20 Celebs Who’ve Already Made Too Many Mistakes This Year

Like every other year of our beautiful universe, mistakes have been made. The only difference between my mistakes and the mistakes made by every Bravolebrity is that mine aren't shown on national TV or social media feeds. For the stars on this list, they've already made some epic letdowns this year. And while there's still four months of the year left, it's safe to say their mistakes were colossal enough to make up for it.

Now, it's not *cool* to make fun of other people or bring a person down because of their mistakes, but considering these 20 stars are broadcasting their lives in the forms of movies, shows, songs, and social media — they're kind of asking us to talk about them. Heck, if anything, their mistakes are making them even more famous (whether they see that as a good or bad thing is up to them). From marriages to bad money moves, we found 20 celebs who need to give 2019 the boot.

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20 Randall Emmet Owed 'Fofty' Cent Money

Life & Style

Honestly, no one would even know who producer Randall Emmett was were it not for Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. Being a divorced dad of two, Emmett is 20 years old than Lala and has gotten himself into some boiling water thanks to his new fame. From borrowing money from 50 Cent—and not paying him back on time—to his fiance running her mouth about the mother of his children, Randall Emmett needs to cancel 2019.

19 Constance Wu Is The New Diva In Town

Hollywood Pipeline

Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu had a huge couple of years in Hollywood after being cast as Rachel in Crazy, Rich Asians. She's also in the upcoming film alongside JLo titled Hustlers. Constance, however, found some bad press after publicly tweeting that she was upset her show Fresh Off the Boat was being picked up for another season. Fans were ultra confused with her dismay of being on the show and deemed her a diva whose reputation is on thin ice.

18 Ariana Grande Needs To Stop Tweeting


Ariana Grande has obviously had a stellar year musically. Romantically, however, 2019 has been anything but graceful. After her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passing away and breaking off her engagement to Pete Davidson, Ariana didn't seem right — especially on social media. After Mac Miller's album was denied a Grammy, she tweeted a slew of cuss words. And recently, someone tweeted about the young pageant starlet who died mysteriously, JonBenet Ramsey, in which Ariana thought it would be *funny* to dress as her for Halloween...

17 Tristan Thompson Messed Up Khloé's Life... TWICE

Page Six

Do I even need to describe why NBA player Tristan Thompson needs to give up this year and try again in 2020? While he royally messed up in April of 2018 (right around the time his baby True Thompson was born, thanks to Khloé Kardashian), he hit the ground again when he snuck around on Khloé with her sister's BFF Jordyn Woods in 2019! Hasn't Khloeé been through enough, TT?!

16 Jordyn Woods Betrayed Her BFF

Gossip On This

You bet your bottom dollar that we can't add Tristan Thompson without adding Jordyn Woods. Not only did she double-cross her second family, but she made things even worse by telling her side of the story on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk. Per the Kardashians, Jordyn didn't really speak the whole truth and she shed a few crocodile tears that no one bought.

15 Jake Paul Lives On The Edge For The Likes


Jake Paul is (for some reason) famous thanks to his YouTube channel and some acting gigs. The Brother of Logan Paul, he keeps finding himself in random pots of boiling water by doing irresponsible things for views. Most recently, he started promoting a site called MysteryBrand, which fans dubbed fraudulent after not receiving what they paid for. To make matters even stranger, he also got "married" to fellow social media star Tara Mongeau, which was actually all done for the likes... Jake, just stop.

14 T-Rav & Ashley Jacobs Should Have Never Dated To Begin With

Cheat Sheet

Thankfully, Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are no longer dating, but that doesn't mean they didn't have a rocky 2019. As fans of the Bravo show know, Ashley seems like a territorial gold-digger who is out to get T-Rav's baby mama out of the picture. However, Thomas's ghosts came out of the closet after he was arrested for inapt behavior towards his child's nanny. This instance has since affected his custody over his children.

13 Lori Loughlin Got Caught In A Bribe

The Mercury

Ah, everyone's sweetheart, Lori Laughlin, has seen better days. Called the College Admissions Scandal, Lori and her husband were caught bribing their daughters into USC. While Lori's fate is still up in the air, things only got worse when the Internet found YouTube videos of Lori's daughter, Olivia Jade, saying how much she disliked school and didn't take it seriously...

12 Jenelle Evans & Her Baby Daddy Lost Custody Of Their Kids


Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans seems to always have drama following her. However, things got worse for the "star" after her husband did unthinkable things to their family dog in front of her children. Due to the uncertainty of the situation and lifestyle inside the home, Jenelle and Easton lost custody of their kids for a little bit. Fans of Jenelle's don't understand how she keeps finding herself in these kinds of situations but it never seems to end.

11 Heidi & Spencer Haven't Changed

Too Fab

Can Spencer and Heidi just stop already? We were rid of their negativity once The Hills ended, but thanks to the revival, they came back into our lives and we're reminded of all the strange things this couple has done. And now, Stephanie Pratt (Spencer's sister), came out of the woodwork confirming what we all thought: "And for real WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID 10 years ago. You [sad] human being — and to your BEST FRIEND? You are truly an [ugly] person." Maybe it's time for Hedi to quit the limelight...

10 Amber Portwood Is Still Aggressive

Reality Blurb

Another Teen Mom alumni, Amber Portwood now has two babies and a rap sheet that's a mile long. It appeared like Amber was doing better since being released from jail in 2013. But lo and behold, Amber was arrested this year for getting too physical with her boyfriend with a dangerous item while he was holding their child... The night got even scarier when Amber tried to break into the room where her son was being kept away from her. She now has supervised visits.

9 A$AP Rocky Spent A Month In A Swedish Jail


A$AP Rocky hasn't been in too many scuffles this year, however, after getting into an altercation with an aggravated person (fan?) in Sweden, Rocky did what he could to defend himself and his team. This, however, landed him in jail overseas for a month before being released. He was found guilty in the scuffle but does not need to do any more jail time.

8 Diddy Started Dating His Son's Ex?!

Skye Reporters

Um, Diddy, are you okay? As we all know Diddy has had his fair share of beautiful ladies. The father of six recently got out of a long-term relationship with artist Cassie, and now seems to be hanging out with Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey. Not creeped out yet? Well, Lori actually dated Diddy's son for a short time before the two broke up due to her being seen with other men... Fast forward a few months and it appears the other man is actually his father. Diddy's rep claims the two are just friends, but should a soon-to-be 50-year-old really be chasing his son's ex?

7 Mario Lopez Bit His Tongue

The Vigilant Citizen

Oh, Mario, what are we going to do with you? This summer he found himself in boiling water after making some comments revolving gender. On the topic of celebrity parents choosing their kids' genders for them, Mario said on air, "If you’re 3 years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way, or you think you’re a boy or a girl or whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make that determination then..." Viewers everywhere felt upset by what he said which led to an apology; but will it land in him losing his job?

6 R. Kelly Has A Deep-Rooted Complex

LA Times

R. Kelly was a big deal in the '90s and 2000s, but in 2019? I think the entire world agrees that he needs to be locked up. Thanks to the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, we entered the many minds of young women that he's hurt. Released in January of this year, only more stories have come to light, which led to him doing an interview with Gayle King. He was so overcome with emotion that he stood up and got in Gayle's face while crying and pointing... Take a seat, R. Kelly.

5 Justin Bieber Needs To Stay In His Lane

The Wrap

After manager Scooter Braun's company acquired Taylor Swift's old label, he's now the new owner of Taylor Swift's work from 2006-2017. Swift was deeply upset at the fact that Braun of all people acquired her work and took to Tumblr to tell her side. Justin Bieber, however (who's close friends with Braun and works with him), took Braun's side and made sure to tell Taylor she was in the wrong. What followed was Swifty's snakes going after Bieber for being so blind about the whole situation.

4 Jussie Smollett Led The World On A Goose Chase

World of Reel

Who could forget when Empire star Jussie Smollett appeared on camera disheveled after an attack late at night. Fans were beside themselves at the fact that someone could be so brutal against such a kind man. Over time, though, it appears that Jussie wasn't attacked... he "organized" the attack to gain attention on himself and the things he cars about. His supporters started backtracking but he sticks to his story to this day, claiming he did not organize any harm towards himself. Considering how upsetting the entire situation is, Jussie needs to start fresh in 2020.

3 Jim Edmonds Stepped On His Family's Back

All About the Tea

When Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan O'Toole King was pregnant with her twins, her husband—former MLB player Jim Edmonds—was having *relations* with another woman. To make matters worse, the other woman tried to extort Jim, which is when he came clean to Meghan. Similar to Tristan Thompson, Meghan was at home raising her babies, dealing with her own demons when she heard the news. Nowadays, Jim is trying to be the best husband and father for his family but fans of the couple have written Jim off.

2 Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed

The Cheat Sheet

Sadly, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called it quits this summer. While the two had a rough patch early on in their relationship (and took a brief break), they seemed to rebuild their relationship and become stronger than ever. They felt so strong that they got married in December! But clearly, the couple had deeper issues because when Miley starts posting twerking videos on IG, you know there's trouble in paradise.

1 Olivia Jade Doesn't Understand Her Privilege


After Olivia Jade's mom, Lori Laughlin, was caught bribing in the college admissions scenario, Olivia got angry at her mom for ruining her future... Brands no longer wanted to work with Olivia considering her image was in the trash. In return, she blamed her mother, who was only trying to get her daughter a proper education. To make 2019 even worse for Olivia, she recently posted an image flipping the bird at people degrading her, fully ignoring the fact that she was in the wrong. Is this why Millennials get a bad rap?

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