20 Embarrassing Roles These Marvel Actors Want Us To Erase From Our Memories

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is so extensive these days that a wide variety of actors populate its movies. Seriously, there are more than fifty big-name actors that have appeared in the MCU. With such a diverse cast, there is a guarantee that at least one actor or actress who has been in a Marvel movie has at least one embarrassing role in their filmography.

Now, why should we care about whether or not MCU actors and actresses have funny roles in their past? Purely for enjoyment. There is nothing better than popping in one of these movies or shows into a VCR (remember those?) or DVD player and seeing your favorite hero in a role that's the complete opposite of what they are in the MCU. It's the most enjoyable experience an MCU fan could ask for. Read on if you want to know what roles MCU actors might possibly regret.

20 Chadwick Boseman—Reggie Porter Montgomery (All My Children)

We're used to seeing Chadwick Boseman as the noble T'Challa from Black Panther. He just oozes royalty. However, in the past, Boseman appeared in the soap opera All My Children. If you haven't heard of this soap, you're missing out on some cringey drama that's typical of a 70s soap opera.

19 Paul Rudd—Dave Paris (Romeo + Juliet)

One of the strangest iterations of the Romeo and Juliet story was the film Romeo + Juliet. This modern take on the story placed the characters in the 90s, but for some reason, they still spoke the actual lines of the Shakespearean play. Paul Rudd, the adorable Ant-Man, played the character of Paris.

18 Karen Gillan—Anastasia Steele (Robot Chicken)

No show does parodies in such a unique style as Robot Chicken. Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Nebula, voiced the 50 Shades of Grey character, Anastasia Steele, in a quick sketch on the show. However, instead of dating billionaire Christian Grey, Robot Chicken had her dating Rich Uncle Pennybags from the game Monopoly.

17 Chris Evans—Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

If you want to see Captain America act like a skater-snob actor, look no further than the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Chris Evans plays Lucas Lee, one of Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends. While it might be an embarrassing role to look back on, it is hilariously entertaining for audiences to witness.

16 Zoe Saldana—Laila (Drumline)

Zoe Saldana has played numerous roles, aside from Gamora, that take place in a science-fictional universe. However, the most embarrassing role she seems to have in her filmography is the character Laila from Drumline. Most high school dramas are a tad embarrassing to watch.

15 Brie Larson—Envy Adams (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

The film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is featured on this list once again. Aside from Chris Evans, Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) has also appeared in this outrageous movie. She played the snooty Envy Adams. Her manner of speaking is giggle-inducing (on purpose) and she's dating a vegan drummer with super powers. What more can we say?

14 Tom Holland—Sho (The Secret World Of Arrietty)

If there's any embarrassment surrounding Tom Holland's voice acting in The Secret World of Arrietty, he should just shrug it off. It's an animated film made by Hayao Miyazaki that tells a touching, albeit rote, tale of a sick boy who discovers a world of tiny people living in his house.

13 Mark Ruffalo—Christian (Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance)

Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance is so off-the-wall, we can hardly find the words to describe it. If the poster doesn't give you enough information, the movie is basically about a haunted mirror. Mark Ruffalo, the scruffy Bruce Banner from the MCU, stars in this low-budget horror film.

12 Scarlett Johansson—Ashley Parker (Eight-Legged Freaks)

As far as spider horror movies go, Eight-Legged Freaks isn't all that bad. Then again, there aren't that many good spider horror movies. (Which is weird, because spiders are freakish as heck.) Scarlett Johansson appears in the film as one of the young teens being plagued by the excess of spiders in her town.

11 Paul Bettany—Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)

A Knight's Tale is one of those movies made in the early 2000s that is still clearly holding on to the cinematic cringe of the 90s. It's a fun adventure-comedy set in medieval times, and we honestly can't forget Paul Bettany's role in the film as Geoffrey Chaucer. It's unbelievable to think that this is the same guy who plays the stoic Vision.

10 Robert Downey Jr.—Ian (Weird Science)

Robert Downey Jr. is an adorable stud no matter what role he's playing, but his character in the 80s comedy Weird Science has us rolling on the floor. He's one of those rich jock types that looks down on the nerds of the film. Funnily enough, in Iron Man, Downey ends up playing Tony Stark, the king of rich nerds.

9 Chris Pratt—Ché (The O.C.)

Chris Pratt is no stranger to outlandish characters. Andy from Parks and Recreation is a testament to that. Pratt's penchant for embarrassing roles reaches all the way back to the time when he was on The O.C. He played this hippie character named Ché, who almost gives Andy Dwyer a run for his money.

8 Elizabeth Olson—Sarah (Silent House)

There's just something great about mediocre horror films. They can bring friends together with barely contained laughter. Elizabeth Olsen's acting chops are honestly the only good thing about the horror film Silent House. However, despite her best efforts, the film still sinks into bad reviews thanks to ludicrous plot devices.

7 Josh Brolin—Brand (The Goonies)

It's hard to take Thanos, the Mad Titan, seriously knowing that he's played by the same guy who played Brand from The Goonies. We suppose that having a role in The Goonies is not embarrassing in and of itself, but Brand's exercise-obsessed personality and almost-failed relationship, makes the character silly. Especially when placed in comparison with Thanos.

6 Don Cheadle—Buck Swope (Boogie Nights)

Boogie Nights is actually a fantastic film that showcases its actors wonderfully. However, it's funny to consider the difference between Don Cheadle's character in the film versus his character in the MCU. James Rhodes is a straight-laced fellow who always follows orders. Buck Swope is an adult star/stereo salesman. That should tell you enough.

5 Tom Hiddleston—The Great Escapo (Muppets Most Wanted)

The Great Escapo is meant to be ridiculous. First of all, that stage name says it all. Second of all, he's an escape artist who can't escape from prison. Tom Hiddleston featured as this embarrassing character in Muppets Most Wanted. While he wasn't the main baddie in the film, his appearance was a definite delight.

4 Benedict Cumberbatch—Paul Marshall (Atonement)

Benedict Cumberbatch plays this shudder-inducing character in the drama Atonement. In the film, his character assaults a young woman and then marries her years later. His character's awful actions will have you missing Doctor Stephen Strange from the MCU. And you'll never look at chocolate the same way again.

3 Anthony Mackie—Will Johnson (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

A movie titled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is not expected to be cinematic genius. At least it's a romping good time. Anthony Mackie makes an appearance in this strange movie as Will Johnson. Alongside our vampire-slaying president, Johnson is one of the highlights of the movie. Still, nothing beats Mackie's portrayal of the indomitable Falcon from the MCU.

2 Chris Hemsworth—Curt (The Cabin In The Woods)

Chris Hemsworth must be contractually obligated to play large, good-looking, and slightly oafish characters. One of his first major roles was as the stereotypical high school jock in The Cabin in the Woods. His character meets a rather timely end (yes, we mean timely) in this self-aware horror film.

1 Samuel L. Jackson—Russell Franklin (Deep Blue Sea)

Ever since Jaws came out, a plethora of copycats followed suit. To this day, we still have killer shark movies coming out in theaters. However, none of them live up to the ridiculousness of Deep Blue Sea. Part of this film's absurdity is due in part to the manner in which Samuel L. Jackson's character dies. After making an inspiring speech, Nick Fury is promptly gobbled up by a shark that came from out of nowhere.

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