20 Eerie Images Of Abandoned Police Stations

Tis the season for spookiness and hauntings.

With Halloween around the bend, everyone is gearing up for a night of spooktacular. Those who love to get spooked are big fans of abandoned buildings. The sheer desolation, the walls full of secrets, and the haunting quiet of abandoned buildings are bound to give even the most hardened person the willies.

Police stations that have long been shut down are some of the creepiest structures around. The baddest of the bad have spent time in those rooms. Police stations house the roughest of criminals. Once the lights go out, and the paint begins to peel, shadows get cast, making everything look threatening.

Check out these abandoned police stations and tell us, would you step foot through those doors? We can't say that we would have the courage to do so!

20 The Highland Park Police Station Will Give You Shivers

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Detroit, Michigan is full fo vacant buildings, and the Highland Park Police headquarters is one in what seems to be a million of them. The station closed down back in 2007, and vandalism ensued almost immediately. With every corner of the space torn apart, the building was better off raized than saved. It was knocked down in 2012.

19 Venaria Reale, Italy Police Headquarters

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The primary police station in Venaria Reale, Italy, lacks a human presence. After the officers abandoned it, the plant life took over and made the building it's own. Branches and leaves can be seen escaping the dark corners of the vacant building. It now looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

18 Russia’s Tver Region Station Is No More

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Until 2006, the Tver region police station was alive and well, functioning as it should. As the thousand-year-old city started experiencing a severe decline in population, as much as ten percent since 1989, buildings such as this started closing down. All that is left of the space are molding walls, peeling posters, and long-forgotten files.

17 26th District Police and Patrol Station Has Seen Better Days

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This massive brick structure overlooks the city of Philidelphia but doesn't do much more than that. Once a bustling space for officers, detectives, and criminals alike, the 26th District Police and Patrol Station closed its doors back in 1969. It remained empty and decrepit for years until it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 and eventually transformed into a credit union in 2017.

16  Bhera Police Station In Pakistan Is Run By Cows

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The country of Pakistan is full of police stations that were deemed "no longer needed." This particular one was built long ago, back in 1870, and has since been abandoned. It is so worn down that you can barely tell it was once a complete structure. These days it only sees the likes of vegetation and one single water buffalo that calls it home, per weburbanist.com.

15 Cambodia Central Police Station Needs A Total Makeover

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Cambodia's Central Police Station has not been a place of hustle and bustle for decades, but it still appears to be a magnificent structure, erosion, and all. It is rumored to be in store for a serious overhaul, as a boutique hotel, but as of now, no work has been started.

14 Mission Police Station at 17th and Treat in San Francisco Remains Silent

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The exterior of this abandoned California police station seems to still be in tip-top shape. The rest of the neighborhood is undergoing a resurgence, so perhaps this architectural delight will also get new life breathed into it in the near future. Until then, it only houses dust and weeds.

13 Brooklyn's 68th Police Precinct Station House Is Practically Rubble

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Brooklyn's 68th Police Precinct Station House looks more like a castle from the outside than a former clink! The building housed some of Brooklyn's finest until the early 1970s when the city chose to consolidate its precincts. These days the space houses squatters and feral cats looking for shelter from the elements.

12  “Mini-Station” In East Trenton, New Jersey Looks More Like Art

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This mini-police station in New Jersey has had a recent facelift of sorts, just not the find that we might expect of a place of law. The former headquarters of the law looks like a trendy art exhibit, not a derelict building in shambles. We can't decide if we like it more this way or in its former glory.

11 Jorabagan Police Station in Kolkata, West Bengal, India Is Still Hauntingly Beautiful

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Decrepit and falling down, this structure is still beautiful to look at, even though we feel like a tiger is going to stalk out of one of those windows at any moment. We aren't sure we would ever have the courage to do much more than photograph the former precinct. Who knows what one might find in there!

10 New York's 65th Precinct Stationhouse Still Carries A Hefty Price Tag

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Even when it sat abandoned and decaying, this structure commanded an astounding 3,8 million dollar price tag, per nydailynews.com. New York real estate really is wild. The old, abandoned NYC police station has become quite a neighborhood eyesore over the years, collecting graffiti and trash along the outside, while still housing jail relics on the inside.

9 Detroit's Eighth / Sixteenth Precinct Police Station

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Detroit City knows abandonment like no other city in the good old U S of A. This police station once helped keep the creeps off of the streets, but eventually closed its doors for good. Now the structure looks like pretty much every other building in the Detroit area code boarded up and long forgotten.

8 Central Police Station of Hong Kong

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This former Hong Kong police station looks like something out of a nail-biting film. Imagine spending every minute of your day in this space? We can not! We would not tour this haunting place of doom and gloom for all the tea in China. No thanks. We doubt there are a whole lot of good memories stored between those dilapidated walls.

7 Memphis Central Police Station

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The former Memphis police station sits firmly in the heart of the city. While no longer in use, it retains much of its southern charm and beauty. If you look closely at the images, you can see that the space was once an architectural gem. Per artofabandonment.com, the former precinct might become a new hotel for the right price.

6 New Orleans Old Police Jail and Patrol Station

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New Orleans is full of charm and mystery. It is also full of buildings that have long since been decimated and abandoned. This old police station was built back and 1902. It served its purpose housing the law, then became home to a library and community center. The floods of 2005 turned it into mush, but it has since been purchased via city auction for revival, per oldneworleans.com

5 Patterson Police Station Sends Chills Up Our Spines

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Everyone stumbling around an abandoned building has the same concern, running face-first into something sinister. The former police station in north Jersey housed a decomposing body for ten years! Imagine tripping over that. A person had been squatting in one of the long-ago used cells and accidentally locked himself in permanently.

4 The Flint Police Academy Is In As Rough Of Shape As Is Its City

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Flint, Michigan, used to be a hub of action and perseverance. Unfortunately, the town is no longer that. It has turned into the opposite. Crime increased, people left the city as quickly as possible and places, where law enforcement used to do their jobs, closed down. This former academy sits quiet and unused.

3 Bramfischerville, Soweto Police Station Is Desolate And Dangerous

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Life in Bramfischerville, South Africa is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. The impoverished area was desperate for police intervention and thought they had the answers to their problems when a station was built there from a shipping container. Unfortunately, this place never even managed to get up and running thanks to local disputes.

2 Police Building Full Of Documents

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Imagine walking into an abandoned police station, like this one in Europe, and discovering mountains of documents and paperwork long forgotten, but not unimportant. It was as if the whole of the city's law enforcement team just up and walked away from the building and all of the information that it had long stored.

1 Chicago Station Sitting Unused

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Chi-town has its fair share of buildings that are no longer in use. Away from the glitz and glam of the Gold Coast, are relics such as this stand silent and lonely. This police station no longer keeps the streets safe for its people. It serves as a reminder that wealth and poverty are often only separated by a few blocks.

Resources: weburbanist.com

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