20 Diaper-Changing Mistakes New Moms Are Often Guilty Of

Changing a baby's diaper is only one of the things a new mom has to do every day. Sometimes it gets messy and unpleasant, but she still has to do it. And while she has so many other duties, she can do something wrong, miss something important, or just fail to pay enough attention to the baby. These mistakes may lead to dire consequences and, sometimes, they might even get dangerous.

But, in fact, changing a diaper isn't as difficult (and isn't as gross) as most new moms think. It's only important to have certain rules in mind and stay alert at all times. Besides, it's also good to learn from the mistakes of others. So let's see what mistakes new moms make while changing a nappy and do our best to avoid them!

20 Turning Around While The Baby's On The Changing Table

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It's natural to turn around when you hear an unexpected noise or need to grab something, but it's a bad idea to do it while your baby is lying on a changing table. It doesn't seem to be a big deal, but, in fact, if you don't pay attention to your little one even for a second, they might end up falling down from the table. It becomes even more dangerous when the baby already knows how to roll.

19 Or Leaving The Room Altogether

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If turning around for a few seconds isn't recommended, then leaving the baby on a changing table alone is completely forbidden. Even if your baby is strapped to the table (or you change their nappy on the floor), never leave the room. The least bad thing you can come back to is a huge mess, while the worst thing that can happen... You don't want to even think about it.

18 Keeping Both Hands Off The Baby

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While changing your baby's diaper, you should have at least one hand on your baby at all times. Keeping both hands away isn't as harmless as it seems because, again, it can result in the baby rolling over or making an unexpected jerky movement and falling down in a split of a second. So don't try checking your reaction time and keep one hand on your little one during the entire process.

17 Using A Bed Instead Of A Changing Table

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The location where you change your baby's diaper is very important. And even if it seems that a softer one is more comfortable, it's actually a bad idea to use a bed or a sofa instead of a changing table. In fact, it's harder to stabilize your baby on a soft surface and it's more difficult to pull off the diaper and put on a new one. So it's best to use a flat surface, like a changing table or the floor.

16 Failing To Change The Diaper In Time

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During the first months of a baby's life, they relieve themselves very often and it can get exhausting to change the diaper so frequently. But it's still very important to do it before the diaper is too full. Leaving your little one in a dirty nappy can lead to a severe rash on your baby's buttocks and to a blowout on your hands (and everywhere else, for that matter).

15 Or Changing It Too Soon

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Meanwhile, it's important not to overdo with nappy changing. In fact, it's unnecessary to do it every single time after the baby wets because diapers can keep moisture away from the baby's skin for some time. Besides, don't rush to change the nappy and wait until your baby is done. If you pull off the diaper while they're still in process, you know where all this brown stuff will be.

14 Wiping The Baby Back To Front Is A No-No

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Women should wipe front to back because their lady parts are too delicate to let anything get in there. The same goes for babies - wiping back to front can lead to various infections not only in girls but also in boys. So although wiping back to front is easier for you, don't do it and always wipe your baby front to back.

13 Using Disposable Diapers More Than Once

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It might sound disgusting, but some people actually try reusing disposable diapers. Even if it seems that the diaper looks clean when you pull it off, it's better to use the new one instead. See, that old diaper is probably not as clean as you think because it has tiny bits of dead skin cells and bacteria in it. You don't want to put it back on your baby.

12 Doing Nothing About The Rash

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If the baby's skin becomes red, inflamed, irritated, or questionable in any other way, it's probably a sign that they're developing a rash. It's important not to ignore these symptoms and take measures right away. Clean the area very well and dry it and then apply diaper rash ointment. Make an appointment with a doctor if the issue persists.

11 Ignoring The Umbilical Stump

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When the baby's born, a small piece of their umbilical cord will remain on their belly button for some time. It will fall off eventually, but while it's there, you should pay attention to it. Most importantly, never cover it with a diaper to avoid pulling it off before it's healed. So either fold the nappy down or use the diapers that have a special hole on top of them specifically for the umbilical stump.

10 Not Being Careful With A Snipped Baby

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It's a common practice to circumcise a baby boy and it's perfectly safe, but parents should still pay special attention to the area before it heals completely. Remember that it can be really sensitive and prone to infections, so change the baby's diaper a bit more often before it heals and use a damp, soft cloth to clean the area itself. It's also a good idea to apply a little bit of vaseline to it.

9 Using Too Much Cream

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You should definitely use the cream after changing a diaper because it helps prevent rash by moisturizing the baby's delicate skin. But it's important not to overdo with it. If you apply too much cream, it can create unnecessary moisture and make your baby feel uncomfortable. Besides, it can also leave stains on your little one's clothes.

8 Washing Diapers Incorrectly Or Just Throwing Them Into A Machine

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Keep a few rules in mind when you wash your baby's diapers. First, if you have to use bleach, always dilute it because otherwise, you'll ruin the fabric. Second, avoid using fabric softeners since they irritate the baby's skin. And third (and most important), wash the diapers right away and don't let them sit for a while. It'll lead to the development of bacteria in them and we won't even mention their smell...

7 And Drying Them Excessively

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You can dry diapers indoors or outdoors, use a natural method or a machine, but you should remember to do it correctly. If you use a dryer, don't leave diapers in there for too long and take them out as soon as they're completely dry. It's always better to air dry the nappies, which is let them hang up in the sun because it helps minimize bacterial growth.

6 Using A Diaper That's The Wrong Size

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Babies grow quickly and while you do re-size their clothes regularly, it's also important to check whether you're using diapers of the proper size, too. If you keep on using the diapers that became too little, the baby will feel uncomfortable, the risk of chafing will increase, and blowouts might occur. So always make sure that the diaper size fits your little one.

5 Or Adjusting It Improperly On The Baby

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You should always fasten the diaper securely on your baby's body, but keep in mind that it mustn't restrict your little one's circulation. Don't adjust the nappy too tightly and loosen it up if you've noticed that you did. But, at the same time, don't make it too loose. If it isn't adjusted well enough, it can end up on the floor because your baby will just take it off by themselves.

4 Coming Unprepared To The Act Of Changing

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Before you start changing the diaper, always make sure that you have everything you need at hand. A fresh diaper? Check. A diaper rash ointment, cream, or whatever else you need to apply to your little one's skin? Check. The change of clothes? Check. Anything else you might need? Check. If you don't do it, you'll end up taking both hands off the baby, turning around, or leaving the room, which, as we've discussed, is a bad idea.

3 Not Washing Your Hands Afterward

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Some moms don't wash their hands after changing the diaper because they get too busy and just forget about it. However, you should never skip it. Washing your hands after changing the diaper is as important as doing it after going to the bathroom yourself. The reason is the same - you don't want the bacteria to spread to yourself, your baby, or anyone else in your house.

2 Not Having A Change Of Clothes

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When you go out with your baby, you obviously take a diaper bag with you. Before you leave, always make sure that you have a change of clothes in it. You might not realize it, but your baby's clothes can get soiled while you're changing the diaper. You don't want them to wear it, do you? So always have a pack of fresh clothes handy.

1 Being Distracted

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It's easy to get distracted when you are so swamped. But do your best to avoid getting distracted while changing your baby's nappy. If you don't pay attention, something dangerous can happen in a split of a second. Besides, you can fail to clean your baby thoroughly or miss the first symptoms or rash if you're distracted. So while you're changing the diaper, just be there and, well, change a diaper.

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