20 Dragon Ball Z Secrets That The Creators Wish They Could Bury

Many people think that cartoons are shows meant only for children. While there are a lot of shows out there that are meant exclusively for a young fan base, there are some that are created for both adults and children.

Dragon Ball Z is one of those shows.

On February 26, 1986, the first adaptation of the Dragon Ball series was released. Three years later, a spin-off series was released - Dragon Ball Z. Since then, there have been many different spin-offs of the show but each one has been able to captivate both children and adults.

Like any show though, the creators have hidden a few things from the audience. Truths that they don’t want the viewers to know and would rather just keep a mystery or hidden.

Here are 20 of those secrets.

20 The Original Timeline Saw Everyone Meet A Horrible Demise

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All fans of the show know that Trunks came from an alternative timeline to save Goku’s life. Thing is, that isn’t actually true.

According to thegamer.com, Trunks didn’t come from an alternate timeline, he went to an alternative timeline. It’s very confusing, but in the end, everything we are watching ends in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where all the main characters we love are gone.

19 Frieza Is Literally A Nightmare


Frieza is one of the most popular villains throughout the series. So much so, that he has been resurrected a few times throughout the shows running.

According to screenrant.com, when it comes to Frieza and how he came to be, he was actually made up of bits and pieces of nightmares Toriyama had as a child.

18 Gohan's Great Saiyaman Persona Is His Way Of Coping With PTSD


Great Saiyaman is just a sweetheart of a character. He is dorky, charming, and never forgets to take some time out of fighting crime to strike up a pose.

According to thegamer.com though, some feel that the Gohan’s Great Saiyaman persona is a manifestation of some deep-rooted PTSD that derives from his time fighting the Ginyu Force as a small child.

17 Superman Could Totally Take Goku In A Fight


One of the greatest debates of all time is who would win a fight, Son Goku or Superman?

According to screenrant.com, fans on both sides of the spectrum have made some valid points, but there is one thing that Superman will always have that Goku doesn’t. He is basically invincible unless Kryptonite is added into the mix, unlike Goku.

16 Bulma's Name Translates To Bloomers In Japanese

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Sometimes when a show is translated and aired in a different country, the translations don’t always turn out quite right and be quite humorous.

Which is what happened to poor Bulma.

According to therichest.com, Bulma means bloomers in Japanese, which many assume was done on purpose by the original writer either for a laugh or because of her sexuality.

15 Toriyama Is Not A Fan Of The Spin-Offs

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Akira Toriyama is the creator of the original Dragon Ball manga and TV series.

According to screenrant.com, Toriyama isn’t a fan of any of the spin-offs or the adaptations of the show since. In fact, during an interview with Super History Book, Toriyama stated that he was “upset by the live action, helped fixed the scripts of the anime films and complained about the quality of the TV series.

14 Everyone Would Have Perished On Namek If Krillin Ended Vegeta


Before the fight on Namek, Goku talks Krillin into sparing Vegeta’s life.

According to thegamer.com, without Vegeta, they would of all perished on Namek, so it was a good thing Krillin listened to Goku.

Vegeta not only singlehandedly defeats Frieza’s forces, but also stalls the Ginyu force for Goku. Without him, the series would have come to a brutal ending.

13 There Was Some Racial Controversy


When Mr. Popo was first introduced in the series, his skin color was jet black.

According to screenrant.com though, due to his appearance and how he spoke broken English as if he was uneducated, his image had to be altered.

Just like the Pokémon Jynx, there were fans and activists who felt that the image was offensive and demanded change.

12 Piccolo Is A Lot Younger Than Fans Think

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In the series, we learn that Saiyans age slower than other species. They could be 60 years old, but still look like they are 20.

According to therichest.com, Namekians, on the other hand, can look old at fairly young ages, which is why it may come off as a shocker to some, but Piccolo is a lot younger than he actually looks.

11 Android 17 & 18 Weren't Always Destruction-Craving Androids

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Nowadays. Android 18 is living the good life with her husband Krillin and daughter Marron, while 17 works as a park ranger on an island with his zoologist wife and two adopted children.

According to therichest.com though, before they were androids, they were two human children named Lapis and Lazuli, who had their lives cut short.

10 One Of Trunks' Timelines Was Left Completely Defenseless


Before Cell ends Trunks’ life to get his time machine, Trunks figures out a way to defeat the Androids, meaning Babidi never shows up. Or so we thought until Super happened.

According to thegamer.com, during the Goku Black saga, Babidi arrives, just much later. Without Trunks there to protect the timeline though, Babidi is able to revive Majin Buu and wreak havoc.

9 All Cells' Victims Were Revived In The Middle Of The Ocean

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When the DBZ gang finally defeats Cell, they use the dragon balls to wish all his victims back to life.

According to thegamer.com though, there is one small issue, they all perished after Cell blew an island up, and the island is never wished back.

Meaning, all the people they revived would appear in the middle of the ocean.

8 Goku Really Isn't A Hero


If fans take a closer look at Goku’s life, they will realize he isn’t such a hero.

According to screenrant.com, Goku is a bad father that only has one goal in the world, becoming as strong as possible. In fact, Goku is so irresponsible, that he puts training and combat over his family, his friends, his planet, and the whole multiverse.

7 The Real Reason Why Fans Disliked The Frieza Saga

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During the Frieza saga, the anime caught up with the manga and instead of going their own path, they filled the episodes up with as many fights scenes as they could while they waited for the manga.

According to therichest.com, by doing this, they made the fight between Goku and Frieza last over four hours, which resulted in fans having a hard time getting through the saga.

6 This Guy Exists In The Japanese Version


Every now and again, a show will use real-life events in their story-line. For shows that like to keep a kid-friendly image though, normally creators tend to veer away from anything that is not kid-friendly.

According to therichest.com, the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z has a villain that turns into the parody form of the real-life German dictator.

5 Vegeta Caused The Demise Of Hundreds Of People


While in Frieza’s service, Vegeta wiped out countless numbers of people and even planets.

According to screenrant.com, during the Buu Saga, he goes back to his evil ways and slaughters an entire stadium of people.

Not one person steps up though and says anything. One would think there would be repercussions, but he gets off without even a slap on the wrist.

4 Toriyama Isn't A Fan Of Vegeta


Vegeta, once a cold-hearted villain, is now one of the most loveable characters in the show.

According to screenrant.com though, Vegeta is actually one of Toriyama’s least favorite characters. If we think about it, it's very rare Vegeta ever gets a victory and no matter how much he trains, Goku is always more powerful then him.

That should be a sign right there.

3 Hercule Is Basically A Slave


During the Buu saga, Hercule befriends the destructive Buu and teaches him how to not be evil.

According to screenrant.com, from that moment, Hercule is bound eternally to the now good Buu. He waits on Buu’s ever whim and is now a security blanket for him. Anytime he gets mad, Hercule steps in and calms him down.

He basically has to walk on eggshells 24/7.

2 Vegeta Is Afraid Of Worms

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Vegeta is a prideful Saiyan that is obsessed with power and has an ego bigger than his appetite.

According to therichest.com, though he would never admit it, he has a fear that many won’t believe, he is afraid of worms. Too bad they don’t go into detail about how this fear came to be.

1 Bulma Met Her Demise At Her Best-Friend's Hands


For a while there, fans thought that Dragon Ball Super series was a little stagnant, that is until the Goku Black saga was released.

According to thegamer.com, one of the most shocking and horrifying moments in the saga is Bulma’s demise. All we see is a shadowy figure holding her by the neck. Bulma on the other hand, sees Goku, her oldest friend, right before he ends her.

Sources: therichest.com, thegamer.com, & screenrant.com

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