20 Crazy Details About Oliver Queen's Anatomy

Thanks to the interpretation available on the CW's "Arrowverse," the average television watcher has heard of Oliver Queen. Billionaire playboy turned vigilante, Queen eventually becomes DC Comics' costumed hero Green Arrow. Over the years, this Robin Hood-esque character gained popularity with readers. Oliver Queen became a staple super name, almost as well-known as that of Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent.

However, despite Oliver Queen's rise in popularity, not much is known about the more intimate details about his person. We know he's not DC's most powerful hero, but the average person is at a complete loss about Queen's particular anatomy. Never fear, for these are the kinds of things we live to tell you. Read on if you want to know some pretty crazy details about Oliver Queen's inner workings.

20 A Strange Healing Factor

While Oliver Queen is no Wolverine, he must definitely have some sort of healing factor activated in his body given how easily he heals from insane injuries. He's been able to shrug off wounds that would stop even the strongest person in real life. We guess that's why comic book characters exist only in fiction.

19 A Pain In His Left Arm

Only the most avid comic book readers will know that Oliver Queen has a pain in his left arm that persists even though outside evidence of the injury has disappeared. Of course, this is only true of the New Earth version of Oliver Queen. Don't get us started on all of DC's alternate timelines and parallel dimensions.

18 Around Average Height

While he might cut an imposing figure in the CW television show, Oliver Queen is only 5'10'' in the comic books. He's of average height, but don't let that fact distract you from his lethal skill with a bow and arrow and razor sharp wit in conversation. It'll be the last thing you laugh at him for.

17 Unironic Green Eyes

Oliver Queen's super hero persona is known as Green Arrow. It is a lucky coincidence then that his eyes are colored a startling shade of green themselves. It's almost as if he was destined for that super-name since the day he was born. Or maybe he just chose it for that reason.

16 Higher Than Average Pain Threshold

Both the show and the comic books make a point of showing off how much pain Oliver Queen can tolerate. They both demonstrate that he has a really high pain threshold, meaning he must be suffering a lot for him to be bothered by it. Given all the trouble he goes through on the show, we're glad for that fact.

15 Multiple Versions Of Him Look Different

As anybody who is familiar with DC Comics knows by now, there are multiple versions of every super hero. There are multiple earths, multiple timelines, so on and so forth. That means there are multiple Oliver Queens, and you'd be surprised how different some of them look from the original.

14 Trained Body In Martial Arts

With years of patience and practice, Oliver Queen has honed his body to the ultimate degree of physical preparedness. He knows martial arts, and this knowledge has helped him whenever he has to get into close quarters while in his persona of Green Arrow. You can't shoot from a distance all the time.

13 Fantastic Lungs For Swimming

Oliver Queen's lungs must be the size of a small country. Jesting aside, his lung capacity must be great indeed given how long he can spend underwater, as demonstrated by the version of Queen we see on the popular CW show, Arrow. Our chest aches just in sympathy.

12 He's Gone Through Resurrection

Death is an impermanent affair in comic books, as any comic book reader could tell you. Green Arrow has gone through the process of dying, too. It didn't last long thanks to having a buddy who could get him out of the afterlife. Oliver Queen was resurrected, looking a lot more beardy than he did when he died.

11 The Collected Callouses

Anybody who has consistently drawn a bow and arrow, played a guitar, or held a pencil for too long knows that callouses are an inevitable thing. Given how frequently (and how expertly) Oliver Queen spends nocking and shooting arrows from his bow, we know his hands are probably calloused five ways to Sunday.

10 Body Is In Peak Physical Perfection

Whenever Green Arrow's physical attributes are listed, one of the things you'll frequently see is the fact that his body is in "peak physical perfection." That's just a fancy way of saying his body is perfect. With a spot in the Justice League, of course Queen has to be in tip-top shape.

9 He Has A "Spidey-Sense"

If the Flash existed in reality, no hero would be able to go up against him. Super speed? He's got you beat if you can't see him coming. But in order to even the odds, the Arrowverse gave Oliver Queen a kind of sixth sense so that he could time attacks against Barry Allen perfectly.

8 Channeled Energy Into A Green Lantern Ring

One of Oliver Queen's closest friends in the comic books is Hal Jordan, also known as a Green Lantern. At one point, Queen used the Green Lantern ring, channeling enough willpower to create an arrow made out of pure energy. This action left its toll on Oliver Queen's body.

7 Stomach For An Island Diet

Despite what idyllic cartoon depictions might have you think, an island diet is not as diverse as what you'd expect. During Oliver Queen's time marooned on his little island, his stomach had to make do with what he could scrounge up there. (And that's also why he became a great cook afterward.)

6 Body Of An Acrobat

While Oliver Queen's body is essentially drool-worthy on the CW show, we should all recognize it for what it really is. It is the body of an acrobat. While he's no Dick Grayson, Oliver Queen has trained himself to become incredibly agile. This pays off in the hand-to-hand combat scenarios he frequently finds himself in.

5 Naturally Blond

Even though Oliver Queen's hair color might look unnaturally yellow in the comic books, that is in fact his real hair color. He is a bona-fide blond man. We don't blame you for ever considering the idea that he might color it. That yellow is almost obscenely bright and garish.

4 The Classic Goatee

Ignoring the CW show for a moment, the Oliver Queen we know and love in the comics has worn that same hairstyle and goatee for years. In the classic comic books of yore, Green Arrow was practically defined by that goatee. We honestly don't know whether we want this look to ever make it's appearance on Arrow or not.

3 His Body Has Contained The Speed Force

The Arrowverse went through an Elseworlds storyline that showcased our favorite heroes in different scenarios. For example, in one of these alternate worlds, Oliver Queen tapped into the Speed Force, making him a more grizzled Flash than we would want. He did handle his speeding around in a pretty nifty fashion though.

2 Weighs Around 176 Pounds

All that muscle from his workouts and bow-and-arrowing has gifted Oliver Queen with a "whopping" 176 lbs. The Queen we know in the comics is a rather trim man, but his slimness really does belie the heavy musculature the dude is packing underneath that Robin Hood outfit.

1 He...Has Magic Inside Him

Certain aspects of the Arrowverse don't sit well with us as major comic book fans. One of those aspects is that Queen can somehow use magic as Green Arrow. We don't care what you call this "light of the soul" bull-turkey. It's magic, plain and simple, and they are clearly trying to buff up Queen's skill set.

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