20 Chilling Pics Captured By Dashcams

Dashcams show the truth. If a motorist gets in an accident, and they weren’t at fault, they can use the footage to prove it. It’s why so many motorists attach one to their bikes or car dashboards.

Yet motorists with dashcams are discovering that these useful devices capturing more than they expected. Aside from the aggressive drivers and roadside hazards usually recorded are rare and horrifying sights. Dashcams record everything while in transit, from weirdos dressed in eerie outfits to unexplainable objects soaring above to close calls that will all give viewers goosebumps.

Collected below are frightening photos captured on dashcams that will make viewers rethink ever driving on the road again.

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20 Giant Spider

via Fox News

At first glance, this looks like something out of a horror movie. The dashcam footage makes it look like a giant spider is crossing the street and about to attack the police officer handing out a citation. Really though, it’s just a normal-sized spider crawling on the windshield that looks huge due to forced perspective (Fox News).

19 Masked Pedestrian

via Kiwi Report

Cars can be dangerous to pedestrians. Yet there are also pedestrians who can just endanger motorists as well. This pedestrian looks suspicious and menacing crossing the street wearing a mask. What makes it even more spooky is the fact that the passerby is peering straight at the car’s driver while passing.

18 Animal Attack

via Onedio

This vehicle was taking a late night cruise on a dirt road when it came across a wild animal. Hopping along, minding its own business, was a kangaroo. The vehicle came to a complete step. That’s when the kangaroo literally jumped into action, flinging itself onto the car and breaking the windshield in the process.

17 Roadside Clown

via YouTube user Sal

People dress up as clowns because they know it freaks out people. A car captured footage of this one walking slowly along the side of a road dragging a rake. Not long after they spotted him, the driver got out and struck the clown, who fell to the ground. Everyone in the car freaked out (YouTube channel Sal).

16 Sinkhole Semi

via Kiwi Report

Even the very roads motorists drive over can prove to be a problem if they’re not properly maintained. According to Kiwi Report, a sinkhole was responsible for incapacitating this semi-truck. Not only did the incident cause a traffic jam but put this truck and its cargo in a pickle it won’t soon get out of.

15 SpaceX

via carnews.types-cars.com

People in California freaked out when they saw what looked like a UFO soaring through the sky. According to carnews.types-cars.com, it was the launch of Falcon 9 by SpaceX. It was a relief for many to discover it wasn’t aliens or some other apocalyptic sighting signaling the end of the human race.

14 Wildfire

via LegendaryList

There are fewer things more chilling than a dashcam in the middle of a natural disaster. Whether it’s in the eye of a storm, during an earthquake or just barely missing a lightning strike—which we reveal later on—dashcams often capture alarming images. This vehicle roamed through a wildfire and managed to come out of it with the footage.

13 Clown Saying Hello

via The Sun

Nothing unusual here, just a friendly clown waving hello in the middle of the road. The Sun reports that someone in a mask decided to mess with motorists. The driver ended up accelerating though, raising the alarm of the masked clown, who immediately jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit.

12 Deer

via Kiwi Report

In addition to the natural disasters and freak occurrences and ominous figures dashcams capture, there's also the bizarre. This shot is puzzling because it’s not exactly clear what’s going on. Is a deer getting behind the wheel of a car, or merely confronting the driver? Either way, it’s a chilling image.

11 Clown Attack

via Viral Patient

A figure with a hockey mask stood on the side of the road as a car pulled up with its headlights on. Wielding a baseball bat, he looked like a threat. Yet the costumed character ended up getting hurt for spooking others out. According to Viral Patient, someone who had been in the car got out and started beating the clown up.

10 Ghost

via philnews.ph

There are plenty of hazards threatening drivers on the road today. Now, it looks as if spirits should go on the list of problems motorists have to look out for. This dashcam footage appears to have captured a foggy apparition standing in the middle of the highway as headlights shine on it from another car.

9 Thunderstruck

via Kiwi Report

This car was almost in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it had driven through the intersection at the time lightning struck, it would have been toast. Instead, the car's dashcam captured lightning hitting the pavement out in front of it, just barely missing the driver and serving as an alarming snapshot.

8 Lady In White

via aminoapps.com

There’s no reason anyone should stand in the middle of the road. This figure in a white dress looks reminiscent of something out of a horror movie such as The Ring. In the dashcam footage, the driver simply slowed down and rolled right by the still figure who stared at the car while it cruised by.

7 Clown Sighting

via The Post-Crescent

There was a scary rise in clown committed crimes in 2016. This dashcam footage from a cop’s dashboard shows a squad car pulling over to confront a couple of figures dressed up as clowns. The clowns stood completely still as the car pulled up and looked spooky with their masks on (YouTube channel PoliceActivity).

6 Shadowy Figure

via Woman's Day

This dashcam footage comes by way of YouTube user Ivan Tukhtin. While speeding down a highway late at night with only the headlights to see with, the driver comes to a complete stop at an odd roadblock. A man in jeans had set up two cones and approached the vehicle while reaching into his pocket. Thankfully, the driver didn’t stick around and sped off.

5 A Poor Place To Perch

via Kiwi Report

This is one bizarre image. The dashcam of a car caught someone sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road. Not just any part of the road though, but at a very sharp turn, making it one hazardous spot to sit down. It’s disturbing that someone would risk their life by sitting in the middle of a perilous part of the road.

4 Pink-Garbed Figure

via gazetadigital.com

There’s something alarming about this dashcam footage. In footage that dates back to March 2018, a motorist drove on a road with only the headlights on to show the way. While the car made a turn, the dashcam encountered a lone figure in pink on the side of the road. Further on, they came across another, and another—all wearing the same pink top (gazetadigital.com.br).

3 Officer

via Kiwi Report

Cops have to deal with all kinds of scary situations on the road today. According to Kiwi Report, a cop was walking back to his squad car when another vehicle sped by incredibly close. That forced the officer to take evasive measures and the dashcam recorded it all, sending chills down viewers' spines.

2 Plane

via CNN

Imagine driving behind the wheel of the car that captured this plane on its descent—or the car in front of it. The dashcam footage shows a plane careening out of control and hitting the bridge. The wing of the plane nearly collided with the car driving ahead. It’s a wonder the bridge remained intact after it passed over.

1 Unexplained Light

via Kiwi Report

This photo is harrowing and it’s all captured on a dashcam. When people witness phenomena there’s no explanation for, it can cause a lot of distress. There’s no answer for what this odd light is, but what is certain is that the clouds covering it only make it that much more ominous.

Sources: Fox News, YouTube, Viral Patient, The Sun, carnews.types-cars.com

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