20 Creepy Attic Finds (That Would Make Anyone Want To Move House)

Attics are usually unsettling not only because of all the ghost stories that appear in urban legends and online but also because unless the homeowner decides to spend a lot of money fixing it up and making it into something like a home office, they are often dreary and full of dust.

Below are some of the most spine-tingling and truly unsettling objects poor, unsuspecting homeowners have found lurking in their attic alongside all of the dust bunnies.

Not only do these poor folks need to look up the history of the house to make sure that it’s not haunted out the wazoo, but they should also douse all of the objects they found with salt before tossing ‘em!

20 Casper Is Right Behind You

Via: Reddit

Finding old photos that have been hidden away in a house are creepy enough, but one asking the finder if they see “him” is definitely grounds for selling the place and moving far, far away.

After all, what if the house is haunted by a malevolent male spirit and the photographer met their untimely end by HIM?

19 The Owner Of The House Doesn't Own A Cat

Via: Reddit

Normally, this photo would be funny because clearly a cat decided to troll their owner by hiding in the attic and popping out when they least expect it.

Only problem is that a) this animal looks way too big to be a cat and b) the owner of the house DOESN’T ACTUALLY OWN A CAT. Salem, is that you buddy?

18 Calling Fantine From Les Miserables

Via: Imgur

Not sure if this was a creepy hiding spot for Victorian-era kids or if this is a set-piece from Les Miserables.

Either way, the homeowner really needs to grab some garden sage and salt in order to cleanse the house of negative entities, lest some ghosts start making a ruckus up there at night.

17 That Thing Is Definitely Possessed By An Ancient Evil

Via: Imgur

Is this the Phantom of the Opera’s secret attic hideout? This half-decayed monkey looks exactly like the prop that they use through the Broadway musical.

Time to bring this monkey to the landfill so that the Phantom’s spirit won’t make it come to life and start dropping chandeliers on people.

16 Toss That Doll Out ASAP

Via: Imgur

Uhhhh….just one look at this raggedy doll is enough to give someone the chills and want to run away from it like their hair is on fire.

Between the disheveled “hair,” weird eyes and the stain on her face, this dolly looks like it contains an evil spirit inside of its stuffed innards.

15 They're Here....

Via: Imgur

Tales of “black-eyed children” that try to persuade people on the road to help them or lurk by someone’s door is absolutely terrifying because it combines the traditional pop culture look of a demon with some seriously creepy children.

This painting clearly depicts two of these black-eyed children, which gives one pause. After all, maybe the creepy AF kids are trying a new tactic: hiding in a painting before busting out into the home in order to terrorize the inhabitants.

14 This Is How You Get Malevolent Hauntings, Karen

Via: Imgur

This is clearly not one of those cheap-o plastic skulls that anyone can purchase from their local Halloween costume store or in retail places like TJ Maxx—no, this skull is the real deal and had to have come from ye olde time-y medical display since that’s what folks did back in the day.

Bury that skull in consecrated ground because this is how people wind up getting haunted and it’s better to not risk it.

13 Say It All Together: Unholy Abomination

Via: Twitter

Just nope, nope, nope: if there’s anything worse than finding creepy AF doll in the attic that someone “left behind,” it is finding a CRUSHED creepy AF doll that still manages to give off a malevolent stare.

Given that stare and the twisted lips, the previous owner probably realized that the doll was sinister and tried to destroy it, but the evil within kept it from being entirely crushed.

12 Throw That Thing Away NOW

Via: Reddit

Holy flying spaghetti monster, get a priest or a druid or something to exorcise the living hell out of that attic space because there are WAY too many ghost stories online about folks hearing a ghost baby crying at night.

Time to look up the history of that house to make sure that there were no tragedies occurring on that property—if there are, leave that baby carriage and get the hell out of there!

11 Send It To The Museum Of Natural History In NYC

Via: Imgur

Looks like Flounder’s buddy came to a tragic end: stuffed and left for trash in someone’s attic. Taxidermy can be interesting—like how the residents of Juneau, Alaska brought the ill-fated Romeo the friendly wolf back to life for a permanent exhibit, but this is just weird.

Out of all the cool animals to preserve, who the heck decides to pick a pufferfish? They’re weird-looking enough when they are alive, and only look weirder once they’re dead and preserved.

10 Ghost Child Loves Their Rocking Chair

Via: Reddit

Pretty sure that the home owners ran out of the attic screeching after they found this thing because that lone rocking chair is SO unnerving and it looks like it would start moving any second now.

Time to throw some salt and holy water all over this chair before putting it outside for the sanitation department to pick up, lest the ghost child starts making it move all night.

9 Salt And Burn That Thing

Via: Reddit

Common sense says that the reason why this doll looks like that is due to rats having a feast, but the fearful part of the human brain says that this doll was destroyed by a malevolent spirit controlling a child.

The owner would be better off grabbing some salt and burning that thing, just in case.

8 Manson's Spirit Paid A Visit

Via: Reddit

Okay, after seeing this all over the walls, it is time to move out. Don’t even bother trying to figure out if that’s red paint or something more sinister—just go.

This attic looks like it was the site of some sort of ritualistic killer cult thing and no one wants to fuck with that. Not only does it bring bad vibes, but every ghost hunting show claims it brings evil ghosts in too. Just move y’all.

7 Oh Hey, Long Time No See Imhotep

Via: Reddit

Oh man, that dummy (or mummy) is seriously a panic attack waiting to happen. In dim lighting and tons of shadows, it totally looks like it could be a living person.

This appears to be a dummy—maybe from some Halloween decoration or a project, but it’s better to get someone really, really brave to poke at it with a stick to make sure and then research the history of the place just to make sure nothing tragic or nefarious occurred.

6 The Phantom Of The Opera's Sitting Room

Via: Imgur

Some folks have a finished attic where it’s a nice and cozy place to read, relax or get some quiet while working. This attic doesn’t appear to have gone that route, which is why it’s chilling to see a friggin’ chandelier and a chair in front of it.

Did someone pull a Mr. Rochester and keep a relative holed up in that area until they shuffled off their mortal coil? Time to get someone to bless that attic!

5 Crowley Made That Chair For The Lulz

Via: Imgur

All right, who in their right mind would even PURCHASE such a creepy AF chair, let alone hide it in their attic for the next owner to find?

That chair’s carving looks positively demonic, that’s definitely not a good look for the décor. Second, why did they hide it in the attic? Pour some holy water on that chair before tossing it out.

4 Dorian Gray's Son

Via: Imgur

Okay, most people have heard of Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray or remember Reeve Carney portraying the character in the short-lived Showtime series Penny Dreadful; therefore, they’d toss this painting out first chance they get.

Despite the fact that the little boy is crying, his eyes look sinister AF and it’s best to not tempt fate by allowing a haunted painting to stay in one’s house a moment longer than it has to.

3 The Haunting Of Hill House Part Two

Via: Reddit

Not sure if this is utterly hilarious or seriously spooky—it’s a little bit of both.

The story behind this photograph must be interesting: either this is a homemade Halloween decoration that someone was super proud of or it’s a tiny little monster that attacked the owner before they met their untimely doom.

2 Aerys Targaryen Says: Burn Them All

Via: Reddit

Aside from Barbie dolls, dolls, in general, are pretty damn creepy, so why on Earth would someone decide to up the creep factor by putting one in a ye olde Victorian time dress and giving the other one BRIGHT RED EYES. Mothman, is that you?

Given the surly expression on the doll with the black dress and the one with red eyes, there’s a good chance that those things are possessed and may be scarier than Chucky ever was.

1 The Mother Of All Cursed Images

Via: Reddit

Old time-y photos are always neat to see, but this photograph is truly the stuff of nightmares. Not only does this unfortunate-looking child have a bizarrely-shaped head, but his eyes are ALL BLACK. Where the hell is this kid’s pupils?

Don’t mess with those spooky black-eyed children; get rid of this photo before this child turns up knocking at the door one day.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur, Twitter

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