20 Dark Secrets The Grey's Anatomy Cast Tried To Hide From Superfans

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running shows on television today. Throughout the years, we have seen a lot of characters come and go.

Many fans will agree that watching the show is like riding an emotional roller coaster. Shonda Rhimes really knows how to get her fans' emotions going. There are happy moments, sad moments, funny moments and even moments that get us so angry we want to toss a remote at our television.

It will be surprising to know that behind the scenes has more drama than the show itself. A lot of the backstage drama is what led to some of our favorite characters leaving us.

Here are 20 secrets that Shonda Rhimes, the cast, and network producers would rather us fans not know.

20 Isaiah Washington Made Some "Not-So-Nice" Comments


Back in 2007, Isaiah Washington said something out of anger that he wished he didn’t.

According to nickiswift.com, Entertainment Weekly reported that Isaiah got in an argument with Patrick Dempsey and during the fight, he called his co-star T.R. Knight a negative name that relates to his sexuality.

He later apologized for what he said.

19 Katherine Heigl Was Disrespectful


Katherine Heigl kicked up some major drama when she decided that the Grey’s Anatomy creative team didn’t give her a story-line that was good enough for an Emmy, so she took her name out of the running for it.

According to nickiswift.com, Shonda was not happy with her entitled attitude and only dealt with her for two more years before giving her the boot.

18 T.R. Knight Left The Show On His Own Because Of Lack Of Story-line


T.R. Knight’s character George O’Malley was one of the most loved characters on the show.

According to nickiswift.com though, behind the scenes T.R. felt that he wasn’t getting enough screen time like the other series regulars, even after complaining to the writers. He eventually left and his character suffered a demise that many felt he didn’t deserve.

17 Patrick Dempsey Is A Diva

Hollywood Reporter

Patrick Dempsey was a show regular that broke many fans' hearts when his character suffered a tragic accident and passed away.

According to nickiswift.com, behind the scenes, Patrick had a huge “diva” temperament, which is the real reason why he was booted from the show. His punishment first started out as a suspension, but later became permanent.

16 After Derek Shepard's Demise, Ellen Pompeo Was Blasted With Possible Replacements

Entertainment Weekly

After Patrick got the boot, Ellen decided to take a bit of a vacation to clear her head.

Unfortunately, according to nickiswift.com, ABC execs wouldn’t allow this and bombarded her with calls asking her which actors she would like as Patrick’s replacement.

Ellen was shocked at how pushy they were being at finding Meredith a new love interest.

15 Martin Henderson Was Never Meant To Last Long

Tell-Tale TV

Martin Henderson, who played Dr. Nathan Riggs, didn’t last very long on the show.

According to nickiswift.com, Riggs was a temporary character but could have been permanent if the audience members liked him. They didn’t though, so he was written off the show. Shonda was happy that she was able to give him a happy ending though.

14 Jesse Williams Has More Drama In His Life Then Jackson Avery Does

TV Insider

Jesse Williams had been married to his wife for over a decade before news hit that the two had split.

According to nickiswift.com though, rumor has it, Jesse was involved in a scandal with co-star Minka Kelly, which he tried to claim was a lie. Unfortunately for him though, TMZ caught the two together.

13 The Cast Was Not So Supportive Of Kate Walsh's Success


Back in 2007, it was announced that Kate Walsh’s time on the show was over and that she would be leaving to get her own spin-off show Private Practice.

According to nickiswift.com, the cast of Grey’s Anatomy was not happy about this and it caused a whole lot of backstage drama. A source told Star that the cast was instantly resentful of Kate’s success.

12 Supposedly, Brooke Smith Got The Boot From Network Execs

Grey's Anatomy Wiki - Fandom

Ever wonder why Brooke Smith left the show?

Well, according to nickiswift.com, Brooke was written off the show back in 2008 due to network execs supposedly having “issues” with her on-screen romance with Callie Torres.

Brooke was confused as to why they would do this, but Shonda tried to downplay the whole thing by stating that they couldn’t find “the magic and chemistry.”

11 Eric Dane Felt He Was "Just A Piece Of Meat"


In 2012, fans were crushed as they watched not only Lexi Grey’s demise but also Mark Sloan’s.

According to nickiswift.com, the rumor is that network execs wanted Shonda Rhimes to make some budget cuts, and supposedly due to a few legitimate reasons, they chose Eric Danes.

Later, Eric commented, “In Grey’s Anatomy, I was just a piece of meat.”

10 ABC Execs Were Not Very Nice To Shonda Rhimes At First

TV Insider

During season one, Shonda had a scene where Christina and Alex are betting on who can deliver bad news the fastest to patients.

According to nickiswift.com, execs called Shonda sick for the scene. Steven McPherson, President of ABC, called Shonda different curses, all which Shonda kept notes of and when the premier got 16 million views, she told him where he could put them.

9 Ellen Pompeo Received A Raise That Many Thought Was Due To Cast Members Getting The Boot

Good Housekeeping

When Grey’s Anatomy lost two popular characters, Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, Deadline wrote an article stating that it might have to do with new negotiations Ellen had been making.

According to nickiswift.com, Ellen was quick to tweet how their allegations were untrue and Deadline later updated their story, stating the negotiations and the two ladies' exits had nothing to do with one another.

8 Patrick Dempsey Was Afraid Of Shonda At First

Good Housekeeping

When Patrick Dempsey first met Shonda Rhimes to talk about a possible part on the show, all he got was a blank stare from her.

According to screenrant.com, Patrick was convinced after that meeting that she hated him, but the blank stare was actually because she was trying to picture the perfect part for him.

7 Ellen Pompeo Refused To Allow Her Character To Date Preston Burke

Just Jared

It’s hard to picture Meredith Grey with anyone but Derek Shepherd.

According to screenrant.com though, that match up almost never happened. Apparently, Shonda wanted Meredith to be with Preston Burke instead, but Ellen didn’t like that for her character. Supposedly, she didn’t like the decision because she was already in an interracial relationship off-screen and didn’t want one on-screen as well.

6 Patrick Dempsey And Isaiah Washington Got Into It Back Stage


There might be different versions of the story, but one thing is for sure, Isaiah and Patrick got into a heated argument backstage.

According to screenrant.com, the rumor is that the two got into it over work ethics and while in each other’s faces, Isaiah grabbed Patrick.

In the end, they made up and were back to work as if nothing happened.

5 Shonda Rhimes Refuses To Have Anymore "Heigls"


There is one thing an actor doesn’t want to do if they want to keep their job, upset Shonda Rhimes.

According to screenrant.com, after the Katherine Heigl situation, Shonda was adamant about not having another Heigl situation. At the time, she was discussing her new show Scandal and stated: “I don’t put up with BS or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.”

4 Fans Wanted Jesse Williams Fired


Back in 2016, Jesse Williams received a BET Humanitarian Award. During his speech, he spoke about racism in our nation, which later went viral.

According to screenrant.com, fans petitioned to get him fired because they felt his speech was “a racist, hate speech against law enforcement and white people.”

The petition got over 28,000 signatures.

3 On Set Surgeries Are Gross

Hollywood Reporter

Surgeries on the show are made to look as real as possible.

According to screenrant.com, the surgeries are a lot grosser than fans think because they use cow organs, lamb brains and for the blood, they use blood, chicken fat, and jello.

Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, stated in an interview that the smell is so bad that it makes them gag sometimes.

2 Shonda Refuses To Allow Katherine Heigl To Return

People - BFMTV

Unlike others who left the show, Katherine Heigl’s character was able to leave the show still breathing, which gave many fans hope that she might return one day.

Fans might not want to get their hopes up though.

According to screenrant.com, after Katherine left the show, she admitted that she made a mistake and wanted to return.

Shonda was not interested though.

1 Did Patrick Get The Boot Because Shonda Didn't Like Him?

Hollywood Reporter

Derek Shepherd’s demise was one of the hardest in the show. No one saw it coming and was heartbroken when it did.

According to screenrant.com, Shonda admitted that she killed off a character because she didn’t like the actor who played it. Due to timing, it was rumored to be Patrick Dempsey, but she never said who.

Sources: nickiswift.com & screenrant.com

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