20 Cringey Pics The Cyrus Family Wants Buried (But We Can't Ignore)

Miley Cyrus has grown up in front of the cameras, and her life has changed a lot from her Disney Channel days: She’s shed her good-girl image, she’s gotten married, and recently divorced, and she’s entertained and shocked fans with her antics. But she’s not the only famous Cyrus, and she actually has five siblings who are every bit as interesting (although not quite as controversial) as she is.

Over the years, the Cyrus family has made headlines for many reasons, from their relationships to their success in their chosen fields, but with fame also comes a downside, which includes the paparazzi lurking around every corner trying to snap the most unflattering photo they can. Well, below are some of those photos, and a few other cringey moments the Cyrus family has experienced.

20 This Hairstyle Is Not A Good Look For You, Miley!

Via Daily Mail

Being famous may give celebrities the adoration of millions and certainly doesn’t hurt their bank accounts, but one of the downsides to fame is that the paparazzi are lurking around every corner, waiting to get an often unflattering photo. Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, when she took her dogs out for a walk, she wasn’t exactly looking her best!

19 Tish And Billy Ray’s Relationship Has Withstood The Test Of Time, And Luckily For Us, So Have Their Old Photos

Via Tish Cyrus Instagram

Miley Cyrus is not the only famous member of the Cyrus clan, in fact, they are a supremely talented bunch, but their fame started with Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray and his wife Tish Cyrus have been married since 1993, and although it’s not always been smooth sailing for these two, they’ve managed to make their relationship work, despite the pressure of living their lives in the public eye.

18 You Can Always Count On The Paparazzi To Snap Unflattering Photos

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Remember we mentioned the downside of fame is the paparazzi? Well, it turns out it’s not just Miley Cyrus who has been snapped not looking her best, but also her sister, Brandi. According to Daily Mail, this photo was taken in West Hollywood when Brandi was hanging out with her reported love interest, musician Zach Hall — and the paps managed to get a series of images with her looking as though she’s in mid-sentence.

17 Miley Has Definitely Experienced Unwanted Attention Because Her Bowl Haircut Is Just Not Working

Via The Mirror

Miley Cyrus has made some interesting changes to her appearance over the years, and although some looks left the majority of people very impressed, her bowl haircut is probably one of the least flattering. We’re not sure what she was thinking here, but, as The Mirror notes, her “hairdo is unfortunately rather unflattering.”

16 We Know Miley Likes To Shock Us With Her Antics, But What The Heck Is Happening Here

Via The Cut

Miley Cyrus first gained fame as a child star, and she had a squeaky clean Disney image, but as she aged, she started to rebel, and we can definitely all agree that she has since shed her good-girl image. She’s done this not only with her adventurous outfits and more adult looks but also her antics, which include getting in Katy Perry’s personal space.

15 That Awkward Moment When You're Photographed Removing Things From Your Teeth

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When you’ve just eaten a big meal (especially if it contained spinach or some other teeth-clinging food) it’s always helpful to get your friends or family to do a teeth check so that you can avoid awkward encounters with strangers while you have something stuck in your teeth. Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, when she did her teeth check, a photographer decided to capture the moment for the world to see.

14 Miley’s Notorious VMAs Performance Was Memorable For More Than Her Twerking

Via The Independent

MTV’s VMAs have always been an interesting award ceremony because unlike some other events, this one doesn’t take itself too seriously and the performers and the audience usually have a lot of fun. That said, in the case of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s 2013 performance, they had too much fun, and viewers found themselves shocked by what they witnessed.

13 Before Noah Cyrus And Lil Xan Split, They Were Definitely Not Shy About The PDA

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Some people may not realize that Miley Cyrus (who is arguably the most popular among the Cyrus kids) has five siblings, and the youngest is her sister, Noah Cyrus. Like Miley, Noah is also making a name for herself in the music industry, but it’s not just her singing abilities that have gotten the attention of the media because her relationships are also interesting. Among Noah’s partners has been rapper Lil Xan, and before they split, they were definitely not shy about public displays of affection.

12 Um, No Miley, You Are Not A Baby Anymore!

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Miley Cyrus and her mama, Trish Cyrus, appear to have a close bond, and Bustle notes that Miley has even paid tribute to her mom in one of her tracks, "Mother's Daughter." Miley will always be Trish’s baby girl, but we’re still super confused as to why she’d think it would be a good idea to pose with a gigantic bottle in her mouth?!

11 Miley Has Been Less Than Complementary About Her ‘Hannah Montana’ Days, And We Can See Why It Wasn’t Always Fun

Via AceShowbiz

If you think Miley Cyrus misses her Disney days or the role of Hannah Montana, well, you’d be wrong! She’s spoken about the pressure that came with being a child star in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning (via Entertainment Tonight) and compared her Hannah Montana days to Toddlers & Tiaras. She said, “It’s a lot to put on a kid to have them have to get their makeup done and then also balance school and then also have me dress up in a wig…”

10 Billy Ray Cyrus’ Mullet Is Everything!

Buzzfeed/Fox Sports/Pinterest

Billy Ray Cyrus has enjoyed musical success — some people may remember his extremely catchy hit from 1992, “Achy Breaky Heart” — and it’s not just his sound that has changed over the years, but also his appearance. And, thankfully, he has since ditched the mullet because, well, it wasn’t the best look for him!

9 When Miley And Liam Hemsworth Stepped Out, People Took Notice (It’s Hard Not To With Their Awkward Poses)

Via The Hollywood Gossip/Liam Hemsworth Instagram

In 2019, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced (via Harper's Bazaar) that they would be divorcing, and their decision has put an end to their 10-year relationship. Many fans had been rooting for these two to make it, and although they’ve now moved on, we can’t help taking a look back at some of their photos together, which include very enthusiastic expressions and odd poses.

8 They Are A Beautiful Family, But, Thankfully, Their Style Has Evolved Over The Years

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Family photos are often super cringey, and we know that our moms have albums filled with photos we hope will never see the light of day because they are unflattering, or our choice of style at the time was just so ridiculous. Keeping this in mind, it is not unexpected that the Cyrus family’s throwbacks would also have a cringe factor!

7 Miley’s Had Many Photoshoots But This One With Billy Ray Is Just So Cringey

Via Vanity Fair

Miley Cyrus has essentially grown up in front of the camera. She has a famous dad, and then she became a big star thanks to the Disney Channel and Hannah Montana, so, of course, she has posed for hundreds of photoshoots, including this one with her dad for Vanity Fair. But, out of all of Miley’s shoots, this one seems to be the most cringey because it just looks so awkward!

6 Breakups Are Never Easy, But This Photo Started Serious Speculation About Miley’s Relationship With Kaitlynn Carter

Via Kaitlynn Carter Instagram

Breakups are never easy, but it must be especially hard for celebrities because their heartbreak is so public. No one wanted to see Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call time on their relationship, but even fewer people expected a scandal to follow after Miley and Kaitlynn Carter started spending time together. On its own, this photo is not cringey at all, but the fact that it sparked hundreds of articles in the media (including Elle creating a "complete timeline" of their relationship), and caused speculation about the status of her relationship, well, that is!

5 This Is What It Looks Like When Celebs Pretend Not To Be Posing, But It's So Obvious They Are

Via Miley Cyrus Instagram

Fans expect a lot from their favorite celebs, and they don’t just want to listen to them sing or watch them on the big screen, they also want to know about their personal lives. Social media has opened up celebs’ lives in a new way, and fans are given a glimpse into what their fav stars get up to when they are not working. Miley has an impressive following, but she may just need to work on her poses.

4 Looks Like Miley Cyrus Is A Total Fan Girl Around Madonna!

Via Daily Mail

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity in her own right, but she’s also a big fan of some other stars, including the Queen of Pop, Madonna. In fact, if this photo is anything to judge by, then Miley’s sheer enthusiasm for spending time with Madonna suggests she turns into a total fangirl around her.

3 The Pouty Face Does Not Make For Great Wedding Pictures

Via Miley Cyrus Instagram

Unlike other celebs, when Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married, they kept it small and low-key. Even some of the photos from the celebration were unusual. Wedding photos are usually beautiful, perfect moments that don’t include the bride doing her best pouting pose, but Miley Cyrus is not just anyone, and we have to love her for her strange photos because they make her unique.

2 What Is Happening Here? And Do We Even Want To Know?!

Via Miley Cyrus Instagram

We mentioned that Miley Cyrus has had more photoshoots than we can count, and she appears to be very comfortable in front of the camera because she’s willing to pose in pink liquid while sitting in a giant teacup. This is not something we see every day, but then again, we can always count on Miley to do the unexpected, and keep things interesting!

1 Celeb Or Not, Everyone’s Throwback Pics Are Cringe-Worthy

Via Buzzfeed

We love a good throwback photo, and we can’t lie, we get excited when celebs decide to share them. But we also can’t help but laugh a little about how much their styles have evolved over the years. The Cyrus family are beautiful, but like everyone else, they also have some cringe-worthy pics in their photo albums!

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