20 Details That Are Coming To Light About Teen Mom Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout first rose to fame because of her teenage pregnancy, and she is one of the original Teen Mom stars. She’s also one of the most likable. Over the years she has not sparked as much controversy as her co-stars; although she has been accused of Photoshopping photos and doing something she shouldn’t have when she was pregnant.

There’s no denying that Teen Mom has made Bookout into a big star. She has an impressive social media following, and she has been willing to share most of her life with the world. Fans have seen her evolve from a teenager in a relationship that wasn’t working, to end up married, with three children. Below are 20 details that are coming to light about Maci Bookout.

20 She’s Caused Controversy While She Was Pregnant

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Compared to many of the other Teen Mom stars, Maci Bookout is an absolute angel and her life has been relatively drama-free. However, she did cause controversy when she was pregnant with baby number three, after fans accused of drinking while pregnant, CelebrityDirtyLaundry noted. The publication also states that she had a “noticeable baby bump" at the time.

19 She Chose Her Son Bentley’s Name In A Parking Lot

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For some parents, choosing a name for their child is easy, for others, it takes months of decision making. But for Maci Bookout, the name Bentley was decided upon while she was sitting in a parking lot.

According to Fame10, before one of Ryan Edwards’ shifts, the former couple had been looking at a baby name book and came across the name Bentley — even though they didn’t know they if they were having a boy or girl.

18 Maci Bookout’s Parents Used To Run With A ‘Tough Crowd’

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When you compare Maci Bookout to some of the other Teen Mom stars, you’ll find that she is definitely one of the least controversial moms. But she has revealed some interesting details about her life, and her family, in her books. According to BabyGaga, Bookout has said that when her parents were teenagers they were not delinquents but they “ran with a rough crowd and partied hard.”

17 She’s Got Some Survival Skills (And Practised Them In Her Backyard)

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Maci Bookout must be comfortable in front of a camera, after all, a large portion of life has been documented by MTV, but according to TheStir, she also appeared on a survivalist show. The show required her to survive in the wilderness, and Bookout has some survival skills, which she practiced in her garden beforehand.

"It was a lot of practice and training and researching and more practice, in my backyard," she said, according to the publication.

16 She's Had To Co-Parent Not With Ryan, But His Parents

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Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards were not a good match, and although their relationship produced a lovely little boy, they have had trouble parenting Bentley together. Although she told Us Weekly, that Edwards's relationship with their son had gotten “healthier,” she also explained that she co-parents well with his parents.

And despite the challenges, she is able to co-parent with Edwards’ parents because they “respect each other," and have the same goal.

15 She Had A Spin-Off Reality Show In The Works, But It Was Scrapped Before It Ever Aired

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Fans of Maci Bookout know she’s comfortable in front of the cameras and has shared many aspects of her life with the world, so it would make sense that she wanted to have her own reality show. But according to a report from Life & Style (via TheStir), the special, Being Maci, was scrapped by MTV before it ever aired.

14 She Doesn’t Want More Kids, Actually, She Wants Her Husband To Have A Vasectomy

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Maci Bookout has admitted that she and Tyler McKinney were actually reluctant to have a third child and were talking about adoption, and during an episode of Teen Mom OG (via HollywoodLife) she discussed this again. In the episode, Bookout even went so far as to suggest that her husband get a vasectomy.

13 She Feels She’s Changed People’s Lives By Being On ‘Teen Mom'

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Teen Mom has obviously made its stars famous, but it has also created awareness for teenage pregnancy, and the struggles and challenges that these moms face. Maci Bookout feels that her story has helped other moms, and told TheStir that what she’s most proud of when it comes to the show, is how often people tell her she has “changed someone's life.”

12 She’s Been Slammed For Photoshopping One Of Her Halloween Photos!

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Many reality TV stars have been accused of altering their photos, whether it’s a simple edit of the lighting, or completely changing their body parts. Maci Bookout has also been called out for a Photoshop fail, and according to BabyGaga, this happened on one of her Halloween photos. According to fans, Bookout had tried to edit out her baby bump.

11 Maci And Ryan Did Get Engaged, But Only Because They Felt It Was The Right Thing To Do At The Time

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After Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards had a child, they felt the right thing to do was stay together. They were determined to make it work and were even briefly engaged, although Bookout has admitted it never really felt right. According to Fame10, Bookout has claimed they only got engaged because they felt “pressure to get married.”

10 Maci Has A Nice House, But She Also Shops At Walmart

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We would imagine that it pays to be apart of the Teen Mom franchise, and all of the OG crowd have a large social media following (and likely a large chunk of money in the bank). But Maci Bookout still lives a pretty normal life.

"There’s no red-carpet prestige or glamorous piles of money,” she said, according to Fame10. “I still live in Chattanooga and go to Wal-Mart and buy bread and milk.”

9 She Was 16 When She Fell Pregnant, And She Wanted To Run Away From It All, Literally!

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You can imagine that finding out she was pregnant as a teenager was somewhat of a shock for Maci Bookout, and there was a time when she wanted to disappear from it. Quite literally.

In an interview with E! News (via BabyGaga), Bookout revealed she was so afraid to tell her family she was pregnant that she was “two seconds from, like, getting in the car and driving to Florida or something…”

8 There Was A Time She Had No Money, Not Even For A Pregnancy Test

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Maci Bookout probably has a lot of money in the bank now, both from her appearances on Teen Mom, and her social media collaborations, but her financial situation was not always so stable.

In an interview with E! News, she recalled how she had to ask her brother for money for a pregnancy test when she learned she was pregnant with Bentley because she didn’t have money.

7 For Maci, Social Media Is A Big Money Making Opportunity

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Maci Bookout has cashed in on her fame, and she’s used social media to do it. With more than 4 million followers on social media, brands have scrambled for the chance to work with her. She has promoted several products, including FabFitFun, as well as her own clothing brand, Things That Matter, which she shares with husband Taylor McKinney.

6 When Maci Met Ryan Edwards, She Actually Didn’t Want A BF (She Got A Child, Too)

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Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards became parents at a young age (an outcome which got them on 16 and Pregnant), but before the former couple started dating, Bookout wasn’t actually keen to be in a relationship. According to Fame10, Maci claimed she initially “wasn’t sure” if she wanted to get involved with anyone, and she made Edwards work for her attention.

5 Maci And Taylor McKinney Never Planned On Having A Third Child

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Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney never planned on having a third child, and her pregnancy with son, Maverick, was totally unexpected. Bookout discussed this in her book, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof... (via People). She wrote about how they had been discussing the possibility of adopting, adding, “We never planned on my getting pregnant again so soon after she [daughter, Jayde] was born.”

4 She’s An Old-Fashioned And Super Strict Mama

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Maci Bookout’s approach to parenting is pretty traditional. What we mean by this, is that she is quite strict and believes in discipline. According to BabyGaga, she has spoken about a day at a bowling alley, where her child was not behaving and she is reported to have told him “‘If you act like this again I’m gonna take you to the bathroom and I’m gonna [discipline] you.’"

3 Many People Recognize Her From ‘Teen Mom’ But Her Husband Wasn’t One Of Them

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Maci Bookout has many fans, and many people recognize her from the show, but her husband, Taylor McKinney, was not one of them. This was a major pro for Bookout, who wrote in her book, Bulletproof, that one of the first things that stood out about McKinney was that “he had no idea” who she was.

2 It Was Important For Her To Finish Her Education, And She Eventually Did

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Maci Bookout found out she was pregnant when she was still in high school, and having a child as a teenager obviously affected her education. But, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, she has since worked hard to complete her studies and has graduated. The publication quotes Bookout as saying, “[It was a] huge obstacle for me for so long, glad to have finished.”

1 Maci Doesn’t Think She’s A Celebrity!

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In the same interview, Maci Bookout also admitted that although her position on the show has helped others, she doesn’t view herself as a celebrity. “I more or less see myself as everyone's peer,” she told TheStir. “That's how they view me; they learn through my mistakes. They learn something from me rather than just watching me as entertainment."

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