20 Dog Snapchat "Derps" That Are So Funny, They're Winning

We love dogs. OK, we live with five cats and would love to have even more cats, but dogs are really awesome animals as well. Puppies are super-adorable. We can't get enough of looking at photos of puppies or watching videos of puppies doing hilarious things. So, it's no wonder that we would be drawn to Snapchats that feature people's dogs. The captions that humans add to the photos sometimes makes them even more hilarious. We have to guess at what the dogs may have been thinking when they do certain things, and that is half the fun.

The following 20 Snapchats show dogs at their, well, their doggiest, and these doggie-inspired mistakes are fantastic. In fact, we have to say that these dogs are definitely winning the cuteness award, if nothing else. We can't even be mad when a dog ruins the garden or tracks mud into the house when they are just so adorable about it and asking for our forgiveness. Sometimes dogs only see how fun something might be and don't consider the consequences. Then, it ends up on Snapchat for all the world to enjoy. Make today brighter and enjoy these adorably funny dogs who are totally winning at life.

20 Lassie came home

Via: reddit.com

Sometimes we don't know what we have until it's gone. And this doggie thought that running free would be more enjoyable than living with humans. Well, we can't really know for sure why dogs run away. It could be any number of things. For an animal, living with humans can be a sweet deal. Think about it. Good humans provide their animals with regular meals and treats, lots of toys, plenty of love and keep the pet healthy (even though animals hate vet visits). Homeless dogs don't have any of that, and it is really sad. No wonder this dog decided to come back home.

What makes this photo even cuter is that the dog is standing up to look inside of the window on the door. After living on the streets for a few hours or a day or so, living with humans seems like a dream. The doggie looks desperate to return to a life of luxury. It's also great that the dog knew how to get home, so the animal was not lost. Scientists are actually a little baffled about how animals are able to find their way, even from hundreds of miles away! One of these days we may know the answer, but not today.

19 Mistaken destination

Via: reddit.com

The vet probably seems like the worst thing to an animal. Dogs might not fully know what is going on, but they do know that it's uncomfortable. Who likes getting vaccinated or having to take medicine? And let's not even discuss what getting fixed for an animal must be like! Sure, going to the vet keeps pets healthier, but it also seems like no fun. These two dogs are hugging each other as if preparing for an inevitable vet visit. It's so adorable and kind of sad at the same time.

We can imagine what they are telling each other. It's probably something like this: "We'll get through this. Just let the human in the white coat do their thing, and it will be over fast. Then our human has to give us a bunch of treats to make up for it." The other dog is like, "I'm not sure I can take this anymore!" Of course, we are just imagining what is going through their minds, but the dogs certainly look distressed at the idea of this trip. So, it's a good thing that they are just going to the park today. Now the park is something that doggies love!

18 Always follow assembly instructions

Via: reddit.com

The caption in the Snapchat is, of course, a joke. But we are really curious about how the dog got himself into such a twisted position. We can't tell what's up or down or what the dog even looks like when he's folded together like a pretzel. We do see the dog's snout, though. Maybe the dog is just being super silly and thinks this is funny.

Many animals, including dogs, have senses of humor.

It might be different from what humans find funny, but dogs will do silly things because it makes them happy or their humans laugh. This dog may have had something else on his mind when he twisted himself into a pretzel, but the end result is quite hilarious. If he falls asleep like that, that's even funnier. That position would seem very uncomfortable to us. We prefer to sleep lying flat on a bed, either on our backs or sleeping on one side. A pretzel position would hurt our joints and leave us in pain when we woke up. But hey, maybe it works for this doggie. The view from that position is probably fascinating. But he may need help untwisting himself. Who's a good boy?

17 Ready to mingle

Via: reddit.com

This dog is ready to mingle. As we know, dogs don't need dating profiles like we humans do. They greet each other by smelling each other's behinds, which is how they know if another dog is in heat and interested in a one-night stand. But the caption is absolutely perfect for this photo because the pose is exactly what a human would do if the human was trying to appeal to other humans. This dog, on the other paw, was just trying to get comfortable in front of the fireplace.

We're a little jealous TBH. Effortless gorgeousness in front of the fireplace and not a care in the world! Why can't we live our best lives like that? Some dogs have all the luck, and the humans are just struggling to survive in this cruel, cruel world. And don't even get us started on trying to find a mate. The world of looking for love is not so easy. It's a wonder that we even bother with it when we have to set up so many profiles to advertise our hearts and our hope for a "happily ever after." And this doggie is making it look easy, if dogs were to have Tinder profiles and be searching for partners online.

16 Hey, it just might work

Via: reddit.com

Fences don't always stop neighborly interaction. This dog is determined to get noticed and maybe get told he's a good boy by someone other than his own humans. What better way to do that than to slide under the fence (kind of like sliding into someone's DMs) and put on a goofy smile? That's a clever dog. Oh, yes, this good boy is one clever canine who finds out how to get more attention from the humans in his vicinity.

Personally, if we were the neighbor, we would be total goners as soon as that cute face popped through the bottom of the fence.

It's like he's saying "Heyyy! I'm here! Give me some more treats!" Well, we would be compelled to give in to those demands! Dogs are more creative than we give them credit for. He's obviously found a way to use the fence to his advantage, and the results are hilarious. The expression on his doggie face is totally priceless. We are glad that we get to witness this epic tale on the internet. Now our day has been slightly improved. It would be mean to make the fence not have space underneath once we have gotten used to being visited by such a cutie, right?

15 Still cute, though

Via: reddit.com

When we are tired, we can sleep in some uncomfortable places. The same must be true for animals. And this big doggie has her face all pushed against the side of the couch. It ends up being quite hilarious that we can't help but laugh. She, on the other paw, is getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. Being a dog is really hard work. From the dog's perspective, it must be hard trying to keep their humans in line and communicating with humans who don't speak the language. Somehow, though, we make it work. And humans and dogs become best friends, if the past hundreds of years and personal experiences are any indication (not scientific but it still works).

Dogs can look just as goofy as humans do when it comes to awkward sleeping positions. At least we humans are not alone in that regard, and it's something common that we have with our canine friends. This might look totally awkward, but it is definitely still cute. We wouldn't be able to look away because our hearts would be so full watching our baby sleep. And sure, she may be a full-grown doggie, but she would always be our baby. The heart-eyed emoji is perfect for moments like this.

14 Who's a good boy

Via: reddit.com

Retriever dogs probably got their name because they are good at retrieving things. Common knowledge, right? And this dog is being a really good boy by retrieving his silly human who is under a snow bank. The dog either dug him out or it's a snow pile that the human purposefully went into and had left an opening at the top. Either way, this dog was not going to risk the human leaving the world of the living without at least trying to save them. Retrievers need to be trained, like any household dog, but they are bred to be good at retrieving and rescue. We fell in love with the story of Lassie and just never let go. The Lassie tradition continues on to this day.

We humans really don't recognize how lucky we are to be such subjects of devotion to our dogs, do we?

And this dog clearly wants to make sure the human is okay, and now we have Snapchat proof. The retriever is so adorable. We don't have a dog, but we almost want to get one after looking at this photo and thinking of the possibilities. Golden retrievers are definitely one of the best breeds of dogs around, which explains one of the reasons why they are so popular. If we ever get stuck under some snow, a retriever is more likely to dig us out than our cats would be inclined to do. Hopefully, the cats would somewhat miss us....

13 Clearly the leader

Via: reddit.com

Now this dog is very much an adventurer. We don't even get to go out on boats, and here is this husky looking unbothered about the whole experience. This dog is used to going on outdoor adventures with humans. In fact, it does seem as if he assuming that he is in charge now, based on his seating position. The dog probably just wanted to sit comfortably and that position worked at the time. But the bent arm over the side of the boat and the overall presentation definitely gives off an aura of authority. Yeah, this dog is leading an expedition. That's totally the impression we get as well.

Being outside must be really exciting for our canine friends, and going on a boat is probably even more exciting than going to the park. At least, that's how we would imagine it to be. It's not like we can actually read this dog's mind, of course. But based on what we know about dogs or have read over the years, dogs enjoy being outdoors and going on adventures like this. And huskies are adventurous dogs. We can surmise that just from this photo and the level of comfort that this dog seems to exhibit. Going on a boat ride on a nice, sunny day sounds like the stuff of dreams! We can't swim, but this dog most likely knows how to swim if it became necessary.

12 On the fence about it

Via: reddit.com

As most of us know, cats can jump to high places. Stray cats and outdoor cats can often be found on top of fences, in trees and basically everywhere. We do not usually think of dogs as having the inclination to climb like cats do, but sometimes they surprise us. And this dog clearly has a mind of his own. He managed to get atop the fence and looks like he's howling to the sky. Balancing skills are to be envied. We definitely can't sit on fences. And while it's impressive when a cat does it, the fact that this dog is able to balance on top of a fence is quite amazing.

He is so perfectly perched on top of that fence!

Of course, the fence isn't one of those skinny ones with pointed posts. It has a smooth top and just enough space that the dog is able to fit his paws and make it work. Sitting on fences is not just something that cats will do. Clearly, dogs manage to do it as well. This dog has nothing to prove to the world of cats, though. We hope that cats and dogs can manage to get along (because it's sooooo cute when they do), but there is not some actual elaborate scheming going on between cats and dogs at the expense of each other. If there were, then this dog might have gotten himself stuck atop a fence and cats would have come around to glare at him.

11 Guaranteed to go platinum

Via: reddit.com

Album covers are supposed to look really cool. We have all seen those album covers where the people in the band are lined up a certain way, very similar to the way these dogs are, and that's why this caption is so completely perfect. If these dogs were releasing their first album, we suspect that it would go platinum based on their cuteness alone. Four dogs would probably make music with their barking. Sure, it would keep the neighbors up, but who's to say that the album wouldn't become a mainstream hit? Stranger things have happened in this world lately.

There's a good chance that this was all an accident, and the person who lives with the dogs caught this moment at just the right time. So, we guess there's a good reason to keep one's phone handy because funny Snapchat ideas can happen at any time. And we love animal Snapchats. That's why we are SO here for this dog Snapchat and the hilarious caption. These four dogs certainly know how to make a cool photo. We can't argue with the coolness (and the cuteness) of this photo. Maybe the doggies were planning something when the human came along and snapped a Snapchat photo of them. Perfection is sometimes a happy accident that we can't deny.

10 It's the pug life

Via: reddit.com

One of our favorite things to do is cuddle with our animals when we go to sleep. Five cats are really snuggly. And looking at this pug, we can tell that she is also an incredibly snuggly little sweetheart. She had settled down for a nap with her human. But the nice nap was interrupted with her human's spawn decided to snap a photo of the tender moment. Have we no shame? Of course we don't.

And this pug is not about the paparazzi life.

She just wanted to get a nap in with her human, not any of this. The expression on her face is priceless. Even though it looks goofy, it's also totally adorable. Pugs can't lose. And while she's living the pug life, she seems to have a great relationship with the human who raised her. We can't say the same for the other human in this scenario. Making Snapchats of sleeping people without their consent is somewhat questionable. In this case, it turned out hilarious. The pug has a very expressive face that we have to keep looking at this photo over and over. Sometimes the most hilarious Snapchats happen when we are trying to get cute photos for our own memories or to share with all of our friends. Maybe another time, maybe another time. We are pretty sure the nap was adorable.

9 Driven to extremes

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People often don't realize how their driving affects others. Everyone assumes that they're the good driver and that everyone else is so bad at it. This assumption is probably behind a lot of the road rage we see, like the time someone behind us flicked us off because we didn't want to run a red light and they were in SUCH a hurry. We didn't do anything wrong, but it didn't fit what the person behind us wanted. (Yeah, we are still annoyed with the whole thing.) Anyway, if people take the time to gauge the reaction of those in the vehicle with them, they can find out just how good at driving they actually are.

This poor dog is freaked out. Maybe the dog's life flashed before its eyes on the road trip. The human probably speeds through the streets and makes sudden stops. No wonder the dog is worried after going around with the human. Normal roads are not meant for Fast and Furious driving techniques, y'all. And if we have to get somewhere, it's a good idea to plan for potential delays like heavy traffic and construction. Don't just leave last minute and get mad at folks for driving within speed limits and following street signs. Anyway, we totally feel for this dog and hope that the human has learned to drive more carefully in the future.

8 Yeahhhh, man

Via: reddit.com

If there's ever a dog that would be perfect as a meme, then this dog is totally it. That expression just says "yeahhhh" to us, like the chihuahua knows something we don't and is scheming behind the scenes. What information is this dog withholding from the human? It might be beneficial to know. Maybe the dog left a special surprise for the human to find and just keeps thinking about it. Maybe the chihuahua has discovered where the human hides all the treats.

Maybe the dog just happens to be making this expression for no reason, and we don't have to be worried about anything.

Sometimes it can be tough to discern what thoughts are going through our animal's brains, although it's not for lack of trying. It would be so much easier if we could read our pet's minds and know what they are up to. But we usually just have to guess based on what we know about our animals and other clues. This person is not sure why the dog keeps making this "stupid face," and neither are we. What we are certain about is that it is quite hilarious. We might not be able to top this Snapchat in the list. Nothing makes the world a funnier place than a sneaky Chihuahua.

7 Totally not following the human

Via: reddit.com

Once again, we really have to wonder about our adorable animal friends! Why is the dog pretending not to follow this human? It's downright hilarious, but we are very curious. Maybe the dog is lost and was fascinated by the human for some reason. He's not wearing a collar. Or, maybe he plans to sneak into the human's home and call dibs on the sofa. Sometimes that's how people end up with pets. The animals adopt them and not the other way around. But what's so hilarious about this, is that the dog is obviously following this person and even stops right behind them only to act like they don't see the human at all. It's something that a little kid would do, and it's making us giggle uncontrollably.

The people at the coffee shop must think we're nuts. Anyway, maybe this goes back to that discussion on the sense of humor that some animals seem to have. It's really hard to study their inner lives when we speak different languages, as in human language and animal behavior. So, we often just have to guess what's going on. We would love to learn the rest of this story, too: Did the dog follow them ALL the way home? Do they have a dog now? Is this how we can get a dog? The story could continue on for a few more moments, and we are ready to listen.

6 So much beauty

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Okay, let's be the first to stand up and say that pizza is amazing. Most of us love pizza, and there are so many kinds of pizza. We can find a pizza that we like out of all these choices. The standard choices are cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. It's what we see at most parties that have pizza because it's so much easier to order than getting some kind of specialty pizza. Based on the photo, the dog is clearly interested in stealing some of that pizza. It probably is not a good idea to let him eat it. The spices can do some serious harm to a dog.

But the way he is looking at that pizza is enough to make us miss going out with another human being in a romantic way.

It's like he's in love with that pizza, and all he can think about is stealing a slice and eating it. Pizza makes him think good things and takes the edge off his hunger. If we could find someone who looks at us the way this dog looks at pizza, we might even have to get tie the knot and walk the aisle and all that jazz. Okay, that's going too far. Pizza and love are two different things (but are they really?). So, we can't really compare the two in the real world, only the perfect one that we imagine. Right now, we also would love to have some pizza and maybe a salad to round it off. Food is wonderful.

5 Good lab results

Via: imgur.com

Guess who's getting a bath? This Labrador dog! Now the caption is absolutely priceless and relies on a few puns. In a science experiment, people might test the water. By placing the Labrador dog in the water, the person is "testing" the water. The "positive lab result" is the fact that the dog seems really happy about the whole thing. Maybe it's a really hot day, and cold water would feel fantastic! Playing in the water is fun for both humans and dogs. And on hot days, we can't really get enough of it. We kind of wish that we could be this clever when it comes to Snapchat captions, but we haven't come across any situations that lend themselves to such cleverness.

Some people have all the luck and can do great things on their Snapchats. And with a dog this amazing, they probably have tons of cool photos and captions to remember when they are older and looking over the digital albums of their lives. The dog is just thrilled to be in a tub (well, a large bucket) of cool water. We don't blame him. That is probably really refreshing on a hot day, and it's about to get hotter this summer! A bucket of cool water will be just the thing to cool off during the worst of the summer heat.

4 Hello, this is dog

Via: reddit.com

We read this caption in a gruff voice that we think a dog would make if it spoke human words. Okay, we can't be the only ones who do that, right? Bananas remind us of phones because of their shape, so this person placed a banana in their dog's paw and made caption magic for the Snapchat. Now it will go down in history as a hilarious dog Snapchat that made the world a much better place.

What would a phone conversation with a dog even entail?

If we could understand barking, maybe the dog would tell us about all the dogs he met on his walk, all the strange things he sniffed, the food he sneaked from the garbage can or sidewalk or the cat who dared to cross his path. Conversations with dogs would be hilarious. And it's easy enough to come up with some funny scenarios based on what we think dogs think about. Of course, we could be so wrong. A dog could have the solution to the Theory of Everything, and we won't know what it is because we don't really speak. Or a dog could have solved some of the hardest problems in physics. Would we know it? Nope. We're too busy assuming that dogs are more concerned with sticks and squirrels than with anything else.

3 Wealthy dog on the loose

Via: reddit.com

Someone has a wicked sense of humor. For one thing, we wish that we could just toss hundred dollar bills around like that. Most of our money problems would be solved with that amount of cash. And this person just threw hundreds on top of the dog and gave him a baseball cap so that he looks like he is living the best street life ever. Other dogs pay him to keep him safe (from him) because he runs the neighbourhood dog mafia. Or something like that. TBH, this dog is just an adorable and innocent dog who was minding his own business when this human came along and placed all these hundreds on top of him.

The dog is probably not even sure what to make of this whole thing. Humans are beyond weird, so why do dogs put up with us? A cat would never put up with some of our antics unless the cat was too tired or in a playful mood. If dogs have more money than we do, then that is enough to make us cry a little inside. Dogs absolutely deserve the world, but we humans are the ones who need the money to provide all of those luxuries that our dogs may be accustomed to having. And hundred dollar bills will really help us meet our goals....for the dog, of course.

2 Adorable paw prints

Via: reddit.com

Awwww! What can we say about a cute little puppy who has a paw print on his nose? Seriously, about all we can do is say "awww" and stare lovingly at this adorable puppy. This dog must get away with EVERYTHING. We wouldn't be able to tell him or her "no" for anything, and the puppy would just rule the house. But there are worse things in this world than letting the dog run the place. We needed a break from the news to pay attention to this cute puppy. And our days have been brightened to the extreme.

That paw print on his nose must be nature's kiss.

It's so perfect that we can barely stand it. Sometimes nature seems to have a sense of humor all its own. This world is filled with weird and funny and beautiful things in it that we should stop and appreciate it (and take better care of it) so that we can enjoy it for longer. Puppies are so perfect, and we would love to hang out with such a cute puppy all day. And puppy antics are also the best as they try to explore their world and learn more about it. Puppies, kittens and rainbows make the world a much better place! His humans shall cherish him always. If not, then that would be really sad and we only want good things for this sweet, little pup.

1 Polar bear...or dog

Via: reddit.com

Wait a minute. Wait just a minute! Isn't this supposed to be an article about dog Snapchats? What are we doing putting a polar bear into the mix? Well, this is not a polar bear. Nope, this is just a white doggie that looks like a Polar bear because his fur is all wet. The end result is an incredibly adorable photo. We would love to have a cute dog that looked this much like a cute polar bear. Every day would be precious with such a sweet animal as our friend. And he seems to be okay with having a bath. The room doesn't look too messy.

Washing dogs is not always an easy task, and it's quite normal to end up with water and suds all over the place. Maybe this dog is just THAT well-behaved and can get a bath without causing a flood in the bathroom. That's actually quite impressive. Dogs aren't like cats and often need more baths. They go outside more and don't self-clean the way that cats do, so a sudsy bath is often the answer to keeping your dog clean and healthy. And this dog just so happens to look like another animal entirely when he gets a bath. Polar bears are adorable animals, and we really hope that they will be around for future generations to appreciate. And we also appreciate this dog that looks like a polar bear.

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