool.

3 What’s Gotten Into Cardi B?

Via: people.com

Cardi B knows how to put a look together…but this isn’t it. Sure, it’s reassuring to know that the stars are just like us, and behind all the glitz and glam is an everyday person who can just be “plain.” But fans like to see their idols looking like they do on stage and in music videos. A little effort goes a long way.

2 Makes Us Miss ‘Friends’ Too Much

Via: people.com

“Joey,” “Rachel,” and “Monica” are sorely missed. Fans of Friends watch reruns religiously, but they only wish the show would come back as a reboot. That’s why seeing these three actors together is hard to handle. It’s nice to see they still have close bonds, but fans want to see them on the small screen again.

1 Lindsay Is Living A Whole New Life

Via: instyle.com

Lindsay is living it up with a gorgeous beach as her backdrop. She has gone through many ups and downs throughout her career, from great hits to personal problems. This version of Lindsay is one we hardly know. From her weird put-on accents to her new life overseas, she’s no longer the person fans once couldn’t get enough of.

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