20 Divas Who Were Dropped By Hollywood

Okay, so there's no shortage of diva men (or divos) in Hollywood. Most of these dudes, who have very poor social skills, are known to us. Others are a secret for those in the know. And while people hate to work with them, they don't tend to be put under the same scrutiny as women who have similar behavioral problems. Yeah, that's right, diva-women in Hollywood, are punished far more swiftly and severely than men... Well, unless they've committed a crime, that is. But a diva-like, bad attitude is never excusable. And the women on this list have certainly been accused of acting in some pretty shocking ways; whether it's being outlandishly demanding, rude to the "underlings", or being unreliable. All of the above is precisely why these women have met their end in the film and television industry. Without further ado, here are 20 divas who were dropped by Hollywood.

20 Lindsay Lohan's Middle Name Should Be "Oy Vey"


Yeah there's no surprise here, is there? According to People, EW, Radar, and a host of other media entities, producers included a clause in Lindsay's contract that allowed them to turf her if she violated her parole. This is because she was just so unreliable. Nobody knew when she'd go on a bender or when she'd actually show up to work. And when she did show up, she was highly problematic. As a result, her career never recovered and likely never will.

19 Mariah Carey Just Makes Things Impossible


Mariah Carey and the word "diva" go hand-in-hand. According to RadarOnline, people who've worked with the talented singer almost always claim that she insists on being the center of attention 24/7. None of this is surprising as she's shown us a significant amount of diva behavior. In short, she doesn't hide it all that well. But her "impossible to get along with" attitude got her turfed from Idol and made no one in Hollywood want to work with her.

18 Ariana Grande's Career In Hollywood Is Done Like Dinner... Good Thing She Can Sing


Ariana Grande will continue to be big AF in the music industry, but her time in Hollywood is done. And it's not JUST because she's over it. According to Celebitchy, her diva-like behavior started back in her Nickolodeon days where she'd have a fit when the lighting wasn't right or her incessant need to scrupulously approve any promotional images of herself. This behavior has only increased as she's gotten more famous in the music industry... But people there put up with it better.

17 Lea Michelle Is Anything But Glee With Her Co-Stars


According to The Daily Beast and The Daily Mail, a couple of Lea Michele's Glee co-stars have made it very clear that she was "extremely unpleasant" to work with. Among these co-stars were Kate Hudson and Naya Rivera, who spoke openly about not getting along with the show's lead. Apparently, the crew and producers felt similairly as Lea has almost entirely disappeared from the industry.

16 Beyonce's Demands Made It Impossible For The Film Industry To Work With Her


Beyonce's successful music career is the number one reason why she doesn't do nearly as many movies as she used to. But another reason is the fact that she's just outrageously demanding. According to Vice and People, Queen B was named "Most Difficult Celebrity" due to her crazy demands during the Super Bowl 2013. This included a $22,000 cedar crib for her daughter and $6,000 worth of cigars for Jay-Z. No wonder filmmakers are hesitant about casting her.

15 Katherine Heigl Makes Us Feel Less Knocked Up And More Knocked In The Head


Of course, Katherine Heigl's on this list. Her diva-like behavior is too well documented. According to News24, it all started on the Grey's Anatomy set, where she loved to bicker with her cast-mates. Then, as told in interviews on The Howard Stern Show, she was a bit of a nightmare to Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow, particularly after the fact. Nowadays, she's almost entirely forgotten in Hollywood.

14 Sharon Stone Was The Queen Of Hollywood... And Now... Not So Much


Sharon Stone is one of the most talented actors of her generation. look no further than movies like Total Recall, Basic Instinct, and Casino for proof of that. But according to People, Screen Rant, and In Style, she had a bit of a reputation for being demanding. She'd even go off shopping with the production credit card in the case of the film A Golden Boy. Yeah, that's pretty much a no-go in the industry.

13 Sean Young Basically Hasn't Been Seen Since Blade Runner


According to TVOverMind, Sean Young, best known for her co-leading role in the original Blade Runner film with Harrison Ford, is particularly challenging to work with. The actor seemed to clash with director Oliver Stone (who's no easy guy either) during the filming of Wall Street and even bugged James Woods enough for him to sue her. By the 1990s, word had gotten around about her attitude and she basically vanished from pop culture.

12 January Jones Feels Cold As Ice


According to ABC News, January Jones has been repeatedly "slammed" by her Hollywood peers. Although she's been in notable projects such as Mad Men and X-Men: First Class, nobody wants to work with her anymore. Producer Damon Lindelof has had some very public choice words about her, as has Zach Galifianakis who claimed she was "very rude" to him. In fact, the word that keeps getting tossed around about Jones is "cold".

11 Shannen Doherty Was A Bit Too Straight Up


People Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter have covered numerous diva-like incidents caused by Beverly Hills, 90210 star, Shannen Doherty. Her co-star, Jason Priestly, even outlined her poor behavior in his memoir. But producer Aaron Spelling characterized her in a kinder light to People Magazine, saying, “She is a very honest person who wears her emotions on her sleeve. If you ask her a direct question, she’ll give you a direct answer.”

10 Nikki Minaj Took Diva Behaviour To A New Level


Yeah, the rapper/pop-star has been in a few Hollywood productions as well as a judge on Idol. But it's highly unlikely that anyone in film or TV will want to work with her again. According to SheKnows, Minaj is often sour and quick to dismiss those she doesn't like. This included her co-stars on Barbershop: The Next Cut, who failed miserably in getting her to pick up the phone. Some of her set demands are just too lengthy to even list here... But you really don't need to know anything further than seeing her attitude on Idol...

9 Madonna's Entourage Is Almost As Obnoxious As She Can Be


We're pretty sure Madonna would be angry if we didn't see her as "the biggest diva around", after all, her diva-like attitude seems to demand it. According to Marie Claire, many of her back-up dancers have spoken publically about how working with the legendary pop-star is "grueling" and "difficult" and not just because she works them so hard. She's also known for starting her concerts hours after they're supposed to because she doesn't feel ready.

And then there's Madonna's large entourage which caused a lot of trouble on The Ellen Show back in 2015. Apparently they fed off her diva-like behavior and made some pretty unrealistic demands on her behalf. Another example of this poor behavior was when she went on The Howard Stern Show and demanded that the live-radio show be pushed back a few hours so she could sleep longer.

8 Mischa Barton Never Recovered After Marissa Cooper's Car Crash


The Mirror UK is only one of many publications who've talked about how difficult Mischa Barton was to work with on The OC. The man who played her father, Tate Donovan, even went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and supported these stories. In fact, it seems that the cast and crew were so fed up with her attitude that the only way to move forward with the show would be to end her character's arc in a car crash. After the fact, she had a short stint on Dancing With The Stars and apparently had a "diva-like meltdown" after being voted off.

7 Farrah Abraham Basically Had No Reason To Be Such A Pain


Unlike most of the poorly behaved stars on this list, Farrah Abraham has literally no right to act like such a pain. At least the other women on this list have some sort of talent. This Teen Mom star merely got knocked up at 16... According to The Hollywood Gossip, she reality star would snap at castmates and crew members, as well as make a laundry list of unrealistic demands of the show's producers.

6 Teri Hatcher's Co-Stars Just Had Enough Of Her


EOnline published a star about how Teri Hatcher's Desperate Housewives co-star, Nicollette Sheridan, called her the “meanest woman in the world” due to her diva-like behavior. When the show came to its end, the entire cast wrote a beautiful letter to the show's crew. Everyone signed it... except... well... you guessed it. No wonder Hatcher's career never moved past her days on that show.

5 Amanda Bynes Took The Word "Tragic" To A Whole New Level


We all know the story of Amanda Bynes' tragic fall from grace in Hollywood. According to EOnline, the girl had a sleugh of legal issues, arrests, and time away. Although we sympathize with her for her troubles, there's no denying just how diva-like this young woman got before her spiral downwards. She was unreliable, demanding, and just downright mean.

4 The Reason You Never See Megan Fox Anymore


According to Looper, crew members who've worked with Megan Fox have some pretty hardcore stuff to say about her. They've said that she's "classless, thankless, and graceless" which is pretty much as bad as it gets. But the real reason Hollywood dumped her is that she trashed the movies she was in as well as her Transformers director, Michael Bay; who definitely has a bad reputation of his own. But the comparison she made of Bay and a certain evil historical figure angered executive-producer Steven Speilberg so much that he effectively ended her career.

3 Jennifer Lopez Basically Has To Make Her Own Movies For Hollywood To Have Anything To Do With Her


It's not hard to understand why so many publications like Nicki Swift, Radar, People, and Instyle have written that people claim JLO is "impossible" to work with. This pop-star is long past the days of still being "Jenny from the block". Her list of demands, such as private planes and white orchids (and only white) is endless. Not to mention the fact that she refuses to do her job if her demands aren't met. Because of this, as well as driving her co-stars "crazy", her career in Hollywood is basically done. Films like Hustlers have to be spear-headed by Lopez herself in order to get made. Nobody else wants anything to do with her.

2 Writers Made It Very Clear What They Thought Of Cybill Shepherd


Filmboards claims that Cybill Shepherd is apparently one of the biggest divas in the film industry. She's certainly gotten into a significant amount of fights with her co-stars, such as Bruce Willis. Shepherd's diva-like behavior was so bad on her '90s sitcom Cybill that the same writers created an episode of CSI where a character that's based directly on her gets offed in the most brutal way imaginable... ouch...

1 Gwyneth Paltrow's Disinterested In The Only Movies That'll Even Cast her


According to Nicki Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the least-liked actors in Hollywood. After an incredible career, we have to admit that it's strange she's almost entirely gone away. But that's because she's acted like a diva on numerous occasions... And we can't help but dislike her for selling pretentious, pseudo-science crap for a ludicrously amount of money. Paltrow is even disrespectful of the one Hollywood franchise that WILL hire her, Marvel. For example, Paltrow showed no desire to learn the plot of Iron Man 3 before, during, or after shooting it. Seriously, girl, show some respect. These guys are paying for the legal fees of your "conscious uncoupling".

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