20 Dark Secrets About Ewan McGregor

Thank the Lord, Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't our only hope! If he were, we'd all be royally screwed. After all, actor Ewan McGregor is just a man, and therefore fallible. In fact, he's got a few dark secrets in his closet that he doesn't want us knowing about. With his new Stephen King movie, Doctor Sleep, in theaters, now seems like the perfect time to delve into the distressing details of one of our favorite Star Wars actors.

Many of Ewan McGregor's secrets pertain to his family life. Nowadays, he's romantically linked to Fargo co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but prior he was married to production designer, Eve Mavrakis. Together, they had Clara McGregor, Esther and then adopted Jamiyan from Mongolia. As beautiful as this all sounds, it was laced with more complex truths. Without further ado, here are 20 dark secrets about Ewan McGregor.

20 Ewan's Incredibly Messy Divorce Was Hidden From The Press


When Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis went their separate ways, the press was unable to dig up truthful information on the reasoning. Since then, we've learned of the dramatic deterioration of Ewan's connection with Eve, how angry his daughters are were with him when they discovered the truth, as well as the details of Ewan's relationship with his Fargo co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. In short, some dark secrets are impossible to hide.

19 Rumors Surrounding Why The Divorce Occured Doesn't Make Ewan Look Good

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Although Ewan often plays the good guy in his movies, the rumors swirling around his relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead doesn't exactly paint him in a good light. In fact, it actually makes him out to be the villain of the story. However, relationships are complicated, as are people. So we can't really pass judgment on the choices Us Magazine claims he made without knowing what went on behind-the-scenes.

18 Ewan's Daughter Clara Really Didn't Like That He Divorced Her Mom


Ewan's eldest daughter, Clara, clearly sided with her mother during her parents' messy divorce. According to People, Clara posted images of her mother claiming that she was above being with "bad men". Although she never invoked her father's name, it was obvious who she was referring to. Clara has also spoken to the press about how angry she was at her father.

17 Ewan Turned Up To Set And Was Still Partying

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According to The Independent, Ewan McGregor went through quite the decade of partying. This was especially prevalent during the 1990s when he would turn up to set with a drink in hand. Ewan would even take a few swigs between takes which no doubt angered the people he was working with. Luckily, Ewan has worked through a lot of these issues before they became public knowledge.

16 Giving Up The Party-Life And Staying With It


Since many of us didn't know about Ewan's battle with the drink, we wouldn't know that he gave it up altogether in 2000. According to The Independent, Ewan has been living a completely healthy lifestyle ever since. He says that it wasn't working for him or the people he loved, so giving it up was the only choice he could make.

15 Apparently A Ghost Attacked Him


Well, this secret is sure appropriate for his Doctor Sleep movie. According to The Sun, Ewan says he was attacked by the ghost of a mad man in his London home. He was getting out of the shower when he saw that the ghost had burnt the back of his robe. While there's sure to be a scientific explanation for this, it's pretty spooky nonetheless.

14 Ewan's Relationship With His Eldest Is A Rollercoaster Ride

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Relationships are complicated. But Ewan's secret relationship with his eldest daughter, Clara, is particularly complex. He just doesn't want us to know that. According to The Daily Mail, Clara has slagged her father a few times to the press. However, around the same time, she was spotted getting cozy to her dad on the red carpet. Clearly, Clara's still trying to work through her anger surrounding the divorce.

13 Love For Mary Elizabeth Winstead Separates Him From His Family

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Ewan's 2018 Golden Globes speech didn't go over well with his ex-wife or his daughters. When he won the Golden Globes for his performance in Fargo, the actor thanked both his ex-wife and his new girlfriend, claiming he couldn't do it without both of them. According to The Daily Mail, his family was vocal about how much they didn't like him thanking Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Eve in the same breath.

12 He May Not Pay Enough In Child Support

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It's common for exes to argue over child support payments, but it's probably not something Ewan McGregor wanted us to know about. However, The Daily Mail, claims that Eve is unhappy about the amount of money she receives from Ewan in order to take care of their younger daughters. When asked, Ewan (obviously) claims that Eve's receiving the agreed-upon amount.

11 Causing Piers Morgan To Think He's An Egotistical Diva

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There's no doubt that Piers Morgan is a polarizing figure. This is precisely why Ewan refused to go on his show, according to GMB. Specifically, Morgan made some controversial comments about the Woman's March which caused Ewan to bow out of the televised interaction. This caused Morgan to go on a tirade, publically calling Ewan, "an egotistical diva".

10 Clara Publically Lashed Out At Ewan's Woman

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Getting back to Clara's rollercoaster relationship with her father, The Daily Mail said that she took a public shot at her dad's new romantic partner, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. After a fan praised Winstead on her IG, Clara commented, saying, "Most beautiful and talented woman on earth? Oh man, y'all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash." We're absolutely sure that this was something Ewan wishes was buried.

9 Ewan Rubbed In How Much Happier He Is Now Compared To When He Was Married

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Given that his daughters have been publically unhappy with him and his new woman, it probably wasn't a good idea for Ewan to admit to Men's Journal that he's happier with Mary Elizabeth Winstead than he ever was with Eve Mavrakis. According to Metro, Ewan was married to Eve for 22 years before ending things in 2018.

8 He Had A Cancer Scare in 2017

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Here's a little known fact for you, according to The Huffington Post, Ewan McGregor had a secret cancer scare back in 2017. The Trainspotting actor was seen by a doctor who was worried about several moles on his body. A specialist removed these moles which indeed ended up being cancerous. Luckily, Ewan is doing fine now.

7 Ewan Stopped Talking To His Pal For Ten Years


Ewan held a secret but long-lasting grudge against his pal, director Danny Boyle after Boyle refused to hire him in his thriller, The Beach. Up until that point, Ewan was in the vast majority of his movies, including the original Trainspotting. But for The Beach, Boyle decided to go with Leonardo DiCaprio who was fresh off Titanic. This caused Ewan to stop speaking with him for ten years. On The Graham Norton Show, Ewan admitted that this was a massive mistake on his part.

6 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Left Him For A Hot Minute

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According to The Daily Mail, Mary Elizabeth Winstead couldn't handle all the rumors surrounding her man's break-up with Eve. This caused her to dump him for a short while. It makes sense since Ewan was the reason she was being labeled a "home-wrecker". However, their break-up was brief and the two have since gotten back together. This is good since the pair has a film about to be released, Birds Of Prey.

5 He Lived A REALLY Debaucherous Life


Back in 2012, The Daily Mail got Ewan to reveal that he lived a very debaucherous life for more than a decade. This was during a time when he'd hang out with the band Oasis in Scotland. They'd often party until the early hours of the morning. He claims that he had a lot of fun but knows that he got into a ton of trouble simultaneously.

4 Ewan's Eldest Daughter Went Through Some Incredibly Challenging Times


Although Ewan has many dark secrets of his own, he was aware of his eldest daughter's struggles before she revealed them to us. According to The Daily Mail, Clara McGregor spoke about her battle with mental health on social media. She also described her wild history of partying and a terrible encounter she had with a man. There's no doubt that both Clara and Ewan were greatly affected by this.

3 He Enforced Very Few Rules As A Father


While Ewan and Eve did have some rules for their kids as they grew up, they were both very relaxed with them. While Ewan no doubt wants us to think he was a good dad, it seems like he was a bit more flexible with his kids than the people would've liked him to be. But, as Ewan said to People Magazine, there are no rules for parenting itself.

2 He Lied To Star Wars Fans For 4 Years


Yes, according to GMA, Ewan McGregor will reprise his version of Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Star Wars series taking place between the events of Solo and the original Star Wars movie. Ewan claimed that he was very uncomfortable lying to fans for a total of four years while rumors circulated. Now that the information has been released, a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

1 Ewan Embarrassed Himself In Front Of George Lucas

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ewan made a bit of a fool out of himself when he first met George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. When he was first being taken around the set for The Phantom Menace, Ewan asked if he'd be put underwater in the polystyrene submarine set piece. George apparently looked at him as if he were crazy and reminded Ewan that it was all fake. Ewan claims he's embarrassed about this to this very day.

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