20 Chilling Images Of Abandoned Hospitals

Nobody enjoys going to the hospital. It's probably the worst place to visit besides a dentist's office. Going to a fully functional hospital is bad, but what could be worse than that? Well, how about going to a deserted hospital. If you thought that visiting a hospital while its operational was bad, try doing it when there's no-one there. Some abandoned hospitals aren't only run-down; they're creepy. Imagine visiting an abandoned, dilapidated hospital by yourself. Some people have done it and gotten the fright of their lives. Since we didn't want to explore the corridors of abandoned hospitals in person, we thought that the next best thing was to glean photos of abandoned hospitals. We compiled images of abandoned hospitals that will give you the chills.

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20 Graffiti

via Amboss

This hospital looks like it would feature in a horror movie. Imagine walking in there by yourself at night. What makes this place creepier is that there are trees in front of the hospital and no pavement whatsoever. How come all creepy places look like they're in the middle of a forest?

19 Torn Down

via Architectural Afterlife

I can understand that a hospital is a business that can fail. What I don't understand is how the sealing is ripped out and the entire corridor looks dilapidated. That is one long corridor to walk throughout at night. It's the long, dilapidated corridor that will give anybody the creeps.

18 Completely Run Down

via Architectural Afterlife

Talk about a place that would need a lot of work to get it up to scratch. What's strange about this hospital is how the tiles have vanished. Although the place looks terrible, the hospital staff left the beds and cupboards before leaving. That makes the place really scary.

17 Peeling Away

via Buzzkeys

If you're going to abandon a place, the least you can do is sell everything inside to try and recoup the losses. The owners left an examination table, as well as a drawer table. What a waste. This place has seen better days. It looks like somebody took a chisel to the wall and tried to scrape it off.

16 No Lights

via Daily Mail

It's evident that this place is out of electricity. Walking through that corridor during the day is enough to creep anybody out, nevermind at night. The frames on the walls and chairs have remained behind. They didn't forget to strip the place of electricity before they left.

15 Rundown

via Healthcare Global

I can picture this place in some movie where vampires jump from around the corner and bite the main character's neck. This place looks more like solitary confinement than a hospital. You can count me out for the tour of this place. This hospital would give anybody the creeps.

14 Destroyed

via Untapped Cities

Anybody who's planning to re-occupy this place will have a tremendous amount of work to do to get the place back up to scratch. I can't imagine who wouldn't be afraid to work in that place while it gets fixed. One would constantly be looking over their back to see if anyone's coming from around the corner.

13 Equipped

via Offbeat Japan

One of the things that make an abandoned place scary is discovering that there are assets left behind. It makes you wonder if everybody has left the place. In this abandoned hospital, many apparatus used is still neatly in the corridor. I wonder what's happening there?

12 Puddle

via Youtube

Woah. I don't think that anybody would disagree with saying that this place is scary. Just look how gloomy it is. There's even a wheelchair leaning against a door. You wonder how recent that happened. This place is enough to give the toughest men the chills. What's with the puddle of water?

11 Exploration

via Youtube

It seems that some people aren't afraid of exploring abandoned hospitals. These two young men decided to check out an abandoned hospital, and it looks like they did it at night. They've got a lot of courage to do that. I hope that nobody popped from around the corner to give them a fright of their lives.

10 Resting Place

via Mirror

There's not much left of this place besides the bed. Even the paint on the walls has peeled off. That bed makes me wonder what went on there. Why is there still a pillow? This just looks like a place that would scare the living daylights out of anyone. The billowing curtains make this place creepier.

9 Empty Wheelchair

via Mirror

What's strange to me here is that the wheelchair is left behind. Somebody must've been using it before the place was abandoned. So what happened to that person? Considering the tiles still look clean and the place isn't dilapidated, this place looks like it was recently abandoned.

8 Curtain Call

via Mirror

One of the things that makes this place creepy is the clean curtain. The whole place is in shambles and has been run to the ground, yet the curtain is clean. How is that possible? Makes you wonder if somebody has stayed behind. This place really looks bad. I wonder what happened to it.

7 Left Behind

via Tuberculosis Hospital

It seems like these two gentlemen are trying to renovate an abandoned mental hospital. They took time out of their busy schedule to mess around by tying themselves to the bed. Imagine walking in there randomly and seeing these guys with musks. It's not for the faint-hearted.

6 Bedsheets

via Pinterest

The owners of this place decided to leave behind the beds and sheets, not to mention the curtains. When I see an abandoned place with bedsheets still on the bed, it makes me wonder if there's anybody still sleeping there. It looks like a place where zombies would spend the night.

5 Closed Off

via Reddit

Apparently, the writing is on the wall. Whoever occupied this small space could foresee the future. He or she was right about the end being near. This mental hospital was later abandoned. So much about this place is creepy. They removed the bed but left behind the mattress and a drawer.

4 Algae

via Yahoo

This place is so rundown that it looks like algae formed on the walls. It's amazing how almost every creepy hospital has a wheelchair in the corridor. It's like that is a signature of an abandoned, creepy hospital. This place looks really bad and one that I would stay far away from.

3 Bathtubs

via The Independent

Those look like bathtubs to me. One of the things that creep me out here is that the tubs are covered with sheets. Those sheets have holes poked through them, which makes me wonder how that happened. Was it naturally, or was somebody left behind and decided to make this place their new home.

2 Unexpected Visitors

via Untapped Cities

If this place wasn't creepy enough, the only thing that could make it scarier is seeing somebody else there. Those unexpected visitors will scare the living daylights out of anyone. What's worse is that it's not only one person. It looks like a family is gathered outside the window.

1 Stripped Apart

via Trover

This place isn't only scary, but it's also dangerous. Look at all the wires sticking out of the ceiling. It's such a hazardous environment. I'm not sure if somebody is trying to fix this place up. If they are, they have a tremendous amount of work to do and should be careful about intruders who could be in the next room.

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