20 Cringy Things Actors Surprisingly Did During Interviews

When most people think about what being a famous actor entails, they are likely to imagine things like appearing on the big screen or making their way onstage to accept an award. On top of that kind of stuff, famous actors have to regularly sit for interview sessions that can last hours on end.

Even though being asked the same questions over and over again sounds incredibly tedious, interview sessions are a key part of an actor’s life as they provide publicity that could make or break their career. With that in mind, you’d think that stars would go out of their way to make sure their question and answer periods run smoothly but some of the time that isn’t the case. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 cringy things actors surprisingly did during interviews.

20 Denzel Washington Ruins an Interview

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Usually a really friendly guy during interviews, something was different when Denzel Washington went on Australia’s A Current Affair in 2010. Asked about some of his past co-stars and characters, for some reason Washington didn’t want to talk about anything but his current film. Due to his frustration, he kept calling out the reporter anytime she brought up the past and he even challenged her on the way their interview might be edited out of nowhere.

19 Sir Ben Kingsley Takes Several Shots At Interviewer

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Admittedly, it is strange for an interviewer to start out their few minutes with a star like Sir Ben Kingsley talking about what they ate that morning. However, we don’t really get why an interviewer doing just that during a Night at the Museum press junket seemed to set Kingsley off. No matter the reason, throughout the rest of their time together, Kingsley made it clear he didn’t like her questions, he implied she was under the influence, and he couldn’t wait for her to leave.

18 Jim Carrey Walks in Circles and Insults an Event

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During 2017’s New York Fashion Week, an interviewer opened up her interview with Jim Carrey making it clear she was surprised to see him there. She wasn’t wrong, as his reasons for being there are unclear since he went on to insult the event multiple times, he tried to sound esoteric, and he literally walked circles around the interviewer.

17 Drew Barrymore Flashes David Letterman

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Able to become a power broker in Hollywood, Drew Barrymore has not only made a name for herself as an actor but in her adult years she has produced a number of projects. However, when she was younger, Barrymore had a rebellious streak a mile long. For example, during a David Letterman interview, Drew learned it was his birthday so she danced on his desk and flashed the man which felt weird given the huge age difference between them.

16 Brad Pitt Insults Jonah Hill to His Face

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During their publicity tour for the movie Moneyball, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill appeared in a video in which they asked each other fan questions. Unfortunately for Hill, he got to ask Pitt which trait from any of his co-stars he would like to take on. After asking the question, Hill implies Pitt should want to be like him but Pitt instantly writes off that idea by saying he has “to go with a serious actor” which is a big burn on Jonah.

15 Mel Gibson’s Vulgar Sign Off

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At the height of Mel Gibson’s career, he was a megastar that interviewers seemed to greatly enjoy interacting with. However, by the time a WGN reporter talked to Gibson about his 2010 movie Edge of Darkness he’d been dogged by several serious controversies. As such, you’d think Gibson would be prepared for tough questions but instead, he chose to get angry and even called the interviewer an “a**hole” once the segment was over.

14 Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s Awkward Interview

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Given the fact that Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith are mother and daughter, it must have been cool for them to attend the 2015 Oscars together as famous actors. However, things got awkward when an interviewer asked Melanie about watching her daughter’s movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Of course, that wasn’t either actor’s fault but it was Dakota who seemed to take offense that her mom didn’t want to see the film despite the obvious reasons why she would feel that way.

13 Tony Danza Badmouths News Show

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Technically speaking, this moment took place during a pre-interview segment that the public was never supposed to see. However, Tony Danza insulting a local news show he was about to be on because he didn’t know that the anchor and crew could hear him is bad enough that we have to include it here.

12 Courtney Love Crashes an Interview

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When this incident took place, Courtney Love was known for her singing career but she’d already acted by then and she would go on to star in several movies so her antics qualify for this list. While the Queen of Pop was being interviewed for MTV News, Love not only threw things at Madonna but interrupted and ended the conversation while clearly under the influence. Worse yet, while Love made her way over Madonna mocked her need for attention.

11 Tom Cruise’s Couch Jumping

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Of all the moments on this list, the time Tom Cruise jumped on the couch during an Oprah Winfrey interview has got to be the most famous. After all, he has been one of the world’s most famous actors for decades at this point but his antics during that interview made a lot of people think he’d lost it which was a big deal.

10 Mark Wahlberg Gets Handsy

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Arguably the single most entertaining interviewer in the world, Graham Norton almost always gets entertaining moments out of his guests. Of course, it usually doesn’t hurt that the show’s guests get to drink before and during the show. Unfortunately, that can be a negative thing if the guest drinks too much like the time a clearly inebriated Mark Wahlberg sat on Norton’s lap and rubbed his chest.

9 Jesse Eisenberg Is Combative

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We’re not sure what was going on in Jesse Eisenberg’s mind when a blogger named Romina Puga interviewed him during his Now You See Me press junket but he was wildly combative. For example, he calls her out for having questions written on her hand, says she is the Carrot Top of interviewers, and tells her to cry after the interview is over. The whole thing is somewhat playful but there is a definite edge to it.

8 Madonna Drops Naughty Language and Refuses to Leave

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Earlier in this list, we looked at a time in which a Madonna interview was interrupted and now it is time to remember when the sometimes actor made David Letterman uncomfortable. Brought on to Letterman’s show in 1994, Madonna proceeded to give him her underwear, swear repeatedly, insult Dave, smoke a cigar, and eventually refuse to leave.

7 Burt Reynolds Insults and Pours Water on Fellow Guest

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During a 1994 Tonight Show interview, game show host Marc Summers was trying to answer questions when his fellow guest Burt Reynolds interrupted in order to mock him. In response, Summers opted to joke about Reynolds’ divorce which was recent at that time so Burt poured water on the man before the pair went on to trade further insults. Eventually, Summers got Reynolds back with a cup of water to the face before both started to have fun with it by throwing pies in each other’s faces and hugging.

6 Crispin Glover’s Letterman Kicks

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While Crispin Glover is most famous for his role in Back to the Future, the man has also made headlines for his off the wall behaviour multiple times in his life. For example, during a 1987 Letterman interview, Glover challenged the host to an arm-wrestling match and then began bragging about his kicks while throwing his feet around like a weirdo.

5 Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Ashes

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If there is one thing about Sacha Baron Cohen that can’t be denied it is this, the man shows no fear when it comes to his comedy. As a result, it didn’t shock too many people when he took to the 2012 Academy Awards red carpet carrying an urn that he pretended had a famous dictator’s ashes. Worse yet, Cohen’s attempt at being edgy by spilling the “ashes” on interviewer Ryan Seacrest just felt lame.

4 Tom Cruise on Mental Health

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Earlier in this list, we looked at the most famous interview of Tom Cruise’s life and now it is time to touch on the worst. Evidently, someone who thought he knew better than doctors, during a Today Show interview Cruise ranted about people using medication to battle depression. Sadly, not only were Cruise’s claims cringy but they were dangerous as he could’ve convinced somebody who truly needs their meds to get off them.

3 Bruce Willis Gets Confrontational for No Reason

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Due to the fact that celebrities get interviewed for hours on end, we can understand how boring that must be and why they would stick up for themselves if mistreated during that process. On the other hand, in 2013 Bruce Willis was confrontational throughout an interview for the movie Red 2 even though he was being asked perfectly nice questions. That may not sound too bad but you need to see the clip to understand how uncomfortable things got.

2 Vin Diesel Hits On Carol Moreira

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For the most part, Vin Diesel has built his image around how much he loves the people in his life and coming off like a pretty great guy. On the other hand, during an interview with Carol Moreira, he repeatedly comments on her looks while hitting on her over and over even though it is very obvious that she is uncomfortable.

1 Most of Arrested Development’s Cast Back Jeffrey Tambor Over Jessica Walter

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Back in 2018, Jessica Walter revealed that Jeffrey Tambor lost it on her during production and it was so bad that as she told the New York Times, “I've never had anybody yell at me like that on a set”. Given that nobody denies that incident took place, you’d think that the rest of their Arrested Development co-stars would circle their wagons around Walter. Instead, during an interview that included all of the show's stars, most but not all of them backed Tambor as Walter cried in the background.

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