If Disney Characters Could Text (20 Photos)

The people who come up with the concepts for Disney movies have got to have some of the most creative minds around. The stories are truly magical. They transport us to other lands where anything is possible. We get to see talking animals, there are people with magical hair, ice powers, flying carpets, and hooks that transform them into whatever animal they can think of. When we watch these films, we just sit there in awe as we look at how amazing these worlds are.

But even though the lands are full of magic and wonder, they still are missing something that comes in handy. And that thing happens to be cell phones. Throughout the years, there hasn’t been one Disney Princess that has called up her prince just to shoot the breeze. There was never a sidekick who decided that they would text a hero to see how their pal was doing.

Even though none of our favorite princesses, princes, or sidekicks were lucky enough to ever have the chance to use a cell, it’s still nice to imagine what it would be like if they did. If they had access to mobile devices then their conversations would probably go a little bit like the ones on this list.

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20 He Was There Too

Yes, Mulan is the hero of Mulan, but she did have some help along the way. Mushu was there to be her guide throughout the entire process. He wasn’t the dragon that her ancestors had wanted to accompany her on her way, but he actually ended up doing a good job. He kept her safe and helped her out.

For example, if it wasn’t for her, all the men who she went off to war with would’ve found out that she was a woman when they were in the lake going for a swim. If he hadn’t taken one for the team and scared them up onto that rock, she would’ve gotten caught and then who knows if she would’ve been able to save China from the Huns.

19 So Romantic

I’m sure that even if we've never dreamed about being proposed to or carrying out a proposal, that it’s never crossed our mind that a text message would be a possibility. There is nothing that’s even remotely imaginative about being proposed to via text. It requires no thought, and quite frankly, it’s completely unromantic.

This text message is funny, but it also sums up how Cinderella would’ve gone down if they could text. This whole story is highly problematic for me in general, but at least in the movie he took the time to ask her for her hand in person. If he had access to a phone then this is probably how he would’ve chosen to ask her instead.

18 Lesson Learned

When you were a kid, your parent (or whoever raised you) probably warned you about strangers. They told you not to talk to people that you didn’t know, and to not take anything or go anywhere with these people.

Your caregivers told you about this because they cared about you and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to you.

Snow White didn’t have this and that’s why she ended up eating a poison apple by the one woman who should’ve been looking out for her. But as you can see from this text message, she remembered that she shouldn’t be taking apples from people she doesn’t know, but it still probably felt good to her to know that she has someone in her life that cares enough to remind her.

17 The Advantages Of Opposable Thumbs

Adam remains a beast for the majority of Beauty and the Beast. In fact, we don’t even get to see him interact with his princess in his human form until the last few minutes of the film. Even though he never explicitly expresses how happy he is now that he’s human again, I’m sure that he felt excited to lose his beast-like appearance.

It couldn’t have been easy to go around looking like that. He was human before he turned into that monster, so he knew what it was like to be a person and I’m sure that he missed being a handsome prince with thumbs. Especially when cell phones get involved.

16 Wakey, Wakey!

When Rapunzel was locked away in the tower, the only way anyone could expect to get up there easily was by using her hair as a rope ladder. Sure it was possible to climb up by using the vines on the wall, but why would you want to go through all of that when you could just use her tresses?

And if Pascal ever left the tower, it would be even easier for him to get up.

He’s so light that all he would have to do was hold on as Rapunzel pulled up her hair. He basically could just sit back and enjoy the ride.

15 House Hunters

Most of the princes and princesses probably lived in a castle after they said their "I dos," but that most likely wasn’t the case for Naveen and Tiana. The prince was from Maldonia, but they didn’t move there after the wedding. They may have gotten married there, but after that, they went back to New Orleans so that his princess could open up and run the restaurant that she had always dreamed of having. That means that they definitely weren’t living in Naveen’s parent’s castle, which also means that they had to go house hunting at some point in time.

14 What A Coincidence

Whenever I’m at work and I’m not doing anything that requires me to really concentrate, I like to listen to Disney music. I usually pick a song at random to start with and then I just leave the autoplay on and listen to whatever comes on next. I never have to skip the next song because all of their songs are just so magical.

The entire soundtrack from Mulan is amazing, but “Be a Man” is probably my favorite.

It’s just so catchy. If the end of my shift is up and I haven’t listened to that one yet, I will make sure that I play it before I walk out of the door to go home.

13 Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora has gotten a bad rep, all because she pricked her finger with a needle and entered into a sleeping curse. None of the other princesses have nicknames, but she does. It’s much more likely that you’ll hear someone refer to her as Sleeping Beauty before you hear them call her by her given name. I know that I never use Aurora when I’m talking about her. I use Sleeping Beauty so much that sometimes it even takes me awhile to remember what her actual name is. And I’m sure that that’s true for a lot of people out there.

12 Why Would You Ever Leave?

If I had a mini library in my home, I would probably spend most of my time there. But if I had one that was the size of the one that’s in Belle and Adam’s castle, I would never leave. There would be no need to go to a public one to borrow a book when you have something as big as the one that they have.

She could literally get lost in her own library.

Any book that she could think of is most likely somewhere in that room, and if it wasn’t then I’m sure that the prince would find a way to bring it to her.

11 At Least He Came Eventually

When Simba ran away from home, he never planned on coming back. He really did think that he had slayed his father and because of this, he was afraid that everyone would be angry at him for doing it. However, when push came to shove, he went back there in order to get his kingdom back from his uncle who was ruining the Pride Lands. It took him years to buck up enough courage to return to his home, but he did it. If cell phones had been added into the mix then it probably would’ve looked something like this. Better late than never, right?

10 Yes

In Brave, Merida was the firstborn of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Because of this, she was supposed to get married to whichever firstborn that ended up winning the Highland Games. Because she’s the firstborn, she decided to compete in the competition herself, and she easily wound up beating her competitors, which meant that she technically shouldn’t have had to get married to any of them.

Who needs men anyway, right?

After having a fight with her mom about this, she ran off and wandered into a witch that gave her a magical cake that was supposed to alter her fate. When she gave it to her mom, the queen ended up turning into a bear.

9 Date Night

I’m sure that the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp has inspired many a romantic photo. Throughout the years there have probably been tons of people who have tried to recreate this scene. One partner would pick up a long piece of spaghetti and put it in their mouth and then the other person would pick up the other end and put in their mouth, and then the two of them would suck on it until they came together and their lips touched. I’ve never done it before, but it’s definitely on my bucket list! I just need to find somebody to do it with!

8 Rejected

"Do you want to Build a Snowman" is a pretty appealing song, but it also fairly sad.

I can't be the only one that teared up when Anna sang "...okay bye," can I?!

All Anna knows is that she used to be best friends with her sister and then all of sudden, her big sis no longer wants to hang out with her. Throughout the course of the tune she constantly tries to get her sibling to come out of her room to spend time with her. She proposes so many activities, but Elsa refuses to do any of them. Eventually, she just gives up because there’s only so much rejection a person can take before they decide to just stop trying.

7 Huh?

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is obsessed with the human world. She has an entire cave full of everyday items that humans would never miss. Unfortunately, she was never given the correct names or uses of these items. Her pal Scuttle means well, but he really doesn’t know anything about human stuff either. So, whenever he tells the mermaid about a new item, he uses some ridiculous sounding name and tells her that humans use it for something that’s completely different from their intended use. You would think that she would’ve picked up the appropriate names and uses once she became human, but apparently that’s not the case.

6 Trouble Makers

Rapunzel was lucky enough to have a couple of companions. Pascal was there with her from the very beginning. He kept her company while she was locked away up in that tower, but Maximus came along later on down the road. This horse, that has dog-like hunting capabilities, runs into the young princess while he’s hunting Eugene. After spending a lot of time together, the two animals become friends.

It's the classic scenario is every Disney film with talking animals.

In Tangled ever After, we find out that the two of them are capable of getting into some hijinks of their own. That’s why this text message isn’t very surprising at all.

5 Really?

I will never understand why Eric guessed the name Mildred. When you’re trying to figure out somebody’s name, you start with all of the common ones first. And yet, the first one out of his mouth was Mildred.

Are you okay, Eric?!

He followed up with two common names, and frankly he should’ve started with those first. After he exhausted the list of everyday names, then he should have begun using the ones that were out of the box. Not to mention, she doesn’t even look like a Mildred. She seemed thoroughly offended when he used this as a possible name, and I would’ve been, too.

4 A Whole New World

Aladdin set the bar pretty high as far as dates are concerned. When your first date with somebody is taking them on a magic carpet ride across the world, all of the other dates after that would probably be pretty boring. It would be fairly hard to do anything better than that.

He literally swept her off of her feet!

I’m sure Jasmine didn’t care about having dates as amazing as the first one was, but the prince probably felt a little bit bad that he could never come close to doing anything as grand as that first one ever again.

3 Roaming

Even though we live in a world where cell phones are a thing, there are still some places where we can’t get reception. Whenever I go hiking up in the mountains, for example, I can’t text or call anyone — and they can’t text or call me. I’m sure that this would be a problem for Pocahontas as well. She lived in a pretty remote village, so if John Smith ever wanted to text her, it would definitely be difficult. She would most likely have to travel to some place with reception if she ever wanted to text her boo across the pond.

2 Again!?

I’ve definitely left things at a friend’s place before. But the good thing about having phones is that I didn’t’ have to drive all the way back over to where they live in order to find out if I left it there. I could just pick up my phone and send a text asking that person if I left the item with them.

This is why so many teens even have cell phones.

For someone like Cinderella who has been known to leave a shoe behind, this would come in pretty handy. If she forgot one again, all she would have to do is shoot that person a text to see if it was there.

1 Dinner Time

Every day the dwarfs would leave their little cottage in the woods to go mining for diamonds. Since they spent the whole day down there, there’s no way that they didn’t get dirty. Being surrounded by dirt lined caves, would leave them feeling and looking unclean when it was time for them to finally call it a day. That means that they would definitely have to clean up after coming home from work. Sometimes if you have a job that requires you to just sit at a desk all day, you can just come straight home and eat without having to wash up. That’s not the case for these guys.

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