20 Most Dramatic Scenes From 'Vanderpump Rules'

Vanderpump Rules is one of those shows that we just have to tell all our friends about. The cast is hilarious, the drama is unlike any other, and it’s a show on Bravo, so really, how can one go wrong?

We all associate reality TV shows with fake drama and bad acting but to be honest, we are inclined to believe that most of the drama we see on Vanderpump Rules is at least 90% true for two main reasons.

First, if the cast members don’t like each other on the show, they actually dislike each other in real life. Second, their fights also play out on the reunion and on social media but the zingers are even worse.

VR is one of those shows that leaves us jonesing for more when it goes on hiatus and seeing as season six has just wrapped up, we no longer have anything to do with our lives, so why not write an article about it?

Drama is a word that the cast members identify with heavily, so how they can call one another friend is a wonder to us. They sleep with one another's boyfriends and girlfriends, they throw each other under the bus, and they make sure to regularly throw shade  at one another to their boss and mother of the group, Lisa Vanderpump.

While almost every moment has a bit of drama attached to it, there are a few (well more than a few) standout moments that have fans cringing and cast members wishing they were never apart of. And that’s just the bare minimum of the drama fans get to indulge in. Here is a list of a lot more things that sum up some of the most dramatic moments on Vanderpump Rules.

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20 Scheana’s Relationships

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Scheana Marie is dramatic within herself but when she is in a relationship, she truly is one of the most dramatic cast members on Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana was married to Shay and according to her, he was the best man in the world. In fact, she would regularly brag about how sweet he was and how successful and smart he was. Let’s be honest, though, he was none of those things.

Next up is Rob. He is apparently so masculine, educated, wonderful, and everything in between. And admittedly, he is way better than Shay will ever be, but come on. The problem is, Scheana is the most annoying, dramatic person when it comes to being in a relationship.

Everything is a spectacle, she brags and brags and brags usually about nothing. She is also constantly saying how someone out there is trying to ruin her relationships; Jax, Stassi, Kristen, even Lisa at one point. What she really needs to do is focus on herself and get her act together. Scheana is no prize and really she is just a waitress. Unlike the rest of the cast who is trying to do side gigs, Scheana is just there. Yea she did try singing but there was no talent there.

19 Kristen Gets Fired

Kristen getting fired is one of the best things that has happened to SUR, the employees, and the cast of the show. She is beyond toxic and she is actually kind of crazy. That being said, the day she got fired was completely INSANE. She was yelling and screaming at almost everyone — including flipping off her managers and Lisa AND she told one of the managers to go "suck one."

Even though she is on a TV show, that doesn’t mean she doesn't still work at SUR. No one should act like that at their job. Especially to their boss and the OWNER of said restaurant that employed you in the first place. Needless to say, she was fired, which was even more dramatic because she had the audacity to cry, cuss, and act a fool all at one time.

THEN, she was in complete disbelief that she was actually being fired. Lisa had to raise her voice just so Kristen could hear when she said: “leave.”

These days Kristen seems to have calmed down a lot. Well, she definitely still enjoys to drink, but her not being at SUR seems to have had a better effect on her and the restaurant. The combination of working with people you dislike, your ex-boyfriend, and your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend was a disaster in the making.

18 The New Slap Heard Around The World


It used to be that the only slap on television that people would refer to was the slap between Stephen and Irene on Real World: Seattle. But, move over Stephen and Irene, there is officially a new slap heard around the world.

The slap that Stassi laid on Kristen after she admitted to sleeping with Stassi’s then-boyfriend, Jax, was mind-blowing.

I must admit this was one of those slaps that you feel through the TV screen.

Stassi hauled off and backhanded the crap out of Kristen’s messy self. You see, Kristen had been denying for a very, very long time about sleeping with Jax. Even when Jax admitted that he messed around with Kristen, she still felt the need to deny it. It could have been all the drinking that took place that night or maybe Kristen was just sick of having to lie, but she eventually admitted that she did indeed do some things with Jax.

The timing was perfect; as soon as Kristen said “yes,” Stassi’s hand came down with a force we’ve never seen before. Not only was the slap (well, the entire situation dramatic) the immediate after effect of Stassi not caring and Kristen basically not flinching was shocking.

17 Jax And The Sun Glasses

The crew loves to go to on trips and every time they do something absolutely ridiculous happens. This time around, it was Jax acting a darn fool. He had to be bailed out of jail by his girlfriend Brittany (who—let’s be real for a second—could do so much better than this guy).

The most dramatic moment here comes when Jax finally gets out of a Hawaiian prison and proceeds to tell the story of how everything went down. Of course, he took no real blame for anything and even insisted that what he did wasn’t a huge deal.

Jax, essentially, didn't think it was a big deal to take the sunglasses. He later apologized to everyone post jail, but still.

Knowing Jax after six seasons of this show, we can only assume that it was low-key on purpose. He has this sense of entitlement about himself. Of course Jax and the crew had the bright idea to call Lisa because what is more important than embarrassing yourself in front of your boss?

When they called her she seemed not only annoyed but was basically unwilling to help Jax which, truly, I don’t blame her one bit. I have to ask, though, who steals sunglasses and furthermore, who gets CAUGHT stealing sunglasses.

16 Any Of Stassi’s Birthday Parties

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Every season Stassi makes a big deal out of her birthday. She has themed parties and sometimes even leaves the country to celebrate. It’s also a guarantee that some kind of mess will go down and she will end up crying or storming out.

The most recent example I can provide was this season. Stassi had a horror/torture-filled type birthday party. Everything was going great for a bit... That is until her boyfriend called and she got into a fight with him leading to the beginning of her misery.

Then she got so wasted that she ended up ripping her “best girlfriends” Kristin and Katie a new one. But this was nothing compared to some of her past birthday parties.

In season five, Stassi and Ariana had dueling birthday parties which are dramatic within itself (they were born on the same day). Stassi had a party in Montauk where she tried to be classy but ended up getting so drunk with her friends that she could barely stand.

Ariana did something more normal, she took Tom and a few other friends car racing. Really, which party would you want to go to? It’s funny AF seeing Stassi—and mostly Kristen—act desperate and foolish while drunk, but car racing? Come on, that sounds sick.

15 Tom Sandoval’s Miami Girlfriend

via Bravo TV

Annemarie Kunkel is not a popular name and really means nothing to anyone besides Tom, Ariana, and that friend-emy Kristen.

Kunkel was the girl that Tom kissed while still being with Ariana  early on in their relationship. The couple had resolved it within their own relationship but for some reason, Kristen Doute really wanted to shine a hardcore light on it.

She flew this nobody out to LA from Miami and brought her into SUR. She walked her right up to the bar where Tom was working and just like that, all hell broke loose.

Tom and Ariana insisted that both women were crazy—which I agree with—and Kristen was the craziest one. To be honest, Kunkel was just a puppet for Kristen and eventually made herself look stupid AF showing up somewhere just to prove she slept with someone else’s man.

The meeting basically turned into a screaming match where Lisa had to get involved and even tell Kristen and whoever this new girl was to get out of her place of business. This isn't the first or last time Kristin was kicked out of SUR (or anywhere else for that matter). But, she manages to get Kunkel kicked out as well and have her looking like a complete idiot.

Kristen didn’t prove her point nor did she come with coherent facts. I appreciate that she was trying to prove that Tom is just as bad as her but she went about it the wrong way and had him looking like a golden boy.

14 When Laura-Leigh Got Jaxed

Jax has dated some real gems since being on the show. (I actually mean gems in a nice way). There's been Stassi, Britney, Laura-Leigh, and every other girl on the show. They're close to saints for putting up with ALL of his garbage (and there’s a lot of it.)

Laura-Leigh truly caught a bad rap with the cast — mostly Lisa. She was way too sweet and innocent to end up with a guy like him and that was proven when she was asked on numerous occasions what happened involving her, Jax, and a SUR bathroom.

A little birdie told Lisa that Jax’s new flavor of the month had done some stuff with him in the washroom at SUR. Of course, she denied it but everyone—including Lisa—knew it was 100%  true. To make the situation even more embarrassing and dramatic, Jax didn’t have her back and he even somewhat admitted that she was nothing but a rebound after his breakup with Stassi. It was a sour attempt to make his ex jealous.

This made wannabe actress Laura-Leigh look completely pathetic on a very popular reality TV show and in addition, getting Jaxed is something no girl would be proud to admit. Not only does he dump women in the harshest way possible, he also regularly denies that he sleeps with them when everyone knows what a d-bag he really is.

13 Scheana Tells The 'Rob Hanging A TV' Story

There is no doubt that season six brought a lot of troubled relationships. Even Ariana and Tom who arguably have the most stable relationship had their own troubles. However, one of the most dramatic and now OVER relationships was Scheana and Rob Valletta.

Scheana quickly rebounded from her marriage to Shay and began dating Rob, but it was as if she jumped into a relationship that was already in full swing. She wasn’t even divorced before she was throwing out the “I love yous” and talking marriage. However, Rob seemed to be on a different page... Like, not as invested in the relationship as she was.

One of the most repetitive things to come out of their relationship was Scheana telling this darn 'Rob Hanging The TV' story. She was so impressed that he hung a flat-screen TV in under seven minutes. Seriously, homegirl told this novelty story every chance she got which was practically almost every episode. She bragged about how handy Rob was and how she had seen him do so many “handy” things that Shay would never be able to do. Yet, at the reunion, she basically cried the whole time as she spilled the real tea on her relationship with Rob. She was even highly embarrassed at the compilation that Andy Cohen put together of her talking everyone’s ear off about her now ex-boyfriend.

12 When Katie Got A Ring On A String


We can all safely say that Tom Schwartz ain’t much. This man is no prize yet, Katie praises him a lot though, as his wife.

During earlier seasons, Schwartz was still trying to be a model even though he has a dad-bod and did absolutely nothing about it. He once even tried to work at one of LVP’s restaurants but real work just isn’t for him. When Katie began to feel like she wanted to get married, she started to pressure Tom to propose even though he would never be able to afford an engagement ring. But he surprised the viewers when one night on season four when he pulled out a box in a somewhat romantic setting.

Everyone thought it was THE moment. But BOOM, he pulls out a ring attached to a freaking string.

Katie was already crying and preparing for how she was going to refer to this moment on social media. Only to realize that it was a PROMISE ring. The promise was to one day be able to afford an engagement ring and then propose. Katie flipped out further making the situation worse and more embarrassing. She bawled about how stagnant their lives were together. In all, the entire situation was… depressing. I get it, Katie, I really do, but please don’t forget you married a man who still considers himself a model well into his 30's.

11 When Stassi Quit SUR

via SheKnows

Stassi quitting SUR was probably one of the best things that could have happened to LVP. In fact, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to everyone there. She truly thought she was better than all of them.We know this because not only did she act that way, she also said it like, a million times in season one and two.

She announced she was quitting in a dramatic blaze of not so glorY. She told Hollywood life, “I just realized that my life was just so toxic,” Stassi told us. “Like, everything was so toxic. No one was a good friend, besides Katie, obviously. I just needed to take myself out of that environment. I can’t be a waitress forever. Come on, eventually, we were all going to start moving on.”

The way she went about it was loud, obnoxious, and petty — so true Stassi style. In addition, there was a little self-love tape floating around the Internet that was being threatened to be released, and LVP had to pay the price just so it wasn't released. The entire situation was embarrassing for her and to her so-called friends as she ripped each and every one of them apart before she peaced out to New York City.

However, the most embarrassing part was when she had to come crawling back to Vanderpump Rules after declaring that she was so much better than the show and the rest of the cast.

10 The James/Raquel/Logan Relatonship

Season six started with James and Raquel being in a pretty weird place; she was away for school and came back to LA to stay with James for the duration of filming, but something weird was going on with James and his new bestie, Logan.

Logan is openly gay and clearly had a thing for James who kind of lead Logan on.

Things got weirder when Logan started to openly act jealous of Raquel, like giving her bad looks, talking smack about her, and even trying to ditch her and take James with him. The biggest upset came when Logan claimed to have slept with James and made it seem like he and James had a full-blown relationship. This wasn’t the case, but James flipped out and poor, quiet, meek Racquel didn’t know what to do. The love triangle was a topic of conversation for several episodes.

Then one day Logan admitted that he lied about the whole thing and just disappeared from the show. What an odd way to make an entrance and exit from Vanderpump Rules. Regardless, it was memorable and dramatic and left everyone guessing until the very last minute. Leave it to James to have someone obsessed with him and not even realize it until the very end. Gotta love his oblivion.

9 Jax Trashes Brittany

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By now, all fans of the show know what happened between Jax, Brittany, and Faith’s involvement with the couple. Faith was one of the girls that Jax was with while being with Brittany. She was also a server at SUR.

When everything was going down between Jax and Brittany, Faith shared a recording of Jax completely trashing Brittany to whoever else was around. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Faith revealed some of the things from the audio recording that were not only embarrassing for Brittany but should be embarrassing for Jax to be found out talking about his ride-or-die girlfriend like that.

Some of the horrible comments included that Faith was the best he ever had, Brittany was gaining weight, he was being pressured to marry Brittany and he will never want to marry her or get married at all, and most manipulative of all, if it wasn’t for Katie living down the hall things would be okay. He would talk Brittany into doing things and she would be okay with it, but she would run it by Katie and she would tell her if it was a good idea or not.

There is truly a lot of negative things that came from that recording just listen for yourself.

8 Tom And Ariana Kiss

Before Tom and Ariana were officially a couple, they had a small little kiss between them that never happened again until they were dating. The only problem is, Tom was dating Kristen at the time.

During the season three reunion, Kristen tried to make the situation this whole dramatic moment about her being cheated on. She went on and on about how sad she was and how hurt she was and how she was in complete disbelief that Tom would do this to her.

(Keep in mind that Kristen had snook around on Tom so many times that no one even knows the official amount.)

To make matters worse, one of the people she snook around on him with was Jax — one of Tom's best friends. So how does she have the gall to act hurt and sad? Ariana let Kristen know right off the bat that she was ultimately trying to deflect from the fact that she left Tom time and time again. Like Kristen normally does, she started raising her voice and acting superior. At the end of the day, we all know that Kristen is the absolute worse.

It’s hard to feel sorry for her when she has treated so many people like absolute crap and gotten away with it for a very long time.

7 Drowning Jax At Tom’s Cabin

Stupid, stupid Jax. For some reason, Jax started acting a fool while on a vacation at Rob’s cabin. He was warned that the altitude was different up there yet he decided to attempt to go for a long run which didn’t work out right after he decided to not catch his breath.

Furthermore, not hearing the warning of Rob about the altitude, he tried to swim out to the buoy. Well, those who can’t hear must at least feel, right? Because not only did he have to stop swimming halfway through, he began to drown because of all the pressure on his lungs. It was a laughable yet, embarrassing moment seeing a man who takes so much pride in his aesthetic to be drowning like a loser all because he refuses to listen. Fans watch as he calls out to the lifeguard who also couldn’t believe that this buff, grown AF man was drowning (or making such a juvenile decision to drown).

Jax yells from the water for help in kind of a weird way, if you ask me. The lifeguard's actual response was “Are you serious?” in addition to some added swear words.

Dramatic Jax later gives a commentary where he says that he literally thought he was going to die and that he was having flashbacks of all the times he was a complete jerk to people. However, if he was smart he would know that this entire situation could have been avoided if he just listened.

6 When Jax Gets Down On Himself

Jax has a bad habit of making decisions that leave him in a place where he rags on himself usually in an attempt to make his peers feel bad for him. This is a standard practice for him and for some reason it always works.

He gets so dramatic and beats himself up to the point where fans are so desensitized that all we can do is laugh.

This season he ropes his Reiki master into feeling bad for him and he even makes her think he is a good guy. But in past seasons, we have seen him doing it to almost every girl he has dated and all his friends. He is a martyr for sure, a self depreciator. We will admit that the dramatic bit comes from the show when they make montage after montage of Jax talking about all of his problems, and then when they show all the problems he was referring to. He probably has some of the dramatic moments since the show started.

How can the show pass up on capitalizing on that? I don’t blame them for completely making Jax this character that has become the go-to for when they need just a little bit more drama in a scene.

5 When Jax Was Unfaithful

This is referring to the actual scene that went down when Brittany found out that everyone was telling her the truth. Jax was indeed involved with Faith and apparently a few other people. This was, no doubt, the biggest storyline of season six, but it was also one of the most dramatic revealings of the entire series so far.

Jax was not only called out, but Brittany looked like she was ready to knock him out cold, which honestly, we are all still waiting for since he always messes up and she is a no-nonsense southern woman.

After Brittany got over the initial shock she flipped out on Jax —it was beyond crazy. The yelling, the screaming, she even stormed out not just down the street but all the way to freaking Las Vegas. The most dramatic was actually hearing her say “I hate you, I hate you.” There was so much hurt and anger in her voice.

Real talk: Brittany is the best thing that has ever happened to Jax and even after all his other mistakes, she would still stick up for him and take him back. She described this break up like a "kick in the head," and she certainly wasn’t wrong.

4 The Love Triangle

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In season four, there was an awkward love triangle going on between Brittany, Jax, and Lala. One night when the entire group was hanging out together, Lala informed the sweet, naive Brittany that Jax was pushing up on her in a hard way a few nights before. To be exact, he said he was going to sleep with her. Lala can essentially have any man that she wants, so Jax was the least of her problems.

She informed Brittany and, of course, he denied it.

To make the situation even more dramatic Brittany called Lala over and asked her right in front of his face. He denied it once again and a shouting match took place as Lala felt like the louder she was, the more believable she would be. (Don’t worry girl, you don’t have to prove to any of us that it happened.)

Not only was it caught on camera but Jax has proven himself to be that type of person time and time again. Ultimately, within that same episode, Jax did a confessional where he admitted that he said a few things that no man in a relationship should say to someone else. This is just ONE of the love triangles that this messy man has found himself in, but one the most dramatic for sure.

3 Stassi, Period

Stassi is one of the most dramatic people on Vanderpump Rules. Everything about her life seems to be a mess of dramatic proportions and she will admit it. All her relationships, all her dates, all her life decisions, and everything in between. It’s like she can't get anything right.

So, that being said, here are a few of her best dramatic moments:

The time she slapped Kristen silly or when she truly believed that LVP cared enough to dislike her. When her brother—who is like, 12—had to comfort her because he knew her life was a mess. The birthday parties like I mentioned above, all of her relationships, her weird friendship with Kristen, and of course, her lack of a real job and constant struggle to secure employment and fix her admittedly really bad credit.

Unfortunately, for Stassi, her life will always be dramatic because she is a drama magnet. All the decisions she makes either backfire at some point or they involve too many people to truly make it work. Stassi is actually involved some way or another in all the drama that happens at SUR when one is so involved like that, it can never truly be anything but drama.

2 It’s Not About The Pasta

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Anyone fighting over pasta deserves an award especially when it was as dramatic as Lala and James fight. The fight literally involved the word pasta so much that fans actually forgot what it was truly about.

James was trying to confront Lala about her being a complete B-word towards his girlfriend Raquel, but it manifested itself into something about pasta.

Let’s take it from the top: Lala, Logan, and James were having lunch when she mentioned that Raquel ordered pasta at a dinner the night before and offered her some but she essentially ate it all.

Lala then made a comment about “the girl not eating” and that she ate all her pasta. James immediately took that as Lala disrespecting his girlfriend and accused her of treating Raquel like crap since day one. In an even more dramatic twist, the conversation took a dark turn when James said that Lala has been sleeping with a man because he pays her rent. A barrage of swear words and putting people in their place was how the conversation ended.

The good thing about this situation was that Lala and James are so tight now that they were able to talk it out about five minutes later. The dramatic part was how many times James said: “It’s not about the pasta, It’s ain't about the pasta.” We get it James “It ain’t about the PASTA!”

1 Crying Toms

The crying Toms should top any Vanderpump Rules list ever made. The Toms—including Jax and James—are usually pretty dramatic, but the night of Katie and Tom Schwartz bachelor/bachelorette party took the cake.

The boys dressed in drag and went out for a night on the town but it ended with Tequila Katie acting like a raging freak as she verbally abused her boyfriend, accusing him of all kind of crazy things.

One of the things she accused him of was leaving her in Las Vegas (which he later admitted to making out with someone). All of this drama arose because of Kristen yet again, opening her big mouth. Schwartz just stood there and took it as usual but Tom Sandoval wasn’t having it. Ultimately, they ended up yelling and screaming like crazy people which lead to the most dramatic scene and statement possibly ever shown on TV.

Sandoval kicks the door open while Schwartz is in the middle of sitting on the toilet and says, “Look at him, he’s a battered wife.” The combination of them being dressed in drag, drunk, and wearing some of the best faces that I have seen of all the cast including the female cast members made this moment beyond hilarious.

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