20 Creative Window Treatments

Whether you're moving in to a new house and your windows are begging for attention, or you're just ready to give your existing home a makeover, consider these 20 most unique window treatment ideas. Creative approaches to the traditional curtain make large impacts in your home.

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20 Paint Your Windows

Via: thatcreativefeeling.com

Channel the inner child in you and let the creative juices flow. Painting windows is all about expressing yourself. Get inspired by this one, and change them up with the seasons. Just be sure to be using a product made for painting windows!

19 Burlap Shades

Via: remodelista.com

Inexpensive yet beautiful burlap shades add a lot of character to a room.  The sun shines beautifully through the woven fibers. Here is the tutorial on how to make your own.

18 Creative Curtain Rod

Via: oliveandlove.com

If you're looking for something other than the traditional curtain rod, take a reclaimed piece of wood and repurpose it. Hang little hooks along the wood to drape the curtain.

17 Lace Embellishment

Via: annabelvita.com

This is so dainty and sophisticated. Anywhere you're looking for a little bit a privacy you can either stick lace on the window using cornstarch, or you can stretch the lace over the screen frame for an chic vintage screen. Get the cornstarch tutorial here.

16 Macramé Wall Hanging

Via: bloglovin.com

Hang a beautiful macrame wall hanging in front of the window so the sunlight shines right through. Doing this adds an eclectic boho-chic vibe to any room.

15 Dreamy Canopy

Via: thebudgetdecorator.com

A draped canopy is especially beautiful if your bed happens to be up against a window. You can easily make one of these yourself by mounting 2 towel racks on the ceiling. Go to a local fabric store and pick out a light airy fabric, and drape it along the two towel racks.

14 Mason Jar Treatment

Via: itallstartedwithpaint.com

Mason jar anything is the best. Hanging them with hemp twine in a staggered pattern is great for the kitchen or dining room. Fill them with seasonal flowers to really transform the room. Here is a how-to tutorial to achieving this look.

13 Color Block

If you can't decide on a color, use them all! Color blocking is so much fun. You can use really bright colors for the kids rooms, or a muted pallet for a luxurious look.

12 Organic Branches & Lights

Make your home look like a fairy woodland! Delicately hang branches or driftwood and entwine them with twinkling lights.

11 DIY Privacy Glass

Via: simplesoutherncharmblog.com

This is a perfect DIY project to do if you want to add texture and a little bit of privacy to a set of windows or doors.  Try it out on an office or front door to your home.

10 Rod Iron Details

This is an industrial yet organic window treatment idea. Hang a unique rod iron piece that you picked up at an antique store to add a little character.

9 Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters are such a great way to spruce up a boring window. This tutorial shows how to construct and hang your own indoor shutters for the ideal rustic farmhouse look.

8 Lace Doilies

Via: pickystitch.com

Picture these lace doilies in a study or a little girls room! Easily make a simple collage of doilies for a one-of-a-kind window treatment. You can hand sew them together or use a sewing machine such as in this tutorial.

7 Indoor Awning

An indoor cloth awning is great for a reading nook, kids room or cafe table in the kitchen. Here's an easy DIY tutorial on how to recreate this exact look.

6 Cafe Curtains

Via: houseofturquoise.com

Cafe curtains thrive in the kitchen. Don't feel obligated to hang full length curtains on the wall and go ahead and hang the rod mid-way. Cafe curtains are ideal for the quaint cottage look.

5 DIY Roman Shades

Via: honestlywtf.com

Transform old junky mini blinds into beautiful ornate Roman shades. Follow this tutorial on how to create your own sophisticated shades that will match perfectly with your home.

4 Staggered Glass

Via: flickr.com

Find different shaped glass globes and beakers to hang at various lengths in order to cover the window. Add air plants or flowers to spruce it up even more.

3 Add an Antique Window

Via: cozylittlehouse.com

Antique windows are extraordinarily beautiful but may not be very functional to install into the side of your house. Take one and hang it with hooks at the top of a window in your home to trick the eye and add antique charm.

2 Bohemian Beaded Curtain

Via: memoriesofabutterfly.com

Glass beaded curtains double as a beautiful sun catcher, releasing colorful rays all throughout the room. You'll transform your space into a warm cozy bohemian bungalow.

1 Rustic Wood Awning

Via: houzz.com

Amazingly clever and unique, this indoor wooden awning is something that your friends probably don't have in their house. Distress the wood to create a country cottage vibe in your home.

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