20 Facts About Liam Hemsworth's New Woman Maddison Brown

It seems just like yesterday that the couple of the decade, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were finally making their relationship official with their long-awaited nuptials, but not many yesterdays ago Miley and Liam called it quits!

Collective gasps were shared around the world, and suddenly celebrity news was taken over by headlines announcing the new squeezes in both Miley and Liam's lives. While Miley may be coupling up with more high profile names, her former husband is now dating a not-so-well-known actress. Liam's lovely lady is Maddison Brown, who we're all eager to get to know.

What is it about the new woman on Liam's arm? 22-year-old Maddison is no stranger to the camera, but there's still an air of mystery about Liam's new favorite blonde bombshell. Let's find out more about Liam's new love with 20 facts which are all bound to have Liam's heart racing!

20 There's Quite An Age Difference

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For so many, the attraction to your partner is so much more powerful than age! For Liam Hemsworth and his brand new gal Maddison Brown, age is simply a number.

The new love birds have almost a decade in age between them! Maddison is only 22, and Liam is 29. Age may matter for some love birds, but Maddison and Liam don't seem to care!

19 Our Girl Was Attracted To The Hemsworth Bros

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It's a dream come true for those of us who have dreamt of meeting and building a connection with our celeb crushes!

Maddison's attraction to one of our favorite Aussie babes didn't appear overnight like their budding relationship. She gave the public a quick peek into her repertoire of celebrity crushes when she revealed she's crushed on not one, but both of the Hemsworth brothers!

18 Maddison And Liam Have Already Been On Romantic Dates

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Even though it seems like Liam filed for divorce from his wifey Miley just yesterday, Mr. Hemsworth isn't wasting time getting back into the dating game!

Liam and his new gal have been photographed a few times together strolling down the street and even taking their romantic walks to the next level by grabbing a cozy dinner together. Cupid is definitely doing his work!

17 She's So Active On Social Media

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Maddison has so many special qualities, it's no wonder Liam is attracted to her!

One of her many talents can be seen on our timelines. We all know Maddison is a cutie, but her cuteness is more obvious in her social media pictures! Her canvas can be found via her 'gram. Not only does she share gorgeous selfies, but she also shares personal snapshots into her life.

16 Maddison Is A 'Dynasty' Of Hollywood

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Believe it or not, Maddison's beautiful face isn't brand new! Liam's new gal is actually extremely experienced in front of the camera. If you're craving a gripping drama to binge-watch, Maddison stars in the reboot of the legendary 1980s drama series Dynasty!

Maddison brings Blake-Lively-in-Gossip-Girl vibes to the camera every week with an insight into the rich and famous, and we love her for it.

15 Maddison And Liam Share An Ocean Full Of Connection

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There are many reasons why Liam could've fallen for the internet's newest crush Maddison, but it was a factor close to home and rather personal for Liam!

Not only do Liam and Maddison have the world of celebrity in common, but the couple also hails from the same turf. The lovebirds are both from Australia and their love for their mutual homeland brought them together.

14 Her Face Is So Recognizable

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Not only can inquiring minds find Maddison on TV, but her face can also be found in print! We can see some insight into Maddison's beauty on the inside through her social media and interviews, but we're also able to witness her outward beauty through the many campaigns she's been featured in as a model!

Maddison has worked with multiple famous companies like Calvin Klein.

13 Maddison Is A Fan Of This Famous Face

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Not only does Maddison have experience in front of the camera in the modeling world, she's got some role models who also have experience on the runway!

Maddison gave a nod to one of the most famous women on the planet when she chose to dress up as Kylie Jenner. Kylie's been in the spotlight lately for this hilarious clip, and Maddison paid tribute!

12 Don't Count On Maddi To Party

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Being in the spotlight likely allows Maddison countless opportunities to attend exclusive and lavish parties, but it wouldn't be surprising to learn she may want to decline the invitation!

Having a solid head of her shoulders and having a sense of what's important for her is extremely important for Maddison. According to Elle via i-d, she said, "Trust me, [partying is] not going to happen."

11 She Was A Stellar Student

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She's got the look AND the brains!

Maddison knew exactly what it takes to achieve her dreams. One of the biggest ingredients in Maddison's life is how much of a studious sweetheart she is. One of her biggest priorities in life is her desire to put school first and hit the books!

According to Elle, Maddison describes herself as "very driven and very responsible."

10 Maddison Believes The Answers Are In The Stars

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Maybe there's something to say for fate and destiny intervening in Maddison and Liam's new relationship! No matter what we may think, Maddison will always be a fan of looking to the stars in order to look for answers to life's biggest questions.

One of Maddison's biggest interests is studying astrology. This Taurus gal is also confident in her star sign's connection to her life!

9 She Was Set Up With Liam

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Having best gal pals is such an important component in our lives! Not only are they always down for fun times, our girls know us inside and out and have some insight into our dream partners!

One of the hottest couples were born out of a friend's insight! Maddison and Liam were "introduced by friends," according to Marie Claire, via People. What a triumph!

8 The Pair Took It Slow With PDA

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Getting a divorce has to be one of the most personal and draining moments of someone's life, so of course, it makes sense Liam would want to live life on the down-low for a few quiet moments and take it slow with any potential flames!

We know Maddison and Liam have been enjoying each other's company, but they didn't kiss until a few dates later.

7 Maddison's Mentor Is This Famous Actress

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This is no "big little lie": Maddison may be relatively new on the big screen, but she's already been forming relationships with some of the most famous ladies in Hollywood!

Maddison had a cool co-worker for one of her earliest roles. Nicole Kidman starred alongside Maddison in The Kettering Incident while Maddison was just a teen. Nicole saw a lot of promise within her co-star!

6 She's Received This Shiny, Prestigious Award

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Maddison knows her way around the glamourous life! Not only is she an established model with such a recognizable face, but she has been recognized for her beauty!

Maddison was given the opportunity to make a special work connection in her native Australia. The working gal teamed up with a jewelry company and was given a high accolade; she was the face of their campaign.

5 Her Role Models May Ring A Bell

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Maddison is currently breaking new ground in the acting world, so the more connections she makes in Tinsel town can be extremely vital!

The Dynasty darling looks up to one of the most promising and down-to-Earth actresses in Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence has made headlines and tripped into the hearts of many, including Maddison. She called Jennifer her "muse" in a Vogue interview!

4 Bring On The Mangos For Maddison

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Liam and Maddison have the potential to have a very sweet Summer together! The season is really important to Maddison, and her connection is quite special to her.

According to Vogue, there's no fruit sweeter to Maddison than a mango. She revealed she is "most excited" about the hottest season of the year because "Summer in Australia is mango season."

3 She's A Family Gal

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Liam and Maddison have a super sweet connection in common! We're all aware of Liam's fellow actor brother Chris Hemsworth, but we've yet to meet Maddison's sweet sister siblings.

Maddison has given insight into her family life through various photos on social media. She recently shared a bunch of photos of her sister's wedding! According to HollywoodLife, Maddison has two sisters named Allyson and Nicki.

2 Maddison's Skin Care Routine Is Super Important

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Let's be real: Self-care is extremely important! Taking the time to recharge ourselves after a long day will make such a difference in our personal and professional life.

Maddison knows exactly what her favorite form of self-care is; she posted a silly photo of her studying a script while chilling out with a sheet mask, and she made it fashion with her cute sunglasses.

1 Her Relationship With Liam Had Excellent Timing

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It could be Maddison's connection to astrology or Cupid's extremely sacred arrow, but Maddison and Liam's relationship may be destined to last a long time!

Their budding relationship comes at a time where Liam has been said to be "Open to meeting people," after his split from Miley Cyrus. According to Us Weekly, the pair went on a date "just a day" after this revelation.

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