20 Dogs That Are Bigger Superhero Fans Than You

With all the internet's recent chatter about the latest and greatest superhero movie coming out, it got us thinking: How can we discuss something as fun and exciting as superheroes but put a twist on it so that it relates to something we really love on this site? The answer was really quite simple – dogs dressed up in superhero costumes! Seriously, how can you beat that?

Superheroes can come in all colors, shapes, and sizes – and yes, that even includes four-legged and furry! The below dogs are here to save the day and ready to take action (please note the following actors may have been bribed by treats). So get ready to take a furry trip down superhero lane with twenty of the internet's most hilarious superhero impersonators!

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Piper and Sully Superheroes
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20 Even Superman and Batgirl can be talked into sitting for treats!

Piper and Sully Superheroes
Ashlie Frank

19 We sure are feeling fluffy, I mean, brave today!


18 What do you mean I have to live in a sewer?

17 So sleepy and hungry but must... still... save... the day!

Chubby pug dressed as Wonder Woman

16 Golly, we sure do enjoy this crime-fighting stuff!

15 I love waking up to the smell of justice (and also bacon) in the morning!

Superman poodle

14 Introducing the new star of The Dark Pup Rises!

Small dog dressed as Batman

13 Kicking butt and taking names, all the while wearing a skirt!

12 No one will ever recognize me with this disguise on!

11 My spidey senses are tingling, telling me that there may be a treat nearby!

10 To the Batmobile! Batman and Robin reporting for duty!

Batman and Robin pugs

9 Don't even think about calling me a weenie, I'm here to save the day!

Dachshund dressed as Batman

8 No, not the mask! My true identity has now been revealed to all!


7 You've got Captain America here ready to save... wait was that a ball?

Captain America puppy

6 The true definition of "squad goals."

Superhero labs

5 Someone told me there would be pizza involved!

4 Yup, it would appear that the gangs all here!

three dogs dressed as superheroes

3 How exactly am I supposed to save the world when I can't even see out of this helmet?

dog dressed as Thor

2 And that's all for today folks – nope, nothing to see here!

Huskies dressed as superheroes

1 Up, up, and away!

Dog with cape

If dogs can pose as superheroes, what's to say you can't get out there and save the day today? Costumes or not, let these furry critters be your inspiration to get out there and make it a super day. If your four legged friend can be brave and ready to take on the day whose to say you can't!

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