20 Embarrassing Times The Teen Moms Forgot The Cameras Were Around

For over a decade now, fans have been captivated with MTV's reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. We have watched dozens of young women and men enter parenthood long before they had any business doing so. Fans witnessed these young moms and dads learn how to become parents, figure out how to support themselves, and essentially grow up alongside their child.

Some of these young families managed to stick together and weather the storms that come along with such a monumental life change at such a young age while other couples were destined to hit the skids.

Whatever the circumstances, viewers are always ready to go through it with their favorite cast members. Living your life out on a television screen cannot be easy, though, and no matter how hard these show participants try, sometimes the cameras manage to catch them at their darker moments.

Check out these twenty embarrassing times the Teen Moms forgot the cameras were rolling.

20 Mirror, Chelsea! Seriously Girl, That Hair!

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These days married mommy of three, Chelsea DeBoer rocks excellent style from her head down to her toes. She even designed a diaper bag line recently. The young fashionista didn't always look like a million bucks, however. She must shudder when she looks back at some of her earlier hair colors and styles.

19 Leah's Heartbreaking Reveal

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Maybe Leah Messer should have told her husband-to-be about her indiscretion after the cameras stopped rolling. Corey didn't deserve to hear such a hurtful secret along with the rest of the world. He was nothing but devoted to Leah and their twins, but Leah strayed right before their wedding.

18 And We Discovered Corey Was No Angel Either

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On one particular reunion show, Leah hinted at the fact that she and her ex-husband had gotten a little bit too friendly after Corey had married his current wife, Miranda. Oh boy. The three of them now have a pretty stable co-parenting relationship, but things were pretty touch-and-go there for a while.

17 When Kailyn And Jo Threw Down

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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry could not keep her cool during a dispute with her oldest son's father, and the cameras caught the whole scene on film, unfortunately. Jo has also been taped snapping on his ex in front of their young son Isaac. These two are far better off raising their son in separate spaces.

16 And Amber Should Have Walked Away

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Amber Portwood is not exactly known for her ability to maintain a level-headed demeanor. She has had her fair share of unsightly moments, like the time that she went off on her daughter's father, Gary Shirley. Physical altercations should never be tolerated; a lesson Amber seemed to be having trouble grasping.

15 Leah Nearly Dropped Her Little Niece

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Leah Messer seems to be in a good place these days, mothering her three young daughters and flirting with the idea of giving her second ex-husband another chance. Years ago, Leah was in a bad way, though, and film crews caught her nodding off while holding her infant niece. Thankfully no one was hurt, and Leah got some help.

14 Classless Reunion Show

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Reunion shows for Teen Mom are full of high emotions and tons of tension. The one where Brianna decided to be Kailyn's ex-husband's number one gal was a real doozy, though. The cast and crew engaged in a full-blown brawl in front of the cameras, proving that all of these moms still had some growing up to do.

13 Farrah Left Sophia In a Sink Full Of Running Water

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Teen Mom cast member Farrah has been judged for her mothering skills since she was pregnant! Sadly those parenting skills of hers have not improved over the last decade. When her only child Sophia was a tiny baby, the film crew caught her, giving the tot a bath in the sink and then walking away from the baby while the water was still running.

12 And She Accosted Her Mother And Scared Her Young Daughter

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Simmer down Farrah, for once in your whacky life. How many times have we seen Farrah give it to her mother Deb in front of her kid, Teen Mom cameras, and the rest of the world? These two women are oil and water and cannot seem to have a conversation without going wild on each other.

11 Teen Mom Dad Ryan Edwards Should NOT Have Been Behind The Wheel

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Teen mommies are not the only ones making poor choices, as the film crew gathers their needed footage. Teen dad, Ryan Edwards, proved he is not in the driver's seat when it comes to healthy living. Cameras caught him looking worse for wear while behind the wheel, leading many fans to be extremely concerned for his well being.

10 Cate And Tyler's Counseling Sessions

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Counseling sessions are often kept as private as possible because of the nature of what is being discussed. Teen parents Tyler and Cate, chose to have some of their sessions filmed, and the result was seriously uncomfortable to watch. We love Cate and Ty, but it was hard to watch them open up about some of their more private thoughts.

9 The Case Of The Matching Tats

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Nothing says regret like a couple of ill-thought-out, matching tats. Amber Portwood and her ex-boyfriend Matt decided to get inked together as if that would make their toxic relationship all better. Now they are history, and their body ink isn't. We are sure Amber despises being reminded of that relationship.

8 When Janelle Caught A Case Of Road Rage

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Janelle is known for allowing cameras to catch her at her worse, so it was not all that surprising when she caught a case of road rage with her eldest son in the car and cameras rolling. People became very concerned about Janelle's children's safety, and rightfully so. She is full of unfortunate mistakes, so many that she cannot even film any longer.

7 Kailyn Forgot Her Kid Was A Human And Thought He Was A Dog

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Kailyn probably didn't expect vast amounts of backlash when she allowed her young son to play in the family dog's cage, but backlash and criticism were what she got. Fans of the series thought Kailyn was negligible for her choice of activity, but in all seriousness, this offense is not that bad compared to some fo Amber and Janelle's mishaps.

6 Leah's Unkempt Home Caught On Camera

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Cameras caught Leah Messer living in what appeared to be total squalor. Per allaboutthetea.com, Leah used to have hoarding tendencies and kept a messy vehicle and home. One neighbor claimed Leah always had trash strewn about her property and piles of junk sitting around in the garage.

5 Kailyn's Unsavory Remarks About Her Son's Hair

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Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry do not exactly see eye to eye on all issues surrounding their shared son Isaac. Cameras caught Jo and Kail duking it out over a prospective haircut. Jo wanted it one way, Kail the other, and the two shared some pretty unsavory thoughts about the ordeal aloud.

4 Maci Bookout Doled Out The Discipline

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Parenting is hard enough! So imagine how challenging it is for these young moms to discipline unruly kids when they are being watched and judged for their every move. Maci Bookout had to do just this during one bowling excursion, and many viewers thought her parenting moves to be sub-par.

3 Chelsea Discussed Her Pregnancy Scare On Camera

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Ugh. We were embarrassed for her when she had to admit that she and her baby daddy, Adam Lind, had been seeing each other on the DL. Even worse, Chelsea thought she and Adam might have had another baby on the way. Thankfully nothing permanent came of that encounter, and Chelsea upgraded with her next man.

2 Janelle Proved Parenting Is Not Her Jam

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When Janelle and Nathan Griffin's son was just a tiny baby, they loved snapping pics of him and sharing them with their fans. While this seems harmless, many viewers ended up commenting more on their parenting practices and less on the cute infant himself. Janelle caught some heat for putting the baby in bed with her and letting him fall asleep with his bottle.

1 When Tyler Went From Number One Hero To Number One Zero

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Yeah, he was our favorite dad for a long time, mostly because he stuck with Cate through the hardest times of their lives, but then we saw him up and leave her...while she was pregnant with their third kid. And we can not unsee his lousy behavior. Tyler caught a case of selfishness when Cate found out she was expecting a third baby. All is good now, but we see Ty in a different light.

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