20 Embarrassing Times Celebs Forgot There Are Cameras On The Red Carpet

It's entirely classless, but there's something about celebrities making disastrous decisions in public that just make us so friggin happy! Delighting in the misery of others may not be an evolved trait, but hey, some of the celebs just have it coming. Unfortunately for them, publically facing the consequences of their actions is just one extra attribute of being a famous person. When it comes to messing up on the red carpet, we tend to focus on fashion faux-pas. But this article will only feature dramatic interview slip-ups, awkward interactions, and downright fails that are so cringeworthy it's almost not even funny... almost. These moments are so far and beyond anything the worst-dressed celebrities have ever wrapped themselves in. Without further ado, here are 20 embarrassing times celebs forgot there are cameras on the red carpet.

20 Terrance Howard Reveals His Massive Massiah Complex

Daily Mail

Empire star Terrance Howard absolutely shocked us with one of the most non-sensical, self-aggrandizing, and downright remarkable interviews ever caught on camera. While talking to news anchor Sam Rubin on the red carpet for the 71st annual Emmy Awards in September 2019, According to Uproxx, Howard said he's made some personal discoveries that he plans to share with the universe.

He went on to claim, "I was able to open up the flower of life and find the real wave conjugations that we've been looking for, for 10,000 years." And then, "I'm putting something on YouTube where I will build the planet Saturn without gravity — and build the Milky Way Galaxy without gravity". ...Yeah, sure you are, buddy.

19 Miley And Liam's Passive-Aggressiveness Reveals Their Endgame


Clearly Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth forgot about the fact that their every move is monitored when they hit the red carpet. Of course, we all know what's happened to their relationship in the past few months, but back in April 2019, we didn't know it was doomed.  According to a US report, the two were passive-aggressively bickering on the red carpet for the L.A. premiere for Avengers: Endgame.

18 Yeah... Johnny Was Probably Juiced

Daily Mail

Although Johnny Depp's reps told E! that the reports of him showing up intoxicated to the 2017 London premiere of The Murder of the Orient Express were false, many news publications claimed otherwise. According to The Sun, an insider said that Johnny was out boozing all night and reeked of it when he hit the red carpet. The photos sort of speak for themselves as they depict Johnny having to be held up by one of his handlers.

17 Lil Xan Forgets That Eddies And The Red Carpet Aren't A Good Mix


Miley Cyrus isn't the only member of her family who often forgets that there are cameras at public events. Although we can't really blame Noah Cyrus for the behavior of her ex-beau, Lil Xan. Although we're not entirely sure who the hell Lil Xan is... we do know that he looked like he had too many eddies before showing up at the 2018 VMAs. These horribly awkward photos even became a bunch of beloved memes.

16 Jenna Bush Hager Didn't Know That Preparation Was Important For Red Carpet Interviews

Cosmo and Variety

A few years ago, Jenna Bush Hager made an embarrassing stumble while interviewing Pharrell Williams on the red carpet for The Oscars. According to People, Bush Hager asked Pharrell about his excitement for a non-existent movie. Somehow she combined "Hidden Figures" with a completely dissimilar film, "Fences"... The end result was "Hidden Fences." So, why did she end up apologizing? Well, because the only similarity between these films was how their casts looked.

15 Ryan Seacrest Holds A Grudge While Sacha Baron Cohen Remains An Utter Genius

Tumblr, Pinterest, E

Ryan Seacrest takes red carpets entirely too seriously. At least, he proved that when he appeared to hold a grudge long after he was pranked by Sasha Baron Cohen. At the 2012 Oscars red carpet, the ever-brilliant Sasha, who was in-character as The Dictator, managed to spill "ashes" on Ryan as part of an outrageously funny bit. Seacrest was clearly quietly seething. According to E!, four years later, he full-on snubbed Sasha on another Oscars red carpet. It showed nothing more than the dude can't take a joke.

14 Kanye And Kim Nearly Recreate The Tape That Made Her Famous


During the 2015 Grammys, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West totally forgot there were cameras on the red carpet. Or, realistically, they knew precisely where they were. After all, these two are all about attention. Anyway, while in front of the cameras, Kim grabbed her man and nearly recreated the tape that made her famous, to begin with. But this wasn't an isolated incident as the two are constantly into PDA wherever they end up.

13 Two Stars You Don't Care About Break A Few Acrylic Nails

New Idea

Starting a physical fight on a red carpet is a superb way of gaining more notoriety. And, let's face it, Black Ink Crew star Sky and Love & Hip Hop alum Rah Ali are definitely in need of that. After all... who exactly are these women and why are they famous enough to be invited to P-Diddy's 2018 New Year's Eve party? According to TMZ, this is precisely where their supposed feud met its climax. And what transpired was a flurry of acrylic nails, extensions, and hair-pulling... literally.

12 Steve-O Really Had To Go

Nicki Swift

There aren't any lines that Jackass star Steve-O is afraid to cross. The man is a legend in the stunt community and his shocking physical comedy is truly something to see... But it often crosses the line. And when he decided to whip it out and literally mark his territory on the red carpet for the world premiere of Jackass 2, he crossed into the realm of "despicable" behavior. According to Hollywood.com, witnesses were incredibly uncomfortable with his behavior.

11 Jerry Seinfeld Won't Have His Space-Invaded... Especially By Kesha... And We Don't Blame Him

Cosmo and Variety

Sorry, Kesha, but we gotta side with Jerry Seinfeld on this. According to TMZ, the singer approached the famed comedian on the red carpet for the 2017 "A Night of Laughter and Song" fundraiser. Being a huge fan of his, she threw her arms open and begged for a hug. Jerry, being Jerry, was like, "no thanks." Although he had no clue who she was, we don't blame him for not wanting to hug a complete stranger despite the fact that she's famous.

10 Zac Efron Drops Something That The Audience Of The Lorax Just Aren't Ready To See


According to The Daily Mail, Zac Efron had a bit of a stumble at the premiere of the children's movie, The Lorax. While reaching out to shake the hands of a few of his young female fans, male birth control flew out of his jacket and landed right at their feet. As funny as this accident was, it didn't go over well with the parents.

9 Nicole And Keith Didn't Leave Their Fight In The Limo

Nicki Swift

At the premiere of Lion, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban took their private argument right onto the red carpet. According to New Idea, the couple exited their limo while clearly near the end of a tense discussion. Everyone around picked up on their negative energy. Apparently, the duo went as far as exchanging bitter insults at one another while in the press line. Luckily, they seemingly worked things out.

8 Mother/Daughter Squabbles 101: Featuring Melanie And Dakota


Talk about Fifty Shades of Repressed Childhood Trauma. Dakota Johnson clearly has some mommy issues. At least, we sense that from their public interaction at the 2015 Academy Awards red carpet event. According to People, Dakota Johnson was clearly unhappy with her mom for not seeing her star-making performance in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. But her mom, actor Melanie Griffith, doubled-down, claiming she had no intention of ever watching the movies. Ouch. Unfortunately for both of them, this all occurred during a recorded interview...

7 Angelina Jolie Shows Some Pretty Risque Affection For Her Brother

Daily Mail and Cosmo

We don't know precisely where Angelina Jolie and her brother thought they were, but clearly they forgot they were on the red carpet. According to People, the pair were happy to lock lips in front of a whack load of people at the 2000 Academy Awards. Honestly, this was one of the most shocking red carpet moments in history. We still don't know what to think of it.

6 Ariel Believes We Care About Her PDA... And Her Boyfriend...


Much like Kim and Kanye, Ariel Winter and her longtime boyfriend, Levi Meaden, enjoy their fair share of PDA. This time it was at the HBO after-party for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. According to Just Jared, Ariel landed more than a few smooches just inches away from a bank of cameramen. And while we don't mind seeing her, we know something that she doesn't... That nobody gives a flying F about her slightly showy beau.

5 Courtney Love Crashes Madonna's Interview And Makes One Heck Of A Fool Of Herself

Hollywood Life

Courtney Love is no stranger to making a fool of herself. But we still don't know what the actual F she was doing when she crashed Madonna's interview at the MTV Video Awards red carpet in 1995. Granted, she had just suffered a major loss. However, it doesn't excuse her behavior. According to People, she tossed her makeup compact at the famous singer and then merely declared that she was in a "fiesty" mood... Yeah, no kidding...

4 Tan Mom Thinks Howard Stern's Birthday Show's The Betty Ford Clinic

Daily Mail

For about 15 minutes, Tan Mom was a mainstay in the news. Now... no one cares or even remembers. No one except Howard Stern fans, who love the downright tragic D-Lister from his famous Wack Pack. According to The Daily Mail, Patricia Marie Krentcil (AKA "Tan Mom") drunkenly stumbled down the red carpet for Howard Stern's star-studded 60th birthday event in 2014. After a few stumbles and slurred words to the press, it was clear that the night was just starting. While Stern's recorded event featured some of the biggest actors, news anchors, comedians, and musicians in the world, it was Tan Mom who got the most attention after she caused so much havoc that she had to be escorted out by the NYPD.

3 When Chrissy Metz Maybe Forgot To Use Her Inside Voice

Pajiba and The Wrap

Okay, so This Is Us star Chrissy Metz has refuted calling Alison Brie the B-word during a live red-carpet interview at the 2019 Golden Globes, but it sure sounds like she did. According to In Style, Metz straight-up told reporters what she thought of the Glow actor, right before they cut to her on the carpet. Since they cut away from her so quickly, it can be argued that she said, "She's a babe"... But we're not so sure...

2 Matthew Rhys Think The Red Carpet's A Friggin' Change Room

Hollywood Life

Apparently Matthew Rhys forgets that the red carpet is for press and photos, not wardrobe changes. While he and his girlfriend (and co-star) Keri Russell appeared on the carpet at the New York premiere of Mother!, he spotted a random dude wearing an outfit he totally dug. According to The Daily Mail, Rhys proposed that he and the guy switch outfits... and, after a bit of charming, they did.

1 Jim Carrey Ends Up Making More Sense Than Any Of Us... Even If It Was Shocking


Everyone was shocked by the comments Jim Carrey made during an interview on the red carpet at the Harper's Bazaar Icon's party in 2017. If you don't remember what he said, you can head over to E! who covered it closely. But in short, he claimed that there was no meaning to any of "this" and went on to say, "I don't believe that you exist. … I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself and I don't care."

This being the opposite of the fake, overly sentimental garbage that most celebrities spew on the red carpet, people were surprised. But when you look at his statement from a scientific, moral, and intellectual perspective... well... the guy's being more honest than anyone on this list could ever dream of being...

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