20 Facts About Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore's Relationship (Mila Kunis Wants To Keep On The DL)

Demi Moore recently revealed that she'd been "addicted" to Ashton Kutcher during their relationship, according to Cosmopolitan.com. This startling revelation may not sit too well with Ashton's second wife, Mila Kunis, who has built a stable home life with her former That '70s Show co-star. Ashton and Mila have two kids.

When Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got together, their romance got tons of media attention. People are still very curious about their relationship and how it fell apart. Demi was older, with kids. Ashton had never been married or been a father. Cynics thought that this romance was doomed from the outset. Others hoped that Ashton and Demi might prove everyone wrong and make their marriage work for a lifetime.

The cynics won, Ashton moved on with Mila and the rest is history. Now, it's time to find out which Ashton and Demi facts Mila wants buried.

20 Ashton Thought They Had An Open Marriage

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Were Ashton and Demi on the same page during their marriage? Maybe not. Ashton believed their marriage was an open relationship, according to Nydailynews.com, but Demi may not have wanted it that way.

She may have tried to keep her man by sacrificing her own needs. Those types of sacrifices tend to backfire in the long run.

19 Demi Thought They Were Codependent

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Demi didn't get the love that she needed from her own mother, according to Refinery29.com. She said her mom actually sold her to a man when she was just a teenager. Childhood issues are sometimes carried into adulthood.

In her marriage to Ashton, she felt codependent, which means that she spent most of her time thinking about Ashton, to the point of obsession.

18 Demi Had A Miscarriage

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One of the biggest heartaches in her relationship with Ashton was a miscarriage, according to Hollywoodreporter.com. Did Ashton help her to cope with the pain?

Demi has intense emotions. She's a Scorpio and her sign isn't compatible with Ashton's breezier zodiac sign, Aquarius. Any astrological combination can work, but Scorpios tend to do better with signs that are more emotional, such as Cancer and Pisces.

17 Demi's Kids Stopped Talking To Her

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When Demi got hooked on Ashton and went into major codependency mode, she alienated her kids. according to Mirror.co.uk. Two of them, Scout and Rumer, didn't speak to her for years. Demi's eldest daughter, Rumer, would try to play peacemaker.

Demi ended up emotionally crushed by her marriage and her three daughters were hurt, too.

16 Demi Was Embarrassed By The Other Women


There are women who enjoy open relationships, but some women can't handle them, because they don't gel with the Disney-style fairy tale, which is one man in love with (and faithful to) one women.

Demi feel pressured to go along with the open relationship thing, but felt so humiliated by the other women, according to Refinery29.com.

15 Demi's Juicy Bio May Be Hurting Ashton, Mila, And The Kids

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Demi waited until her own kids were older to publish her tell-all biography, which is called, Inside Out, according to Harpercollins.com. The things is, Ashton and Mila's kids are little. They aren't anywhere close to being grown up.

Now, Ashton and Mila have to try and shield their daughter, Wyatt (aged 5) and son, Dmitri (aged 2) from stories about dad.

14 Ashton's Reputation Was Damaged

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Ashton doesn't seem super-stoked about Demi's bio and why would he be? He's already been branded a philanderer because of stuff that the public found out about him during his relationship with Demi.

Now, all of that, which he's tried so hard to put behind him, is being stirred up again. He's trying to take the high road about Demi's claims, according to Twitter.com.

13 Ashton Started Looking Miserable

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When problems crop up in celeb romances, it's hard to hide those problems. Stars are always being photographed with their partners. Sometimes, those couple pics really tell a story.

During the marriage, Ashton began to look noticeably unhappy in some pictures, while Demi often smiled happily. Stuff was going on under the surface, according to Mirror.co.uk, and it wasn't all sunshine and roses.

12 Ashton Made Demi Feel Young (For A While, Anyway)

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It's not unusual for a romance to start out as a happy whirlwind and then turn into something much less stimulating. Life with Ashton made Demi feel younger and more alive, until problems surfaced that began to sap her life-force.

She definitely took the problems really hard, according to Mirror.co.uk.

11 Demi's Kids Called Ashton Their Other Dad


There are lot of pics of Demi with her daughters and plenty of pics of Ashton with Demi's daughters. Rumer tried to stay close to her mom during the whole Ashton thing and also got close to Ashton. The other daughters had more issues, but all called Ashton their other dad.

Rumer also described Ashton as a "heartthrob", according to People.com.

10 Demi Relapsed During The Marriage

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Actually, Demi dabbled in some unhealthy habits before she and Ashton formally married. Her miscarriage happened while they were dating and Demi blamed her miscarriage on her drinking.

She was six months along when she miscarried and she had planned to call her and Ashton's daughter by the unique name, Chaplin Ray, according to Usmagazine.com.

9 Ashton Is Furious About Demi's New Tell-All Book

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Ashton tried to play it cool about Demi's memoir at first, but sources have revealed that's he's now furious about it. Was Demi interested in humiliating Ashton through her new book? It's hard to say. Of course, she wouldn't own up to that, but Ashton may feel like he's getting hammered.

Mila wants Ashton to fight back, according to Latintimes.com.

8 Mila Is Like A Younger Version Of Demi


Ashton has dated blondes, but his real type seems to be the sultry brunette with prominent cheekbones and hair parted in the middle. Both Demi and Mila have this look.

Mila probably isn't interested in considering the physical similarities between herself and Demi. Mila looked very unhappy after Demi's memoir was released, according to Theblast.com.

7 Rumer, Demi's Daughter, Got Mad At Ashton Sometimes

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Rumer seems like someone who wants peace, but even she got fed up with Ashton sometimes. When mom marries someone so much younger, it must be disconcerting, especially when he's an idol for so many young girls.

Rumer felt like Ashton had taken her mother away, according to Hollywoodlife.com. Sounds like Demi and Ashton's relationship was toxic in many ways, for many people.

6 Demi Was Devastated When The Marriage Failed

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Did Demi feel more pain when her marriage failed than Ashton did? It's hard to say for sure, but it sure seems like it. I'm sure it was tough for Ashton, too, but Demi was really hurting when they broke up.

They were married for six years. Demi was the one who announced that the marriage was ending, according to Abcnews.go.com.

5 Demi Lost Herself During & After The Relationship


It's not just women who lose themselves in relationships. It can happen to anyone. This phenomenon of depending too much on a partner and losing a sense of individual identity is something that many people can relate to, but it's not healthy.

Demi found that she lost herself when her marriage ended, according to Eonline.com, and considered herself codependent during the relationship.

4 Demi Took A Gamble On A Much Younger Man

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Early pics of Ashton and Demi are cute and Mila Kunis probably doesn't spend a lot of time doing Google searches for those pics. Demi decided to take a gamble on a younger guy, according to Eonline.com.

A lot of women would avoid a relationship with someone 16 years younger, because they'd figure it wasn't going to last. Demi went for it anyway.

3 Demi And Her Daughters Spilled The Tea On Red Table Talk

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Ashton and Mila must have cringed in unison when they realized that Demi and two of her daughters were going to dish about life on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith. Do you think that Ashton and Mila watched the show together?

According to Usatoday.com, Demi talked a lot about her addiction issues during the broadcast. These issues was severe.

2 Demi Already Had 2 Failed Marriages Under Her Belt


Demi was married to Bruce Willis and she said that Bruce did what he pleased. With Ashton, she also felt dominated, because Ashton would push her to bring other women into the relationship.

Demi has had trouble owning her power in relationships. She tends to relinquish that power and then resent it. Bruce and Demi are close friends today, according to Goalcast.com.

1 Ashton Was A Major Ladies' Man Before And During The Marriage

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Ashton likes the ladies. Well, he's married today and seems really happy with Mila, but he does have a history of dating beautiful women. He was also caught with beautiful women, by the paparazzi, during his marriage to Demi.

Ashton once dated January Jones of Mad Men fame, according to Pagesix.com, and felt that January had betrayed him with (wait for it) Bruce Willis.

Sources: People.com, Pagesix.com, Usatoday.com

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