20 Celebs Who Drive The Sickest Porsches

Porsche’s origins were shadowed by being used in the 1940s for the German war machine. Thankfully, when the war ended, Ferdinand Porsche and son Ferry redeemed their name by crafting one of the greatest luxury sports car lines on the planet.

Their coat of arms logo is respected and admired as “Porsche” has become a byword for class, high performance and elegance in one great package. They’ve survived a few business issues and remain a top-notch brand for celebrities.

Ferrari may get the attention but Porsche can boast a lot of major celebrity customers. Surprisingly, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (known for his extensive collection) doesn’t seem interested in them but many celebrities are more than willing to fill that gap.

Most are no surprise given their fame and how many are already serious car collectors. Others might surprise, however, as the types who seem as if they wouldn't own a Porsche actually have a great one in their garage. A few are practically spokespeople for the company given how many cars they own.

Here are 20 celebrities who own some very slick Porsches and prove why the name carries weight in Hollywood circles.

20 Arnie’s Style


Whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger’s car collection is mentioned, most think of his expansive fleet of Hummers. The man goes for cars matching his numerous action characters but he has a few high-end vehicles as well.

That includes a 911 convertible, which seems like an odd choice for him. The sight of Arnie driving in this sleek and fast automobile rather than a mini-tank of a car shows how the man is mellowing in his age to pick a comfortable speedster.

19 A Thorny Panamera


On the list of “Disney Stars grown up,” Bella Thorne is standing out. She played the ditzy CeeCee on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up, turning famous at a young age.

In 2015, at only 17-years-old, Throne bought a new Porsche Panamera and showed it off on her Instagram page with the line “Baby, you can drive my car.” Thorne has become better known for cutting loose with her career yet still holds onto this beauty from her more innocent days.

18 The Rock’s Ride


Even before he became one of Hollywood’s box office champions, Dwayne Johnson was building up a car collection. His success in WWE helped The Rock amass some good automobiles and he has an affinity for Porsches. One of the best is a Panamera Mansory which, like many of his cars, had to be modified for Johnson’s muscular frame.

Johnson even used it as a ride for his character on the HBO series Ballers as the car perfectly fits his status as a Hollywood champ.

17 JLo's 50th Ride


One would expect Jennifer Lopez to have a sizeable car collection. The woman has been a massive star in both music and movies for over 20 years and famous for a lavish lifestyle. According to People Magazine, the reality is that Lopez hasn’t driven herself in 25 years and what cars she has are for her chauffeur.

But for her 50th birthday, fiancee Alex Rodriguez gave Lopez a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 that she had to try out. Jenny would look great driving this around the block.

16 Stefani’s Sweet Ride


Gwen Stefani barely appears to have aged since she broke out onto the pop scene with No Doubt. The Grammy-winning singer is known for her relationship with The Voice co-judge Blake Shelton and possesses a fun style. That fits with her great Panamera S Hybrid that she’s owned for several years.

Going for an eco-friendly model is interesting yet Stefani makes it work. It shows she’s not “Just a Girl” with her car choices.

15 Levine’s Classic


The Maroon 5 singer is enjoying further success hosting The Voice and some acting gigs. Levine is a true Porsche fan and can be seen driving his stunning 1956 356A around Los Angeles.

Recently, Levine worked with Porsche to show off their Porsche Mission E with Levine impressed by the electric model. Anyone who can balance a classic car with a cutting edge EV has proven how much he loves the Porsche brand.

14 Lohan’s Load


Lindsay Lohan is sadly less known today for her teen stardom and more for the tabloid train wreck of her life. Lohan has had her financial issues over the years and famously smashed up a rented 911 in 2012. It seems Porsche doesn't hold a grudge though as Lohan now owns a $100,000 Panamera, which she was photographed using at a drive-thru. It’s that bizarre mix of high and low class that’s marked Lohan’s life.

13 Rihanna’s Gift


The sultry singer and actress is known for flaunting a great style and loves some slick rides. This actually wasn’t chosen by her but given as a gift by Jay-Z to congratulate her on a hit album in 2013.

This 911 S Cabrio is a gorgeous machine that Rihanna enjoyed using. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint also gifted her with a Turbo S for her birthday and we have seen Rihanna handling a Carrera as well. Jay-Z is one heck of a friend to hand out these machines as presents.

12 Sharp Sharapova


It would be easy to dismiss Maria Sharapova simply for being gorgeous, but she’s also one of the most skilled tennis players around. She’s the only Russian (male or female) to win a Grand Slam among numerous titles.

Sharapova has been a spokeswoman for Porsche for several years and boasts a few in her garage, such as a 911 GT2 RS, a 911 and more. It’s harder for Porsche to find a better car model than this tennis ace.

11 Jay’s Rider


Any automobile aficionado knows Jay Leno is one of the biggest car nuts on the planet. The former Tonight Show host has found a second career hosting Jay Leno’s Garage where he’ll gush about some great cars.

It should be no surprise that Leno has several classic Porsches in his own incredible collection. He recently welcomed the rare 959, considered the best Porsche of the 1980s, and has everything from a 918 Spyder to a gorgeously restored 911 by Singer. Leno adores flaunting these amazing models.

10 McDreamy’s Wheels


Patrick Dempsey was a teen idol in the 1980s who revived his career playing Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy. Dempsey has been one of Porsche’s best celebrity ambassadors as his very first car was a 1963 Porsche 356 that he bought off the street.

Not only does Dempsey own several models but he’s also raced for the company at Le Mans and is a major spokesman for their products. He played a doctor on TV but Dempsey is a Porsche nut at heart.

9 Kim K’s Machines


Credit Kim Kardashian for turning a sketchy video into a billion-dollar empire. The entire Kardashian clan enjoy some high-end vehicles as Khloe and Caitlyn Jenner have a couple of nice Porches.

Kim, naturally, has to have one, sharing a Panamera with husband Kanye West. She’s also been known to rent a Porsche for a trip to Paris or other locations. In any case, Kim always goes for the most high-end vehicles available for her plush lifestyle.

8 Going Gaga


Lady Gaga is toning her act down a bit thanks to her turn in the Oscar-winning A Star Is Born. Yet she’s still the pop star who knows how to turn heads with her appearance. That counts for her cars as Gaga owns a nice Boxster.

While it’s considered the “cheaper” Porsche model, the white paint and custom interior were created especially for Gaga. She also owns a Panamera and insists on wearing Porsche sunglasses. It shows that even with cars, Gaga has a style all her own.

7 Mileys’ Wheels


It’s fun to remember when Miley Cyrus was a clean-cut star as Hannah Montana. She’s famously changed her image with some wilder antics and showing herself off a lot.

A Hannah episode has Miley annoyed at not being able to own a fancy car but the real woman can handle that. She still owns a Cayenne back in 2008 as a gift from her mom. She also has a newer GTS with a cool blacked-out look to show how she's grown up.

6 Dapper Duff


Hilary Duff has had a long career, which includes many movies and the TV hit Younger. She’s still loved for her star-making role of Lizzie McGuire which she’s about to revive in a new series.

Duff has never been one to flaunt an A-list lifestyle which is why it’s amazing that she drives a 911 Carrera S. Yes, many celeb moms have a minivan or a Prius while Duff goes for grocery runs in this terrific ride that Lizzie would gape over.

5 King James


If there’s a luxury car out there, then it’s likely LeBron James has a copy. The multiple NBA champion loves to flaunt his lavish lifestyle and owns several high-priced automobiles.

His 911 Turbo S is one of his favorites as James can often be seen driving it around Los Angeles, including to Lakers games. He also bought a Panamera for his mother to show LeBron prefers a chariot befitting a King.

4 The Real Life Transporter


Jason Statham rose to stardom thanks to the hit action film The Transporter. The car in that flick was a BMW but Statham has shown a love of great cars ever since. That was proven by the Fast & Furious movies and Statham’s own collection is nothing to sneeze at.

He’s shown off a Porsche 911 GT and for an Esquire Magazine shoot and flaunted his GT 3RS. It only makes sense a guy who became famous driving a hot car does so in real life.

3 Keanu’s Matrix Machine


Keanu Reeves has proven to be a Hollywood survivor. From Bill & Ted to The Matrix to John Wick, Reeves is hotter than he’s ever been as a star.

Reeves has had a long relationship with Porsche. He owned a 911 Carrera 4S which he admitted to Top Gear was stolen while he was filming. He filled the gap with some new models with one nicknamed his “Sled.” Reeve’s style can put John Wick to shame.

2 Ellen’s Porsche for Portia


Ellen DeGeneres has always been a laid-back comic known for her dry humor. She’s a down-to-Earth celebrity which has helped her hosting her long-running talk show. So it’s surprising that DeGeneres is a Porsche collector.

She can be seen driving around L.A. in her 993 and also has a 911 Turbo and Targa 4S. She also couldn’t help gifting one to her wife, Portia DeRossi. It’s hard to tell which “Porsche” Ellen loves more.

1 Jerry Seinfeld’s Collection


In Porsche circles, Jerry Seinfeld is known as one of the biggest collectors around. Sadly, Seinfeld is in some trouble as it turns out a 1958 356A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster that he bought and later sold was a fake.

But that shouldn’t take away from the rest of his expansive collection, which is so large that he’s had to auction several cars off. They range from the 1950s to today and he adores his 911 variations. The man became famous for a “show about nothing” but his Porsche collection is truly something.

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