20 Celebrity Stunt Doubles Who Deserve More Attention Than The Celeb Counterparts

There are a lot of people out there who think being an actor or actress is easy. All they gotta do is remember their lines, act a certain emotion, and rake in millions of dollars, right? What’s so hard about that? Well, for starters, most actors and actresses spend so much time on their craft that it severely affects their relationships. They may be wealthy and have everything they could have always wanted, but is it worth not being able to fall asleep next to a loved one? Secondly, most of these actors and actress have to perform stunts that they’re not always able to do. This could be action related or anything that’s not rated PG-13.

When these matters arise, there’s always someone to help these actors and actresses out.

*In walks their body double*

Body doubles are hired for actors and actresses who do not feel comfortable performing a particular stunt or scene. Whether it’s a particular body part they don’t want shown or an action sequence they’re not physically capable of doing — these doubles get the job done. That being said, there’s a lot of doubles that we don’t even know about. They truly are under cover. From the kids over on Stranger Things to The Rock, a lot more actors and actresses used stunt doubles than we originally thought.

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20 The Rock And Tanoai Reed

Is anyone else blown away by the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson uses a stunt double from time to time? I don’t know if it’s be judging him by his sheer size, but I never in a million years would have guessed The Rock using a body double. I mean, the man is SO massive in every form, how could Hollywood find a man to look just like him?

Well wonder no more. Feast those eyes on Tanoia Reed.

Reed isn’t just any body double, he’s actually The Rock’s cousin! If someone's gonna find someone to look and act like The Rock, it has to be someone related to him, right? Either a relative or someone in the WWE universe, honestly.

He has appeared in films such as The Rundown (2003), Fast Five (2007), Hercules (2014), and dozens more! Like The Rock, Reed also was born on Hawaii and is proud of his heritage (telling from his Instagram).

Currently, Reed doesn’t have anything in the works (according to his IMDb page), but his last two films were stunting in Rampage (2018) and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017). But since The Rock doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, I’m assuming Reed will always have a job in Hollywood as long as he wants it.

19 Quvenzhané Wallis in 'Annie'

In 2014, Will Gluck directed a new version of Annie. This iconic story is loved by many so redoing it in a more modern light was genius, in my eyes.

The film starred (now) 15-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie, Cameron Diaz as Ms. Hannigan, and Jamie Foxx as Will Stacks.

If I’m being completely Frank, if there’s one movie I didn’t expect there to be stunts — it would be the little orphan girl Annie in her own movie Annie. Then again there are a lot of theatrics in this film. It is a musical, after all. And I’m sure there’s a bunch of running, jumping, and hopping around — so mabe hiring an older body double who is a little better at some of those things is a better idea.

I wish I knew the name of Wallis’ stunt double, but I cannot find her identity ANYWHERE. She’s not even credited on the movie’s IMDb page (trust me, I scrolled for a long time). Nevertheless, since she did some of Annie’s work in the film, I think these doubles should be more known for their undercover job.

It sure does seem to be a thankless job. Let’s hope she gets paid a lot for uncredited work, right?

18 Karen Gillan And Jahnel Curfman

If you’ve never seen Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle yet, please do yourself a favor and do it. While I was a fan of the original with Robin Williams, I didn't want to see a remake with The Rock and Jack Black of all people. However, while on a very long plane ride, I did take the time to watch it and I was kicking myself for not seeing it earlier!

The movie is hilarious! It’s filled with action, great lines, and interesting storytelling throughout. So when I saw that there were body doubles for a few of the action scenes, I was not surprised. This entire movie is action, really. They’re falling from the sky, running away from predators, jumping and kick enemies… They’re doing a lot.

Karen Gillan played adult Martha in the film. Aside from Jumanji, Gillan also has appeared in Selfie and Guardians of the Galaxy.

And as for her stunt-doubles, she had a few!

However, the one pictured is Jahnel Curfman. She’s a stunt woman who has appeared in A TON of work. From Big Little Lies, to TV’s Lucifer, to Avengers: Infinity War… Curfman seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

17 Kate Winslet And Sarah Franzl

Who can forget the epic tear-jerker that is Titanic. This 1997 movie is still raved about to this day. I’m fairly certain it’s because of the fact that the Titanic really was an actual ship and that it had sunk, but it was the fictional love story that got people so obsessed.

And yes, I’m still rattled at Rose for LETTING GO of Jack after telling him “I’ll never let go.” It’s *cool* you took his last name and all when you made it out alive, but Rose, there was enough room on that door for TWO people. You know that, I know that, and now the entire world knows that. Jack should have made it to shore with you, Rose!

But let’s get back to the stunt double of Kate Winslet who portrayed Rose, shall we? Her name is Sarah Franzl, and while I’m not sure what stunts or stills she stood in for Kate, there were quite a few things that would have been nice to have a double. Rose seemed to find herself in trouble once or twice, so running, dancing, and swimming would have been nicer on the body with a stunt double, don’t you agree?

16 Margot Robbie And Ingrid Kleinig

In 2016 Suicide Squad hit theatres and people couldn’t keep it in their pants. Everyone was hooting and hollering about this film until it hit screens. Starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jared Leto as The Joker, and Will Smith as Deadshot, this film had a big time cast.

I personally never saw the film (I just don’t really care too much about The Joker, to be honest), however, people were blown away by Robbie’s performance. It’s characters like these where you really have to transform yourself to fit as the character. She was no longer Margot — she was Harley.

However, Margot can’t do it all, and that’s why the casting team set up Ingrid Kleinig to do the stunts on behalf of Robbie. This amazing stunt-woman has done a lot of work in the world of Hollywood. She’s been in The Justice League, Kong: Skull Island, Mad Max: Fury Road, and a bunch more.

I know actors and actresses are the face of the movie, but I do think stunt-people deserve more credit and recognition for putting their well-being on the line move after movie. That’s why I appreciate photos like the ones on this list; giving credit where it’s due.

15 Christian Slater And Marc Shaffer

Call me crazy, but I had forgotten about the show, The Forgotten…. (*PLEASE LAUGH AT MY DAD JOKE*)

This TV show was on air for just one season. While Slater is an excellent actor, this is one show that just didn’t work out for his resume. The forgotten (*puntastic*) show debuted on ABC and was about a bunch of people who take the time out of their life to find the identities of a couple who were murdered. And since this probably involved them wandering the streets, running away from bad guys, a stunt double was probably needed in a few scenes. (Why do I get the sense that Slater’s body double was rolling on top of cars and such?)

Marc Shaffer was his stunt double in this show, but this California native has been in other shows and movies as well (as have many stunt doubles). He was a stunt-driver in The Debt Collector. He was a stunt-double in the series Shameless. He was a stunt coordinator in Young Adult. In short, he’s been doing this since the early ‘90s. This, of course, means he has his life together and being a stunt-man has turned into an amazing career for him.

14 Melissa McCarthy And Luci Romberg

When fans heard that director Paul Feig was creating a woman-version of the epic movie(s) Ghostbusters — our hearts stopped. This movie could have fallen in a few different ways. People would love this film because it has a fresh new cast, filled with hilarious scenes. Or people would dislike this film because it has a fresh new cast, filled with hilarious scenes… When it’s not broken, people don’t like directors or writers messing with it. And while not many people loved this 2016 remake, I enjoyed it. This is mainly because of my love for actress Melissa McCarthy.

In the film McCarthy is obviously doing a bunch of stunts. She’s chasing ghosts for crying out loud! Her stunt double on the set was Luci Romberg.

Romberg is a Colorado native who has been very busy since the early 2000s (I’m guessing Hollywood needs way more stunt-people than I would have ever imagined). Romberg has been 7 Seconds as Lilian’s stunt double. She’s been in Pitch Perfect 3 for Anna Kendrick. She was in the 2016 Jason Bourne movie… I mean, the list goes on and on.

Knowing how many films she’s stunted in, it makes me wonder what her training for these films must be like.

13 Jared Padalecki And Mike Carpenter

Please don’t hurt me, but I’ve never seen a single episode of Supernatural. I know, I know, it’s not okay. I hear nothing but amazing things about the show and how long it’s been on TV. But when I sit down to watch TV at the night, the last thing I think about is trying to get into the Supernatural fandom. I enjoy my cheap reality TV shows way too much to spread my time elsewhere.

Regardless, Supernatural heartthrob, Jared Padalecki may appear fearless in some scenes, in reality, he has a stunt double doing some of his dirty work. But it’s not just Jared. Stuntman Mike Carpenter also does stunts for Jensen Ackles as well!

But besides working on Supernatural, Carpenter has also worked in the TV series Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, The Confirmation, Arrow, and more. He’s also done work in everyone’s favorite holiday movie Elf! You know that scene where Will Ferrel is learning how to use an escalator? He puts on foot on the ground and one foot on the moving steps as he stretches into a split form? That was Mike! Isn’t that such a fun fact?! I mean, I know we’d all love to assume that Ferrel is super limber, but let’s get real here.

12 The Cast of Harry Potter

I would love to find out who every single person it is that did stunts in the Harry Potter series, but that’s just not happening today. I mean, in the bottom image alone, Emma Watson has THREE body-doubles! And something tells me there was more where that comes from.

Being a stunt person can mean a lot of different things. Where one stunt-person excels, another might do better in another area. This is why having multiple stunt-people is sometimes better than just one. I do feel bad for the hair/makeup and fashion department though. Can you imagine doing the ordering for a movie and having to order three sets of all the clothes that the person needs to wear in some scenes? Not to mention making sure their hair and makeup is at least kind of similar to the original actress.

To be honest, after researching and writing this article, it’s clear departments that do this kind of work don’t get enough credit. I know there’s some awards for hair/makeup, design, and style — but are there any body-double categories? Because there should be. Their line of work is no (easy) walk in the park. I can only imagine the amounts of bruises they have.

11 Chris Hemsworth And Bobby Holland Hanton

Um, excuse me, can you imagine being the body double for Chris Hemsworth? Like The Rock, you have to always be in incredible shape. Sometimes you can’t just act a certain way, when you’re doing stunts that a rough and buff man (Chris) is supposed to be doing, you have to be in equal amount of shape.

Bobby Holland Hanton seemed to have gotten lucky, though. His build is so much like Hemsworth’s, that he’s been with him in more than just Thor: Ragnarok. He’s also stunted for him in Avengers: Infinity War, the untitled Avengers movie coming out in 2019, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, In the Heart of the Sea, and more!

I know Chris already has two attractive brothers, but could Bobby Holland Hanton be the fourth nominated Hemsworth!? I wonder if these two signed some kind of contract somewhere, saying wherever Hemsworth is, Bobby has to be his stand-in. If that’s an actual agreement, then it’s clear these doubles are more than just co-workers. These two are actually friends. Family even! Wait.. no… possible twins...Bobby probably dresses as Chris for Halloween each year. And if he doesn’t, he should. Lord knows how many people he could take home if he told people this fact.

10 Ben Affleck And Richard Cetrone

You know what, I know Ben Affleck gets a lot of flack for being a horrific human being, but he’s really not all that bad. Sure, he ruined his marriage to starlett (and all around amazing woman), Jennifer Garner. And yeah, he’s had substance abuse issues. But deep down, I think he’s just a little lost — and I don’t think I can really dislike him for that.

Especially in the photo above. Affleck took the time to give his longtime stuntman, Rich Cetrone, saying “Grateful to work with such incredible people.” And just like Hemsworth, Cetrone and Affleck have been working with one another for a long time.

It appears the first time these two worked together was in 2016 on Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Cetrone stunted for Affleck, of course. From there he joined the cast of Suicide Squad in 2016, then the Accountant in the same year. When Justice League came out in 2017, Cetrone was back on set as Affleck and the same can be said for Triple Frontier coming out in 2019.

Are these two brand new besties? I think so. Sure, he reprises the role of Batman a bunch, but he’s even dabbling as Affleck outside of the Batman genre.

9 Mark Ruffalo And Anthony Molinari

I’ve never seen a photo of Mark Ruffalo that I didn’t like. Call me crazy, but I have the biggest crush on him. I don’t know if it’s his raspy voice or the fact that his dark hair kind of has that salt and pepper thing going on, but he’s working for me. That’s the truth.

But enough about my crush. Let’s talk about his stuntman, Anthony Molinari. He’s portrayed everyone from (the beautiful) Mark Ruffalo in Now You See Me 2, to Matt Damon in The Great Wall, to Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring 2, to Adam Sandler in Sandy Wexler. The man seems to be working with some very high profiled actors! He probably has the most amazing stories. Especially since he’s been stunting in movies since 2002.

Having a resume like his makes me wonder, how does one exactly get into this profession? Do they enjoy living on the wild side and just roll up to Hollywood, ready to jump and break things? I know most people go to stunt school and learn the ins and outs of the profession, but wow. Seems kinda tough to get into, no? Or maybe it’s super easy since Hollywood always needs stunt-people of all genders, races, and ages.

8 Chandler Riggs And Emily Brobst

It’s obvious Chandler Riggs is a little babe in the making. This little cutie has really grown into a handsome young man. After first getting his start in 2006 in the movie Jesus H Zombie, Riggs really made it big when he signed on to play Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead.

Since working on the show since 2010, Riggs is venturing into other works like Inherit the Viper (coming out in 2018) and Only (in post-production). However, since Riggs was just 11 years old when he signed on for The Walking Dead, he needed a stunt-person. Then again, most of the characters have stunt-people on their behalf.

That show is graphic AF, there’s no an 11-year-old boy is capable of doing everything they need him to do, which is where Emily Brobst comes into play.

This 33-year-old woman played Chandler’s body double back in 2014 and I’m sorry, but the two are TWINS. Regardless of age or sex, these two are definitely pulling off each others looks. If I was a person who had no idea who Chandler Riggs was, I would have no idea which one was who. Aside from The Walking Dead, though, Brobst has also appeared in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Lazer Team 2, The Babysitter, and a whole lot more.

With her small stature, Brobst probably gets away with a lot of younger roles.

7 Priyanka Chopra And Aja Frary

Priyanka Chopra is the ever beautiful actress who has starred in Baywatch, A Kid Like Jake, Quantico, and just wrapped up shooting Isn’t It Romantic. And since she’s most known as playing Alex Parrish on Quantico, it makes sense that I’d share a quick snap of her on set with her body double!

Aja Frary has done stunts in the new Oceans 8 film, was in Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, but she’s most recently in Quantico, taking over for Chopra. (She was also Chopra’s double in 2017s Baywatch as well.)

Frary has only been working in the business since 2007 but she sure has created a name for herself. She has been a stunt-woman in over 30 shows and movies. The Washington native seemed to have always been athletic and had a knack for being active because she went on to play three sports in high school, was a scholarship athlete at a Division I university, and even competed in the Olympic Trials in 2000! She was one of the youngest athletes to tryout, however she placed ninth. After an injury hurt her chances of competing anymore, she was given the idea of becoming a stunt woman and that’s exactly what she did.

6 Amy Schumer And Meredith Richardson

I think it’s safe to say that Amy Schumer doesn’t do most of her own stunts, and that’s mainly because she constantly makes jokes about working out and doing physical activity. Not that I blame her, of course. Her career is doing 100% better than most, so there’s no need to try and be something she’s not. That’s one of the reasons why so many people adore the actress!

This year, Schumer had a movie come out called I Feel Pretty and it had a lot of mixed reviews. It’s about a woman struggling with her self-image until one day, she no longer sees herself as herself. When she looks in the mirror, she actually likes what she sees even though society doesn’t. A lot of people had some nasty things to say about Amy and this movie, but that doesn’t seem to have hindered her career at all.

Stunting for Amy in this movie was her stunt-double Meredith Richardson. Richardson seems to have only started in Hollywood in 2012, but she has quite a resume already. From stunting in the Sleepy Hollows series, to being in 22 Jump Street, to Furious 7 — Richardson knows what she’s doing for only starting out six years ago!

5 Reese Witherspoon And Marny Eng

Please excuse my rant, but Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara’s Hot Pursuit was such an underrated movie. First of all, it starred both Reese AND Sofia — what’s not to like? With Reese’s adorable country accent and Vergara’s spicy sense of humor, the movie was a standout. I was obsessed.

Regardless, the movie was action based. That being said, the pair had to do a bunch of stunts. Fromm running, to hiding, to kicking and punching — there was a bunch of physical activity. Thankfully for Reese, she had Miss Marny Eng take her place as her stunt-double.

Eng seems to have started out in Hollywood in the early ‘90s, working on films like Little Women, Jumanji, Carpool and more. Most recently, Eng has been in Death Note, A Dog’s Purpose, Into the Forest, and more. However, Hot Pursuit was not the first time Eng portrayed the petite Witherspoon. She also doubled for her in This Means War and Fear.

Come to think of it, once you’ve been a stunt-person for so long, I wonder if you’re just known throughout the industry. Does a stunt-person have to audition just like every other actor or actress? Or do they just show them some videos of their moments?

4 Zac Efron And Jordan Scott

I don’t even know how to write this paragraph considering how flawless Zac Efron and his body double are. I mean, take a look for yourselves. They’re both bronzed, have a six pack, and are giving a sensational face without even meaning to. I know this dude is a body double, but he could be the star of the movie if he really wanted to.

While filming Dirty Grandpa in 2016, Efron needed a body double for a few shots. Although Efron is quite active, he needed a body double for a particular scene involving his butt!

In the film, Efron hops on a motorcycle sans clothes, but since he’s not all that into showing the world all of his body, Efron had a butt-double step in for him. Yes, that’s right. There are all kinds of body-doubles! From full-frontal to butt to chest — if an actor or actress is uncomfortable with showing the goods, there’s always a stunt person to come in and help out.

In this case, it was Jordan Scott. Now, thanks to his IMDb page, Scott hasn’t been in the industry long, but he’s already been in Dirty Grandpa, Captain America: Civil War, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

3 Sadie Sink

Stranger Things is life. Life is Stranger Things. This Netflix original premiered in 2016 and took off RUNNING. The first season did so well, they created a second season. That season did so well, they’re creating a third season. At this point, who knows what’s going to end up happening or how many seasons there will be! There can’t be too many, right? I mean, the kids are only gonna stay cute and tiny for so long. Eventually, the storyline will get boring and drawn out.

In the second season of Stranger Things, though, we were introduced to Max Mayfield who is portrayed by Sadie Sink. Now, I don’t know when Sadie needed a body double (maybe on her skateboard?), but here she is holding down the fort!

I, unfortunately, don’t know who this body double is but she’s a knockout for Max! From the hair to the clothing — if these two were standing side by side with their backs to me, I’d have no idea which one was which. Now since season three is coming out soon enough, I hope we can see more of Max and her ever growing love for Lucas! Then again, I’d be fine if they kept it platonic, too.

2 The Whole Cast Of Stranger Things!

Oh! Did you think I was just gonna show Sadie Sink and her body double? Think again, friends. The world loves us some Stranger Things and I could talk about the original show all day.

As we've seen with Chandler Riggs on this list, body doubles of kids don't always have to be kids. In fact, it would be quite hard to find so many stunt-doubles that are kids, mainly due to school engagements and the physical tasks needed. So I have no idea who is doubling for our favorite crew! But that needs to change.

We all fell in love with Elle, Lucas, Mike, and Dustin, so I want to fall in love with their doubles too! Even if these uncredited stars are just standing in for a character in one scene, it has to be such a rush to be apart of something so cool... so epic... so popular. Even knowing what's going down in the show before anyone else is such a feat.

Honestly, I wonder what kind of contracts these stunt-people sign. It would be so hard for me to keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone what the heck was going down over in the land of Stranger Things. 

1 Jennifer Garner And Shauna Duggins

Who doesn't love Jennifer Garner!? She's America's sweetheart! I know she can dabble in all kinds of genres but my favorite role of hers (embarrassingly) is in 13 Going on 30. I have no shame in loving that movie with all my heart.

However, 13 Going on 30 aside, Jennifer took her body-double, Shauna Duggins, with her to the third Annual Taurus World Stunt Awards in 2003. SO yeah, I guess there really is recognition for these uncredited stars and what they do!

Duggins doubled for Jennifer when she starred in the TV show Alias, and according to Business Insider, "she was the first female stunt performer to be nominated for an Outstanding Stunt Coordination Emmy." If that wasn't cool enough, Duggins also doubled as Jennifer in her movies Elektra, Daredevil, and my FAVORITE, 13 Going on 30! Knowing this now, I guess it's safe for me to say I love Duggins almost as much as I love Garner. They're basically the same person, right? Well, maybe not personality wise — but they definitely look alike.

(Also, can I note how much I love that they wore the SAME thing to the awards show? You never see that!)


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