20 Cute Facts About Animals That Have Us Falling For Them Even More

Animals tend to bring us a lot of joy in our lives. It'd pretty much be an understatement to say that we're obsessed with them. We pay money to basically just have the opportunity to watch animals up close and in person. But when we stop to think about it, they're not really doing anything special. They're just living their lives! There's just something about them that keeps our interest! Or maybe we're just tired of other humans since we usually see people all day every day.

Like, every time I see a cat wandering around outside my house, I drop what I'm doing and just watch it do cat stuff. Even if that means that it's literally just walking across the yard or leaping up on a fence. I don't care if it's the same cat from two days ago or a different one - same thing, every time. I'm probably also just looking for an excuse to drop my work for a couple of minutes but animals are always a good excuse to not do any work.

Well, everyone here will be pleased to know that there's always something new to learn about our beloved furry friends. So here are 20 cute facts about animals that'll have us aww'ing in no time.

20 Rain dance

Dang, this gull has better dance moves than me. Okay, just about anyone in this entire universe does, but that's besides the point. Apparently, when it's raining outside, gulls will start stamping their feet and doing a dance in the grass. I've never really thought of them as cute, since they do tend to scream a lot during the day and pick at our trash.

But I guess even annoying animals can be cute sometimes! Mosquitoes and wasps could learn a thing or two from gulls. Mosquitos and wasps are never not annoying... Now I've just jinxed myself to be bit or stung.

19 Whoop!

I love bees. Thanks, bees! They pollinate our crops so we don't run out of food to eat. They're officially the best insect and I will not budge on that! Anyway. It's a fact that bees making a 'whoop' sound when they bump into each other! I don't know about anyone here, but I think it's kind of cute that they get startled like we do.

If we were to look it up, we can just barely hear it in an audio clip. The noise itself is pretty adorable, too. Why can't people just make whooping noises when we bump into each other? That'd make the world a happier place, you know?

18 Snowball fight!

This is a Japanese Macaque. They like to make snowballs for the fun of it! Look at this one, he's making a little snowman. Or snow monkey, I guess. Have you ever seen anything so pure in your entire life?  I didn't think so!  They're so fluffy, too.

I wonder if they're as soft as they look.

I've got another surprise for you: they also like visiting hot springs to warm up after being in the snow. They look the way cats do when they're soaked, except maybe a little more scraggly and pathetically adorable. If I were to have a snowball fight anytime soon, I'd want these guys in my corner.

17 Bun or loaf?

Via YouTube

What's not to love about rabbits? They've got big floppy ears, fluffiness galore and big shiny eyes. There's a term for when their legs are all tucked in and they look like a fuzzy blob: they've become a loaf. That's the position they assume when they've dozed off!

Seems like an uncomfortable position for a person, but for a small creature with little stubby feet it's pretty comfortable. I think if we looked this cute in school when falling asleep during class, maybe our teachers would have been more lenient towards us!  Not that I fell asleep in class often or anything...

16 Pain in the neck

I think giraffes are pretty up there in my list of top favourite animals. They're like goofy long necked deer. When they fight with each other, they basically smack each other in the neck with their necks! It's kind of like the equivalent of kids having a slappy fight with each other - it's more hilarious than anything.

It also looks like they're doing a sassy hair flip more than fighting with each other.

Don't worry, I don't think they really get hurt or anything! Not going to lie, if I had a neck that long, I maybe would want to whip it around, too. Anyway, this fact just made these goofy giants more lovable.

15 Rats are ticklish

I think it's great that there are enough scientists out there that there's pretty much one for every subject you could ever think of. Studying how animals feel and respond to certain things sounds like a pretty fun thing to research. For instance, when you tickle rats, they make sounds that are similar to the sounds they make when they're happy!

Scientists actually did a whole experiment about it - so this wasn't some one-off thing. Not only that, but it's good for your rats, too! Particularly young ones. But before you tickle your rat, please look up how to do it in a safe way!

14 Squirrels adopt other squirrels

Via Phys.org

It's pretty heart warming to know that sometimes, squirrels will adopt orphaned squirrels and raise them as their own. Isn't that just about the most selfless thing you've heard of? Squirrels are so selfish, i'm surprised that they actually do this.

The reasons they adopt abandoned baby squirrels is shrouded in mystery, but I'd like to think it's because of a strong sense of empathy that these mother squirrels have. 

Regardless, I already thought squirrels were pretty cute and this just made them an 300% more cute. I'd go to the park and feed them whatever they wanted for being good citizens. But alas, most parks won't let us feed the wildlife.

13 Tail blanket

Ahh, red pandas. They sort of look like raccoons but are a lot cuter and don't dig through your trash in the night. I actually had no idea where these little guys were located up until today. They live in the mountains apparently. I guess that's not much of a surprise since they are covered in very fluffy fur.

It's not all for show, though. They use their tails as a blanket to keep warm. And as a  result. we get an adorable pose that is perfect for a picture. I wish we had fluffy tails to keep us warm in the winter. It'd be really useful for those Canadian winters.

12 Egg talk

Try and guess what kind of eggs these are. No clue? They're sea turtle eggs! I knew about the whole thing where the temperature of the sand determines the gender of the turtle. But I didn't know that baby sea turtles can talk to each other while they're still inside their eggs.

I always thought they were pretty much isolated from the world until they hatched.

Apparently they do this so they can all hatch together. Now they can all be a one big happy turtle family in the ocean. That is if there weren't any gulls. Let's just pretend we forgot about the gulls. No baby sea turtle left behind!

11 Rock pouch

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like sea otters. They're small, fluffy and  they make cute noises. What's not to like, right? Seriously, go search up what they sound like. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. Anyway, underneath their forearms, they have skin pouches for storing food and also for keeping their favourite rocks safe!

I love how they can't just use any rock lying around to bash open their shellfish with. Nah, it has to be their special rock. It's endearing how they're attached to rocks that you and I probably couldn't distinguish from other rocks on the sea bed.

10 Tobogganing

Via Giphy

Penguins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so there's one for anyone out there, so to speak. They don't just waddle around all day, though. It turns out they slide around on their bellies, and that's what we call tobogganing. Look at this guy go!

I hope he's having a good time.

Tobogganing might be a good way to travel on the ice, but just like us humans, they also do it for fun. Why can't we slide around on our stomachs and look adorable doing it? I guess that's one of the perks of being a small, chubby and flightless bird.

9 Wheeking

You know, I never really got why these little fellas are called guinea pigs. They look nothing like pigs to me, they look more like mice or rabbits. Or even an overgrown hamster. Anyhow, I digress.

When guinea pigs are hungry or see us holding food, they'll make a sound called "wheeking!" Much like how cats don't really meow at each other, guinea pigs don't make this kind of sound out in the wild with other guinea pigs. It's one of the cutest sounds I've ever heard. I would gladly surrender my food to these little guys if they wheeked at me.

8 Popcorn!

Sorry, I'm not talking about the kind of popcorn that you eat, though I kind of wish I was. I promise, though, this fact is almost as good! When rats are in a bit of a playful mood, they'll jump around in the same way that's like a popping popcorn kernel.

I guess you could think of it as literally jumping for joy.

Bad pun, sorry, but can you blame me? I absolutely love all the words that we come up with to describe all of the different animal behaviors. I think "popcorning" is my favourite one out of this list so far.

7 Fluffle

Let's just take a second to appreciate the number of rabbits in this picture. So many fluffy little bundles of joy. Here comes another silly word to describe animals: a group of rabbits is called a fluffle. Can you believe that that's an actual word? Not that I have anything against it but it sounds so ridiculous.

I already loved rabbits before, but now my love for them has increased. I've ascended to another dimension of loving rabbits. I challenge you to find a cuter word that describes a group of animals. Hang on... would a group of rabbits getting in trouble be a... kerfluffle? Okay, okay I'll stop with the puns. Maybe.

6 PDA much?

I never thought too much about why love birds are called what they are. I think I always assumed they were named after someone or just arbitrarily named. Turns out I'm wrong and that love birds are, well... pretty loving!

Did you know they act like an overly mushy couple on a date and even feed each other? 

Somehow, I think it's a lot cuter when these birds are the ones doing it and not when people are. Maybe I've just seen one too many couples being too mushy. Anyway, isn't this just the sweetest way you've seen animals show affection for each other?

5 Ear furnishings

Cats. One of the animals that we fawn over the most on this Earth. We've all heard about their toe beans and soft paw pads. While those are excellent features, have you ever heard of ear furnishings? The little tufts of hair in their ears are called that. I guess they're not so little for this cat, though - they're ridiculously long and curved.

They just look so out of place on him! Why is it that they look adorably ridiculous on cats when ear hair is normally something that's weird to see on a human? There's a lot we're never going to understand about cats I guess.

4 Smile!

Is that a miniature polar bear? Nah, it's a breed of dog called a Samoyed. You've probably seen a lot of pictures of cats and dogs smiling online, but you might be surprised to know that Samoyeds smile for a reason: it's to prevent drooling.

Samoyeds are adapted to a cold climate so this prevents little drool icicles from forming around their mouth!

Sounds like the perfect dog to me. I love them and all, but the drooling can get to be a little gross. Maybe we can teach other dogs to smile, even if they aren't going to be having problems with icicles.

3 Chuffed about chuffing

When we see big cats like these, we tend to think of them roaring beasts. For most of them, that's pretty accurate. Not snow leopards, though - they can't roar at all. Instead, they make chuffing sounds. In my opinion, chuffing kind of reminds me of the sounds horses make when they blow out air.

And horses are pretty non-threatening if you ask me.It makes snow leopards a whole lot less threatening and a whole lot more like house cats that have been super sized. Bonus fact: they'd rather run away from you than confront you. How silly for a giant feline!

2 Snoring

For whatever reason, I thought hummingbirds never stopped flapping their wings. I guess that's because I've never seen one sleep anywhere. Probably wouldn't be very restful to move your wings all the time.

Anyway, when it's night and the flowers they feed on close up, hummingbirds go to sleep and make a cute whistle-y sound when they snore. 

An adorable sound that perfectly suits this small, cute bird. Why can't people snore like that? It'd be heck of a lot easier to block out compared to the loud buzz saw noises some people are capable of making.

1 Together forever

I always kind of found sea horses to be goofy looking, but in a good way. They display some pretty loving behavior. In fact, they're monogamous, meaning that they mate for life. Not only that, but when they're traveling, they link their tails together like we would hold hands.

I don't think they're very strong swimmers so it's probably so that they don't get separated when a strong current comes by. When we think of cute animals, we're usually thinking of fuzzy land mammals but I think this goes to show that even goofy looking sea creatures are capable of being cute in their own way.

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