20 Cop Selfies That Kinda Make Us Want To Break A Law

Respect for law enforcement is super important, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate their good looks too. After all, the full package is what makes cops who they are, from their brave behavior to their exceptional exterior.

We admire the hard work and dedication these men and women put forth day in and day out. They protect us and put their lives on the line. Yes, there is controversy that some cops don’t always follow the rules, but for the majority of cops who are courageous and caring, props go out from people from all walks of life.

But let’s get back to the looks. There’s always space to be a bit superficial. Putting their jobs aside for the moment, it’s time to give some attention to the aesthetics. These cops are sizzling, and they may make someone “accidentally” roll through a stop sign just to hear their siren.

20 Catch Us If You Can

Via: Twitter.com

If this man pulled anyone over, they’d be shocked to see such a hunk handing them a ticket. Not to say that there aren’t plenty of good-looking police officers, but some are far bigger studs than others. When this guy says to follow the rules, we’ll be sure to let that sink in.

19 Brunette Badge

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This lovely lady wants us to follow the law, and what she says goes. It’s hard to resist such a request from such an attractive woman, so folks will be sure to drive the speed limit and never steal a thing. She’s all about protecting people, and being so pretty is the cherry on top.

18 Miranda's Main Squeeze

Via: wonderwall.com

Country singer Miranda Lambert went from dating guys in the biz to forming a union with a man in uniform. This cop probably never thought in a million years he’s wind up with Miranda, but when fate steps in, anything goes. Was it his badge or his biceps that drew her in?

17 The Police Pose

Via: attitude.co.uk

This officer seems to be taking a load off, but maybe that’s his way of catching criminals off-guard. He’s cool and collected, making it seem like his work is a piece of cake. Ladies must go wild when they see this guy in uniform, but he makes sure to keep things professional.

16 On Duty

Via: journalpost.co.uk

This fella is flicking through his phone, perhaps seeing how many “likes” he got for his latest selfie. He’s a fine-looking fella, so it’s no surprise that lots of love comes his way. While on duty, let’s hope this guy puts his phone down and does his job with his full attention.

15 Partners In Crime

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Partners rely on one another when the going gets tough, but for now, these guys are showing off their guns…in this case, their biceps. These studs know they’ve got the looks that drive the ladies wild, but let’s hope they don’t use it to their advantage. When it comes to being a cop, professionalism beats out pride.

14 Who Doesn’t Love A Man In Uniform?

Via: factsverse.com

Seeing such a handsome cop on the street could cause a traffic jam. This man is all business, but his body language says that he’s confident in his looks as well. He’s out there doing his job, but those who drive by must do a double-take. This officer is outstanding in more ways than one.

13 Hard At Work

Via: fox8.com

Sometimes the cops are indoors doing important paperwork and other related tasks. This stuff is all part of the program, and this cop is taking a moment to smile so he doesn’t stress out. Time outside leads to lots of adventure, but the office work is also an integral part of the role.

12 Cute And Caring

Via: Patch.com

This handsome cop surely made a good impression on these thankful ladies. He’s out there protecting people and also finds time to show the community that he’s caring. With a dazzling smile and a kind demeanor, this fella fills out all the requirements for being the best he can be.

11 Policeman And Pup

Via: visaliatimesdelta.com

This dude is darn cute and so is his dog. Dogs who work alongside cops are special creatures, and this fella knows how fortunate he is to have this four-legged friend by his side. The bond must be unbreakable and the trust is there through thick and thin. Who’s a good boy?

10 The Peace Sign Police

Via: Pinterest.com

Yes officer, we promise we’ll be peaceful. This cop is super cute, and he must have lots of fans who can’t wait to see him when he hits the streets. Of course, looks have nothing to do with getting the job done, but being easy on the eyes never hurt anyone.

9 We’ll Confess Our Crime

Via: Pinterest.com

This cute cop is giving us those puppy dog eyes and we’re smitten. He can’t help it that he was blessed with good genes, so he can’t blame us for admiring his good looks. This cop must get lots of compliments, but he is more concerned with the community’s wellbeing than “working it.”

8 Sirens Are Blaring

Via: Twitter.com

This cop is quite the looker, and he’s smiling like the “supermodel” he is. Of course, when it’s time to get to work, this guy gets serious and turns that smile into a stare. He’s making sure everyone stays safe and protected, but who can help but admire his arms?

7 Behold The Biceps

Via: Pinterest.com

This cop has biceps that defy all logic. They are huge and he’s obviously not afraid to flex them. Seeing such a strong cop would surely make some people scared, but this guy’s soft smile lets us know that he’s not going to punch out any old pedestrian. He must spend as much time in the gym as he does at the precinct.

6 Locker Room Law Enforcement

Via: Pinterest.com

This cop seems to be perfecting his selfies in the station locker room, and it seems like he finally got the perfect pic. He’s handsome and fit, so it’s no wonder he wants to share his good looks with the world. Let’s hope he gets this part of the day done so he can get back to his more important duties.

5 Model Citizens

Via: trendsmap.com

These cops must work in a town where there’s never any trouble. It gives them time to pose on their patrol car and hang out for the afternoon. However, if something goes down, these guys better get up. It would be a shame for a crime to take place because these fellas were fooling around.

4 Snacks Before Shakedowns

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A cop’s gotta eat, so why not enjoy something sweet? This guy stays in remarkable shape, so some treats on the street won’t bust his trousers. He doesn’t have time for a sit-down meal, so he scarfs his snack down quickly. When he has some time off, he can spend more time enjoying a home-cooked meal. There are plenty of admirers who’d be happy to whip up something for him.

3 Triple Threat

Via: Twitter.com

These three cops are showing us that it takes a team to get the job done. While they don’t seem to be working at the moment, at least we can tell that they’re in sync when the camera goes off. Street selfies are nothing new, but if there’s a crook around the corner, these guys better snap into action.

2 Bald And Buff

Via: Pinterest.ch

Bald can be beautiful, and plenty of people find the hairless look attractive. Paired with this guy’s bulging biceps, he’s the total package for those who enjoy a strong fella with a smooth head. He’s ready to keep the city in order, and his serious expression shows he’s paying close attention.

1 Tats Amazing

Via: Pinterest.com

When this cop isn’t out working to protect the citizens, he’s obviously at the tattoo shop working on getting inked. He’s flexing like a show-off, but there are lots of folks who are glad he’s so confident. If a guy can withstand the pain of a tattoo needle, he’ll have no trouble fighting off criminals.

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