20 Clueless People Who Are Absolutely Not Posing With Celebs

Not many people are ever lucky enough in their lifetime to meet a celebrity. Celebrities live in their own little world and rarely come out of their cushioned home and neighbourhood to mingle with their fans.

Even if you are lucky enough to spot one of your favourite A-listers out running errands or walking their dog, chances are you are not going to get anywhere near them.

This means, that when it does happen, it is quite a big deal. Of course, in the year 2019, if this happens, people are immediately on their social media uploading the proof for all their friends and followers to see. Imagine their disbelief and utter embarrassment when they learn that the person they met was not the person they thought it was.

We have found 20 people who 100% thought that they were meeting a celebrity when it was just an average person walking down the street.

20 That Is NOT The Right Doctor


Our first poor person on this list had really thought he had met Hugh Laurie. Hugh played the lead doctor on the show House. The gentleman in the picture, who is definitely NOT Hugh Laurie, looks really confused on why he has been asked to pose with this stranger.

We often wonder what is going through the heads of these random people who were mistaken for celebrities.

19 They Really Thought They Met Morgan Freeman


Surprisingly, Morgan Freeman showed up in my searches more than anyone. There are a lot of people out there who truly think they have met this legendary actor.

These two were probably the most convinced that they had met the legend, and that is why they are appearing on this list instead of the dozens of others.

18 So Convinced, This Random Dude Got His Pic On The Wall


When a celebrity runs into a business, it is always good. The store owners usually like to show off the fact that a celeb chose their establishment, and they usually want a picture to show it off to everyone.

Then there is this business, who thought that Tom Cruise walked into their store. They even posted a picture for everyone to know.

17 This Kid Is So Not Meeting Iron Man


This kid is living his dream, having run into Robert Downey Jr in the nearby mall. Downey plays Iron Man in the hit franchise, so it is any little kids dream to meet the real deal.

This is not, however, the real Iron Man. It does look like this man played along as to not crush this little boys dream. That is super sweet.

16 Good Look-A-Like, But That Is Not A Stark Daughter


Game of Thrones was the hit of the century, and it had a huge fan following. Maisie Williams is also one of the stars. She played Arya Stark and was a fan favourite.

This young man really thought he had met Maisie, and the similarities are impressive. When he tweeted out this picture, the real Maisie Williams broke his heart by telling him that this was not her.

15 This Is Not Degrassi


Drake is a Canadian legend and he has taken the world on by storm. He started his career on Degrassi and has been collecting fans ever since.

These two young ladies thought that their night was extraordinary when they ran into Drake, but it was no him. This was also pointed out to them when they had posted the picture on their social media.

14 Did She Ask Him To Sing?


Here we have one of many people who really thought they met Ed Sheeran. We are sure these strangers enjoy their 15-minutes of fame when they are mistaken for a celebrity.

We just hope she didn't ask him to sing, because likely if he had obliged it would have been a clear giveaway that something was not right with this guy.

13 Bono? How About Nono!


This appears to be at some sort of technology convention, and one person thought they were in the presence of Bono from the iconic band U2.

We wonder if he ever stopped to wonder why Bono would be hanging out at a convention, with no bodyguards or staff around him at all.

12 This Girl May Have A ‘Hangover’ Tomorrow! Get It?


It is easy to assume that a lot of the people on this list are probably under the influence when they think that they have these encounters. This young lady thinks that she is meeting the hilarious Zack Galifianakis.

She probably woke up with a crazy hangover, let's just hope she didn't wake up on the roof.

11 That Is A Fraud, Who Looks Like He Is Milking It!


Here we have another run in with a cast member of Game of Thrones. These two young women think that they are in the presence of Peter Dinklage.

This man and Peter may share one thing in common, but that is about it. Sadly, this is just a random person on the street and has no relation to the show at all.

10 Should Ed Sheeran Be Insulted?


Surprisingly, we have another one that is Ed Sheeran, or is supposed to be. This one confuses us a lot because we don't see much of a resemblance at all.

The mind is a funny thing, and sometimes it can trick us into thinking we see something that we don't. If we want it bad enough, our mind will make sure that we see it.

9 This Is A Homeless Dude!


This one is a little humourous and sad at the same time. This young man on the left thinks that he has just met George R. Martin. Martin is, of course, the epic author of the Game of Thrones books.

Sadly, this is not Martin, this is, in fact, a homeless man on the side of the street. Maybe it could be Martin if he was really trying to go undercover.

8 He Was So Embarrassed, He Blacked Out His Face


It seems like this guy realized his mistake and decided to black out his face so that no one would recognize him. This would save himself from a lot of laughing and ridiculing.

You see, he really thought he met Bradley Cooper. We do see a bit of a resemblance, but this guy just doesn't get our blood flowing like the real deal does.

7 Not Only Is This A Random Dude, But He Looks Inappropriate! Cringe!


This resemblance is so non-existent it may take you a minute to figure out which celebrity this woman thinks she is meeting. She does think she is meeting Bruno Mars.

It looks like this picture was taken in a bar or restaurant, so it is likely this woman may not be seeing clearly. It does look like this guy is taking advantage of the encounter by his presumptuous hand placement.

6 This Is Terrifying!


We have said it before that we often wonder what these random people think when they run into people who think they are a celebrity. We would think most people would correct the on the spot, but it is clear that some people run with it.

This guy thinks he is standing with Wolverine or Hugh Jackman. This (so not) Hugh Jackman decided to play along and give this guy a great picture.

5 Orange Is The New Black? You Need To Re-Watch It Dude!


Orange is The New Black was one of the hottest shows when it was running on Netflix, and it still is. This man thinks that he has run into the woman who plays the role of Piper Chapman.

Some people in the comments did question why Taylor Schilling would be in a certain location, but no one took it too seriously.

4 Did They Feed Him For Free?


Here we have another establishment that really thought they had a celebrity walk into their business. They truly believed that this was Ryan Gosling, and they were so confident that they posted it on their social media page.

I wonder how many meals this guy has gotten for free because he was mistaken for an A-list celebrity.

3 Keep Breathing Dear … Please!


This woman probably got the shock of her life when it was pointed out to her that she did not, in fact, meet Rihanna. This is probably one of the ones that are least convincing, as this looks nothing like Ri-ri.

We just hope that the shock was not too much for her when she learned the truth.

2 So, Who Is Going To Tell Her?


The craze may have died down a little, but this teenagers heart was probably all aflutter when she truly thought she met Justin Bieber. Judging by how young this guy looks, this was probably taken a while ago.

We just hope someone filled her in. Or, maybe it is better if she lives in the dream that she did meet one of her idols.

1 Time To Take The Goggles Off!


These guys are definitely going to need to take the goggles off for a bit because they need a break for a bit.

That is because they believe that they are standing next to the one and only George Clooney. They obviously didn't think too hard about why George would be in this random establishment without any security detail at all.

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