19 Celebs Who Had Babies When They Were Old Enough To Be Grandparents

There's really no shortage of celebrities who have children when they are far older than the rest of us. There are a number of reasons for this. When it comes to male celebrities who have kids later in life, a major reason has to do with the fact that separation is such a big part of the lifestyle of Hollywood, the music industry, and the sports world.

This means that they are more likely to marry again and they will tend to go for women who are younger and want children of their own. Although the separation from a first partner is certainly a contributing factor in the lives of female celebrities who have kids late in life, another major reason is that they have put child-bearing on hold to advance their work.

When we see women who get pregnant past the age of 50, it can be pretty eye-opening. After all, this is a time when the vast majority of women become infertile. But there are a couple of ways that they can have children besides an obvious one, adoption. This list will go through some of the most famous older celebrities, both female and male, who have had children quite late in life, AKA after 35/40. Without further ado, here are 20 celebrities who had babies when they were old enough to be grandparents.

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19 Rolling Stone Mick Jagger Was Basically As Old As The Stone Age

Baby Gaga

When it comes to old dads, you don't get much more famous than Rolling Stone frontman, Mick Jagger. The rockstar became a father for the eighth time at the age of 73. Jagger is currently with the 32-year-old Melanie Hamrick, who is a ballerina dancer. When she was 29 and gave birth to their son, Jagger had to fly across the planet in order to get there in time. This new addition joined Jagger’s three older sons—James, Gabriel, and Lucas, 17. As well as his daughters Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, and Georgia. Due to the age of his children, Jagger is not only old enough to be a grandfather, but he is also an actual grandfather to five grandchildren.

18 Life Found A Way For Jeff Goldblum


Yes, life found a way for Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum who had a child when he was 64-years-old. He may have been married before but never considered having kids until he married his current wife, Emilie Livingston. Now the couple has two boys, Charlie Ocean, and River Joe. When the proud father announced the birth of his youngest son, he posted on social media that his eldest is "such a sweet and caring older brother. We couldn’t be happier!!!". So, it appears as though Goldblum waited to have children until he was the age of a grandfather, although the man barely seems to age so he still looks like he's the appropriate age to have kids. After all, he'll likely be quite old when he sees his boys graduate college.

17 Gwen Stefani Wasn't "Just A Girl" When She Had Kids

Baby Gaga

I think we all may be surprised to know that No Doubt musician Gwen Stefani wasn't "Just A Girl" when she had her children. When she was in her thirties, and with singer Gavin Rossdale, she had her first two sons, Kingston and Zuma. But she ended up welcoming her third son, Apollo, when in 2014 at the age of 44. Sure, this isn't quite grandparent age, although for those who had children in their late teens or early twenties it would be, but it's still pretty old. After all, it becomes more challenging for women to become pregnant after the age of 35. A number of things could go wrong. But luckily for Stefani, this wasn't the case.

16 Rachel Weisz Has A Child With 007

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The Favorite, The Mummy, and The Constant Gardener star Rachel Weisz had her first child when she was around the typical age. She had this boy, Henry, with her former partner, acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky. But when she partnered up with 007 himself, Daniel Craig, it didn't seem like she was going to have more kids. After all, she was content with her lovely son and Craig had a much older daughter, Ella, from his previous relationship. But when she turned 48-years-old, Weisz decided that she was going to bare James Bond's child. Last year, the pair announced that they had a girl, even though Weisz is decently older than most moms with babies.

15 John Stamos May Have Been An Old Dad, But He Was Still A Daddy

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Oh, yes, the women love some John Stamos, AKA Uncle Jessie from Full House. This is something Stamos clearly knew, otherwise he probably wouldn't have taken so long to settle down and start a family of his own. Seriously, Stamos waited until he was the ripe age of 54 to have his first child. This wasn't too long after he married Caitlin McHugh. But Stamos says that his son, William "Billy" Christopher Stamos, has brought a new joy to his life. One that he has never experienced before. He now believes that he is truly living his life for the very first time. He has gone on to say to People, "I thought it was beyond me to have a kid and a great wife, but it's given me a reason to live."

14 Hoda Kotb Woke Up at 52 And Changed Her Life

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Not to be outdone, Today Show news anchor, Hoda Kotb, who has been unable to have kids of her own, decided to adopt a daughter at the age of 52. Her daughter, Haley Joy, is the daughter of Hoda's 58-year-old boyfriend, Joel Schiffman. She decided to have this little nugget after going through a very dramatic health issue that changed her life. All while she was going through this she was deciding to have a kid if she got through it. She kept this very quiet from the world except for a few of her colleagues, including her co-anchor Kathie Lee Gifford.

13 George And Amal Clooney FINALLY Have Children

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Everyone thought that George Clooney would remain playing the field forever and ever. After all, he had countless women coming his way and he was already busy filming great films like Syriana, Michael Clayton, Ocean's Eleven, Good Night and Good Luck, and Up In The Air. As well as a few not so great ones like Men Who Stare At Goats, The Monuments Men, and Solaris. Not to mention the fact that he has always been involved in social activism and charitable pursuits. But when he met and married Amal, everything changed. Suddenly, he was tied down to a woman that seemed to fully capture his heart. But things got even more amazing when he had twins, Ella and Alexander, with his wonderfully successful wife. When Amal had her kids, she was 40, and George was already 56-years-old, which is almost old enough to be a grandfather.

12 Alec Baldwin's Young Wife Has Baby-Fever

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Alec Baldwin is another particularly old father. We all know that he has a 23-year-old daughter, Ireland, with Kim Basinger when he was pretty young. After he went his separate way from Basinger, he took a long time to have any more children. The Glengarry Glen Ross, Hunt For Red October, and Mission Impossible actor remarried at the age of 55 to a much younger woman, Hilaria. Quickly after they married, they swiftly their daughter, Carmen. Sons Raphael, Leonardo, and Romeo soon followed. The actor, who is now in his sixties has a son that's under a year old. This means that when his youngest son graduates from college, Baldwin will likely be in the last few years of his life. This is pretty amazing.

11 Marcia Cross Brings Twins Into Her World

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Okay, so Marcia Cross isn't the former cast member of Desperate Housewives making the most news right now, that role is definitely played by Felicity Huffman. However, we should give Marcia Cross a little bit of attention given that she had twins before she turned 45. As we all know, this is virtually impossible for women to do without something like vitro, which is what she had done. Cross got married to Tom Mahoney in 2006, which is why she finally decided that she wanted kids after a believing that she probably would never have them. Now she has twin girls named Eden and Savannah.

10 Malcolm Mom Jane Kaczmarek In Her Middle Age

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Jane Kaczmarek has had quite the life in the film and television industry, even though most fans only know her from Malcolm in the Middle, the show that also gave Bryan Cranston his big start. But Kaczmarek has also had memorable roles in the beautiful film Pleasantville, on Frasier, Cybill, The Simpsons, and much, much more. She's a real talent who has done a ton of work. This is one of the reasons why she didn't have children until her forties. In fact, all of her three children were born while she was in her 40s. She had her eldest daughter Genevieve when she was 42, George Edward when she was 44, and Mary Louisa, who she had with her now ex-husband Bradley Whitford from Get Out and The West Wing, when she was a whopping 47-years-old.

9 Steve Martin Was Totally A Grandfather By The Time He Became A Father

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Who knew that Steven Martin didn't have children until he was 67-years-old? Seriously, one would have thought that he had children. After all, he played so many wonderful and loving dads in his incredible array of films. Additionally, during his stand-up and skits, we almost imagined that he was channeling some home-life experiences. In reality, the legendary and downright brilliant comedian didn't have a child until he married his wife, Anne Stringfield. The couple welcomed their daughter in December 2012. To this day, he has not mentioned the name of his daughter. Instead, he lovingly refers to her as "Conquistador" in order to protect her privacy.

8 Billy Joel Is Old-Time Serenader Of Kids

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"And he's trading in his free-time for mores kids-kids-kids-kids-kids!" At least, this would be the words of "Moving Out" if iconic musician Billy Joel released the song nowadays. The "Uptown Girl" singer welcomed his second child, Della Rose, at the age of 66. And then he welcomed his third child, Remy, into the world around the time he turned 69. Yeah, the guy is basically a grandfather to his youngest two children. This is especially odd given the fact that his eldest daughter, Alexa, is 32-years-old. For those who don't recall, Alexa's mother is Joel's supermodel first-wife, Christie Brinkley. Of course, the reason for why this amazingly talented musician has children this young is that he married a much younger woman, Alexis Roderick.

7 Rod Stewart Had Kids Young AND Very Old

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Legendary musician Rod Stewart just couldn't stop having children. The singer, who is from Scotland, became a father for the very first time at the age of 18, which is particularly young. This is why he and the child's mother decided to put the baby, Sarah Streeter, up for adoption. After more than a decade, Stewart ended up having another child, Kimberley, in 1979. Between then and 2011, he ended up having a bunch more children. It helped that he had a few baby mamas along the way. At the end of the day, Rod Stewart has eight children, the youngest of which, Aiden, arrived in 2011, shortly after Stewart celebrated his 66th birthday.

6 Tamron Hall Left Us All Surprised With This Announcement


Shortly after she turned 48 years old, former Today Show host Tamron Hall announced the birth of her very first child. Her first baby, a boy named Moses, was born to her husband, Steven after the two thought they wouldn't have children. After all, 48 is a pretty uncommon age for women to give birth to babies. So, this was very exciting news. The particularly old mom announced her excitement on social media saying, "Moses & Mama!! I can’t wait to introduce y’all to my #sonshine. Photo credit: Dad who can’t stop crying tears of joy. Thank y’all for the love and support. It got us here.” 

5 Donatella Arpaia Had Buns In An Aging Oven

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Yes, we had to go for a cooking pun in our title. After all, Donatella Arpaia is one of the most beloved celebrity chefs around. She actually announced her pregnancy during a segment on the Today Show. So, while she was cooking on the show, she was actually baking two little ones at the same time. Arpaia had actually really struggled with becoming pregnant for a number of years but after Hoda Kotb got her child at an advanced age, she was inspired to do the same. Although Arpaia was considering other options to get a child and expand her family, she managed to become pregnant after one final round of IVF. The 46-year-old chef became pregnant and welcomed boy-girl twins in October 2018.

4 Brigitte Nielsen Goes For The Title For "Oldest Pregnancy"

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When actor Brigitte Nielsen, who is from Denmark and known for Rocky 4 and Cobra, announced that she was pregnant with her fifth child at the age of 54, it totally seemed like she was going for the title of "eldest pregnancy". She and her fifth husband, Mattia Dessi from Italy, who is significantly younger than her, were overjoyed to finally bring Nielsen's first daughter into the world. After having four sons, it makes sense that she wanted to have a girl. Of course, Nielsen explained her excitement to People magazine by saying,  "We are overjoyed to welcome our beautiful daughter into our lives. It's been a long road, and so worth it. We've never been more in love."

3 Stellan Skarsgard Just Can't Stop Having Children

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Stellan Skarsgard, who hails from Sweden, may just be one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood. Sure, he may not be George Clooney but he's been in a huge number of movies including Thor, The Avengers, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Good Will Hunting, Mamma Mia!, Pirates of the Caribbean, and King Arthur. He's also the father of such prominent actors as Alexander from Big Little Lies and Tarzan and Bill from It. In addition to those two, he also has a son in his late 30s, Gustaf, Sam, Valter, and Ella. With his new wife, Mega Everett, who is 22-years his junior, he also has Ossian and Kolgjorn who was born when he was 62-years-old. Yeah, basically the man can't stop having kids.

2 Susan Sarandon Never Ages So She Can Have Kids Whenever

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Susan Sarandon may have some deal with the universe because it seems like she never ages despite the fact that she's now 72-years-old and still looks like she's in her 40s. The Thelma & Louise, Bull Durham, Lovely Bones, Cloud Atlas, and Shall We Dance? star actually had her first daughter at the age of 39. The daughter, Eva Amurri went on to become an actor herself, most famous for her role in Californication and How I Met Your Mother. Sarandon then had her sons, Jack, and Miles when she was 42 and 45, respectively. This may not be as old as other moms on this list but it's still pretty noteworthy. What's also noteworthy is the fact that Sarandon has spoken about how she never expected to become pregnant in the first place but was thrilled when she finally came to terms with having her firstborn.

1 Robert De Niro And His Wife Take The Cake

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Although Robert De Niro isn't the eldest new father on this list, the combination of he and his ex-wife, Grace Hightower, definitely take the cake. The legendary Academy Award-Winning actor has a pretty large number of children. His eldest daughter, Drena, who is in her forties, as well as his son Raphael,  were born to his former wife Diahne Abbott. While his twin sons, Julian and Aaron, were born via surrogate with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith. But his youngest two were with Hightower. The pair previously had a son named Elliot, but when De Niro was 68-years-old and Hightower was 56, they welcomed his youngest, Helen Grace who was born via surrogate. Realistically, De Niro won't make it far past Helen's college graduation. This makes him more appropriate to be her grandfather.

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