20 Cute Hamsters That'll Make You Want to Go Get One Right Now

Hamsters are one of the only pets that seem to come with an age limit, but it's time we change that! These photos of tiny feet, twitching noses and stuffed cheeks will leave you nostalgic for your childhood pet.

As with all animals, please buy/adopt responsibly. Make sure to research proper care before bringing home your new adorable friend!

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20 Big Appetite

I think I just died and went to hamster heaven. Those feet! that nose!!!!... ugh, I want one so bad now!

19 Bed Head

Someone had a rough night on the wheel.

18 So Fresh And So Clean

You can't even be afraid of them because they're just so ridiculous looking! Ridiculous in a cute way, that is.

17 What Broccoli?

Naw, he's not saving any treats for later! Hamsters are not only cute, but they're pretty interesting as well.

16 Peanut And Chill

Hello🐹☔💧 #hamster #whether #rain #today

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He's laid back just chewing on his peanut! What an end to a rainy day.

15 Wiggle, Wiggle

I seriously can't be the only one who thinks tiny pink hamster noses are the best. Am I?

14 The Stare Down

They can get a bit territorial, but with a name like "Tommy G," what did you expect?

13 Lollipop Love

Don't worry, folks, I doubt this hammie was actually fed a lollipop (No matter how cute that would have been!).

12 Two Peas...

... In a cage? Doesn't matter, they're still too cute to handle!

11 Big Momma

While I'm not sure if this is a female hamster, I feel the title still fits. By the way, notice the first hashtag: #mylove – Isn't that the sweetest?!

10 Little Panda

躲起來! #pet #寵物 #熊仔鼠 #倉鼠 #hamster #syrianhamster #藍藍

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You think this one looks like a Panda bear too, right?

9 All The Awwwws

#hamster #juancarlos #toocute #miami

A post shared by @ loshermanoshamster on

All right, this is getting too much to handle! Who knew hamsters could be so expressive.

8 No Likey

Not all hamsters enjoy eating their veggies. Take this little rebellious guy for example.

7 Hanging Out

Meu filho mais velho haha 🐀 #fredinho #fredericoaugusto #hamster #instapet

A post shared by Helena Signorini (@helenasignorini) on

#RelationshipGoals. Talk about one chill dude!

6 Knock, Knock

All I can remember is how frustrating it would be when you're adorable little friend insisted on spending all its time in its cave! Not this one, though!

5 On The Prowl

This cutie is too busy running about to pose for any photos! But those tiny feet are enough to make anyone smile!

4 Little Climber That Could

Who knew hamsters were so smart and strong! Our friend Spongie here seems to have mastered the art of stair climbing quickly!

3 Hello

"Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet." I mean, who wouldn't want to meet this cutie?!

2 Sweet Snack

A sweet treat for a sweet hamster! Go ahead and devour your doughnut you little munchkin, you!

1 Hand-Held

You can train your hamster to not fear being held by starting contact at a young age. It's important to pay attention to cues from your furry friend to ensure they're comfortable being pet and held.

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