20 Extremely Annoying Things Girls Do (That Every Guy Hates)

We're glory and grace, sophistication and... hold on just a minute. Are we talking about women here, or are we talking about a perfect being which does not exist?

As much as we like to believe that we are flawless in every aspect (okay, maybe it's partly true), we do have our downfalls. Not that there are many, but they do exist, and sometimes they can really interfere when it comes to relationships. We don't just mean any relationship, either... We're talking about romantic relationships, friendships, and even first impressions.

There are some habits that are tough to break and then there are others that are completely unintentional. The first step to nipping them all in the bud is acknowledgment, and, well, that's exactly what we're here to do.

20 Pretending To Not Be Upset, AKA 'I'm Fine'


By far, one of the most common behaviors any woman does (and we all do it) is to say she's fine when she's really not... at all. It might be putting it bluntly but in short, it's a lie and it's not attractive.

We should come clean about what's bothering us rather than keep it bottled up inside, waiting for it to go off like a firecracker.

19 Constantly Complaining, Mainly About How They Look


Chances are, we are our toughest critics when it comes to how we look. It's very rare that someone will point out that the bags under our eyes are larger than usual or that our cheekbones aren't really that chiseled.

Stop complaining, because natural features are beautiful, with or without makeup.

18 Ask For Advice And Then Ignore It


It's almost laughable how many times we're likely guilty of doing this. For some reason, we just need to hear what others have to say about the solutions to our problems... then we just brush them off as though we'd never even asked.

Wait, what? How does this even make sense? It doesn't, and we should either stop asking or actually follow through with good advice.

17 Trying To Be Overly Cute, Try To Get Away With Blatantly Poor Behavior


Spoiler alert: It's not cute when we do this. We might be able to get away with it once or twice but overall, it's not adorable to act as though we were never wrong in the first place.

What is adorable, however, is taking responsibility, being mature, and not smiling when we've hurt someone's feelings or done them wrong.

16 Being Overly Friendly With Other Guys


Yikes. We've probably all done this unintentionally, especially those of us who are social butterflies. It's easy to pal around with a guy and be 'one of the guys' without realizing we could be making our own guy pretty uncomfortable.

Knowing boundaries is important and all it takes is a bit of thought before we jump into their arms as a joke.

15 Complain About Bad Relationships Without Giving Good Guys A Chance


This is definitely not to say that we should date every guy who compliments our appearance and genuinely means it. But it is nice sometimes to give someone a chance simply because they're kind-hearted and loyal, even though that's not always our style.

Something we can do is stop giving the bad guys a chance, and that's a pretty good start.

14 Talking Too Much About Themselves


We're pretty great, right? Sure. That's no reason for us to go on for a solid ten minutes about ourselves and everything pertaining to us, though. Why bother having relationships or friendships at that point?

If all we're capable of us talking about ourselves, we might as well go start a conversation with a mirror.

13 Not Realizing How Mean They Can Be When Aunt Flo Comes Around


This usually goes hand-in-hand with the 'acting cute to get out of bad behavior' point. Not only can we rage with the best of them when we're hardcore craving chocolate and salt simultaneously, but we can say some pretty mean things, too.

All we can do is apologize and explain and sometimes even that's too tough for us to do.

12 Putting On A Persona For Someone They Actually Can't Stand


Females are so much better at this than males are. Whether it brings us a thrill to keep our friends close while keeping our enemies closer, or whether we just do it instinctually, it's not the best path to start down.

Better to be honest right off the bat and avoid people who annoy us than to end up in a vicious cycle of false kindness.

11 Acting As Though They're Not Highly Intelligent Beings


Acting silly is totally fine, acting dumbed down, however, is totally not okay. Women have fought way too hard to gain rights and it's about time we live up to that reputation.

If you've seen Mean Girls, then you know that there's nothing cute about flunking math. There's nothing cute about acting like you don't know anything, either.

10 Being Self-Conscious To The Point Where They Doubt Everything


A little confidence is attractive, ladies, and we should all have some. It's far easier said than done, but there's no reason that we can't try. We all have something to offer the world and that's what makes us beautiful and unique.

We should care less about what everyone else thinks and more about what we think of ourselves. Embrace it.

9 Gossiping A Little Bit Too Much


We're slightly prone to spreading the bad word, and slightly more so than spreading a good word. If gossip had never caused problems then it wouldn't be an issue but, unfortunately, gossip has never helped anyone.

As tough as it might be, we should just stay away from it or, at least, keep it from spreading via our mouths.

8 Responding 'I Don't Care' To Easily Answered Questions


The sad thing is that most of the questions we're asked are not hard ones. We just feel the need to respond with 'I don't care' because we're either too lazy to make a choice or don't want our choice to be the 'wrong' one.

This is something we really need to get over because if someone is asking us then obviously, they're the ones who don't really care.

7 Showing Too Much PDA Isn't Always Appropriate, Even When They Don't Mean To Be Clingy


This happens with our boyfriends, friends, crushes, whoever. Not everyone enjoys being clung to but we can often forget boundaries if we're the affectionate type.

Contrary to popular belief, hugs do make some people uncomfortable. PDA makes some people uncomfortable. The more we can remind ourselves of that, the better.

6  Thinking It's Cute That They Take So Long To Get Ready


Cute from our perspective, super annoying to anyone who's waiting on us. In the age of makeup, timing is everything...

So if we know that we're going to take roughly an hour and a half to get ready, we should probably tell our friends, boyfriends, whoever, to meet us an hour and a half after we've started getting ready.

5 Laughing Out Loud Over A Text Conversation While In The Middle Of A Real Conversation


This isn't high school and it's no longer adorable to act as though we have 300 friends just awaiting our texts. Guys especially will not find it attractive when we check our phones and let out a bellyaching laugh.

Our popularity is not what makes us attractive. Our attention to our dates is, though.

4 Remaining Silent When Something Is Obviously Festering


Believe you me, it's beyond obvious when something is bothering us. Remaining silent is worse than the 'I'm fine' because at least the word 'fine' denotes 'not good.'

Silence does nothing but enable us to compartmentalize and hold everything in, which will, of course, turn into a ticking time bomb later on.

3 Trying To One-Up Other Girls Without Intending To Be A Witch


Occasionally we get a competitive streak and many of us might not even realize it. What we do realize, though, is later on when our friends have successfully ignored us for three days because of something we said.

One-upping a person isn't the nicest thing to do and even if it takes tons of restraint to keep from saying 'well I did this over the weekend...', we should try.

2 Complaining That We're Tired Yet Not Going To Bed Any Earlier


Um... hello? We've all been guilty of this. We'll walk into work the next day and someone will ask what's wrong, we'll respond with 'I'm tired', they'll ask us what time we went to bed, and we'll say, 'oh, 3 AM.'

It's totally a personal call whether or not to stay up binge-watching Netflix, but the least we can do is avoid complaining about our own mistake the following morning.

1 Commenting On How Great Other Girls Look Without Realizing How Great They Are, Too


It's one thing to compliment another girl when we're totally secure with who we are. It's another to compliment a girl knowing that we're completely insatiable when it comes to our appearance.

Confidence goes both ways and we should give ourselves a bit more attention, too... After all, we're totally worth it!

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