20 Things Moms Need To Stop Telling Their Gyno

It is the dreaded appointment for almost all women out there, the visit to the Gyno. No one likes to be on a doctor’s bed, feeling vulnerable and exposed. It is also a room full of uncomfortable questions, and women want to run away as soon as they step in that door.

However, these appointments are important for a woman’s health and women attend these annual appointments because they know they are worth it. This doesn’t mean that they enjoy them.

A lot of people are guilty of telling their medical professionals little white lies every now and then. You tell your dentist that you floss every day, you tell your family doctor that you take your vitamins every day, and you tell your Gyno little white lies to get through the appointment quicker.

However, this can be a big mistake. Especially if you are a mom. Having a baby changes the body and the system, and it is important to make sure that you are not telling any of the following lies to your Gyno because they could have some serious consequences.

20 What Is Really Going On In The Bedroom


This may be one of the most uncomfortable topics that will come up with your Gyno, but it is important to be honest about what really goes on in the bedroom.

Has it happened recently? Has it been a long time? How often is it happening? According to Rebecca C. Brightman, an OBGYN who reported to Cosmopolitan.com, these are all important things that your Gyno is going to need to know.

19 And With Who!


When it comes to acts in the bedroom, it is also important that your Gyno know who it is going in there with you. They don’t need to know names, ages or social security numbers, but they need a general idea.

According to Rebecca C. Brightman, an OBGYN who reported to Cosmopolitan.com. they need to know how many specifically. This is when a lot of women may keep quiet because they may feel like they are going to be judged. They won’t be.

18 Any Bad Habits?


There are some habits people have that they truly don’t think will affect their female anatomy, but they do. If a woman indulges in the occasional vice, it is important that she is honest with her Gyno, something else that OBGYN Rebecca C. Brightman expects her patients to tell her.

You are not going to get a third-degree lecture about the dangers of this habit, but it can have some effects when it comes to birth control complications that she would need to know.

17 Any Mom Pills?


Alyssa Dweck is an OBGYN who reported to Redbook.com, and she states they also need to like to know what pills, vitamins and/or supplements you are taking. This is another thing that can have an impact when it comes to birth control or fertility.

Most don’t think their natural supplements could have any effect on their health, but it can. The Gyno can not help without knowing the full packet of information on what is going in your body.

16 The Not So Pleasing Home Life


This is something that every woman should be honest about with any of her medical team, and that is her situation at home, and in her personal life when it comes to mental health.

If things at home are not always great, it is important to disclose this with your medical doctor, says Alyssa Dweck (OBGYN) who reported to Redbook.com. Mental health can play a big part in menstruation and it could be the secret to all the issues you have been having. They may be able to guide you in the right direction on where to get help.

15 Future Children


There are certain questions that may only come up if you are a mom in the Gyno office. One of those may be if you are planning on having any more children. Alyssa Dweck (OBGYN) states that it is important to discuss any future reproductive plans with your Gyno.

This may happen at your first prenatal appointment with your Obgyn. If you know that you want to start trying right away but are worried about how she may look at you, you still need to be honest with her and she can help guide you to it safely.

14 “I Have No Questions For You”


This is another big lie that almost everyone tells their Gyno and their other doctors for that matter. When the end of the appointment comes up, and they give you the opportunity to ask any questions and you say no.

If you have questions, just ask them. Even if they don’t seem like they would be a big deal, or if you think they are dumb, still ask.

13 Any After-Bed Glasses Of Wine?


A lot of moms are guilty of having the occasional glass of wine when the kids go to bed. It is a nice way to destress from the day.

If this is you, it is important to disclose this to your Gyno. Alyssa Dweck (OBGYN) stated that they are looking at the big picture, even though the focus seems to be a small area. They need to see you as a whole person in order to figure out how healthy you are.

12 Amount Of Pregnancies (Good, Bad And Ugly)


Another thing that moms may lie about to their Gyno is the amount of pregnancies you have had. The Gyno needs to know exactly what your body has gone through, and there is no judgment placed.

Rebecca Brightman, the OBGYN who interviewed with Cosmopolitan.com, states that this includes any miscarriages mom has had, no matter how early in the pregnancy. It also includes any pregnancies that may have been terminated. It is about knowing what the body has been through.

11 Any Pain?


Doctors are experts when it comes to pain. Their main job is usually to diagnose pain and make it better for their patient. This is why they go to work every day.

Dr. Wendy Wolfman, director of the menopause unit at Mt. Sinai Hospital, and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto states that it is important to tell the truth when it comes to any pain that you feel down there. This could be pain that happens randomly or when with your partner. They can help you determine the cause and come up with a plan.

10 Questionable Liquid


A mom knows that there can be a whole array of questionable liquid that can exist the body this way. It is embarrassing but it happens, and it is important to be honest with your Gyno about what exactly is coming out of there.

Dr. Wolfman reported to besthealthmag.com that a Gyno can help determine if it is vagina related or bladder related. They can then make the appropriate referral.

9 How Is Your New-Mom Cycle?


No one likes talking about their menstrual cycle. That is always considered to be off-topic and taboo, something that no lady talks about.

This may be true, but it does not apply to your Gyno. Dr. Wolfman states that your Gyno is the one person who needs to know exactly what your cycle is like. It can help them determine if everything is working the way it should, and that nothing is wrong.

8 The “D” Word


The D word is a dreaded word for every woman. It is discharge and it happens, and it is normal. It happens if a woman is not pregnant, or if she is.

However, there is a certain level that is considered normal, and any changes should be told to your Gyno, states Dr. Wolfman to besthealthmag.com. Even though no one wants to talk about it, it is important because it can give important clues to your overall health.

7 Are You Really Using Protection?


We are going to go back to the bedroom for this next one. Now, the Gyno doesn’t really care about what goes on in there, it is your life. However, it is important to be honest to them when it comes to protection, according to an article published by Romper.com.

Un-protected relationships can have a huge impact on your health. It can lead to pregnancy and other conditions, so it is important to be honest.

6 Some Really Do Lie About Their Age!


It seems weird and off, but there are a lot of women out there who still lie about their age when they go to the doctors. According to an article written by Romper.com, this could be a big mistake when it comes to your Gyno, it is really important to make sure you tell them your accurate age.

That is because as a woman gets older, the health changes for her vaginal area and her reproductive system. The Gyno can not help unless they know what age they are working with.

5 Who's The Baby Daddy?


This one may not happen often, but it can still happen, due to shame or embarrassment. It is important that the Gyno knows who the father of your children is and if you are using protection, states Dr. Wolfman.

There is no reason to be embarrassed if you are not 100% sure of who the father is of your child. They can even help you in determining who the real father is if you should wish to know.

4 Mom Grooming


Not only do we not want other people to look at our area for an extended period of time, but we also don’t want to spend too much time talking about it.

We don’t want to talk about how we moms choose to groom our lady parts; it is private and embarrassing. However, your Gyno should know what is going on down there because what you are doing could be harmful to your health, according to an article by Romper.com.

3 Mom Bladder


A lot of moms have issues with their bladder when they are done having children. The pelvic floor muscles weaken, and it can make it harder to hold everything in.

Romper.com states clearly that if you are having concerns, bring it up. The Gyno can help you determine if this is considered normal for your case, or if you need to be seen by a specialist.

2 Trust Your Nose


Could there be anything worse than talking about how south of the border smells. The thought of it alone is embarrassing, so we are not too forthcoming when it comes to telling our Gyno there is a funky smell down there.

However, we should be honest about this because a weird smell is normally the first sign that something is not right down there, which was stated really clearly in Romper.com

1 If You Want To Break Up


A lot of people have a hard time telling their doctor that they are not happy with them and they want to break up. They lie and go to the appointments because they would rather that than tell the truth.

You need to have a good relationship with your Gyno, and if the relationship is not there, then it is almost always better to break it off. You need to find someone you are comfortable with so that you can be 100% honest.

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