20 Disney And Pixar Characters Reimagined As College Students

Going to college is the big step in obtaining an advanced education in order to get a degree for a certain field. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, and adventurous. So imagine how it would be for the Disney and Pixar characters to tackle on post-secondary education. There are some characters who would be passionate to tackle on their majors. Belle loves reading, so she would probably be a literature student. Meanwhile, Rapunzel could enjoy being an art major! These talented artists not only made the characters look cool in a modern style, but it is fun to think of what they would do in the world of college.

Ready to admire fantastic fan art? Here are twenty Disney And Pixar characters reimagined as college students!

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20 Brave Student

via: hyung86.deviantart.com

Merida is a unique Pixar character as she is the only one who made her way into the official Disney Princess lineup. Hyung86’s take on the Scottish princess has her in a fitting modern outfit that helps her stand out. As for her major, it might be something to do with her country’s history.

19 They Got A Friend In Them

via: puerilis-carmen.deviantart.com

It’s one thing to imagine Buzz and Woody as humans, but imagining them as college students is a twist, especially after Andy goes off to college. Puerilis-Carmen gives the two pals a nice anime art style, and they did a fantastic job in capturing their strong friendship. Hopefully, they don’t copy each other’s homework.

18 Darling Learners

via: kadeart.tumblr.com

Merida makes a return, alongside Tangled’s Rapunzel. KadeArt makes these two look adorable and show off their talents from their respective movies. Merida doing hunting/archery would be a class she would take while Rapunzel would focus on her amazing artistic gift. While they are completely different, the two could be great roommates.

17 Sisters Stick Together

via: britaisybabe.deviantart.com

Frozen is filled with lots of fan art that dabbles on modern versions of the sisters and they are very creative! Britaisybabe gives Elsa and Anna fantastic outfits that would depict them as college students, even if it was not the intention. After all, there are princes and princesses today that do go to college with others not of royalty.

16 Magical Student

via: instagram.com/KarinaYordanova_Art

Here is another beautiful fan art of Rapunzel, done by the talented Karina Yordanova! This gorgeous picture shows off Rapunzel at her best as a college student. Like in the previous fan art featuring her, Rapunzel would definitely be studying to become an artist if she was going to school.

15 Endearing And Gentle

via: hyung86.deviantart.com

Wendy is a kind and great character to star in Peter Pan. Even though Peter cannot be a college student, it is interesting to think that Wendy was influenced by him. Hyung86 is back on this list making a great young adult version of the Darling daughter. He just knows how to make fantastic artwork of these timeless characters!

14 School Warrior

via: natalico.deviantart.com

Mulan might have taken down the Huns, but can she handle college? That’s an obvious yes, since she is a strong and smart woman. Natalico gives the Chinese warrior an amazing outfit that can fit in the college scene, displaying her toughness. But no worries, she’s sweet on the inside.

13 Curious Girl

via: shanineko.deviantart.com

Alice is very endearing and there are many ideas of what she would tackle on as a college student. Shanineko gives her an adorable look while also adding a specific reference to the book/movie. So, we will leave the question to you: What would you think Alice would like to study in college?

12 Studying Time

via: eira1893.deviantart.com

While this is more of a crossover with Harry Potter, this amazing fan art done by Eira1893 gives school vibes for the Disney characters. Featuring Tarzan, Jade, Milo, and Kida, these four are set in a common study location while having some mischief thrown in there with the latter two. Whether it is Hogwarts or just regular college, having the Disney characters interact looks fun.

11 Kindhearted Environmentalist

via: hyung86.deviantart.com

Pocahontas becoming a college student sounds unlikely, but she has a curious spirit and would use her passions to her benefit in studying. Hyung86 is featured yet again with this wonderful take on the Powhatan princess. While a major is debatable, we do know that Pocahontas would support animal shelters and other related organizations, that's for sure.

10 Eager To Study

via: fdasuarez.deviantart.com

Cinderella might not look exactly eager, but she certainly has the determination to study. FDasuarez has a beautiful art style that makes Cinderella look distinct to her original Disney counterpart. Since she has made her dress before her awful stepsisters ruined it, we can see Cinderella as a fashion major.

9 Graceful Beauty

via: fdasuarez.deviantart.com

FDasuarez is back again, this time with Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora. Alongside Cinderella, we can see this sleepy princess be a fashion major. Her design in this fan art can indicate something like that to make her a possible fashion designer. Whether her main color is pink or blue, she would make an amazing fashion student.

8 Chic Student

via: mattesworks.deviantart.com

Tiana is a passionate cook who would be perfect as a chef in the future. But as for studying in school, she would definitely be a great fit for culinary arts. She might not look like she’s ready to cook, but studying is what she’s ready for. MattesWork does an excellent job in making Tiana look gorgeous in a modern style.

7 Optimistic Learner

via: hyung86.deviantart.com

This might be the fourth fan art done by Hyung86, but can you blame us? Each of the characters he has drawn is fantastic from his Disney University series. This time we have Joy, who seems out of place due to being in Riley’s head, but it’s interesting to think of this happy character be a college student.

6 Student By Day

via: hotrod2001.deviantart.com

We all know that Kim Possible can do pretty much anything, even take on college. Hotrod2001 captures the art style of the show perfectly and can fool almost people. There has not been any confirmation about what Kim plans to study, but no matter the major and minor, she can handle it. No biggy.

5 Hope They'll Let Him In

via: jackfreak1994.deviantart.com

Where would Stitch be if Lilo was to go off to college? Well, he would be with her, of course! Jackfreak1994 captures the nostalgic memories for those who grew up with Lilo & Stitch and are now heading to college. The only problem is that hopefully, the teachers will let Stitch in as long as he does not cause trouble.

4 Crossover Students

via: rikamello.deviantart.com

Crossovers are honestly a ton of fun in fan art. There are a ton of scenarios that can be brought to life with the characters, and with Big Hero 6 and Frozen together as college students, it is honestly a fun combination. Rikamello has a gorgeous art style that is very close to the 3D animated films and the characters blend in perfectly.

3 Cute and Studious

via: creativecarrah.deviantart.com

Ariel is a curious mermaid who aspires to be like a human. In college, it would be a fun idea to have her study as a marine biologist. CreativeCarrah makes Ariel look adorable and eager to learn more in her studies. It is also nice to have Flounder accompany her in her dorm since it can be lonely at times.

2 Always With A Book In Hand

via: instagram.com/dariart

Belle has been outcasted in her town due to reading a lot of books. However, in college, she will truly shine as a brilliant student who could be a literature major. DariArt has the most unique art style on this list and it gives a studious setting for this smart and beautiful woman.

1 Rioting Students

via: abbadon82.deviantart.com

Thankfully, college students are more mature than high school students, but even at times they should relax and hang out before class starts. Abbadon82 features many of the Disney characters having the time of their lives getting ready to get class over with. Having a class with them sounds incredibly fun!

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