20 Celebs Who Drive The Sickest Ferraris

When Enzo Ferrari founded his company in 1939, he never imagined his name would become synonymous with the very best in sports vehicles. Whenever someone dreams of buying a fancy car, Ferrari is the first type to pop to mind.

Their cars are famous for their high prices but worth every penny with incredible performance that’s mixed with elegance and class. Even more is how Ferrari is a major force in F1 racing and uses some of the race cars as inspiration for their regular vehicles.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Ferraris are often a car of choice by celebrities. For sports stars, it’s practically a rite of passage that a Ferrari is one of the first fancy cars bought with a new contract. Movie and music stars can be much the same as often; their Ferraris are less about getting around town and more to show off their status.

A few stars are serious collectors while others just like a nice ride now and then. It shows that even with so many supercars out there, a Ferrari stands out. Here are 20 celebrities who own some slick Ferraris to live up to the mantra of being the best in classy cars.

20 Kobe’s Ball


Kobe Bryant was only 17-years-old when he joined the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s admitted in interviews that the pressures of fame and success were hard to handle at that age. He succeeded as he can boast everything from 5 NBA titles to an Academy Award. All those riches have helped Bryant build up an expensive car collection.

He paid $330,000 for a 458 Italia and also boasts a $450,000 F12dtf. Kobe is clearly enjoying the youth he skipped to become a Hall of Famer.

19 Hamilton Goes to the Enemy


Lewis Hamilton is the undisputed ruler of F1 racing. A six-time World champion with over 80 victories, Hamilton has helped Mercedes-Benz top the F1 leaderboard. But when it comes to his own cars, Hamilton has no problem accepting rides from the competition.

That includes a LaFerrari Aperta 70 that was personalized with Hamilton’s name on the frame. F1 fan boards buzz about Hamilton jumping to Ferrari as he’s already shown how much he loves their cars.

18 The Rock’s “Mini” Car


Dwayne Johnson is one of the best success stories in wrestling history. Not only did he rise to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history but Johnson is currently the box office champion of Hollywood. He’s also known for one of the best car collections of any actor.

While a Ferrari is in the garage, it’s kept more as a gift. That’s because Johnson posted on Instagram how the LaFerrari is too small for his frame. It’s an expensive showcase of just how muscular the Rock truly is.

17 More Than 50 Cents


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has moved from being a rapper to an entrepreneur and producer. He’s come a long way from his street life and it shows in his rich lifestyle. That includes some seriously amazing Ferraris such as an Enzo, an FF, and 488. The latter gained fame first when 50 Cent called it his “Wednesday car” and then took to Instagram to complain about it being a “lemon” and threatening to sue the dealership.

The man sure doesn’t live up to his name with the price of his cars.

16 Lohan’s Lush Ride


Given her infamous run-ins with the law, one would expect Ferrari to be nervous about letting Lindsay Lohan drive a car. Yet the company allows Lohan to count one in her garage.

She sold off a Modena yet keeps her California which she drives in Los Angeles. Lohan prefers her Porsche and some lower-end vehicles and has sold some cars off to pay debts yet can’t let go of a great Ferrari.

15 Cowell Has the Right Notes


Simon Cowell became famous for his blunt but often hilarious judging of singers on American Idol. While he’s mellowed since then, Cowell is still one of the richest personalities in the United Kingdom and shows it.

He has an F430, California, a 360 and just joined the 458 Club. He balances the cars between his jobs in Los Angeles and London so no matter which side of the Atlantic he’s on, Cowell can pull a Ferrari out for a drive.

14 Beckham’s Sweet Game


While soccer is still not a huge deal in the United States, it’s an institution to the rest of the world. David Beckham remains the face of the sport even after retiring and is one of the richest athletes on the planet.

It’s no surprise he can count several Ferraris in his ample collection such as a 360 Spider he sold at auction for $117,000 but has a couple of others. The best is his black 612 Scaglietti to showcase Beckham’s true game is in his style of cars.

13 Ashton’s Action


Ashton Kutcher is a long-time survivor of television, moving from That 70’s Show to the Netflix comedy The Ranch.

Kutcher was known for using cars as part of his prank series Punk’d and has an affinity for good automobiles. That includes a Ferrari California that he and wife Mila Kunis tour Los Angeles in. Kutcher may treat the ride like any other car but it’s one very sweet machine.

12 Ramsay’s Cooked Ride


Gordon Ramsay is famous less as a chef and more for his boiling temper that has created terrific television with Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. As it happens, Ramsay is a major Ferrari fan and can count several in his collection. They include an F12 Berlinetta, F12 DTF, 430 Scuderia, and the aptly named Superfast.

He is one of only 150 people to own a LaFerrari Aperta and just added a Monza SP2 to his garage. This chef loves some hot cars.

11 Cena’s Historic Ride


John Cena has been following Dwayne Johnson’s path moving from pro wrestling to Hollywood stardom. Cena’s car collection leans more toward muscle machines but he has been known to go for some high-end models. That includes a 2007 F430 Spider, one of the last manual cars Ferrari built.

Cena can be “old school” with some of his cars and so it makes sense that he’d go for a unique Ferrari.

10 The Paris Style


Paris Hilton may have been “famous for being famous” but when one grows up in wealth, it’s only natural they count some great rides in their garage.

Hilton was slammed for painting her Bentley Continental GT a bright pink. Thankfully, she didn't do that to her Ferrari California (fitting given her home state), which set her back over two hundred grand. She’ll drive that around for simple errands and it says a lot about her life that Hilton counts this as her “casual” car.

9 The King’s Spdyer


LeBron James may be nearing retirement age but he’s still the King of the NBA. The multiple champion has never been shy about showcasing his lavish lifestyle and that includes his great car collection.

While he loves his Porsche, James also has an affinity for Ferraris. That includes a 458 Spyder, a regular 458 and a 599 to boot. Whatever car he rides, James makes it look like a chariot befitting NBA royalty.

8 Bieber’s Blues


Justin Bieber has changed from a clean-cut popstar to a guy known for some issues with the law and other problems. He still has immense wealth while some of his car choices are questionable.

Bieber has been slammed for using a smart car but also possesses some nice rides. Among them is a nice blue Ferrari 458 Italia that he “lost” on the streets. He does still own an F430 to prove he can be smart in some car choices after all.

7 A Stylish Ride


Harry Styles rose to fame as part of the huge boy band One Direction. He was the first to break from the band and enjoys success as a solo artist and actor.

When OD started, they were barely old enough to drive but have since been able to afford some great rides. For Styles, that includes a $200,000 yellow Ferrari Dino. It’s one of the rarer models and makes for one very stylish ride.

6 Cage’s Ride


Nicolas Cage has earned a reputation for starring in far too many horrible movies for any Oscar winner. He’s also seen his share of financial issues. But it can’t be denied that Cage has an eye for terrific cars.

He’s counted among his collection an Enzo, a 1959 Spyder, and a 250 GT Pininfarina (only one of 350 on the planet). While many of these cars have been sold to pay off the bills, Cage still keeps a couple of Ferraris for himself.

5 Ralph’s Designs


Ralph Lauren is one of the most influential clothing designers on the planet. But the man is equally famous as one of the most serious Ferrari collectors alive. Luckily, Lauren began building his collection in the ‘80s before the prices became too outrageous.

Everything from a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO, 250 GT SWB, and scores of Spyder models from various years pack his collection. Lauren has even had his Ferraris shown at the Louvre to prove they’re works of art.

4 Jenner’s Jam


Kylie Jenner may be the youngest member of the Kardashian clan but she’s also the most successful. At just 22, she’s landed on magazine covers and is a bona fide billionaire thanks to her various enterprises.

It’s no shock she’s gotten some terrific cars in her garage. They include a LaFerrari that was gifted to her by boyfriend Travis Scott and she also bought one for her mother, Kris Jenner. She may be young but Kylie has the Kardashian style down.

3 Drake’s Flyer


We know Drake for going all out in his concerts and his amazing style on social media. That includes his amazing $3.2 million yellow LaFerrari which he shows off in his music videos and Twitter posts – it's one of the most expensive models around.

During his 2018 Three Migos tour, Drake actually got his team to make the Ferrari "fly" on stage to prove how much he adores his hot ride.

2 Floyd’s Fleet


Floyd Mayweather Jr goes through cars the way most people go through shirts. The champion boxer loves to flaunt his fleet of automobiles on social media and it’s no shock there are Ferraris in the mix.

He’s sold off his Enzo but Mayweather still possesses a pair of LaFerraris with one painted white. There’s also a 458, 599, F430 and he may have bought another by the end of this sentence. The man actually pays cash to make sure he has the best cars around.

1 Kim is White Hot


Kim Kardashian is well known for her rather unique high-class style. That rubs off on her cars as her collection includes some fine automobiles.

One of the biggest is a $325,000 Ferrari that, according to Page Six, was gifted to her when she married Kris Humphries in 2011. That marriage lasted only 72 days with the Ferrari among the items contested in the divorce. It also appears the businessman who gifted it to her may have used stolen funds to pay for it. That makes this Ferrari truly white-hot.

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