20 Compliments He Actually WANTS To Receive

Saying sweet nothings goes a long way in a relationship, ladies! Contrary to what we think, there are a few magic words that will make a man yours or keep him around forever. We go bonkers for compliments, but what about men? Did we forget about them? Sadly, we tend to push them aside and forget that men love to be flattered, too. The problem here is that most men will not express their desire for more compliments to women; they do not want to seem like nags. We're here to let everyone in on a secret, though: there are numerous compliments that men would love to hear more often! It is a secret they have kept on the DL for years, but we are here to unlock that chamber, and dish out all the compliments that will undoubtedly make their hearts melt.

Remember, praise is crucial in any relationship, and that goes both ways. Men might always act macho and like they do not need their egos stroked, or their confidence boosted, but it is the total opposite. Instead, men want to hear about what they did well, and they want recognition. However, do not resort to the same old boring and dull compliments because he's probably heard those about 100 times before.

If you feel like your man needs more lovin' and you haven't been too generous on the compliments lately, we are here to reignite that spark for ya'll. And no, "you're hot" is not enough.

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20 Tell Him How Good He Looks When He Cooks

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This compliment will immediately put a grin on his face because it makes it obvious that you notice the little nuances about him. Men absolutely love to hear passion-related comments. So, if he loves to whip up meals in the kitchen, and you repeatedly tell him he looks so fancy doing so, you may just get spoiled with many more home-cooked meals. And since not many men can cook, why not praise him more often?

Slip in a "You're such a good cook and look great doing it," while he's kneading the pizza dough and he'll be so proud!

19 'Have You Been Lifting?'

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Men love when women compliment them on their looks, especially if they've been pumping iron! No, you're not making his head bigger, rather you're applauding him for his hard work and assuring him that it is paying off. And while you're at it, tell him how buff he looks in that new T-shirt he bought.

A compliment as such will never get old! It tells him you've noticed his muscles and that you're totally pleased with his new eye-candy. He wants to know he is impressing you, so if he's been hitting the pavement hard, just simply let him know.

18 Tell Him How Lucky You Are To Have Him

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If you swoon over your man, then why aren't you letting him know that? Such a little compliment can mean a lot to him. Why? It tells him that he's doing many things right in the relationship. And it also lets him know that he's a catch and killing it in the romantic department.

If he tells you you're lucky and you feel special, wouldn't he feel the same if you complimented him? Absolutely. Bonus points if you brag to your friends about how lucky you are, as it'll immediately boost his confidence. And if you two aren't dating, letting him know you're lucky to be in his presence will show him you're interested.

17 'I Appreciate All That You Do For Me!'

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Letting him know that you appreciate him will work miracles, that's for certain. When a man goes out of his way for a woman, it is because he is really into her. Given that, commend him for all the effort that he puts into your relationship, whether official or not.

If this man is doing whatever it takes to keep the spark alive in the relationship, just take a moment each time to let him know since a relationship can be fickle. And if you don't want your man to lose interest, let him know that you appreciate all the initiatives he takes to make you happy. By doing so, he'll feel like he's wanted and his desire to make you happy will increase.

16 'You Make Me Feel So Safe'

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For men, it comes naturally to protect women. Whether you're his partner or not, men have an instinct to take care of any woman that's around them. You probably wouldn't think of this as a compliment, but men love to know that they can offer a sense of security.

Want to know what this does for a man? It lets him know that he's properly taking care of you and that is super comforting to hear.

Just slip out an "I feel so safe with you," and not only will he squeeze you tighter, but his ego will triple in size. It's a compliment that will stick, we promise - after all, every man wants to be a superhero.

15 Tell Him How He's The Funniest Man

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Although not all of his jokes may be funny, and some may be lame, just tell him that he's remarkably funny! Or if he truly is quite the jokester, let him know that he is the funniest guy you've ever laid ears on.

It isn't science; men love to make women laugh! Besides for guys loving the sound of women's laughter, this compliment offers them positive reinforcement. Trust us, he's trying super hard to be a top performer. Don't just laugh, but instead tell him that his jokes are so clever and you want to keep hearing them; it is the ultimate compliment. It's a winner and he'll 100% dig the compliment.

14 Tell Him He's Going To Make A Great Father (Or Is One)

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You may be dating this guy, or you may already have a child or children with him, so why not tell him how cool a father he is?

Let's be honest, what guy wouldn't love hearing he's a great dad? Tell him that he is so sweet and playful with children, and he'll be so thrilled. And if he isn't a father already, telling him "you're going to make a great dad one day" (because we know your heart melts when you see him with children), will excite him for the future with you.

Men take pride in their "fathering" skills so any man will definitely appreciate the recognition. Don't be petty, ladies, open up and let him know that he's as awesome as you, even when it comes to nurturing kids.

13 'I Love It When You Drive'

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What is hotter than a man who knows how to handle the wheel? Come on ladies, we know how much you drool when you see Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson drive in the Fast and Furious films.

In our opinion, watching a man drive a manual transmission is attractive in itself, and if you do not agree, we beg to differ. So, why haven't you thought of letting him know that he's the best driver you know? It doesn't sound like much, but hearing that will make him feel great and will surely stroke his ego.

Driving is a man thing, so go ahead and tell him how much you appreciate the way he drives. And yes, you can compliment him on his exceptional parallel parking skills.

12 Compliment Him On How Handy He Is

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Work-related compliments work wonders too, ladies! Many men are carpenters, plumbers, electricians or just handymen in their spare time.

That broken faucet in your home and your tire change? Who did it? Him? If so, why don't you tell him once in a while how impressed you are by his skills and how easy he makes everything look. Besides being manly protectors, what makes guys feel really masculine is being handy. Most men are natural "fixers" but they are rarely complimented on their phenomenal skills.

Hey ladies, would a "you can pretty much fix anything, huh?" hurt? No, so tell him and just watch the beaming smile on his face. His ego will also get a major boost!

11 'I Love The Way You Think'

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Compliment his smarts - we swear miracles will happen when you do! If you tell him how much you admire how determined he is, the wheel won't stop turning and he'll keep on tackling a bunch of tasks. By doing so, you're not only praising his achievements, but his personality traits that make them possible.

Whatever he decides to do may not always be successful, but make him feel good about himself. Ask him how he came about with that idea, too. It will show him that you're interested and that you care. Take a step back after that and just watch him give off sparks.

10 'Your Smile Makes Me Melt'

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You know one way you can compliment him without even saying a word? Stare at him with a dreamy smile when he smiles at you. And then quickly proceed by telling him that you cannot keep your eyes off his dreamy smile. Watch him get lost in his train of thought because you complimented him on the smile that he loves giving you.

It is a definite confidence boost for him because men take pride in their smiles and what they do to plant a smile on your face. And, since making appearance-related comments don't come as easily to men as they do to women, this one is sure to make him feel special - and smile even more.

9 'You Look So Handsome!'

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It may sound like an obvious compliment, but men enjoy being told they look handsome as it's so great for their egos! And it will mean so much more if you compliment him on his new suit and tie because he is putting effort into looking good for you.

Contrary to what you may think, telling a man he's handsome isn't common. Since men are rarely complimented on their looks, cut out the "you're cute" and tell him how dapper he looks. A compliment like that right before he leaves for work will start his morning well. "Handsome" is such a classy way to tell a man how good-looking he really is - so do it, because it's meaningful.

8 Tell Him He's Cuter Than That Celebrity You Have A Crush On

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He may not believe you if you tell him he's cuter than Jason Momoa, Channing Tatum or Brad Pitt, but he'll certainly go gaga if you do.

By comparing him to famous male celebrities that all women go bonkers for, he will feel so honoured and like he's on top of the world. He knows how hard you're crushing on Mr. Tatum so such a compliment will drive him wild. Don't be surprised if for a few days he has a big grin on his face.

Celebrity comparison compliments are among the top compliments a man can receive; slip out a "Your shoulders look bigger than Joe Manganiello's in that shirt," and he'll adore you.

7 Tell Him How Proud You Are Of Him

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Men worry so much about disappointing women, they need reassurance that they're doing things right. One way to do so is by telling him you are so proud of how loving and caring he is.

Tell him how proud you are of the positive impact he's making on the environment. Heck, do not be shy to tell him how proud you are of the exceptional work he's been doing at the office. All these little things really help a man and better him, too. Especially when he's about to give up, shoot an "I'm so proud of how far you've come" his way, and he'll probably excel. It is a form of validation he needs.

6 Compliment Him On His Face (Like His Eyes)

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We mentioned before that you should compliment his smile regularly, and even tell him he's handsome. With that in mind, why don't you also do the things he would, like compliment your beautiful lips or eyes?

If you're dating him or just seeing him, when you're on a date together, point out his eyes by telling him "I love your blue eyes, I just get lost in them." Or tell him, "Your dimples are just the most attractive thing ever." Not only will he blush, because people rarely compliment men's features, but he'll feel so "pretty." Compliments about the specific features you go bonkers for will make him feel gorgeous.

5 'You Make Me Better'

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The biggest compliment you can give a man is reminding him how much he has done to bring you to where you are in life.

A man wants to know if he has somewhat improved your life since he's been around, so why not let him know more often? Any good relationship consists of two people who add value to each other's life, which is why you need to whisper this compliment in his ear more often.

Even if you're not dating and just getting to know each other, if you enjoy his company, chances are he's brought value to your life. And don't forget, men will do anything possible to impress you, so when you feel the need to make him smile, just tell him "You've made my life better" or "You've added so much spunk to my life."

4 Compliment Him On His Voice

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Men want to be super manly; it is like their main goal in life. Even if they have big muscles, they don't care; they strive for the ultimate deep and masculine voice.

Okay, so the guy you're crushing on or are with may not have the deepest voice, but trust us, you cannot go wrong if you tell him his voice is manly. He'll automatically think he's super macho (which is what he wants), and he'll think you enjoy the sound of his voice. He'll walk around all week trying to swoon you with his ever-so-masculine voice.

Also, let him know his voice is comforting to you because as a protector, he'll want to know he can soothe you.

3 'Women Can't Keep Their Eyes Off You'

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Want to really boost his confidence and drive him wild? "Wow, women can’t keep their eyes off you! I’m the luckiest lady to have a guy like you," is EXACTLY what you have to say.

This man will certainly walk with his head held high because he'll know that you and many other foxy women have their eyes on him. It may not be true, but why not say it? If he looks all nice and cleaned up, this is the most awesome compliment you can give him; you legit just gave him an extra 100 ego points. And while you're at it, when a woman checks him out, give him a high five!

2 Compliment Him On His Hair

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Ladies, men's hair is just as important to them as our hair is to us! You should know by now that many men's fear is a receding hairline. So, once in a while, in the way he compliments your long and luscious tresses, compliment him on his new haircut or shiny mane.

Chocolate is the way to a woman's heart, but for men, complimenting their hair is one way to their hearts. When a guy gets that new cut or even colour, the first thing he wants is the reassurance that you like it because he's self-conscious, too.

1 Tell Him How He Always Gives The Best Advice

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When you tell a man he gives you the best advice, he will instantly feel like he's on top of his game. Why? Because he knows he is doing a great job with you since you are pointing out that you are going to him for advice.

The difference here is that you're complimenting him by telling him that he gives you the BEST advice out there - emphasis on the BEST. Why does this work? Because a man loves to feel needed by the woman he goes gaga for. So let him feel that way by asking him for his help or advice.

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