20 Celebs Who Live Like They're Broke (& We Love Them For It)

Celebrities on social media are constantly flashing their ginormous diamond rings, or brightly-colored cars that cost as much as a house, and this leaves us regular people thinking, are there any celebrities out there that are normal?

It feels as though the Kardashians and Paul Brothers of the world only care about money and luxury items like designer clothing and jewelry. Showing this off to the world can make us working-class heroes feel totally detached from our favorite celebrities. Well, we're here with good news.... we've discovered that some celebrities are just like us!

We've done some serious research into the lives of celebrities and discovered which stars are surprisingly quite frugal. From brown-bagging it for lunch to collecting coupons and driving a good ol' Honda, there are some celebrities that live just like us. In fact, some even admitted to shopping for their own groceries... shocker!

All jokes aside, hearing celebrities being outspoken about the lack of value they place on wealth and material things is immensely refreshing and much needed in today's culture. And in many cases, we even have photographic proof of their frugality.

It's pretty impressive, as well as fascinating, to see that some celebs at least pretend to be just like us. Here are 20 of them!

20 Halle Berry Does Her Own Grocery Shopping


Halle Berry was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood in the early 2000s, according to Ranker. She's extremely wealthy as a result of starring in blockbuster films like X-Men. Her breakthrough role was in Boomerang, in which she starred alongside Eddy Murphy. Prior to acting, she was a model and pageant contestant and as per Wikipedia, came in 6th place in Miss World Pageant.

Despite being immensely successful and having earned lots of money throughout her professional life, Berry is incredibly humble. Brightside states that she uses public transportation and even picks up her own groceries! See you at Whole Foods, Halle!

19 Matthew McConaughey Lived In A Trailer

Architectural Digest

Matthew McConaughey is a famous actor who has starred in several award-winning films like Dazed and Confused, Amistad, Contact, The Wedding Planner, and many more. Even after winning endless amounts of Oscars and earning millions, Matthew McConaughey chose to live in a trailer!

Architectural Digest featured his unconventional home in an article in 2016. He lived in an Airstream and stated that he loved to drive and listen to music while enjoying the country road. Despite moving into a home that's a little more suitable for his family of four these days, McConaughey still has his Airstream! Family road trips maybe?

18 Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Hand-Me-Downs

Page Six

Despite playing an upper-class fashionista on television, Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty low-key in real life. She is often seen walking around in rugged jeans, oversized sweaters, and sneakers. An article by the New York Daily News stated that Parker's children only wear hand-me-downs from other family members. She swears that she has almost never bought her son new clothing!

Despite being a ten-time Emmy Award-nominated actress, SJP clearly didn't let the fame get to her head. Most celebrities pamper their children and dress them in designer clothing from the day they're born, however, this star knows there are more important things.

17 Keanu Reeves Rides The Bus

Know Your Meme

Keanu Reeves is an actor who, according to Wikipedia, began acting in the '80s and rose to fame with his role in The Matrix. Despite receiving lots of critical acclaim for his acting, Reeves does not care about money whatsoever.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, he stated that he gave 50 million dollars to the costume and special effects teams that worked onset for The Matrix. Keanu felt their hard work was unacknowledged and wanted to reward them. He lives a very humble life and has no attachment to his large fortune. Reeves is often spotted on public transit or even shopping in the sales section!

16 Julia Roberts Does Her Own Gardening

Lipstick Alley

This Pretty Woman actress has won Golden Globes and Academy Awards throughout her immensely successful, 30-year long acting run. Julia Roberts has acted in films like Ocean's Eleven, Eat Pray Love, Valentine's Day, and My Best Friend's Wedding.

Wikipedia states that she was the highest paid actress in the world throughout the '90s and running into the first half of the '00s. It's no surprise that she's earned a lot of money, however, this doesn't stop her from walking her dog in her pajamas, growing her vegetables in her own garden, and even knitting for her children, as reported by Brightside.

15 J.K. Rowling Cooks Dinner For Her Fam


This famous author is amongst one of the highest earning authors of all time, with her Harry Potter franchise earning her billions! It's almost unheard of for a book series to become as popular as Harry Potter did. This clearly says a lot about J.K. Rowling's creativity and intelligence, but it surely didn't make her lose her cool.

In an interview with Spiegel, Rowling stated that she was never trying to become rich and famous. She stated that she cooks meals for her own family and loves spending time with her two children. She speaks like your average mother, except she's the world's most famous female author... no biggie right?

14 Lady Gaga Loves Shopping In The Sale Section

The Independent

When we think of low-key, the last person anyone thinks of is Lady Gaga. She's the person that shows up at award shows or galas wearing a dress made out of raw meat, or any other extravagant attire. She's constantly dressed up and wearing eye-catching makeup and over-the-top wigs, however, she's not your typical diva!

Lady Gaga wrote on Twitter that she often shops in the sale section and even uses coupons at the grocery store. She claims that she rarely ever spends money and lives a humble life. It's definitely surprising to hear, as her net worth is crazy high!

13 Nicole Scherzinger Is A Bargain-Hunter


Nicole Scherzinger was the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, then moved on to be very successful in her own solo singing run and even starred as a judge on X-Factor. Despite Celebrity Networth claiming that she's worth over 10 million dollars, Scherzinger has stated in an interview with CelebsNow that she's immensely frugal.

She collects coupons and uses them when she goes grocery shopping. She has explained that she does this because she grew up with little-to-no money and learned her thrifty habits through those experiences. There's surely nothing wrong with a coupon here and there, but it's not exactly necessary, Nicole.

12 Keira Knightley Re-Wore Her Wedding Dress

Just Jared

Keira Knightley is best known for her role, alongside Johnny Depp, in Pirates of the Carribean but also gained notoriety for starring in Bend it Like Beckham and Pride & Prejudice. She was nominated for several Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Despite her success as an actress, Keira lives a very frugal and low-key lifestyle. Knightley got married in 2013 in a dress that was not a designer and with only fifty guests invited! The Knot actually revealed the Knightley wore her wedding dress not once, but three times! She is surely not an attention-loving, extravagant celebrity, but instead lives like a totally average person.

11 Ed Sheeran Has An Allowance

The Times

Ed Sheeran is one of the more low-key celebrities. He's rarely seen dressed up in something fancier than a t-shirt or casual sweater, and that's a big reason why fans love him so much. He's incredibly laid-back and super relatable. As expected, Ed Sheeran is not high-maintenance at all in his everyday life.

In an interview with the Irish Examiner, Sheeran explained that he gives himself an allowance of one thousand dollars a month and avoids having access to all his money so that he doesn't spend it all. Apparently, most of his budget goes to taxis... who could've guessed!

10 Carrie Underwood Packs A Brown Bag Lunch

Just Jared

Carrie Underwood was a simple country girl before she won the fourth season of American Idol. Wikipedia states that Underwood has sold over 65 million records worldwide; however, it seems that all that fame didn't get to her head. She revealed in an interview with Rachel Ray that she actually does all her own grocery shopping, which is very rare for a Grammy award-winning star. Or, well, any star.

She even admitted to using coupons! While she pretty much always makes her own lunches, CNBC stated that she does treat herself to a Subway sandwich every now and then. Big spender!

9 Kristen Bell Has A Favorite Coupon


Kristen Bell has been acting since the early '90s and her resume shows no signs of slowing down! Her biggest roles include starring in Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When in Rome, Bad Moms, You Again, and of course, for voicing Princess Anna in the Disney film Frozen!

After Bell proposed to her husband Dax Shephard on Twitter, the two got married and had two beautiful daughters. As a mom, Bell remains humble, shopping only with coupons! In an interview with Conan O'Brien, she detailed why a particular Bed Bath & Beyond coupon was her personal fave. What a hoot!

8 Tiffany Haddish Drives A Honda

Entertainment Weekly

Tiffany Haddish is an actress who was born in Los Angeles, California and rose to fame in the early 2000s. She's starred in television shows like If Loving You is Wrong and The Carmichael Show, as well as in films like Girls Trip. She published a memoir in 2017 entitled The Last Black Unicorn. Haddish is an inspiration, as according to Wikipedia, she was the first black female stand-up comedian to host Saturday Night Live.

Despite these groundbreaking achievements, Haddish remains humble. In an interview with People, Haddish revealed that she drives a hybrid Honda HR-V and only has designer items because they've been gifted to her! Who could've guessed!

7 Jennifer Lawrence Lives With Her Parents


Jennifer Lawrence is as quirky as they get! She's known for being one of the funnier, more relatable celebrities mainly because of her awkward sense of humor. Despite her down-to-earth personality, as per Wikipedia, she was the highest paid actress in the world in both 2015 and 2016! She was actually featured in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list twice!

She's clearly an accomplished woman; however, most people don't know that she's lived with her parents throughout most of her fame. It was only in 2017 that Variety reported that she had finally bought herself a condo in New York. We're sure she still visits mom and dad a lot though!

6 Katie Couric Eats Leftovers

SF Chronicle

Katie Couric is a journalist and is best known for hosting on NBC, CBS, and ABC news, as well as for being a 60 Minutes correspondent. She's also a published author and a day-time talk show host. Despite earning millions of dollars each year, Couric does not mindlessly spend her cash.

Instead, she thanks her bargain-loving mom for teaching her how to save. She's admitted to packing leftovers for lunch and shopping in the sales section. She's even admitted that most of the fancy clothing she wears on the air is borrowed! Now that's what we call breaking (but not the budget!) news!

5 Tyra Banks Only Splurges On Food

Life and Style Magazine

Tyra Banks is a smizing queen! She's a famous supermodel who's been featured on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated, as well as being a Victoria's Secret Angel for nearly ten years. We're not surprised to discover that Wikipedia named her as one of the world's top-earning models. She's also had a successful acting run and produced and hosted her own reality tv show, America's Next Top Model.

Banks also proved that she was more than just a pretty face by graduating from Harvard Business School. Despite all this, the star told the New York Times that she's extremely frugal and only spends her weekly allowance on food! We relate, Tyra!

4 Leonardo DiCaprio Is Selfless


Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredibly famous actor. He's starred in movies like Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island, Revolutionary Road, Inception, Django Unchained, and so many more films which gained critical acclaim. DiCaprio's been immensely successful in film, however, he's also been incredibly focused on helping the environment. He's very charitable and has his own foundation that gives to the World Wildlife Fund and to organizations that design projects that positively impact the environment.

An article by The List claims that DiCaprio believes that his wealth enables him to make conscious choices, like buying electric cars, but does not provide him anything more.

3 Paul McCartney's Daughter Thinks He's Cheap

Access Online

Paul McCartney is best known for playing the bass guitar and singing for The Beatles, and we're sure you've heard of them! Wikipedia claimed that McCartney is one of the most successful composers and performers ever. Now that's a very big title to own, however, McCartney is not your typical rock star.

The List claimed that his daughter, Stella McCartney, revealed that her dad is super cheap, even insisting that he sent her to public school to avoid fronting the bill for private education! He might be a billionaire but he definitely does not enjoy splurging in areas where he could be saving.

2 Shia LaBeouf Is A Hitchhiker

Shia LaBeouf has been going through a somewhat weird phase, however, he's still had a really successful acting life. He began acting on the Disney Channel, playing Louis Stevens in Even Stevens. Later, he acted in films like Disturbia, Surf's Up, and of course, the Transformers series.

LeBeouf told Parade Magazine that he grew up in a less-fortunate home and that this only made him more grateful for his success. He's often seen on public transit or walking around in low-key outfits. In 2016, he even hitchhiked across the United States! So as odd as he's been in the media lately, we totally love that Shia's a budget-conscious guy.

1 Tobey Maguire Puts Money In His Savings


Tobey Maguire, better known as Peter Parker or Spiderman, has been successful in Hollywood for nearly thirty years now. Throughout his acting life, Maguire has been nominated for endless awards and won nearly ten, the most notable being an MTV Movie Award for the best kiss; we're sure you all know the one we're referencing.

Despite his success, Spiderman told Parade Magazine that he will never be the kind of person who mindlessly spends all their money. Instead, he submerges himself into his work and distances himself away from attachment to material possessions. We can all learn something from his approach!

Sources: Parade Magazine, The List, New York Times, People Magazine, New York Daily News, Brightside

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