20 Easter Eggs Hidden In Disney Films That Will Blow Your Mind

Big fans of Disney and Pixar movies will know that they always sneak Easter eggs into their movies. An Easter Egg is a hidden (or sometimes, small) image or secret reference to something else that are put into movies for people who are looking closely to notice. It's hard to watch a Disney or Pixar movie without noticing at least a few Easter eggs in them. You don't even need to look that closely to see a Finding Nemo toy on a shelf or the famous Pizza Planet truck driving by in a quick scene. Many Disney superfans make it a hobby to watch Disney and Pixar movies really carefully looking for all the Easter eggs they can find.

Check out this list of 20 mind-blowing Easter eggs you might have missed in Disney and Pixar movies. Can you spot any more?

20 This Tapa Cloth In 'Moana'

A tapa cloth, also known as a tapa, is a form of barkcloth made in the islands of  Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa. Tapa cloths used to be used for clothing but are now primarily worn on formal occasions such as weddings and are decorated with dyes that are rubbed, stamped, dyed, or other methods to put a pattern or design on the cloth.

In Pixar's 2016 movie Moana, one of the tapa cloths shows a familiar face. One of the most common Easter eggs that find their way into other Disney and Pixar movies are characters from upcoming sequels. That way, it's already a recognized character and it builds excitement for the upcoming movie. This tapa cloth with Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph and its 2018 sequel is no exception.

19 Flynn and Rapunzel in 'Frozen'

Is Disney going to be making a Tangled 2? Despite spotting Flynn and Rapunzel in Frozen, a sequel to their love story is not going to be happening. Disney did release Tangled Ever After, a short film that showed their wedding, but have never had any plans to release a sequel to the movie that shows their life after the wedding. Sorry, Tangled fans. Seeing them pop up at Elsa's coronation in Frozen is all you'll be getting.

Roy Conli, producer of movies like Tangled, Big Hero 6, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame recently did an interview about whether or not a sequel is possible. He said, "There was a desire somehow to take it into a filmic sequel. But the directors weren't really interested in doing that." Apparently, Disney feels that their story came to an end and have decided to focus on their other works.

18 Boo's Possible 'Toy Story 3' Appearance


Remember the scene in Toy Story 3 when it panned over all the children in the daycare playing with the toys? Well, when it showed the little brunette cutie with the yellow shirt, it sent Pixar lovers around the Internet into a bit of a frenzy. People started claiming that little girl was Boo from Monsters, Inc. Was it? Honestly, no one knows. A lot of people insist that it is because they look so much alike and that there's no way that's a coincidence. At the same time, people say that she's just a random little girl and that she's too young to be Boo. Could her pink headband be a reference to the pink shirt she wears in Monsters, Inc.? Maybe or maybe not.

Whether or not you believe that's Boo playing with some toys, there are plenty of other Easter eggs throughout Toy Story 3 for viewers to see.

17 The Pizza Planet Truck In 'Monsters University'

I think everyone who grew up watching Disney and Pixar movies can agree on one thing. A trip to Pizza Planet would be an absolute dream date night. If only it was a real place and that little yellow truck could make a delivery to my house. I can dream, right? Of all the Easter eggs in Disney and Pixar movies, there are a couple that show up in almost all of them. The Pizza Planet delivery truck is one of the ones that's most noticeable and always has Pixar fans searching the newest movie to find it. It's shown up in Inside OutThe Good Dinosaur, and yes, Monsters University.

Blink and you might miss it! When Sully and Mike go to the JOX frat party, the truck can be seen parked off to the side.

16 These Restaurants In 'Ratatouille' and 'Cars 2'

Would you rather eat at Gusteau's or Gastow's? This hilarious Easter Egg in Cars 2 is of a restaurant that's clearly referencing Gusteau's in Ratatouille. I love when the Easter eggs aren't just characters in the background or something, but they're something clever like this. Along with having pretty much identical signs (but you'll notice Gastow's restaurant has more stars, which is a funny touch), the buildings look pretty much the exact same as well. Talk about attention to detail on this one.

Although I know Gastow's has more stars, I would definitely rather eat at Gasteau's. Ratatouille is a great movie, Remy was definitely onto something with loving Gasteau. Plus, I'm not sure if I could trust a car to cook my dinner. A rat? Sure, but a car is just too far.

15 The Batteries Buzz Runs On


Notice anything interesting about the batteries that Buzz Lightyear runs on? They're from a brand called Buy 'N Large. If that name sounds familiar to you, it should. Buy 'N Large was the huge company that sold just about everything in Wall-E. It's no shock that such a huge company in the Pixar world as Buy 'N Large made it to the Toy Story franchise.

In Toy Story 3, when the toys are looking at Buzz's instructions on how to reset him, they pull off his battery cover and expose these AA's. Another quick Easter Egg that you might miss if you're not looking for it, but a clever one still. I wonder how many other references to fantasy companies show up in the Pixar world and are hiding around in the movies.

14 This Dish Set In 'Tarzan'

Before the spell in Beauty and the Beast was broken and everything in the castle came back to life, Chip, Mrs. Potts, and the rest of their family had quite an adventure. At one point, they even made a guest appearance in Tarzan. This one is clearly a little less hidden and it's just one that you need to be a Disney fan to notice, but it's still a fun one to have snuck into the cartoon. I love that while the rest of the things on the tables are all muted colors and look really fancy and proper, this tea set is so bright and really stands out. Disney obviously didn't want any super fans to miss seeing this cameo! I wonder how Chip got his signature chip.

13 Baymax Becomes a Kakamora in 'Moana'

Am I the only one who thinks the Kakamora in Moana were adorable? They're the cutest little group of coconut pirates I've ever seen. Although Maui called them "murdering little pirates," and they can definitely be kind of mean, it doesn't stop me from finding them precious and just wanting to carry them around in my pockets. They're known in the movie for being one of the main obstacles that Moana and Maui face, but there's more to them than that.

If you weren't looking closely, you might have missed that one of the Kakamora was a familiar face. Tucked away in a big group of them, one of them had the face of Baymax. How cute! This won't be the last you'll see of Baymax as Disney XD has a Big Hero 6 series in the works.

12 The Pizza Planet Truck In 'Brave'


Although Brave was set a long time before Toy Story, it didn't stop the Pizza Planet truck from making another appearance! Sure, there were no actual cars in the movie due to the time period, but Pixar found a way. When Merida goes to the old witch's hut, she's carving a bear on the table and what's that next to it? A familiar looking face from Pixar movies: the Pizza Planet truck! Pixar didn't let the fact that this movie was set a long time before cars and pizza delivery services were invented stop them from slipping the iconic truck in. This one was definitely snuck in there in a way that people wouldn't notice if they weren't looking for it. Disney is getting clever with hiding these Easter eggs - it's hard to keep up!

11 This Familiar Toy In 'Monsters, Inc.'

When Boo was in her room with Sully, she gave him a toy that looks pretty familiar. Yep, she held up a little orange clownfish just like the title character from Finding Nemo. Nemo finds his way into a lot of Disney movies in one form or another. Whether he's painted into a picture or a toy like this one, he shows up quite often. Were these subtle hints from Disney that they were going to make Finding Dory one day? Maybe, or maybe someone at Pixar's animation studios just really loves Nemo. Either way, it's fun to spot him in other movies where you wouldn't expect him. Even if they don't make another Finding Nemo sequel like Finding Dory, having Easter eggs like this is enough for me.

10 This Bear In 'Up'

In Up, when it pans across some of the other apartments when Carl's house floats away, this little girl's bedroom has a couple familiar faces. First of all, there's a Lots-o'-Huggin' bear in the corner. He looks a lot nicer than the one in Toy Story 3 did, which is probably good news for all the other toys she has. Am I the only one who felt really bad for Big Baby in that movie? He was just a sad babydoll and didn't want to get mixed up with Lotso being mean to the other toys!

Also, on the other side of her room is a Luxo Ball. Luxo balls appear in almost every Pixar movie, just like the Pizza Planet truck. It's been in the Toy Story movies, BraveThe Good Dinosaur, and tons of others.

9 This Restaurant In 'Lilo And Stitch'

Who else would totally eat at the Mulan Wok? If you look really closely in Lilo & Stitch, you can see that a familiar face from another Disney movie runs this restaurant. And it sounds delicious to me! That's not the only time Mulan references pop up in Lilo & Stitch either. If you look closely at the adoption poster at one point in the movie, you can see Mulan's dog, Little Brother, is on the poster.

When I was a kid, Mulan was one of my favorite movies. Disney Channel would always play this behind the scenes special about it and how they drew the army during commercials. I loved seeing that and it really made me wish I could draw like them. Unfortunately, I still can't. That doesn't stop me from appreciating their work, though!

8 These Toys From 'A Bug's Life' In 'Toy Story 2'

My favorite part of A Bug's Life was the two little rolly polly bugs who threw each other in the air. Remember when Pixar used to have "bloopers" at the end of their movies? I don't think they do that anymore, but I loved to watch the bloopers in A Bug's Life so much. Maybe even a little more than the movie, TBH. Something about those bugs was just so funny to me. If you look really close at this scene in Toy Story 2, you'll see a familiar friend or two. While Buzz is running through Al's Toy Barn, you can see some of A Bug's Life toys on that shelf. Specifically, you can see a row of the big rhino beetles there and it looks like the caterpillar above that. Very sneaky, Pixar.

7 The Pizza Planet Truck In 'Up'

It's back! The toys in the girl's room weren't the only Easter egg that Up had. While they're panning over traffic, you can see a certain pizza truck making a delivery. Yep, Up was not left out when it came to having the Pizza Planet truck show up in various Pixar movies. Wow, Pizza Planet must be more popular than we originally thought.

Although a lot of this movie takes place either in the sky or in South America, that didn't stop them from finding somewhere to put the truck in. The animators over at Pixar are just too clever. I would have never expected to see that truck parked over there as the house floated away. But I'm glad someone else on the Internet noticed it because I'm going to be looking for it every time I watch Up from now on.

6 Hans' Wanted Poster In 'Big Hero 6'

The cork board in Big Hero 6 has a lot of posters on it. Including a very special bulletin that instructs people in the movie to call the very, very real phone number 555-0123 and a couple posters with doodled on people. But if you look super closely during this scene, you'll notice that one of them has a more detailed looking picture. And if you zoom in on that one, you'll notice that it's someone you might recognize: Hans from Frozen! I have no idea what he might be wanted for by the police in Big Hero 6, but that poster looks like it has a pretty long paragraph at the bottom of what he did. Considering what he was like with Anna in Frozen, I'm not shocked he's wanted in Big Hero 6, too.

5 This Rug In 'Hercules'

What happens to you after you push your brother off a cliff in the most heartbreaking scene in any Disney movie ever? Do you get to rule over his kingdom? Nah, you get turned into a rug in ancient Greece, apparently. Is this really Scar or just a random lion rug? Based on the, well, scar on his eye and the color of his fur, I'm gonna have to go with the first one. That rug is Scar's skin!

Scar pushing Mufasa off that cliff and into the stampede was easily the saddest moment in a movie my child self had ever seen. I still don't like to watch The Lion King just because of that scene, honestly. Becoming a rug in Hercules was a fitting end for him, in my opinion. It's exactly what he deserved after he was so mean to his brother.

4 'Sleeping Beauty's' Spinning Wheel

What's the most iconic image from Sleeping Beauty? The spinning wheel that Briar Rose (or Aurora, depending on which version of Sleeping Beauty you grew up with) stuck her finger on to put her to sleep. I have to admit, I've never seen a spinning wheel in real life before. But if I were to ever see one, I'm fairly certain that Sleeping Beauty would be the first thing I would think of when I saw it. I'm sure any other major Disney fans feel the same way.

During this scene in Tangled, something looks a little out of place. While Rapunzel's hair, dress, and room are all really bright colors and have the same kind of light wood texture, there's one object that looks darker and really stands out. It's the spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty. Be careful, Rapunzel!

3 A Familiar Wall In 'Monsters, Inc.'

While Monsters, Inc. had a lot of different doors that the monsters would go through to scare the kids, there was one panel of wall that probably stood out to a lot of Disney fans. This iconic cloud patterned wall belonged to the one and only Andy from Toy Story! During one scene in the movie, Randall uses this wall with his blending skill and obviously gives that other working monster quite a scare. Honestly, Randall, I'm not sure that Woody would approve of your shenanigans.

I think a short crossover film of the movies would be amazing. Like, all the toys see Sully come through the closet at night. The next day, the kid who Andy gave the toys to goes to the dentist from Finding Nemo for an appointment. Keep it in mind, Disney.

2 These Tourists In '101 Dalmatians'

During a quick shot of the city in 101 Dalmatians, you can see a couple of other dogs who might be familiar to you. The adorable pups from Lady and the Tramp are out for a stroll together! Maybe they're looking for another good spaghetti restaurant to recreate their iconic dinner date? I love Easter eggs like this where they're in similar movies or mashing characters. Somehow, it all clicks and makes so much sense. Like this one is a couple of dogs from a dog movie showing up in another dog movie. How cute is that? Well played 101 Dalmatians!

As far as I'm concerned, they're the 101 puppies' godparents. No, there's no real evidence to support that, but hey. It's my new headcanon and I'm sticking to it anyway.

1 Mickey And Friends In 'The Little Mermaid'

Next time you're watching The Little Mermaid, take a second and give the opening scene with King Triton a closer look. If you look over to the left side, you'll see a few faces who don't quite fit in with the rest of the mermaids and mermen. Yep, Goofy, Mickey, and Donald Duck are sitting over there! I've looked, but personally the only one I can see is Goofy, but I believe the rest of them are there.

This is sort of like all the hidden Mickeys around the Disney parks. If you've never been, then when you go, you need to make sure you keep an eye out for the hidden Mickey heads. All over the parks, the designers have subtle little Mickey Mouse shaped heads in places you wouldn't expect. People have a lot of fun finding all the hidden Mickeys they can when they visit.

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